United Nations: Save the Earth – Global Birth Stop!

United Nations: Save the Earth – Global Birth Stop!

6. Juni 2019
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The Earth is sick - Diagnosis: Overpopulation - Worldwide birth-stops are urgently required
A good doctor heals his/her patients effectively and lastingly,as he/she correctly diagnosesthe cause of the sickness, then the suffering is fought at the root, in order to eliminate it as permanently as possible. Through the elimination of the sickness-causing factor the patient will be healed and recover - the doctor has done his/her work correctly and well. In contrast however, a doctor that recognizes the cause of physicalor psychological suffering of the patient, however, does nothing in spite of a clear diagnosis acts negligently, irresponsibly and finally in human disdainment, since he/she, against better knowledge, treats only the symptoms of the suffering, undertaken by this way he/she makes the sick ones dependent on him/her and enriches him/herself (the doctor) in their (the sick one’s) suffering.

Similarly behaves ourselves with the “state of health“ of our homeworld. We are responsible for the earth, all existing life on it and the entire nature of this beautiful planet.
Our earth suffers increasingly from the effects of overpopulation. The effects caused by it are based on the increased CO2-emission caused greenhouse effect. The devastating outcoming effects we now experience in the form of climatic change, increasing natural disasters, tempests, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hunger emergencies, wars, people migrations etc.

In the interpersonal relationships themselves appears the consequences of overpopulation in the form of a general degeneration of the human beings, in the loss of values, destruction of interpersonal relationships and many more terrible things. The rulers, politicians and other responsible persons, to which, strictly speaking, every individual human being belongs, does not act, mostly as responsible thinking and with more feeling “doctors“ of the patient earth. Instead it will only be further discussed and talked about, like most recently at the World-Climate Summit 2012 in Doha. A wise and responsibility conscious pair of parents are concerned about offering their children a human-worthy life. They are therefore anxious to offer each individual descendent enough nourishment, a healthy environment and a life in harmony, love, peace and freedom. They are parents conscious that they never procreate more children than they are responsible for and is rational, all in accordance with the life-wisdom “too much is unhealthy“. The world community however acts against their better judgment against all rationality and destroys their habitat, nourishment and environment, and with it human dignity, harmony, peace and life itself. They disregard the life and natural laws and drive the worldwide overpopulation to always greater heights.

All those with a sense of responsibility need to therefore recognise and publicly speak about it that the main cause of all great terrible things on the earth lies in the horrendous global overpopulation, in its effects threatens to suffocate the human being unless, he/she reaches for the only causallyacting effective remedy, namely in worldwide valid restrictive,but humane birth controls! The obvious cause of all life and environmental destructive outcoming effects, namely the enormous overpopulation of the earth by the human beings, wasalso in the past climate conferences not openly addressed, which is why also no comprehensive measures in the form of birth-controls were adopted, that still could mitigate the effects of climatic change.

A call to action to all rulers, politicians and all responsible persons in all areas of the world:
The human being bears, through his/her environmentally destructive behavior, a great share of the blame in the imminent consequences of the climatic disaster, in the worst case can throw the entire humankind technically and consciousness-based back to the stone age level or even more to completelyeradicate. All life is built upon the natural law of cause and effect, only the human being, in his/her low intelligence and indifference does not want to recognise this and subsequently does not act, through which he could avert very much terribleness by him/herself. Urgently by emergency is now a sense of reality, intellect, rationality and consistent actions for the wellbeing of the environment and for the protection to our planet which is our homeworld. The time for actions has long since come for the rulers as well as for the politicians and all responsible persons in all areas.

Finally speak publicly about the necessity of worldwide birthcontrols and strive for it, as fast as possible decide and decree laws, that the population growth is lastingly curtailed and permanently reduce the population of world.

The appeal to all responsible persons at all levels of power reads:

Do not strive yourself in the fight against the imminent climatic disaster, simply only to fight the symptoms of the climatic disaster, but rather finally call the root of the terrible things by its real name “Overpopulation“, and strive for worldwide and rigorous birth-controls. Perhaps thereby indeed can the worst of the climatic disaster still be prevented, if the cause thereof will be fought, namely the worldwide overpopulation.

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68.021 Unterschriften:Nächstes Ziel: 75.000
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