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Petition to Colorado State University, Joyce McConnell

Hold CSU accountable for ignoring racial related incidents

There have been several racial and race related incidents that have happened on Colorado State Universities campus over the past 3 years. Regardless of the administrations involvement, or lack of, these incidents happened on the CSU campus and were done by CSU students. For the most part, the CSU administration and past president Tony Frank and current president Joyce McConnell have done little but send an email condemning these actions. Nothing further has happened.  Most recently, 4 CSU students were photographed in blackface while imitating characters from Marvel's Black Panther. An email followed stating that these students were not to face any punishment because the act was protected by the first amendment. Many students felt as though there should be some disciplinary action and some expressed their disapproval by writing "CSU admin condones blackface" in chalk on the campuses main plaza on September 12, 2019. The plaza on campus is defined as "public forum traditionally utilized at Colorado State University, and is open to all individuals for the purpose of exercising free speech and assembly" and always has messages written in chalk gracing the pavement.  Despite this being an area designed for students to exercise their first amendment rights, the "CSU admin condones blackface" messages were washed away by the administration by the next morning, September 13, 2019. The CSU administration washed away students voices' demanding action regarding the racist events that have happened on campus. This is obviously extremely hypocritical, as CSU cited the first amendment in not punishing students in blackface but then removed speech expressed by other students criticizing the lack of action. This petition aims to hold CSU administration more accountable for past and future racial related incidents on campus and suggests a change in those holding leadership positions at the university. The university's slogan is Rams take care, Rams take action. This is us Rams taking action and doing our best to take care of our fellow students and if this petition is removed or changed in any way by CSU, then they have gone against their core principals.  Links to most recent racial incidents can be found below: Blackface Nazi Swastika  Noose hanging in dorm Police called on Native American teens on campus tour Link to the CSU instagram page that has created this petition 

CSU Coalition for Change
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Petition to Allan Mansoor, Andrea Marr, John Stephens, Katrina Foley, Arlis Reynolds, Manuel Chavez, Sandra Genis

Vote down the proposal to hang a Blue Lives Matter flag at Costa Mesa City Hall

On May 7th councilman Alan Mansoor proposed that the city vote to fly a Blue Lives Matter flag from City Hall. Tonight, September 17, at the 6pm meeting of Costa Mesa City council, this proposal will go to vote. While we support the police and sheriff departments that protect and serve our town, we do not believe that this particular flag is the appropriate way to honor them, and ask that the city council either vote it down, or propose another flag without the offensive aspects of the Blue Lives Matter flag.  The Blue Lives Matter flag is offensive to a wide swath of people groups. First, it is considered a defacement of the American flag. It is in direct violation of the United States Flag Code (Code Title 4 Chapter 1).  Second, it's a co-opt of the Black Lives Matter movement. This flag was created in direct reaction to that movement, not as an organic show of police support but as a counter-action co-opting a movement attempting to reduce racism in the wake of Michael Brown's death in 2014. For many black people, this flag is an offensive mockery of the Black Lives Matter movement. Third, this flag has been widely criticized by human rights groups, including the  ACLU. Various homeowner's associations have banned it because of the racist connotations. Given the bad press Newport Mesa has received in the last year around racist displays, why would we want to fly a flag that could send even a hint of racial undertones? This is an unnecessarily divisive flag. We, as citizens and patrons of the city of Costa Mesa, ask the city council to vote down the proposed Blue Lives Matter flag, and to find a more appropriate and unifying way to honor our police force.    

Kristen Howerton
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Petition to James E. Clyburn, James Todd Weatherford, U.S. Senate, United States Supreme Court, South Carolina State Senate, Lindsey Graham, South Carolina State House, Henry McMaster, CNN, FOX News, NBC, Nikki Hailey, Hillary Clinton, Franklin Graham, William "Bill" Clyburn


HELP STOP SC WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS!! My name is Nicole Sain Flemming and I am coming to you with the upmost respect and honesty as the life-long friend and sister in Christ of Sheri - Sherinette Wannamaker. In May of 1997, Sheri was arrested and charged with a murder that she did not commit! She dropped her co-defendant off at her girlfriend's house not knowing she was going to commit a horrific crime!!! SHE WAS NOT INVOLVED IN THE MURDER and SHE DID NOT KNOW IT WAS EVEN TAKING PLACE!!!!!!!!! Even though, Sheri remains a believer and the Lord has carried her the whole entire time. Sheri has been fighting and appealing her wrongful conviction for the past 22 years! Her co-defendant admitted her guilt, pled guilty to the murder and was ONLY sentenced to 30 years in prison. While Sheri, my dearest friend, was being held in county jail she was a victim of Criminal Sexual Misconduct- raped and assaulted by a correctional officer...Because of that heart-wrenching incident, Sheri was given an expedited trial in order to whisk her away from the offending institution. She was not given the option or choice to plead the truth which was not guilty. Her public defender lost exculpatory recordings so Sheri was not able to prove her innocence - the fact that SHE DID NOT MURDER ANYONE!!!! She was a victim of circumstance and could not afford a paid attorney to fight the unjust guilty verdict that they gave her. SHERI WAS SENTENCED TO LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE! After 22 years of appealing...At this moment in time, Sheri may be able to fight for her innocence in court due to a grave miscarriage of justice and many in-discrepancies that were made by the South Carolina Attorney General's Office. THAT IS WHY WE NEED YOUR HELP SO SHE CAN HAVE THE CHANCE TO PROVE HER INNOCENCE!!!! Sheri, my amazing, caring, gentle, self-less, loving, God-fearing friend...NEEDS YOU, HER SISTERS AND BROTHERS IN CHRIST TO HELP HER  BY SIGNING AND DONATING SO HER CASE CAN BE INVESTIGATED PROPERLY!!!! WE HAVE TO PAY $10K TOTAL TO RETAIN THIS PAID ATTORNEY...I HAVE STARTED A FUNDRAISER ON FACEBOOK - NICOLE SAIN FLEMMING  * EVERY SINGLE PENNY ADDS UP SO KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT INSIGNIFICANT, ANY AMOUNT WILL HELP * EVEN IF YOU JUST DON'T BUY 1 SODA/COFFEE TODAY & CAN ONLY DONATE $1-2... YOU WILL BE PART OF AN EXTREMELY IMPORTANT CAUSE! * FACEBOOK FUNDRAISER - TITLED: NICOLE'S FAITH FUNDRAISER - HELP STOP SC WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS!!! ALSO, IF YOU MAKE A DONATION...I WILL BE GIVING AWAY FREE GIFTS FROM MY POSHMARK CLOSET! CONTACT ME IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SPECIFIC YOU WANT! LISTING LOTS OF BRAND NEW ITEMS THIS WEEKEND AND THIS COMING WEEK! HERE IS THE FUNDRAISER LINK: ALSO, CHECK OUT MY ITEMS FOR SALE ON POSHMARK-EVERY SINGLE PENNY THAT IS MADE GOES TO SHERI'S ATTORNEY FUND! IF YOU SIGN-UP ON POSHMARK TO BUY AND/OR SELL ITEMS IN THE VERY BEGINNING WHEN SIGNING-UP TYPE IN MY USER NAME/REFERRAL CODE: Nicki_2527 - AND YOU WILL RECEIVE A $10 FREEE CREDIT ON THE SITE!!!!! HERE IS THE POSHMARK LINK: WE NEED YOUR SIGNATURE TO GET THE GOVERNOR AND SOUTH CAROLINA STATE LEGISLATORS TO REVIEW THIS INJUSTICE!! ******PLEASE BROTHERS AND SISTERS HELP SHERI PROVE HER INNOCENCE!***** PLEASE HELP ME FORWARD THIS AND MAKE THIS GO VIRAL! SHE NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!!! MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU ALL FOR YOUR PRAYERS, SIGNATURES AND DONATIONS!!!!  "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.

Nicole Sain Flemming
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