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Petition to MP Bernadette Jordan, Minister, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Say NO to the Pacific Herring Roe Fishery

***(PLEASE NOTE you are NOT donating to Conservancy Hornby Island when asked after you have signed the petition - you are donating to If you would like to donate to Conservancy Hornby Island's efforts, please donate here.)*** Conservancy Hornby Island is requesting the federal government to shut down the Pacific herring roe fishery planned for March 2020, and to create a Pacific Herring Recovery Program for the Strait of Georgia. Again in 2019, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) approved the catch of approximately 200 million spawning herring in the Georgia Strait - the last viable herring roe fishery on the coast - without considering what impact this may have on all the other sea creatures who rely on this one species of forage fish. And DFO just announced in October, 2019, that the herring population has dwindled from approximately 129,500 metric tonnes in 2016, to 85,700 tonnes in 2019, and is predicted to fall to 54,242 tonnes in 2020. This is a reduction of almost 60 percent in four years.  Pacific herring is the basis for the food web that supports the salmon, killer whales and most of the other mammals, seabirds and other creatures who, with us, call this place home. 80% of the chinook salmons' diet is herring, and over 80% of the endangered southern resident killer whales' diet is chinook. The herring fishery is worth little money and produces few jobs. 30 years ago the fishermen got as much as $5000 a ton for the fish, now it is as low as $150 and maybe $700 in a good year. What happened? Japanese taste changed. Where herring roe was once considered a delicacy it is no longer by younger Japanese. Times change and yet DFO keeps allowing this outdated fishery to carry on. Even worse, 90% of the herring are ground up for fish farm food and pet food. Using wild fish for non-human consumption is illegal under the federal Fisheries Act. And the herring fishery is supporting the salmon farms that are killing our wild salmon.  DFO states that management will be guided by the principles of “Ecosystem Based Management" and "Risk Aversion" and "Precautionary Principle" yet DFO management has, in the last 20 years, resulted in the closure of 4 of the 6 major herring fisheries on the BC coast due to low herring biomass. How can we believe that DFO is managing this valuable public resource in the best interests of all of us and our marine ecosystem? The last remaining major Pacific Herring spawn from Washington State to Alaska is in the northern Strait of Georgia from Nanaimo to Comox. Wouldn’t it make sense to leave this stock alone to hopefully rebuild all the herring schools on our coast and the marine life that need them for survival? Please sign this petition now to send your concerns to the politicians who can stop this unsustainable fishery. We hope our new Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, MP Bernadette Jordan, will listen! Then write to the following people who can make this happen:  The most effective communication with politicians is by personal letter or email. Please use the points above to write your letter (no postage needed for House of Commons addresses) and/or email to: MP Bernadette Jordan, Minister, Fisheries and Oceans CanadaHouse of Commons, Ottawa, Ont. K1A 1.888.816.4446 MP Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of the Environment House of Commons, Ottawa, Ont. K1A  (613) 995-1225 MP Gord Johns, NDP Critic for Fisheries, Oceans and Coast GuardHouse of Commons, Ottawa, Ont. K1A (250) 947-2140 Scott Fraser, MLA, Mid Island-Pacific Rim3945 Johnston Rd, Port Alberni, BC V9Y (250) 720 4515 Lana Popham, MLA, Minister of Agriculture260 – 4243 Glanford Avenue, Victoria, BC   V8Z (250) 387-1023   To find out more facts about this issue and how you can help, please visit Conservancy Hornby Island. Photo credit: Ian McAllister:

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Petition to Ontario superior court of justice, Ontario Government

Stop the teachers UNIONS from going on strikes

Teachers Unions often go on strikes - leaving everybody in a limbo: * Parents have to take time off / pay for alternative arrangements for the kids* Kids miss important school time* The government is forced to spend more of OUR (taxpayers') money to end the strike. Teachers earn more than the average resident and have way better benefits and paid sick leave time. Yet - they go on strikes under every government. They always say that the strike is in order to improve the system - but the fact is they always have their own financial demands tightly woven into their case. When one is unhappy / feels underpaid at their workplace - they find a different job.When the teachers are unhappy - they bully the whole province until they get what they want. We, the tax-payers, pay the teachers salaries and pay upfront for our kids to stay in school. The teachers' unions are a monopoly - and as such should not be allowed to strike whenever they want. As a monopoly - they should NOT be allowed to shut down the system completely - only when there are serious concerns for their wellbeing/safety! Unions' greediness is not a reason to shut down the province and hurt the kids. The government should be able to rule them back to work - as essential employees. I believe the teachers' unions should pay the cost of forcing parents to pay for alternative arrangements while they (the unions) decide to be greedy. The unions should pay for every kid forced out of school when they strike. A fair number would be $15 an hour x 6 hours = $90 per kid for every day they strike. These funds should be paid into a fund from which the parents will be able to be reimbursed when the unions are on an unnecessary strike. Let's stop the madness of teachers' unions strikes for good - for the sake of our kids!  

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