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Petition to Oxford City Schools, Students, Teachers, Parents, Staff members

A fair and reasonable change in Oxford High School, Alabama Dress Code.

I believe the current dress code at Oxford High School is too much for the students to take in for many ways. If we make this change that the students and the Staff of Oxford High School can agree on, I believe it will impact everything in a good way. For example, The community of the school will be happier as they won't be sent home, or to T.E under ways they deem unfair. This will also let them show just how they are, and what they like. The families would be happier as well because, then the school wouldn't contact them. While they're working hard to earn money for their family. They would also be happier because, most parents who are unemployed, sleep while their students are at school, and most students are found with a dress code issue.Very early in the morning, usually. Finally, this would impact me in a great way as well, because I believe I can't show who I am, with the current dress codes that are in motion. There are so few options, that I feel like another character in the background that can't stand out. I believe that the dress code we have is greatly restricting our needs to be unique, and thats a VERY important part of being a teenager. I do not believe, staying this way is fair and I don't blame others for being incredibly angry with the school. With the amount of Dress codes we have, We might as well have Uniforms so we could completely get rid of any part of standing out. Hormonal teenagers have the ability to rebel against the school, as they feel that they aren't important in the school anymore. There are some dress code rules I do agree with, and some i'm unsure about. I would like to say that dress code rule about Colored Hair is my breaking point, where I get unsettled. Facial Jewelry and skirts fall under that as well, but I have a more lenient idea for Skirts. I believe they're allowed to be shorter as long as there's tights or something underneath. When it comes to Yoga pants or tights, I believe they should be allowed so boys are used to young women wearing them and to give them a sense of control over themselves. Sunglasses, Hats, Caps, Bandannas, etc should be allowed in the first place to, once again, show what you like for how you are. As it's stated in the Code Of Conduct, Page 18, Appendix B simply labeled as STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, it states that "Freedom of speech is a constitutional right guaranteed to all citizens. The school system shall make every effort to provide for the free expression of ideas by students, unless this interferes with the educational process. No student shall have the right to interfere with the educational process of other students. All students shall be free to express their points of view in an orderly manner in keeping with democratic ideals.All students shall have the freedom to exercise the right of free speech and to protest deprivation thereof, through proper channels, providing that such protection does not interfere with the educational program of the school system or result in harm to any other individuals.All students shall have the responsibility to grant the same rights and responsibilities to other individuals, to develop tolerance for the viewpoints or opinions of others, and to recognize the right of other individuals to form or hold different point of view."With that said, I have the right to make this petition and try my best to change this school for the better. Dress code is something no school wants but must have so they can get used to it in working life but some jobs actually encourage the unique differences people are able to show. 

Elizabeth Lee
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Petition to Ana Mari Cauce, UW President, Housing Department

Cancel UW Housing Cancellation Fees

I'm an incoming student at the University of Washington, and am in a class with far more freshmen than the college can provide housing for. I applied for housing on the first day the application opened up, but due to the lottery system, I still haven't received a dorm assignment. Instead, I have received an email telling me there's a possibility I'll be placed in temporary housing until a permanent dorm room opens up. Furthermore, because I signed the housing contract, I am expected to pay the $500 cancellation fee. As a student who is trying to get through school with as minimal debt as possible, dropping $500 on something like this feels very unreasonable to me. There are also quite a few problems with the temporary housing accommodations. It's quite a fire hazard, with beds being placed in the attic of an old building. Additionally, students have a single locker to store their possessions in until they move into their permanent dorm. Here's a link to UW's description and images of temporary housing: I could wait even longer to cancel my housing application in hopes I'll be assigned an actual room, but starting September 1st, the cancellation fee increases by $15 every day. I'd like to start the school year on a positive note, not surrounded by chaos and uncertainty. I've started looking at apartments near the college, because that's an option I'll actually be able to depend upon.  I completely understand the university's reasoning behind having cancellation fees. It protects their housing department from needing to deal with a flood of last minute dorm room cancellations. However, when the lack of acceptable housing stems from their end, I believe they should be more sympathetic towards a college student's reality.  Though I understand I am liable to pay the $500 cancellation fee, I think the university should seriously reconsider this rule. College in America is already so expensive, why tack on hefty fees like this?

Tate Crowley
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Petition to Living Word Lutheran High School

Keep the old chairs at LW and allow students to take backpacks to class again

Living Word has replaced the old chairs with uncomfortable plastic stools that don't stay in one position. A new rule also require students to put their phones in pouches before class. Backpacks are also no longer allowed to be carried for class to class which makes organization much more difficult. The students who sign this petition respectively disagree with these decisions and would like a change. Punishment for those sleeping in class and using cell phones without authorization should be given, without punishing the rest of the students. For example, a letter should be sent home and require a parents signature. If the student fails to bring the letter back in whatever time he/she feels fit, they will receive a detention. The $20 rule is too much and feels wrong and over the top for some teachers. This is why a punishment is needed that students fear and teachers aren't afraid to enforce. ***UPDATE*** As for a solution for the stools, it is unreasonable to expect immediate change. We just would like to ask that the stools will eventually be replaced with chairs like the previous ones. In  some classrooms there aren't enough stools for ever desk, so some are filled with regular chairs. This could cause drama in a lot of classes because students will want to fight over the chairs. This makes it more important to replace the stools quickly.  The fire hazard argument can be an issue, but there are certain measures students can take to make the hallways and classrooms more safe in the case of a fire. during lunch and chapel students should be required to leave their backpacks in/by their lockers to clear the hallway. Student should also be aware of backpacks that may be in the way and lean them against their desks or put them underneath. Share this petition with fellow current LW students and Alumni We have passed the goal of 100 supporters and we are working on a response.

A Concerned Student
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