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Petition to Google, Google Maps

Dear Google, Please make all of Google Maps services available in Iran

Dear Google Please make all of Google Maps services available in Iran (i.e. "Navigation", "Voice Guidance", "Start Driving" and "Offline Maps"). In Iran, among all unintentional fatal injuries inflicted on children under five, traffic-related fatalities are the leading cause of death.Every 19 minutes one person dies on Iran’s roads, and every two minutes people will hear that one of their family members has survived a crash but with serious injury and perhaps lifelong disability. The use of a satellite navigation system improves driver behavior in unknown areas, heightens alertness and reduces stress levels.GPS systems assist motorists to identify the location of features on, near, or adjacent to the road networks.These include service stations, maintenance and emergency services and supplies, entry and exit ramps, damage to the road system, etc. We really need these services. Love youIranian people -----------------------------------------------------------------Farsi Translation: گوگل عزیز لطفاً تمام خدمات نقشه‌های گوگل را در ایران در دسترس قرار دهید (به عنوان مثال «ناوبری»، «هدایت صوتی»، «شروع رانندگی» و «نقشه آفلاین»). در ایران، در میان تمام آسیب‌های ناخواسته مرگبار ناشی از کودکان زیر پنج سال، تلفات مرتبط با ترافیک، علت اصلی مرگ‌ومیر است.هر 19 دقیقه یک نفر در جاده‌های ایران می‌میرد و هر دو دقیقه مردم می‌شنوند که یکی از اعضای خانواده‌شان از تصادف جان سالم به در برده است، اما با صدمات جدی و شاید ناتوانی مادام‌العمر. استفاده از یک سیستم ناوبری ماهواره‌ای باعث بهبود رفتار راننده در مکان‌های ناآشنا شده و همچنین باعث افزایش هشیاری و کاهش سطح استرس می‌شود.سامانه‌های جی.پی.اس به رانندگان در شناسایی امکانات موجود در نزدیکی و یا مجاور شبکه‌های جاده‌ای کمک می‌کند. این شامل ایستگاه‌های خدمات، تعمیرونگهداری، خدمات اضطراری و لوازم یدکی، رمپ‌های ورودی و خروجی، آسیب به سیستم جاده و غیره می‌شود. ما واقعاً به این خدمات نیاز داریم. دوستت داریممردم ایران  

Mohsen Ganj
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Petition to Omid Kordestani, Jack Dorsey

Ask twitter to Protect the Safety of Iranian Protesters

In recent days people across Iran in major cities and dozens of smaller towns have taken to the street to voice their dissatisfaction with corruption, abuse, and economic mismanagement. The government has launched a large-scale crackdown on protesters. More than 32 people have been killed and at least 3,700 have been detained since the protests began in late December. Iranian authorities have blocked all major social media platforms to prevent communication between the protesters and ultimately put an end to the demonstrations. Twitter does not allow users from Iran to add their phone number and set up two-factor authentication that protects the users’ accounts and information. This policy puts the safety of Iranian users—especially activists—at greater risk. We ask Twitter to show a commitment to the safety of its users by preventing Iranian authorities from easily accessing the accounts of Iranian users and targeting protesters. Given the scale of the recent mass arrests in Iran, it is evident that many of detainees are peaceful protesters. What is worse, Iranian authorities have a highly troubling record of torturing and mistreating prisoners. To be clear, we are asking Twitter to offer the people of Iran the same level of account protection it offers most of its users around the globe.   Join us in asking Twitter to protect the safety of Iranian protesters by enabling Iranian users to add their phone numbers to their account and receive two-factor authentication protection        

United for Iran
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Petition to Barack Obama

Ask President Obama -- Support #IranianProtests Now!

Dear Mr. Obama: In 2009 when millions of Iranian people took to the streets in a massive popular demonstration to elect the leader of their choice, they singularly called you by your name and asked if you were with them or not? Their chant, “Obama, Obama ya ba oona, ya ba ma” specifically asked if you would be supportive of them. At the time, you made a choice not to take a public position on these protests. Many believed that your lack of a strong statement facilitated the ability of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to assume the presidency. Since then, former presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi and his wife, Zahra Rahnavard, have been serving a sentence of house arrest, their movements and statements restricted by the government. Protestor Neda Agha Soltan died before our eyes at the age of 26 while hundreds of others were beaten, injured, arrested and driven out of the country. Other elections have taken place since then, but true hope for change never gained the same momentum as it did in 2009. In 2015, when you spearheaded the opening of diplomatic relations with Iran and lifted the backbreaking sanctions in return for a nuclear agreement, many people in Iran once again were filled with hope that their economic conditions would improve and that freedom and human rights would be forthcoming. However, as you know, poverty has continued to escalate, government employees remain unpaid, freedom has been repressed, and human rights continually have been violated. Recently Iran broke the world’s record on executions. On the international stage, Iran has expanded an agenda of malevolence and manipulation. It has pursued a sinister partnership with the brutal dictator Bashar Assad, serving as his accomplice to the genocide of the Syrian people. The Islamic Republic continues to sponsor terrorist activities in Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and the Palestinian territories. The nation deliberately issues propaganda to foment conspiracies against the US and our allies in the region. Despite this behavior, an important new opportunity has presented itself for you to stand by the beleaguered people of Iran. We urge you to step forward and seize this opportunity. In a sudden and courageous manner, the people of Iran have taken to the streets to ask for a simple thing -- freedom and justice. These demonstrations have erupted in dozens of cities across the country. While the initial focus was the economic situation in the country, protesters quickly moved to decry the repression and violence that endures in their society. The unofficial reports coming through social media are breathtaking as these people are risking their lives and those of their loved ones when they speak out in such a public manner. Indeed, these individuals are demonstrating extraordinary courage.  These are not hardened activists but ordinary people -- men and women, boys and girls, young and old, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. They are standing up to the likely prospect of extreme police violence, including arrests, beatings, torture and potential death.  And they are taking these risks with minimal media coverage -- other than Telegram and YouTube, they are on their own. In this moment, the Iranian people  desperately need powerful voices from outside their borders to rise up and stand in solidarity with them. As a distinguished Nobel Peace Prize winner and as an individual who symbolizes hope and possibility of change to so many around the world, we ask you to hear the cries of the Iranian people and to send a strong and public message of compassion and solidarity. Such a message not only would inspire and unify the people of Iran, but it also could catalyze bipartisan collaboration here at home. Your willingness to speak out on this time-sensitive issue could spur the American people to join hands in a nonpartisan manner and support the shared values of freedom and liberty that are inspiring the Iranian people. Write an open letter. Send a video message. Issue a statement. Tweet out your thoughts. However you choose to do it, this is a unique opportunity. You can play a role and speak out for justice and humanity. But make no mistake, time is of the essence. The physical strength and emotional resistance of the protesters will suffer as the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps employs excessive force to stop them and crush their will. But your voice could make a vital difference in this moment of need. Warmest regards, Supporters of Freedom and Justice in Iran

Freedom and Justice Support Iranian Protesters
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