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Petition to Tara Gard

Increase the minority teacher poulation in Ousd

Dear Ms.Gard, Mass incarceration is a big problem in the United States today, more specifically for African Americans. This issue dates back until the dismantlement of slavery, but the new wave of incarceration is a form of modern slavery. The first step to getting African American out of prisons is to get them off the street, before that we need to get them good jobs, and for any of that to work we need them to thrive in the classroom. It can be difficult for African Americans youth to stay the course and get a degree when their teachers do not support them, have strong biases, and do not understand them. Those things can be differed by African American teachers and mentors in schools. The problem that we are addressing is the fact that the students are predominantly black and brown, and almost all of their teachers are white.  For the past couple years OUSD has posted the racial breakdown of the district. On the 2017-2018 edition, it said that the student body is only 11.4 percent white while the teacher body was ~50 percent. The fact that there is such a large gap between the demographics of our student and teacher bodies in our school district demonstrates how this issue of diversity in the classroom is real for us and those in the surrounding communities. Consequently, this gap causes decreased graduation levels, implicit and explicit bias, and the lack of teacher mentorship and support. In an article by Bill de Blasio, It said that diverse classrooms can play a key role in dispelling damaging stereotypes and teach the students to appreciate their differences. By associating a diverse teacher workforce and the dispelling of damaging stereotypes, Bill de Blasio argues that the addition of teachers of color will bring students closer together and bond together a stronger community. Since the community will be stronger within the new generation of students, the school system will export more understanding people who learn to accept differences and make equity a reality in the United States. The problem of teacher diversity is something that most turn a blind eye to, but in reality it is something that can bring african Americans out of this dark, violent, and subordinate view to unify our country and create equity for all. We demand for an increase in the black teacher population. We are specifically calling out for Black teachers(not only for the black community but in all oakland schools). We want Tara Gard(deputy chief of talent division in the ousd schools). We feel that her viewing this will change her views on the issues in our schools. Our action plan is to try to increase the minority teachers population by implementing and developing a new recruitment plan. We are trying to petition for teachers to come from HBCU job fairs and apply for our Oakland schools. In a recent article by “the black teacher effect”, there was a study showing that a black student who had at least one black teacher in elementary school were 29% less likely to dropout of high school (which since then, is now much more). In a recent survey we made, the mass majority of the 9th grade students at Oakland Tech came to a correspondence that they have all non-minority teachers. This lead us to follow up questions such as if they can relate or feel comfortable talking to their teachers. Almost 90% of the students inputted that they can agree with their teachers only 30% of the time. However, an increasing amount of minority students felt there was almost an ethnic gap for discipline due to the fact that they felt that they would get in more trouble than the white students. Like in the “Black panther Party Ten point plan”, we “We want decent Education for our people that exposes the truth nature of this decadent American society. We want education that teaches us our true history and our role in the present-day society”. To begin with, we will give our petition signatures to Ms.Morrison(co-principal), Mr.Diaz(co-principals), and Tara Gard(request that they attends a Bay Area black expo or an hbcu hosted job fair andand demand for them to apply at Oakland tech. We are trying to bring awareness towards not only our signatories/petition signers, but also to our school leaders to prioritize diversity so they are intentional about recruiting minority teachers (not just choosing 1 token minority teacher). As a 9th grader, from my own personal experiences and cultural backgrounds, I believe that I can understand and more trust educators that are perceived with cultural and experiential similarities.  

Julia Allen
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Petition to Dean Lynn Cooley, Vice President Goff-Crews

Sarah Braasch shouldn’t be allowed to stay at Yale

On May 8th, Lolade Siyonbola (GRD ’19), a black graduate student at Yale University was harassed for being asleep in a common area in her dorm, when campus police officers came to investigate reports of an intruder. The police came, after Sarah Braasch (GRD ’20) called to report the incident. However this was not Siyonbola’s first run in with Brassch. In February of this year, Brassch physically blocked the entry of a guest of Siyonbola, and also called the police, when she refused to believe that either were Yale students.  That incident began when Siyonbola invited several colleagues, including Reneson, to a meeting in the HGS common room on February 24. Reneson, lost in HGS, was physically blocked by Braasch from entering the common room after he asked her for directions, the complaint.  Braasch, age 43, holds two engineering degrees, a law degree, and a degree in philosophy, and has also fought against laws restricting hate crimes. “I am pretty much the only person I know who hates hate-crime legislation as little more than bald-faced thought-crime legislation. I am not infrequently verbally vilified for asserting the claim that morality has no place in the law,” she wrote in the 2010 article. In 2011 she wrote a piece on Daylight Atheism titled, “Be Careful What You Wish For (Why I Hate Hate Crimes Legislation, But I Love Hate Speech).” We call on Yale's President Peter Salovey, Dean Cooley of Yale’s Graduate School of Arts & Science, and Yale University Secretary and Vice President for Student Life Goff-Crews, to remove Braasch from Yale because her stated philosophy is one that violates the moral and intellectual codes of the university; because her multiple counts of harassment and racism against other students violates the safety of students of color. Students of color at Yale should not be re-traumatized by seeing Braasch on campus this fall. We also insist on a mental health evaluation for Braasch so that she can be prevented from doing harm to herself or others. These facts were reported in the Yale Daily News, and have been confirmed by Lolade Siyonbola.  

Jim Berkman
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Petition to City of Houston

Indictment Of EX Sheriff Cameron Brewer For The UNJUSTIFIED murder of Danny Ray Thomas.

On March 22, 2018 My 35 year old Unarmed Brother Danny Ray Thomas was taken from not only from my Family and I but his Children as well.. On this day in Houston Texas Greenspoint area my unarmed brother who was still grieving the loss of his two youngest children whom were murdered by his Wife at the time was MURDERED by a Deputy Sheriff Cameron Brewer (who has now be fired) on this day Danny who is seen on video dashcam getting into an altercation with a driver whom almost hit Danny with his car. Out of frustration you can see Danny tap the car, in the mist if this you hear the Sheriff ask Danny to come over too him ( mind you his pants are down NO WEAPON) once Danny proceeded to the Sheiff you can hear him tell Danny to stop or hes gonna shoot him (UNARMED) My brother posed no danger to this Sheriff whom seen it too be true as on lookers did as well... Instead of pepper spray or tasing Danny he shot him once in the stomach. #dannyraythomas to see video footage in plan site UNJUSTIFIED MURDER of Danny Ray Thomas... The Deputy stated he thought Danny had something in his hands ( BROAD DAY LIGHT) But later was found that Danny DID NOT have anything on him but his backpack.. Not only did this EX Sheriff assume but He also stated Danny was foaming at the mouth (CALL FOR HELP) why did you kill man foaming at the mouth? Not only that but the Ex Sheriff did have his bodycam on it was in his assigned car being charged two hours after it was given too him. So now here we are EX SHERIFF Mr Cameron Brewer has been FIRED but not changed as of yet and this Petition has been made to insure that Head District Attorney MS Kim OGG does whats right in seeing that criminal charges be filed on Cameron Brewer For his UNJUSTIFIED action...    I am the Sister of Danny Ray Thomas We ARE Danny Ray Thomas' and I am and Will always be My Brothers Keeper.. #justicefordannyraythomas

Marketta Thomas
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Petition to Tony Martinez, Jessica Tetreau, Cesar de Leon, Joel Munguia, Ben Neece, Ricardo Longoria, Rose Gowen

MOVE Jefferson Davis Monument to Museum

Many cities across the United States of America are removing statues/memorials from public spaces and renaming roads and buildings that honor Confederate leaders. Brownsville has had numerous racist incidents in the past. Our biggest one happened in 1906. Please Google: Brownsville Black Raid. The Brownsville Herald was biased in its reporting. The soldiers involved were later exonerated by President Nixon. We also had a bridge known as "N" bridge and it appeared on local maps with the racist slur. We can only imagine what took place on that bridge. Yes, we are a city full of history and we're proud of it. We can't deny that we were part of the Confederacy. But, what is the purpose of keeping the Jefferson Davis Memorial at Washington Park? It was originally on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Palm Blvd. It marked the Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway which never really took off. It was then moved to Washington Park in the 1970s. Hundreds of families enjoy this park, especially during big community events like Sombrero Festival and Cyclobia. What do you think the monument tells families when they are enjoying the park? We have a growing population of African-Americans in this community. This monument does not welcome the descendants of those who were enslaved and oppressed in the past. Our nation fought to unify our country during the Civil War. Sadly, many people did not obtain full rights until the 1960s. We don't need reminders of a bygone era in a space that should be welcoming. We need to stop kissing up to the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy! They claim that it is heritage. Their heritage believes that it was a God-given right to own people. Washington Park currently has three monuments dedicated to: Miguel Hidalgo, Jose Marti, and Jefferson Davis. The first two were liberators. Davis was the opposite. He fought to keep human beings enslaved. He was not a liberator! He also saw mestizos (mixed European and Native American) as inferiors. The majority of Brownsville is mestizo. We don't want it destroyed. We are asking the City of Brownsville and the Brownsville Historical Association to place it in a museum. For many people, this monument represents HATE and feel that it doesn't belong in a public park. Washington Park should be welcoming to ALL people! Please VOTE on relocating it to the Historic Brownsville Museum.

Antonio Castillo
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