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Petition to Nancy Pelosi, Charles E. Schumer, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

Stop War with Iran

A crisis in the Middle East is escalating extremely fast.  The Trump administration ordered a military attack that killed Iran's top military commander, Qassem Soleimani, and now tensions in the region and between the U.S. and Iran are more urgent than ever.  This action by the Trump administration has pushed the United States closer to an unnecessary and illegal war with Iran. And it's on top of Trump's incendiary and dangerous tweets about the U.S. military being “cocked and loaded” to retaliate against Iran even further. There is no greater urgency than right now, and we need you to get loud. Add your name and tell Congress to act immediately to stop a catastrophic war with Iran. If this sounds familiar, that’s because we’ve seen this build-up to war before. The Trump administration is, almost verbatim, using the same playbook used by Dick Cheney and now-National Security Advisor John Bolton in the Bush administration to stoke a devastating war with Iraq in 2002. We all remember how well that turned out, and we can’t let it happen again. Congress can and MUST stop the Trump administration from drumming up a war with Iran — and we need to dramatically increase the pressure on our representatives to act before it’s too late. Add your name to this petition to tell Congress to make STOPPING WAR WITH IRAN an all-out urgent priority NOW.

Win Without War
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Petition to Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Charles E. Schumer, Jerrold Nadler, Susan M. Collins, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Roy Blunt, Adam B. Schiff, Val Butler Demings, Lindsey Graham

Demand Mitch McConnell Recuse himself from Senate impeachment trial and allow witnesses

‪‪In order to have a fair Impeachment trial, We the American people demand that Mitch McConnell, and all Senators, that have stated publicly, they will not be impartial, to recuse themselves from the senate trial as any juror would have to in any legal proceeding. We ask the speaker of the house to hold the articles of impeachment until the proper recusals are made, and witness testimony is allowed. The president has asked for witnesses, Mitch McConnell wants to deny him that.  We want the witness testimony. We are impeaching the president of the United States. The hearing should be held as any other court proceeding, and those who have stated they would be partial need to be recused of their voting duty. ‪Please share if you believe in democracy   UPDATE - DUE TO THE EVENTS ON JANUARY 2, THE FOLLOWING HAS BEEN ADDED We, the American people, do not condone a war with Iran. We asked that the situation caused by President Donald J. Trump by solved diplomatically. On January 3rd, 2020, President Trump Violated 50 U.S.C. War Powers Resolution by launching an airstrike WITHOUT congressional approval. Putting out nation, and the world in jeopardy. We ask the House of Representatives to take action and consider adding the following to the articles of Impeachment: -Violation of the War Powers Resolution Title 50 U.S.C., and Article I of the Constitution for launching airstrikes without congressional approval. -Participation of Kidnapping and Human trafficking at the southern border, by stealing/separating migrant children from their parents, and putting them into detention centers and then into the US adoption system without the consent of their parents. -Violation of his constitutional oath to faithfully execute the office of the President, Donald J. Trump and his agents, have abused the powers of the Presidency for his own personal financial gain -Illegally using U.S. military forces to occupy and pillage the oil reserves of Syria. -Recklessly abandoning nuclear agreements putting the nation in peril.In these and other ways, President Donald J. Trump has proven he is unfit for office, and therefore The American people call for his immediate removal from office in a non-partisan manner. We ask the congress to act swiftly to stop President Trump for further damaging the United States of America.

Christopher Noland
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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Amnesty International Australia, Amnesty International

Calling for a safe funeral for the 176 victims of flight 752 shot by IRGC forces of Iran

Dear Mr. Justin Trudeau, Although several pieces of land and sea have separated the two countries of Iran and Canada, destiny has brought the hearts of the two nations close to each other these days. Throughout history there has rarely been a time when the two people could be as close and empathetic as they are today. Your heartwarming sympathy messages for the ones killed in the airplane downing in Tehran have reached us through media and we are very thankful for your care. Mr. Trudeau, since the discovery and announcement of the truth about this disaster was to a great extent due to the attempts by you, your friends and your allies, and since the history of Iranian regime shows that they usually respond more positively to international authorities’ appeals, we dearly request you, your allies and all international organizations to demand Iranian government to allow us to hold a free and nonviolent memorial for the victims of this tragic incident. Many victims of this disaster, including the ones with Iranian or Afghan roots, have friends and family members in this country. Funerals and mourning ceremonies are an inseparable part of Iranian culture and identity and an essential symbol of solidarity for all humans and today every Iranian is like an Antigone who has been denied the right to mourn for her dear ones. We do not want the Iranian regime to be able to hold a media show to boost its own legitimacy and disrespect the souls of our loved ones so we would like to ask for the presence of various news outlets in this ceremony. We are certain that such an appeal from your side will not remain unanswered and your favor will be recorded in history. With many thanks, A group of Iranian Civil Right Activists and People جناب آقای جاستین ترودو   ... عرض تسلیت با اینکه خشکی‌ها و دریاهای بسیاری دو سرزمین ایران و کانادا را از یکدیگر دور کرده است اما دراین روزها دست سرنوشت قلب‌های مردمان هر دو کشور را به یکدیگرنزدیک کرده است. در طول تاریخ کمتر زمانی بوده که مردم دو سرزمین دور از هم این‌چنین با یک‌دیگر احساس نزدیکی و همدردی داشته باشند، ای کاش دلیل این حس مشترک اتفاقی شاد بود. پیام‌های گرم همدردی شما با خانواده‌های ایرانی کشته شدگان از طریق رسانه‌ها به ما منتقل شد و از شما کمال سپاسگزاری را داریم. جناب ترودو از آنجا که تلاشهای دیپلماتیک شما و دوستان و متحدانتان برای کشف علت حقیقی بروز این حادثه تا کنون مثمر ثمر واقع شده و با توجه به این تجربه تاریخی که حکومت ایران معمولا به درخواستهای مقامات بین المللی پاسخ مثبت می‌دهد، از شما، دوستانتان، همپیمانانتان و نهادهای بین المللی خواهشمندیم از دولت ایران درخواست کنید تا به ما مردم ایران فرصت بدهد یک روز در آرامش و به دور از خشونت حکومت برای کشته شدگان این حادثه تلخ مراسم سوگواری برگزار کنیم. توجه کنید که برگزاری مراسم سوگواری در آیین، مذهب و سنت ایرانیان بسیار مهم و بخش جدایی ناپذیر از فرهنگ و هویت هر ایرانی است و در این روزهای غمگین برگزاری مراسم سوگ می‌تواند اندکی از داغ دل مردم ایران بکاهد. امروز هر ایرانی مانند آنتیگونه ای هست که حق سوگواری عزیزانش از او سلب شده. ما نمی‌خواهیم که حکومت با برپایی یک مراسم تبلیغاتی یا شویتلوزیونی به جای مراسم آیینی به روان جانباختگان ما بی حرمتی کرده و داغ دل ما را تازه تر کند. مطمئن هستیم که اگر این درخواست ما از زبان شما به دولت ایران منتقل شود بی پاسخ نخواهد ماند و مردم ایران این لطف شما را در تاریخ خود ثبت خواهند کرد. با سپاس جمعی از فعالین مدنی و مردم ایران.    

Daisy Stuart
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Petition to Human Rights Organization, Iran

Free Amir Tataloo

We, the fans, of Amir Tataloo hereby request an urgent release of Amir Hossein Maghsoudloo aka TATALOO immediately. Amir Hossein Maghsoudloo better known as his stage name Amir Tataloo is an Iranian singer, songwriter and influencer. He has so many strong fans among the youth of Iran. His style has been described as "popular flashy blend of pop, rap and R&B". He holds the title of the most active Iranian singer. He can write, sing and publish a song every two days and he actually publish a song each week on a period of time. Under the human rights report in 2019, Iranian courts, and particularly the revolutionary courts, does not provide fair trials and used confessions likely obtained under torture as evidence in court. Authorities routinely restrict detainees’ access to legal counsel, particularly during the investigation period. Several individuals charged with national security crimes suffered from a lack of adequate access to medical care in detention. Upon handing Amir to Iranian regime, he would not have any access to fair trial and neither be able to speak to anyone such as Roohollah Zam. He is not a criminal and he is a singer. We urge the Turkish government to free him and return his passport and document back to him as soon as possible. If Turkish government has any evidence against him, he has the right for a fair trial outside Iran for the accusations against him and not within Iran." Share this by #free_tataloo "

Avang music
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