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Petition to Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Help Me Bring Home My Parents From an Iranian Prison

My father, Karan Vafadari, and his wife, Afarin Neyssari, have been imprisoned in Iran on sham charges since July 2016. Karan is an Iranian-American businessman who returned to Iran to be with his elderly mother who lived alone, and Afarin is a US resident promoting Iranian culture as an art gallery owner in Tehran. They were at the Tehran airport when the Iranian Revolutionary Guard arrested them. Despite the fact that their due process and human rights were repeatedly violated after their arrest, including a 1 month stint in solitary confinement, they respected the legal channels in Iran, certain that their innocence would soon lead to their release. But after refusing to allow them to choose their own lawyers, Iran’s judiciary sentenced Karan to 15 years in prison and Afarin to 10 in a secret trial in Tehran. Now my parents have nowhere to turn. What you can do to help: There are many ways you can help besides signing this petition.   1) Share this petition on social media encouraging people to sign it. Let Karan and Afarin know that the world has not forgotten them. Here’s a sample message: Iran has imprisoned American citizen Karan Vafadari and US permanent resident Afarin Neyssari without due process on sham charges. Sign and share this petition to raise your voice against this injustice. #FreeKaran #FreeAfarin   2) Write to/call Iran’s UN mission in New York (H.E Gholamali Khoshroo, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic to the United Nations) and tell them that Iran should release Karan Vafadari and Afarin Neyssari, who have been issued ludicrous sentences on sham charges without due process. This can be done over and over again in various ways with different statements to show that Americans have not forgotten about their fellow citizens in need. Please be respectful. ADDRESS622 Third Ave., 34th floorNew York, NY 10017, USAPHONE: +1 (212) 687.2020FAX: +1 (212) 867.7086   3) Tweet messages like: “@HassanRouhani @JZarif should take a position on #FreeKaran and #FreeAfarin, good people who have been issued ludicrous prison sentences without due process.” to Iranian officials. The more times we do this, the better. About Karan and Afarin:When Karan returned to Iran to be with his dying mother, he met Afarin. Afarin owned and operated Aun Gallery to promote Iranian culture from inside Tehran. My dad’s favorite way to spend time with his family has always been a road trip: we might drive from our home in Georgia to the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, or from Tehran to see an ancient Persian site like Persepolis. Timeline:20 July 2016: Afarin is arrested at the airport in Tehran. She calls Karan, who is also arrested when he arrives at the airport September 2016: After about a month in solitary confinement, being accused of spying, and being told to spy on one another (they refused), Karan and Afarin are moved to around within 2-A of Evin January 2017: Karan and Afarin see a lawyer for the first time after 5 months of imprisonment. There has been no evidence to suggest they might be a threat to national security (because they are not). The charges of spying are downgraded because it was always blatantly false. December 2017: Judge Salavati finally names a price for bail, which is astronomically high January 2018: Karan and Afarin find a way to put bail for Afarin. Salavati tells the lawyer: “If I wanted her released, I wouldn’t have set bail so high.” January 2018: Salavati delivers a verdict: 15 years for Karan, and 10 years for Afarin. There is still no evidence of wrongdoing. Charges: The legal system has been very opaque. Even the state-approved defense lawyer has not yet been granted access to the docket to know how to even defend Karan. This is the best I can piece together the charges:Afarin is found guilty of using Aun Gallery to subvert the Islamic Republic. They have [falsely] claimed that she took foreign investment and thus was manipulated to use it against Iran’s best interest.Afarin is found guilty of spreading un-Islamic art. All of her events and art at the Gallery were approved and certified by the government. This is also a sham charge.Karan is found guilty of owning a “house of vice and prostitution.” A former ambassador from Italy to Iran was so outraged by this charge, that he wrote an open letter in Karan’s support. As a Zoroastrian, Karan’s behavior in the privacy of his own home is ostensibly protected by Iran’s constitution. About Me:My parents raised me, my younger sister, and older brother in Columbus, GA. Last year, I asked the love of my life to marry me! Lily (who was born and raised in Alabama) and I met while we studying engineering at MIT, and we have been delaying our wedding so that Karan and Afarin might have a chance to be with us. Useful links:

Cyrus Vafadari
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Petition to Google Inc., Google, Google Maps

Dear Google, Please make all of Google Maps services available in Iran

Dear Google Please make all of Google Maps services available in Iran (i.e. "Navigation", "Voice Guidance", "Start Driving" and "Offline Maps"). In Iran, among all unintentional fatal injuries inflicted on children under five, traffic-related fatalities are the leading cause of death.Every 19 minutes one person dies on Iran’s roads, and every two minutes people will hear that one of their family members has survived a crash but with serious injury and perhaps lifelong disability. The use of a satellite navigation system improves driver behavior in unknown areas, heightens alertness and reduces stress levels.GPS systems assist motorists to identify the location of features on, near, or adjacent to the road networks.These include service stations, maintenance and emergency services and supplies, entry and exit ramps, damage to the road system, etc. We really need these services. Love youIranian people -----------------------------------------------------------------Farsi Translation: گوگل عزیز لطفاً تمام خدمات نقشه‌های گوگل را در ایران در دسترس قرار دهید (به عنوان مثال «ناوبری»، «هدایت صوتی»، «شروع رانندگی» و «نقشه آفلاین»). در ایران، در میان تمام آسیب‌های ناخواسته مرگبار ناشی از کودکان زیر پنج سال، تلفات مرتبط با ترافیک، علت اصلی مرگ‌ومیر است.هر 19 دقیقه یک نفر در جاده‌های ایران می‌میرد و هر دو دقیقه مردم می‌شنوند که یکی از اعضای خانواده‌شان از تصادف جان سالم به در برده است، اما با صدمات جدی و شاید ناتوانی مادام‌العمر. استفاده از یک سیستم ناوبری ماهواره‌ای باعث بهبود رفتار راننده در مکان‌های ناآشنا شده و همچنین باعث افزایش هشیاری و کاهش سطح استرس می‌شود.سامانه‌های جی.پی.اس به رانندگان در شناسایی امکانات موجود در نزدیکی و یا مجاور شبکه‌های جاده‌ای کمک می‌کند. این شامل ایستگاه‌های خدمات، تعمیرونگهداری، خدمات اضطراری و لوازم یدکی، رمپ‌های ورودی و خروجی، آسیب به سیستم جاده و غیره می‌شود. ما واقعاً به این خدمات نیاز داریم. دوستت داریممردم ایران  

Mohsen Ganj
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Petition to U.S. Senate

Senate: Block Pompeo for Backing Presidential War with Iran, Starving Yemeni Children

CIA director Mike Pompeo, Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State, wants war with Iran, even without Congressional authorization. A Senate vote to confirm Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State would be an implicit Senate endorsement of unconstitutional war with Iran. A Senate vote to reject Pompeo would be a Senate rejection of unconstitutional war with Iran. Under the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution, only Congress, not President Trump, can authorize the use of force against Iran. But the Senate in which we would need 51 votes against an authorization for the use of force against Iran [Iran AUMF] is the same Senate which is about to vote on the confirmation of Iran war advocate Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State. If we know we’re going to need to find 51 votes in the Senate against war with Iran, we might as well find them right now. Mike Pompeo’s Trump Administration believes in “Presidential war” – the claim that the President can wage war without Congressional authorization, in direct opposition to what it says in the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution. They are War Powers Resolution deniers. On March 20, 44 Senators rebuked Mike Pompeo and the Trump Administration’s assertion of Presidential war power by voting for the Sanders-Lee-Murphy resolution against continued unconstitutional U.S. participation in the catastrophic Saudi war in Yemen. But Mike Pompeo’s Trump Administration continues to violate the Constitution by refueling the Saudi warplanes that are bombing Yemeni children and starving them by blockade.  As the New York Times has exposed, the CIA is the most slavishly pro-Saudi part of the U.S. government. The culture of the CIA is to slavishly assert that the U.S. is obligated to fight Saudi Arabia’s proxy wars against Iran. The last thing we need now is a Secretary of State steeped in the slavishly pro-Saudi culture of the CIA. Urge your Senators to do everything in their power to block Mike Pompeo from becoming Secretary of State by signing our petition.

Robert Naiman
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Petition to Council of the European Union, European Parliament, European Commission, European Parliament Office in Washington DC, European Commission Representation in Finland, Juhana Tuomola, Court of Justice of the European Union, European External Action Service – EU High Representative, Council of the EU and European Council, European Court of Auditors (ECA)

European Union, STOP supporting Islamic Regime in Iran!

Beginning on December 28, 2017 protests against worsening economic conditions and rampant corruption in the Islamic Republic of Iran transformed into a nationwide rebellion against the country’s theocratic regime. The first wave of anti-regime protests spanned approximately two weeks and spread to more than 80 cities and towns across Iran. Slogans included: “Down with Dictator!” “Islam and the Quran, we sacrifice them both to Iran!” “Neither for Gaza, nor for Lebanon, we will sacrifice our lives for Iran!” ”Khamenei is a murderer, his position as a leader is not deserved!” “A member of Basij is the enemy of Iranian people that drinks the blood of the nation!” and “Cyrus is our father, Iran is our motherland!” Nearly 4,000 protesters were arrested, and hundreds were killed during the regime’s crackdown. Since then, over the past weeks, there has been widespread non-conformity to mandatory hijab on the part of Iranian women. We expect new waves of demonstrations to begin again, and for the Islamic Republic to be toppled at any given moment. We, the Iranian people, are very disappointed in the response of European Union officials and the heads of state of European Union member nations to the ongoing social and political situation in our country. In his discussion with President Rouhani at the height of the crisis, President Macron failed to recognize that the Rouhani government in particular, and the theocratic regime as a whole, has lost its legitimacy. Instead, Macron seemed more interested in being assuring that Rouhani would “clean up” the situation so that it would not cause a Public Relations crisis for France. If this horrendous misconstrual of the situation in Iran is not disingenuous, then the highest foreign affairs office of the European Union is utterly incapable of even the most basic intelligence collection and sociological analysis. If, on the other hand, such remarks represent a deliberate attempt to turn a blind eye to the grievances and suffering of Iranian protesters (the majority of which are anti-Islamic, let alone “ultra-conservative”), then let the record stand that the European Union has endorsed the theocratic tyranny of the Islamic Republic. Ms. Mogherini and her aide should immediately be dismissed from their posts. If they are not, we will consider the later interpretation correct. In that event, once the will of the people prevails in Iran, we will sever all economic and diplomatic relations with the European Union. Given that transactions with the Islamic Republic of Iran account for around 10% of Germany’s international trade alone, that will come as quite a blow to the European economy. We are sure that, on our end, the slack can be taken up by increased trade with the United States of America, whose President and other leading representatives of both political parties, have unequivocally supported the courageous struggle of Iranians for freedom and a government that reflects Iran’s glorious and ancient civilization. Consider yourselves forewarned. Iranian community.

Arvin Adriyan
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