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Petition to TN Governor Bill Haslam

Pardon Cyntoia Brown

We the people petition for the PARDON & RELEASE of Cyntoia Brown in Tennessee. Cyntoia Brown was a 16 year old, juvenile, when she was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison for a crime committed, while she, herself, was a victim of underage sex trafficking. During this time she shot and killed a man, whom she feared was reaching for a gun and going to kill her, after he took her home for sex. She was tried as an adult and convicted of murder and received a LIFE SENTENCE for her actions, which she says were out of fear. Since it is illegal to put a juvenile in jail for life, this sentence of 50 years is at conflict with the intent of the law. It is manifestly UNJUST SENTENCING for her to be incarcerated until she is 69 for her actions as a teen. Cyntoia should never have received such a harsh sentence and no juvenile should receive such a harsh sentencing of well over 10 years, or tried as an adult, when they are also a victim of other's crimes that have placed them in dangerous situations where crimes are committed against them. She has ALREADY SERVED OVER 10+ YEARS! Her sentence has now potentially been reduced to ONLY 50 years, at which point she can petition for parole. Cyntoia has redeeming qualities and has completed her education during this time. She is NOT a threat to society and deserves release from this extreme punishment. In order to reform Juvenile Justice we must make sure that children are given an opportunity for redemption in a restorative system. Please PARDON Cyntoia Brown. Release her from jail and restore her rights.        

Sharon Dietrich
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Started 3 days ago

Petition to Marin County Personnel Commission, Kate Sears

Demand ex-Marin County Deputy be Held Accountable for his Violations

ProblemEx-Marin County deputy, Evan Kubota, has displayed incompetence and excessive force that has directly put the public in danger and has cost the county hundreds of thousands of dollars. Kubota has a series of department violations from 2010 to 2013. During a traffic stop in 2013, Kubota shot an unarmed, black man three times and erratically shot another 13 bullets into a busy residential neighborhood, beside a children's playground. He committed 9 department violations during the incident and was terminated by the sheriff's department. He is now suing to get reinstated as a deputy with back pay and benefits. Five years after the incident, the Marin County Personnel Commission has suddenly cleared Kubota of 6 out of 9 violations. The Personnel Commission will be reviewing the remaining 3 violations, which are related to competence, integrity, and creditable conduct. If Kubota is cleared of the remaining 3 violations, he could be reinstated as a deputy. SolutionIt is imperative that Kubota be held responsible for his actions and is not reinstated as a deputy. Please sign this petition and tell the Marin County Personnel Commission that Kubota's last three violations must be sustained and that he must never regain his position as deputy again.Also, come voice your concerns at the Personnel Commission meeting on January 9, 2019 at 9:30am, Civic Center, 3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 410 B (room # may change), San Rafael, CA. Check for updates.Personal storyFive years ago, my husband was almost killed by Officer Evan Kubota. It was a beautiful day and many families were out playing on the playground and basketball courts. I was home with my baby girl, when I heard 16 gun shots right outside of my window, on Terners Drive, between the playground and park. At the same time, my husband was walking home from the store. I was struck with terror. I ran to the window to look for my husband. What I saw was Evan Kubota running down the street, recklessly shooting into our busy, residential neighborhood. Children were right beside him screaming and some fled across the street behind him. I frantically looked for my husband. Moments later, he entered our home, shaking, and explained what happened.My husband became a key witness in the Kubota trial that day. He watched as Officer Kubota stopped his car in the middle of the street, got out, and aggressively pulled a gun on Chaka Grayson for, what we were told, was a traffic stop. Kubota was on the driver's side of Grayson's car, and Grayson drove off when he was confronted with the gun. Kubota started shooting at Grayson. Kubota shot 16 bullets. Three of them hit Grayson and paralyzed his arm. The other bullets were found in an almost 45 degree spread. They went from the park to the apartment building, where my daughter and I were, to the sidewalk, where my husband was, to the street. My husband was in Kubota's line of fire and had to lay on the ground to avoid being shot.Struck with the reality of the situation, I joined other concerned families on the sidewalk at the scene. I spoke with Kubota and told him that he shot towards my husband who had been on the sidewalk. He was visually flustered, but gave no apologies and started making up excuses. He lied and said that Grayson had tried to run him over, which was physically impossible from where he was positioned in relation to the car. Later, we watched as his patrol car got repositioned after the incident to go along with his story.After the incident, we saw our neighborhood turn into what looked like a war zone. Helicopters circled, police were on every corner and at our gates with huge guns, the freeway entry was blocked, and residents were interrogated, all because of Kubota's horrific response to the situation and lack of integrity. At first I blamed Grayson for driving off, but seeing Kubota's erratic, hot-headed behavior, I realize that there is a good chance that Chaka wouldn't be alive today, if he hadn't driven off.Thankfully, no one was killed that day, and my husband lived to testify. My husband and I, along with other witnesses, worked with the police and public defender throughout the investigation. Justice was served when the case finally went to trial and Kubota was found guilty of nine violations and was fired from the sheriff's department.The community and I are now deeply disturbed to find out that, after five years, the Personnel Commission has suddenly cleared Kubota of six of his nine violations and are considering clearing him of his last three violations.It is especially startling that there is a possibility that he may be reinstated as a deputy, knowing that Kubota has also been suspended three times for other incidents: once for leaving his patrol car open and running, which allowed someone to jump in and try to steal it; another for tipping off law enforcement associates about a pending DUI checkpoint in Novato; and a third for allegedly chasing a low-level suspect across Highway 101.Evan Kubota is a danger to the public and a liability to the police force. He handled the situation with incompetence, put innocent lives in danger, paralyzed a man's arm, lied, and tampered with evidence; he has also cost Marin County hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is a disgrace that six of his violations were excused and justice was not upheld. We urge the Personnel Commission to hold Kubota accountable for his remaining three violations.

Crystal Waye
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Petition to New York State Senate, New York State Assembly

Pass the Black History Bill

Sign this petition to demand that the New York State Senate and the Nes York State Assembly pass the Black History Education Bill right away. This bill will help bring about the empowerment of our children and our communities. It will provide the opportunity for the children to realize the greatness of their history and to teach them that their existence did not start and will not stop with slavery.  Community Advocate ANTHONY BECKFORD is taking lead on this, because he strongly believes in the greatness of Black Culture and he believes that our children need to identify with that. History books teach our children the lie, that their history starts from bondage, which then conditions them to accept the continious oppression and bondage. We will put a full stop to that. We must teach them where they came from, for them to know who they are, so that they can plan for their future.  The purpose of the bill, is to create a mandatory year round curriculum of Black History. The purpose of this bill is to highlight and acknowledge the inventions by Black inventors, anti- slavery movements, Black heroes and leaders and so much more.  Duties and responsibilities of the commission. The commission shall be tasked with developing and recommending curriculum that incorporates the contributions and achievements made by African Americans as part of New York's education curriculum, including but not limited to the women's abolitionist movement, the Harlem Renaissance, the Buffalo anti-slavery movement, and the suffrage movement for African American Long Islanders. In furtherance of this goal, the commission shall have the following duties and responsibilities: 1. To survey and review current elementary and secondary education curriculum as it relates to contributions and achievements of African Americans throughout American and state history; 2. To develop recommendations on additional curriculum and instruction for grades kindergarten through twelve that incorporate the contributions and achievements made by African Americans throughout American and New York state history.

Anthony Beckford
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Started 2 weeks ago

Petition to Okaloosa Stemm Academy, Donald J. Trump


The Okaloosa stemm academy has a Robot Wasp for a mascot. This is honestly pretty cool, but, it can be cooler. The students of our fair school need a hero, an image of a perfect being, to look up to. To aspire to, to try to be. A mascot has to have deep meaning, it has to be great and powerful, while also being recognizable/unique. A giant flying robot wasp is pretty good, but it lacks meaning and doesn't inspire our children to grow and learn. We need a mascot with morals, one that stands for something. We need a mascot which says "you may struggle, but if you try hard you can succeed!" We need a mascot which means something to modern day children, while also teaching them to be better people! We. Need. WALUIGI.  Waluigi embodies the outcast who, through hard work and perseverance, rose to the challenge to become famous. Kids all over the planet know his name, and his struggle connects with the lives of many. Like the children of this school, many of which are basically glorified nerds/social outcasts, Waluigi fought against those who would bully or forget him. He was an outcast and a clever almost philosophical person. Waluigi shows kids how even the weirdest and least powerful among us can become great influencial heros in society. He fought to become a national icon, despite being openly hated by his creator who pretends he doesnt even exist, and Waluigi persevered!  Waluigi shows kids what hard work is, and how to use every little thing that makes you special. Waluigi was weird and shunned for his looks and outer appearance, and despite that came to be loved by people all over the world. He uses what little he has, intellect, sneakiness, and courage to join the ranks or even ascend above those who bullied are rejected him.  Waluigi showed kids how important it is to do what is right and not follow the crowd. When others fought amongst themselves, doing horrible things to each other, Waluigi followed his heart. He didnt follow the others into beating people up because he knew it was wrong to do so just because everyone was there! WALUIGI CHOSE TO BE AN OUTCAST AND NOT PARTICIPATE IN WHAT WAS WRONG AND DANGEROUS! HE IS A SHINING EXAMPLE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS FOR EVERY CHILD IN EVERY SCHOOL! MAKE WALUIGI OUR MASCOT, HE ALREADY IS DEEP IN OUR HEARTS, NOW WE NEED TO MAKE IT OFFICAL! Okaloosa stemm academy's student's lives matter! we choose this! we need this! Okaloosa stemm academy's student's lives matter! we choose this! we need this! Okaloosa stemm academy's student's lives matter! we choose this! we need this! Okaloosa stemm academy's student's lives matter! we choose this! we need this! Okaloosa stemm academy's student's lives matter! we choose this! we need this! Okaloosa stemm academy's student's lives matter! we choose this! we need this! Okaloosa stemm academy's student's lives matter! we choose this! we need this! Okaloosa stemm academy's student's lives matter! we choose this! we need this!! Okaloosa stemm academy's student's lives matter! we choose this! we need this! Okaloosa stemm academy's student's lives matter! we choose this! we need this! Okaloosa stemm academy's student's lives matter! we choose this! we need this1 Okaloosa stemm academy's student's lives matter! we choose this! we need this! Okaloosa stemm academy's student's lives matter! we choose this! we need this!    

Marshall Belk
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