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UPDATE: SHERI GOES TO COURT SOON AND THAT MEANS WE NEED MORE SIGNATURES ASAP, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! My name is Nicole Sain Flemming and I am coming to you with the upmost respect and honesty as the life-long friend and sister in Christ of Sheri - Sherinette Wannamaker. In May of 1997, Sheri was arrested and charged with a murder that she did not commit! She dropped her co-defendant off at her girlfriend's house not knowing she was going to commit a horrific crime!!! SHE WAS NOT INVOLVED IN THE MURDER and SHE DID NOT KNOW IT WAS EVEN TAKING PLACE!!!!!!!!! Even though, Sheri remains a believer and the Lord has carried her the whole entire time. Sheri has been fighting and appealing her wrongful conviction for the past 22 years! Her co-defendant admitted her guilt, pled guilty to the murder and was ONLY sentenced to 30 years in prison. While Sheri, my dearest friend, was being held in county jail she was a victim of Criminal Sexual Misconduct- raped and assaulted by a correctional officer...Because of that heart-wrenching incident, Sheri was given an expedited trial in order to whisk her away from the offending institution. She was not given the option or choice to plead the truth which was not guilty. Her public defender lost exculpatory recordings so Sheri was not able to prove her innocence - the fact that SHE DID NOT MURDER ANYONE!!!! She was a victim of circumstance and could not afford a paid attorney to fight the unjust guilty verdict that they gave her. SHERI WAS SENTENCED TO LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE! After 22 years of appealing...At this moment in time, Sheri may be able to fight for her innocence in court due to a grave miscarriage of justice and many in-discrepancies that were made by the South Carolina Attorney General's Office. THAT IS WHY WE NEED YOUR HELP SO SHE CAN HAVE THE CHANCE TO PROVE HER INNOCENCE!!!! Sheri, my amazing, caring, gentle, self-less, loving, God-fearing friend...NEEDS YOU, HER SISTERS AND BROTHERS IN CHRIST TO HELP HER  BY SIGNING AND DONATING SO HER CASE CAN BE INVESTIGATED PROPERLY!!!! WE ARE TRYING TO RAISE MONEY TO GET HER A PAID ATTORNEY BUT YOUR SIGNATURES ARE EVEN MORE VITAL FOR GETTING HER JUSTICE!! WE DO NOT PERSONALLY RECEIVE THE DONATIONS THAT YOU MAKE TO THIS PETITION....BUT WE NEED THEM MORE THAN YOU KNOW! THEY WILL HELP MAKE THIS PETITION MORE VISIBLE TO OTHERS AND GET HIGHER GOVERMENT OFFICALS TO INVESTIGATE HER CASE THE WAY IT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED 22 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!! SIGNATURES ARE WHAT WE NEED TO GET THE GOVERNOR AND SOUTH CAROLINA STATE LEGISLATORS TO REVIEW THIS INJUSTICE!!!!!!!! ******PLEASE BROTHERS AND SISTERS HELP SHERI PROVE HER INNOCENCE!***** PLEASE HELP ME FORWARD THIS AND MAKE THIS GO VIRAL! SHE NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!!! MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU ALL FOR YOUR PRAYERS, SIGNATURES AND DONATIONS!!!! HELP HER GET HER CASE RE-OPENED - INVESTIGATED WHICH SHE RIGHTFULLY DESERVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.

Nicole Sain Flemming
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Petition to Jason Anderson, Department of Justice, United States Supreme Court

Help my husband Deshawn T. who has been in jail for 7 years for a crime he didn’t commit

My husband Deshawn Thomas has spent 7 years in county jail since he was 17 years old with no conviction for a crime he didn’t commit. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Deshawn was at a park waiting for a ride home due to his mom not being able to pick him up. His friend the (driver) who is also his co defendant arrived to pick him up and take him home. Before they left the other two teenage co defendants arrived to the park in which Deshawn and the driver where asked if they knew someone who sold marijuana. My husband connected him to SOMEONE who knew a dealer, but DID NOT know the direct dealer. (The drug dealer is son of a probation officer) The shooter set up a buy but the plan changed once the (the shooter) decided to rob the drug dealer.  Deshawn disagreed and decided to take off with the driver and go back home. He did not want to participate in this new plan.  That’s when everything went wrong. While Deshawn and the driver where on their way back home. The driver received a call from the shooter asking him to turn around to pick them up. When the shooter and the his co defendant got picked up they had said everything went wrong. But didn’t clearly mentioned what had happened. Today, 7 years later, Deshawn is still being held without bail and obligated to serve time for a crime he had no part in. No one should be held for 7 years, especially not a 17 year old who had no record of violence, and did not commit this crime. Deshawn didn’t want to be part of the robbery. Our broken justice system has kept him from justice. Senate Bill 1437 should release him and the justice system should not abandon someone in jail and violate constitutional rights  We can’t give Deshawn those seven years back. He should have been starting his life with me and his family. It’s time for the head office of San Bernardino District Attorney Jason Anderson and District Attorney Will Wooten to drop these charges and let Deshawn come home as the new law SB1437 has been in effect as of January 2019.

Ana Thomas
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  FREE TYRONE CLARK I have spent almost three decades in prison. The war on drugs is just another way to keep modern day slavery going.  The laws disguised to clean up the streets has locked myself and many of our youth in a system with no way out and no dream of rehabilitation. In 1991 the “law of the land” was in affect. This law stated that if found guilty of a drug charge the jury is required to correlate time with the amount found in a persons possession. In my case drugs were never found. The prosecutor used a scale of 5/100 Kilograms in order to sway the judge and jury to give me a harsher sentence. I was tried and convicted of a drug charge,sentence to 30 years in prison.   In 2005 the law changed  and  this new change could have helped in my case but the appeals court would not accept my appeal . I filed for a pardon. The pardon made it all the way to the presidents desk. He refused to sign it even though the law had changed in my favor. I have now spent more than 20 extra years in prison. My latest appeal was filed 2015 it has been pending for 4 years. I have now spent 29 years in prison. I went to prison when I was 22 years old I am now 51 . During my time in prison I have lost my Mother, my Father,and many other family members. Although I have lost so much, I still have a strong support group of family and friends. I have  3 adult children that I didn’t have the opportunity to help nurture and grow. I’m not proud of the choices or mistakes I’ve made.These choices have kept me locked up more than half of my life.Now I’m asking for your help.Please sign my petition. My hopes are for the opportunity to do some good in this world.    While being locked up I have taken every opportunity available in training and classes to further educate and rehabilitate myself. I am more than ready to get a second chance at life. I have worked hard at becoming the best man that I can be in this situation, and I am a value to society. How many more years of my life should I be expected to give The United States of America toward our MODERN DAY SLAVERY LAWS? This has to change, so I’m committed to fighting for and being a part of this change. Sincerely  Tyrone Clark

gloria ortiz
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