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Petition to Patrick Lai, Alan Chan

Clean up our act! Educate Hong Kong on marine waste!

FB IG Twitter: #cleanupyouracthongkong #discoverhongkong #thisishongkong #shapingchange Hi. My name is Chris. I live in Hong Kong the most wasteful society in the world. We hold the crown as the kings of trash.  Moreover, we rank 8th in the world in terms of marine consumption.  The per capita consumption is even almost double that of China!   大家好! 我的名字是Chris,我住在香港,令人慚愧的是這地方是最會浪費的城市,我們是浪費之王!而且香港人在海洋生物消耗量上是全球第八位,如按比例來比較,我們的消耗量是中國的2倍! I am lucky that the village I live in is one of pristine beauty. It's Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park managed by the Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department (AFCD). The AFCD is kind of like the parks service of the Hong Kong SAR and as the name puts it, responsible for wildlife and marine conservation in Hong Kong.  Hoi Ha is an area of 2.6 sq. Km with over 120 species of coral fish and 64 species of stony coral. It's kind of a gem in Hong Kong because it has some of the best coral communities in all of China. Because it's such an amazing site, we see more than 96,000 visitors per year. 我感到非常幸運,因為我現住在香港其中一個美麗的郊區,它就是由漁農自然護理署(下稱漁護署)所管轄的海下灣海岸公園,在香港也有很多這類型的地方,而這些地方對於香港的陸上及海洋生物是非常重要的。海下灣的面積有2.6平方公里,當中有超過120種珊瑚魚及石珊瑚生存。它就是香港的一塊寶石,因為海下灣擁有中國最好的珊瑚群,所以海下灣就是如此美麗及吸引了超過96000遊客到訪。 As a resident of Hoi Ha, I attended a meeting on November 4th with the AFCD regarding a new educational visitor centre they plan to build here. I asked them if they will include a permanent exhibit regarding the urgent situation of our trashed oceans and what we as a people can do to fix the problem. They responded that "plans for the educational package are to be more conservation related and any exhibit regarding ocean trash would be temporary in nature".   作為海下灣其中一位居民,我參加了一次由漁護署就將設立的海下灣訪客教育中心舉辦的研討會。我問到他們會否設立一個關於「海洋污染及如何解決海洋污染」這嚴峻問題的永久性展覽,而他們的回應是這個設施主要針對海洋保育,而海洋污染的展覽只會是暫時性的。 Uh what??  I think our wasting of the oceans has everything to do with marine conservation. And most importantly, us Hong Kongers are the proven leaders of litter. 我感到非常詫異!我認為我們對海洋做成的污染對海洋生物的存亡有絕大的關係,更重要是事實已證明香港人制造的垃圾比很多其他地方更多,而這些垃圾也一直污染著海洋。 This is not a fact for us to be proud of. And so it is absolutely integral we take every opportunity to begin educating about the disastrous impact we are having on the oceans and what we can do to stop it. And what better place to do it than at the new visitor centre in Hong Kong's best marine park that sees so many visitors per year. It has got to be one of the most strategic locations to get the message across and to have the highest impact on our society here in Hong Kong. 以上的事不值得我們感到驕傲,我們更應把握每一個機會去開始進行教育,令到大眾知道我們對這片海洋所做的可怕事情。海下灣是香港最好的海岸公園而且又將會落成新的教育中心,我真的不能找到比它更好及的地方去進行教育,海下灣就是我們進行重點教學的地方,而它會為香港保育帶來最好的效果。 So this is a petition to Patrick Lai, Assistant Director, Country and Marine Parks of AFCD and Alan Chan, Senior Marine Parks Officer of AFCD to: 所以我就此發起這次請願,希望向漁護署助理署長黎存志及高級海洋護理主任陳乃觀傳遞以下4個訴求: Guarantee the inclusion of a permanent educational exhibit at the new Hoi Ha Wan Marine Centre regarding how we have trashed our oceans and the risks of continuing on the same course確保在海下灣新設立的海洋教育中心中設有永久的展覽關於「我們如何制造海洋污染及它帶來的嚴重後果」這個主題 Ensure the exhibit discusses the poor record we Hong Kongers have at waste management globally碓保展覽當中討論到香港人在海洋污染的責任 Provide solutions on how each one of us can change our habits to stop the current destruction and begin fixing the disaster提供資訊如何改變我們的習慣去制止我們對海洋的破壞及著手改善海洋環境 An ongoing status report of the improvement actions being taken and the performance of such actions持續提供有關改善行動及其成效的報告 Please help me convince Hong Kong's marine conservation department of the importance of this.  As I found out just last week from the AFCD, we only have until January 2017 to try to convince them of this. It is in January that they will be finalising their educational package for the new visitor centre.  So, I need to get as much help as I can. 請加入我們一起說服有關機構,漁護署將在1月決定好教育中心所展示的資訊,我們應該在這段時間盡我們的能力表達我們的訴求,更多的人參加會有更大的力量。 Please show your support and help me ensure we begin educating the world's biggest wasters on the importance of reducing our impact on the world's oceans. 請支持這次的請願行動以確保我們可以作出行動去令最浪費的人明白減少浪費的重要性。 Please sign my petition.   Please share it globally. As the world's leading wasters, we owe it to the world. 請加入我們的請願及分享給你身邊的人,我作為地球的一份子,我們有責任去保護我們居住地方。

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Petition to Examiner in Public of the London Plan, the mayor of london, Councillor Liz Green

Stop over-development ruining Kingston

Kingston Council and the GLA are trying to condemn The Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames to a future of high-density over-development that has been sneaked in behind residents' backs. Do we want to see Kingston's neighbourhoods become dominated by many more ugly, dense, high-rise towers? Is this the kind of development that is appropriate for the Royal Borough? We were never asked. We still have time to act before our neighbourhoods and communities are destroyed before our eyes. Please help us to tell the Mayor of London and the Examiner in Public of the London Plan what has gone on and to save The Royal Borough from a future over which we have had no say. The GLA is using an unsound document, Kingston Council’s “Direction of Travel”, planned secretly, without appropriate authority, and away from the scrutiny of council committee and residents, as the policy hook to support the designation of vast swathes of the Borough as an "Opportunity Area" in the new London Plan. We need to expose the undemocratic and surreptitious way in which the Council cooked up these plans so that we can stop them and exercise our democratic right to influence the shape, form and scale that development will take place in all our neighbourhoods. The GLA and Kingston council’s plans for Kingston to be designated with multiple “Opportunity Areas” are subject to independent Examination in Public for the London Plan in January 2019. We must get public recognition NOW for the fact that the Direction of Travel is unsound before the plans have been agreed. We cannot rely on Kingston Council or the GLA to act in our interests. We need the people of Kingston, London and beyond to stand up for our democratic rights and say that enough is enough. Please support us before it is too late.

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Petition to Oli Morton

Kellogg’s: Stop destroying rainforests for cheap palm oil!

We are sisters, Asha and Jia (aged 11 and 8) and we love orangutans. We're big fans of Orangutan Jungle School on Channel 4 and were really upset when we saw that the numbers of orangutans that are being killed and orphaned every year are being increased by companies who want cheap palm oil - and it has to stop now! Only last month a Greenpeace investigation found that Kellogg’s are still buying their palm oil from unsustainable companies that are destroying rainforests and killing orangutans. The report stated that palm oil traders Wilmar are responsible for more rainforest destruction than any other, and they and companies like them, are selling to Kellogg’s. So we are asking Kellogg’s to stop using these suppliers, to trace the palm oil from seed to shelf and inform the public exactly where it came from. Twenty five orangutans are killed every day due to palm oil. This statement proves even more that we must take action now. As well as wiping out rainforests and the wildlife that thrives within them, cheap and irresponsible palm oil companies are also killing people. Due to the toxic gases of burnt down trees, around 110 people die a year. An area the size of a football pitch is torn down in Indonesia’s rainforest every 25 seconds - this has to stop! Kellogg’s say they use sustainable palm oil but Greenpeace’s investigation shows that they are still buying from palm oil producers that are wiping out rainforests in Indonesia. If Kellogg's agree to stop using cheap and dirty palm oil organisations, this should influence other brands, like Kellogg's, to only use sustainable palm oil. Like most of our friends, we start our day eating Kellogg’s cereals but we’re not going to buy from them any more until they use our money to protect the rainforests, not destroy them. No more empty promises - it’s time for full responsibility and transparency from all the companies you work with to bring us the cereals and snacks we used to love. Please sign our petition now to help protect rainforests and save the orangutans. If we work together, we can make this change! You can read more here:

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Petition to Michael Gove

Save Britain’s ancient Yew trees before we lose any more

Britain’s most ancient trees are in danger and we urgently need to protect them. We have the largest collection of ancient Yew trees on earth, including some considered to be among the oldest trees of any kind on the planet. Some are over 5,000 years old. They are incredibly precious and a vital part of our heritage - but we are gradually losing them one by one as they currently have no legal protection. This must urgently change. I’ve been enchanted by yew trees, known as immortal giants, ever since I first came across one over 40 years ago. I’ve spent years studying them, writing about them, and campaigning for their protection. Over 500 ancient Yew trees have been destroyed since the Second World War. Two years ago I was heartbroken when I went to check on a yew tree in the Welsh town of Penegoes, only to find it chopped down into pieces and stacked waiting to be turned into firewood. For thousands of years the yew was considered sacred across Britain. They are a living connection with our past. Having survived for so long, the prospect of losing them now is unimaginable. There are approximately 157 ancient Yew trees - aged over 2,000 years - across the UK. The vast majority are in churchyards, which puts the trees at great risk as the church declines and church land is sold off. Currently the only recourse is to go through the long and difficult process of getting a Tree Protection Order, which would mean if the trees were destroyed by a developer, the developer would have to pay a small fine. In parts of Europe, trees of just a few hundred years of age are protected by far greater fines of around 50,000 Euros. Currently there is no legal protection for these beautiful trees. It’s urgent that we protect this vital part of our heritage with specific legal protection before we lose any more. These Yew trees have been a part of Britain for thousands of years. They are our ancient living monuments, our ancient living witnesses to the history of our ancestors and our civilisation. We must protect them as a matter of urgency before any more are lost. Please sign my petition calling for our ancient Yew trees to be protected by law. A list of ancient yew trees can be found at:

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