Our Global Team

Leadership Team

  • Ben Rattray

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Benjamin Joffe-Walt

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Brad Henrickson

    Interim Chief Technology Officer

  • Duncan Lockard

    VP Finance & Strategy

  • Erika Warren

    Interim Head of Product

  • Kajal Odedra

    Marketing and Communications Director

  • Melissa Benjamin

    VP of People

  • Melissa Esmundo

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Tony Sebro

    General Counsel

  • Alan Wong

    Engineering Manager

  • Allie Shulman

    Director, People Operations

  • Anabella Di Ciancia

    Associate Marketing and Communications Director

  • Andra Roston

    Head of User Support

  • Anya Ayvazyan

    Marketing and Communications Director

  • Bailey Vaez

    Senior Director of HR

  • Bryan Galvin

    Senior Director, FP&A

  • Boris Charpentier

    Senior Engineering Manager

  • Chris Campbell

    Senior Engineering Manager

  • Danny Moldovan

    VP of Policy and Legal

  • Eric Steinle

    Director of Product

  • Jess Klein

    Associate Director, Design

  • Jeffrey Effendi

    Senior Brand and Content Strategist

  • Jimin Lee

    Director, Trust and Safety

  • Mayur Bhatia

    Senior Director of Engineering, Technical Operations

  • Nidhi Samuchiwal

    Senior Engineering Manager, Data Platform

  • Olga Fetisova

    Senior QA Manager

  • Olga Mugyenyi

    Regional Director, Africa

  • Richard Phan

    Interim Engineering Director

  • Rocky Guillory

    Head of Marketing Strategy, North America

  • Ryan Matsumura

    Engineering Manager

  • Sanrita Haripersad

    Engineering Manager

  • Sarah Lockwood

    Chief of Staff

  • Simon Hanna

    Lifecycle Marketing Manager

  • Tomoya Ogura

    DevOps Manager

Our Global Team