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Petition to Newcastle city council

Don't Hem in Havannah

Newcastle Great Park Consortium wants to build 1,200 houses and two schools within metres of Havannah and Three Hills Nature Reserve, in Newcastle upon Tyne. Havannah and Three Hills is a designated Local Nature Reserve and Local Wildlife Site and a last haven for red squirrels in Newcastle. Several protected species, including birds, bats, badgers and great crested newt depend on the reserve and surrounding fields, which are used by several threatened bird species, including skylark, linnet, curlew, lapwing, yellow hammer and grey partridge. Havannah is one of only two areas of lowland heath in Newcastle and provides habitat for twenty butterfly species – including the rare Dingy Skipper – and hundreds of moth species. Land around the reserve currently acts as a buffer zone between red and grey squirrels. Greys carry the deadly pox virus and outcompete reds for food, but 1,000+ houses with gardens would see the loss of this important buffer zone and grey squirrels would quickly colonise the reserve, wiping out the red squirrels. The proposed number of houses far exceeds the number originally intended for the site. The Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan allocated land for 880 houses - not 1,200. Increased recreational activity and more domestic pets in and around the reserve will have severe adverse effects on wildlife, which will be compounded by light spill, noise and other disturbance.  So many houses in such close proximity to the reserve would devastate local wildlife populations and threaten a nationally significant red squirrel population.  Please sign the petition to ask Newcastle City Council to significantly reduce the proposed number of houses on site and preserve one of Newcastle’s most important wildlife habitats.

Save Newcastle Wildlife
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Petition to Carole Howarth

STOP the building of an incinerator in the AIRE VALLEY

Endless Energy have re-applied for the Planning Permission to build an enormous incinerator - in the middle of this valley - the area of a football pitch and the height of eight double decker buses with a 60m chimney.   Endless Energy are trying to tell us that this is a good thing for local people. It is NOT. It is TERRIBLE for the beautiful Aire valley, AWFUL for the surrounding area and APPALLING for the Environment. The only winner is Endless Energy and associated companies.  WE CAN STOP THIS! Incinerators are burning waste which could be otherwise recycled. The UK already has enough incinerators to burn our non-recyclable waste so they are burning recyclable waste to keep the incinerators going. The plant will release a cocktail of particulate matter, chemicals, metals, dioxins and furans - the most toxic chemical known to science. The major source of dioxins & furans in the environment come from burning waste!  Experts have warned these are all a major cause of cancers, birth defects, breathing difficulties and heart disease. These poisons will fall over a wide area around the Aire Valley and beyond, wherever the winds take it. The waste that this plant burns is NOT our local waste. It is commercial and industrial waste brought from anywhere! The plant will NOT bring a major job boom to the area - again as suggested in the local press. In fact a maximum of 80 staff may be required and many of these are already employed by the European operating Company.   Local residents will NOT benefit from cheaper energy bills - as was implied in the press.  The plant will be a huge, ugly, monstrosity clearly visible from thousands of windows and gardens throughout the Aire Valley. Also clearly visible from the grade 1 listed National Trust property. An eyesore in a beautiful valley which will be severely detrimental to the whole area. TO HELP TO PREVENT THIS HAPPENING PLEASE OBJECT ONLINE. The planning application number is 16/06857/FUL and you can easily object on .

Jane Stone
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