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Petition to Larry Hogan, Marilyn Mosby, Delores G. Kelley

Justice Reform - MD Governor Hogan, Please Grant Mr​.​Kenny Johnson clemency.

This petition has been created by loved ones on behalf of Mr. Kenny Ferdinand Johnson, who is currently incarcerated at Maryland Correctional Institute in Hagerstown, Maryland. In 1993, Mr. Johnson was convicted by a jury in Baltimore City Maryland of first-degree murder. The State of Maryland presented no physical evidence linking him, Mr. Johnson to this crime. The victim who was allegedly shot by Mr. Johnson was taken to University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore after he was wounded, he was treated for his injury and later released. Nearly three months later, he returned to University of Maryland Medical Center where he later died. Two months after his death, Mr. Johnson was arrested for first-degree murder. On the day Mr. Johnson was arrested, this was the first contact he had with any Baltimore city law enforcement officials regarding this incident. “First-degree murder is defined as an unlawful killing that is both willful and premeditated, meaning that it was committed after planning or "lying in wait" for the victim”. This was clearly not the case here. The victim was interviewed prior to his death by the police and acknowledged that he didn't know who shot him. His family filed a lawsuit and was awarded a settlement against University of Maryland Medical Center for medical malpractice and not upholding to the standard of care. Despite the discovery of this new evidence, the State of Maryland has repeatedly denied a new trial and refused to review any new evidence. This case has been clearly permeated by false accusations, an ineffective display of counsel, and a clear absence of morality. Mr. Johnson has served twenty-eight years in prison for a crime he did not commit, a crime that he is innocent of. In 2019, the Maryland Parole Commission recommended his release from prison, his recommendation was then sent to the desk of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. Governor Larry Hogan denied his release without any clear explanation to Mr. Johnson or his family. Maryland is one of the three states out of fifty that requires approval of the Governor even after a Parole Commission recommends a prisoner’s release. During his incarceration Mr. Johnson has been a role model inmate, received his GED, has a stable support system, a place to reside upon his release and had a job opportunity awaiting him. He is currently employed by Maryland Correctional Enterprises as a steelworker. We, the undersigned, believe it is a great travesty of justice to deny Mr. Johnson the chance to a new trial or the opportunity to be free. We are asking the State of Maryland and Governor Larry Hogan to grant the release of Mr. Johnson so he can be reunited with his family. There are many who have awaited his release: his only child, Ms. Tykeisha Johnson, his mother who is now 89 years old and his family who have stood by him all these years. We are asking for Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby to please review the facts and evidence of this case and request that the charges against Mr. Johnson be rescinded or a new trial be ordered on his behalf.

Tykeisha Johnson
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Petition to Hawaii State Senate

Gun Control - Stop the Killing - ban guns from the police.

Today was just a normal day for me doing the usual stuff getting groceries, picking up the kids etc....while sitting in my car listening to instrumentals waiting for my children A female police officer walks past and starts yelling at me staring at me aggressively. Not sure what the problem is she turns around and puts her hand on her gun and says turn down your music, I give her the thumbs up but when I dont turn it to her satisfaction she looks as she is going to pull her gun on me and starts screaming aggressively as she is doing this my children walk past and they look terrified and they are wondering why is this supposed to be respected person of our community looks as if they want to kill their father. I too wonder what is the problem with this officer why does she want to do me Harm? I believe that because she had a gun she believes she can do or act however she wants to even to the point where I believe she just would have made up some bogus excuse to use this firearm against me just because she had it. As it would be I'm also a Dark skinned American and in recent events and events in the past I have seen the police behave like ANIMALS. This is why I'm in favor of restricting guns not only to regular citizens but to the police as well, I believe they should not be able to carry guns either I feel it would be safer for all of us because I DO NOT FEEL SAFE AROUND THE POLICE. So I'm asking the community and those around to join me in my petition to ban guns from  police officers  except for the Military. I am a veteran and I'm tired of the police making me feel unsafe and like an enemy of the state. I have had enough!!!! I feel no guns should be allowed anywhere in public even by the police.

charles williams
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Petition to New York State Senate, New York State Assembly, Andrew M. Cuomo

Pass the Black History Education Bill

Sign this petition to demand that the New York State Senate and the New York State Assembly pass the African African History and Achievement Bill aka Black History Education Bill right away. (S1135 / A8756) This bill will help bring about the empowerment of our children and our communities. It will provide the opportunity for the children to realize the greatness of their history and to teach them that their existence did not start and will not stop with slavery.  Community Advocate / President of Black Lives Matter Brooklyn, ANTHONY BECKFORD is taking lead on this, because he strongly believes in the greatness of Black Culture and he believes that our children need to identify with that. History books teach our children the lie, that their history starts from bondage, which then conditions them to accept the continuous oppression and bondage. We will put a full stop to that. We must teach them where they came from, for them to know who they are, so that they can plan for their future.  "The Black History Education Bill would have a huge impact on our youth. The bill would include the indigenous history of Afro Americans, Afro Caribbeans, Afro Latinos and the African Diaspora as a whole. This taps into the true indigenous history of many other ethnicities. We must teach our children where they come from, so that they can embrace who they are and plan to be who they are destined to be." The purpose of the bill, is to create a mandatory year round curriculum of Black History. The purpose of this bill is to highlight and acknowledge the inventions by Black inventors, anti- slavery movements, Black heroes and leaders and so much more.  The commission shall be tasked with developing and recommending curriculum that incorporates the contributions and achievements made by African Americans as part of New York's education curriculum, including but not limited to the women's abolitionist movement, the Harlem Renaissance, the Buffalo anti-slavery movement, and the suffrage movement for African American Long Islanders and much more. #ItsOurTime

Anthony Beckford
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