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  • Victory!
    UPS drivers get A/C
    Five years and 1.3 million signatures later, Theresa’s petition to get A/C in UPS delivery trucks won. The Teamsters officially ratified a contract with historic heat protections. Theresa's petition is now one of the biggest victories in's history.Read more
    Theresa Klenk
    1,352,745 Supporters
  • Victory!
    Iran removed from UN Commission on the Status of Women
    The UN voted to remove Iran from the commission because of their treatment of women in their country. The US ambassador said this sends "a strong message from the United Nations that we will support the women of Iran."Read more
    Mahshid Bozorgnia
    43,523 Supporters
  • Victory!
    Brittney Griner is released from Russia
    After 294 days and 405,000 signatures, Brittney Griner is coming home from prison. Tamryn started her petition after news broke that Brittney was detained in Russia, and has been working tirelessly to bring her home since. Read more
    Tamryn Spruill (and WNBPA) Women's National Basketball Players Association
    405,851 Supporters
  • Victory!
    Kanye West's honorary degree rescinded
    The School of the Art Institute of Chicago gave Kanye West an honorary degree in 2015. After West's continued antisemitic comments, students, alumni, and the general public spoke up and his degree was rescinded. Read more
    Against Hate at SAIC
    4,148 Supporters

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  • Dangerous cars are killing our children
    In 2021, my 5-year-old daughter was hit and killed by a vehicle.  Allison was one of 42,939 Americans violently taken from us by traffic violence that year. Allie was doing something any kid might do: riding her bike after school. She was riding her bicycle in a crosswalk – in a school zone – just a block away from our home. Her 40-pound body was no match for the transit van that struck and killed her. Our lives were shattered in an instant. I will never forget the disbelief and horror I felt that night, walking away from the body of my only child, who had been so vibrant and joyful just hours before. A mundane Monday turned into a living nightmare. Preventable crashes like Allie’s happen every day, all across the United States. And things are getting worse, particularly compared to peer countries. In the U.S., the number of pedestrians killed by drivers just hit a 40-year high.  It is outrageous that our vehicle safety rating system only applies to the safety of those inside the vehicle, and does not take into account those outside. Vehicles on our roads are 24 percent bigger than they were in the year 2000, and they have bigger hoods and often worse visibility. It is no surprise that they are also disproportionately deadly for pedestrians, cyclists, and those driving smaller vehicles. Their “five-star” safety ratings tell a dangerously one-sided story. It doesn’t have to be this way, and we must take action. Join me during the current public comment period to demand that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) include a vehicle’s risk of killing a pedestrian within their five-star safety rating system. SUV-related injuries rose 91% and fatalities increased 75% between 2016 and 2019. For every 1,000 pounds a vehicle weighs, crashes are 46% more deadly, so as American cars get bigger and heavier, deaths will only continue to climb. People deserve to know if the vehicle they are about to purchase is one of the most deadly cars on the market.  NHTSA and the U.S. Department of Transportation must do the common-sense thing and expand the safety system to truly protect everyone. Please join me and my family and send a message to Secretary Buttigieg and demand this change right away. Sincerely, Jessica Riester Hart P.S. After Allie’s death, members of Families for Safe Streets reached out to us to offer support and, when we were ready, opportunities to advocate on Allie’s behalf. Contact Families for Safe Streets if you have been impacted by traffic violence. You are not alone in this immeasurable grief; we’re here to help.        Read more
    Jessica Hart
    32,049 Supporters
  • Raise weekly EDD benefits for those affected by WGA and SAG strike.
    Crew members, vendors, and other affiliated workers in the entertainment industry have been forced out of work for over two months with no end in sight. With SAG now on strike we are facing financial ruin with no opportunity to work. The EDD benefits max amount of $450 a week are not even close to paying something a person can live off of, when an average one bedroom apartment rents for $2800 a month in Los Angeles. In NYC it’s even more. With interest rates the highest they have been in over 20 years, credit cards and loans aren’t options. We need our benefits increased during this crisis like they were in during the Covid 19 pandemic. This is an economic emergency. It’s time for government intervention. Please sign and share to get the attention of Karen Bass and Gavin Newsom, and Kathy Hochul in New York.  Thank you for signing and sharing! Read more
    Farah Bunch
    23,966 Supporters
  • Unite Against Discrimination: Stop SB 264 and End AAPI Hate in Florida!
    The time has come to confront the deep-rooted discrimination faced by the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community in Florida. We cannot stand idly by while Florida's unjust property law, SB 264, perpetuates hateful treatment. It's time for action! On May 8, 2023, Governor Ron DeSantis signed SB 264 into law, dealing a severe blow to the AAPI community. This law unfairly targets and restricts Chinese citizens, as well as citizens from Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Russia, and North Korea, from owning property in Florida starting July 1, 2023. If you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, forget about ever owning property in Florida! The restrictions also apply to citizens of Cuba, Venezuela, and other "countries of concern." They've left us with a mere loophole that grants limited access to those with non-tourist visas or asylum, allowing them to purchase just a single residential property under two acres—provided it's not within five miles of a military installation. But here's the shocking truth: Florida boasts over 20 military installations, conveniently situated near major cities like Orlando, Miami, and Tallahassee. To make matters worse, prominent builders such as Lennar and Dr. Horton have taken deliberate and audacious steps to deny property sales to ANY visa holders from China. This cruel discrimination only adds fuel to the fire, intensifying the magnitude of this unjust law. It is a grave injustice that cannot be overlooked or dismissed! This appalling law harkens back to a dark period in history when false claims of "national security" were used to discriminate against Asian immigrants and other marginalized communities. In the early 1900s, similar discriminatory "alien land laws" were enacted to keep Chinese and Japanese immigrants from owning land. These policies inflicted financial hardship and fueled violence and discrimination against Asian communities. Thankfully, courts eventually struck down these laws or state legislatures repealed them for violating the Constitution's equal protection guarantees. Yet, the AAPI community continues to endure violence and discrimination, from the unjust internment of Japanese Americans during World War II to the blame and harassment they faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. We refuse to let national security become a veil for racial and ethnic discrimination. SB 264 threatens to perpetuate harmful stereotypes and further marginalize our AAPI brothers and sisters. But we won't back down! On May 22, 2023, The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU of Florida), Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP, the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF), and the Chinese American Legal Defense Alliance (CALDA) took a bold stand. They filed a lawsuit challenging Florida's discriminatory property law, SB 264, on behalf of Chinese citizens who have chosen Florida as their home, where they live, work, study, and raise families. Their fight is our fight, as they argue that SB 264 violates the Constitution and the Fair Housing Act, institutionalizing and expanding housing discrimination against individuals of Asian descent. Furthermore, it unfairly casts suspicion on anyone with names even remotely associated with Asian, Russian, Iranian, Cuban, Venezuelan, or Syrian origins who wishes to purchase property. The legal team wasted no time! On June 6, 2023, they filed an emergency motion for a Preliminary Injunction, demanding an immediate halt to the implementation of Florida's discriminatory property law, SB 264, set to take effect on July 1. We urge you to join our cause, to stand against SB 264 and the plague of hate and discrimination. This fight requires your support! We call on you to take decisive action: Publicly denounce all forms of anti-AAPI hate and discrimination, lending your voice to counteract these destructive forces. Allocate increased funding to AAPI community organizations tirelessly combating hate and providing crucial support to victims of hate crimes. Provide necessary resources for AAPI language access and cultural competency training for law enforcement and public officials. Foster diversity and inclusion in all realms of government and public life, ensuring that everyone feels valued and respected. We are a resilient and diverse community. We are students, small business owners, entrepreneurs, workers, professionals, and more. Florida is our home, where we raise our children and contribute to our larger community. We uphold the fundamental human rights of all individuals and strive for equal opportunities for everyone. Stand with us by signing this petition, and together, let's fight against unjust laws like SB 264!Read more
    Jenny Liu
    43,423 Supporters
  • Save Our Community Mural
    Los Angeles as always been a promoter of expressing art it is a big reason why so many of us love living here. At Speedy Auto Tint we are proud of our mural because we are a Latino/ family-owned small business, and we believe this mural represents the city of Los Angeles and the culture it embodies. When we reached out to the artist., Sloe, on Instagram we thought he would lust leave us unread. For those that don't know the artist that completed our mural in Bell flower is the same artist that was featured during the Super-bowl with Vanessa Byrant in front of his art. Sloe created the beautiful iconic mural of Kobe and GiGi in the clouds wearing their wings in Downtown LA (this is why we thought we were going to stay unread). We are very thankful that Sloe answered, and we believe this mural is just as iconic as the Kobe and GiGi one. We also feel it will attract new business for us as well as the city. This mural has already attracted a lot of people and it just finished this past week. With the mural attracting so many people to Bellflower it not only helps our business but the local business in the city as well. It helps bring people into the local businesses and boosts the economy in the city, making it a win for everyone. The City of Bellflower wants us to take down this beautiful artwork because it is facing a main street instead of being located on a wall facing a side street. Why keep art to be only seen from the side instead of where everyone can see and enjoy its beauty. The month and half it took for this mural to come to life we had a constant flow of admirers that would be yelling from the street in their car, pulling into our parking lot, or walking by and feeling the need to stop and express how much they enjoy and appreciate the mural being done in their community. The artist Sloe and his apprentice Ariel did an amazing job and if you can believe it entirely with spray paint. Yes, that beautiful artwork and amazing detail is done by spray paint, they are incredibly talented, and it would be a shame if we had to take down such a beautiful piece of art. **UPDATE** We’re actively working with the Mayor and Bellflower City Council to reach an agreement. They have been collaborating well with us and while we are confident we will reach an agreement that will suit us both, we still need your support to make it happen! Please continue to sign and share the petition So, if you love this mural as much as we do and want to help save our community mural please sign this petition. We have started a GoFundMe for the legal fees the city is asking from us to fight for the mural to stay. Anything helps if you could please donate To see the full mural feel free to visit or instragram page speedyautotint or come down and check it out 17149 Woodruff Ave Bellflower CA 90706Read more
    Robert Cornejo
    44,629 Supporters

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