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Petition to UT students

Remove the KKK Mural at the Blanton Museum of Art at UT

The KKK mural at the Blanton Museum of Art completed by Vincent Valdez in 2016, is a divisive acquisition by the University of Texas because it is a symbol of hate speech. The mural's display was pushed back one year because the museum did not want it to coincide with the Trump election to avoid making a political statement. The artist maintains that he conceived of the imagery before the Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally and that the artwork was completed independently of current events. What kind of message are they trying to send with a 30ft Klan mural if not a political one? Who would paint or acquire a Klan mural and then craft a message that refuses to acknowledge a white supremacist rally and a provocative president? They claim the message is anti-racist and the mural is meant to expose the 'hidden' racism in American society. In reality, the imagery supports and affirms racism and terror because it is nothing more than a portrait of a hate group.  The mural's acquisition contradicts efforts made by UT in relocating confederate monuments and renaming a dorm honoring a KKK member. The mural's $200,000 price tag is an insult to the desperate situation of the fine arts library collection which could have been restored and relocated with such funds. The mural is a monument to hate and could incite violence or counter violence on campus. The heartwarming, liberal rhetoric spouted by the museum staff and the artist does not match the terrorizing aesthetic of the mural. This makes the museum's talks, lectures, and press releases dangerous and manipulative because the original messages were aimed at people of color. Vincent's Spanish-Mexican ancestry does not absolve him of the responsibility of creating a racist monument, even if he claims to have had noble intentions. The artist merely wanted to boost his career and income by painting an edgy and provocative picture and the museum wanted to benefit from that attention. The museum has failed to acknowledge how deeply this protest effected the exhibition and will not recognize any opposing voices. They have taken great lengths to suppress any rebuttal to the mural including lying to the press, giving out criminal warnings, and deleting comments from those who vocalize their distaste for the mural. The museum has used ideas and methods from this two-year protest to create a more ethical exhibition, yet they fail to acknowledge its existence claiming it 'never materialized'. The curator, director, and artist should be held responsible and apologize to the public. The painting should be removed from view immediately to rot in storage or be destroyed. The mural's price tag should be matched by funding degrees, food and lodging, or creating a fellowship at the museum. UT should rescind all criminal warnings against students.  -The funds solicited from to not go to this protest. I believe the funds support the website itself or help to boost visibility for the petition. There are ways to participate in the petition without giving money if you choose.- 

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Petition to Audrey Cooper, Kevin Fagan, Megan Cassidy

#TakeItDown: @SFChronicle Remove your Biased Piece on Nia Wilson

Read the full letter to the editor + authors of this piece on Medium. The Issue:The SF Chronicle recently published a piece called "Bart killing: Divergent paths met tragically on Oakland platform." It is a racially biased article that perpetuates false and limiting stereotypes of BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) communities and individuals, shrouds the truth of this injustice in unnecessary and opinionated flowery language, and adds insult to the injury of attempting to live while black in America. It includes inaccuracies and claims two "divergent paths" "intersected" in a "vagary of fate" that led to Nia's death, like a poetic tale, when the irrefutable truth is: a white man made the conscious decision to murder a black woman with intention. Their paths didn't somehow intersect: John Cowell targeted Nia and her sister Lahtifa. They were blindsided. Nia was murdered by a man who attacked her from behind. This was no incidental meeting and that is insulting to suggest. This piece is reductionist, with obvious biases, lack of inquiry, and no judicial concern for Nia's life. Nia Wilson deserved better. The original headline of this piece was "Two lives taking separate paths clash on BART platform, ending in a death." The Chronicle received a backlash about this headline and changed it. These changes are insufficient. Racial bias aside, motivation of the crime aside, this is a flawed and irresponsible piece of journalism. Nia Wilson deserved better. We, as citizens, must demand more from our sources of news. The media is an institution that should be trusted, but it is repeatedly failing to execute its duty to provide accurate, unbiased reporting, which was obvious in this piece from the headline alone. When the media loses its integrity, it, too, loses its function. When we cannot trust media sources like The SF Chronicle to deliver updates to us in a factual way, we all suffer, whether you're  The ask:@The SF Chronicle: If you cannot report a murder accurately, intelligently, factually, without opinion, you should stay out of the conversation. Therefore, we are asking you to #takeitdown. Remove it from your site entirely, so that this blatant example of biased journalism ends here, now. In solidarity. In truth. In integrity. Read the full letter to the editor + authors of this piece on Medium. --    

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Petition to FriendsOfSamantha

Stop Police Abuse and hold racist or untrained cops accountable.

Stop Police Abuse - Demand that the Humboldt University Police department and Janelle Jackson be held accountable for the unlawful arrest of Samantha Luna and help stop racist or untrained cops everywhere. Our heart goes out to victims like Eric Garner, Philando Castille, Sandra Bland and many others whose encounters with police for minor violations ended with tragic results. But every day, thousands of smaller incidents are setting the stage for further abusive police tactics. It happens when officers needlessly stop random citizens for no reason and demand to see their “papers” like in Nazi Germany. Or they make a minor traffic stop and use the encounter to assert their dominance and demand unquestioning submission and compliance. And any hint of attitude is met with threat of arrest or further brutality. Instead of de-escalating a situation, officers jump to aggressive tactics and physical force, knowing that they are rarely held accountable for such actions. If we truly want change, we must stop overlooking all the lesser incidents of police abuse that instills officers with a sense of absolute power. We need to stop waiting for the next death and be proactive to ensure that such rogue actions are dealt with accordingly and not just hidden behind some blue wall of silence. Most police officers are good people and want to protect and serve. Let’s not allow those who abuse their power to tarnish the reputation of all the rest. Stop the abuse and demand accountability now. Samantha Luna's case is one such incident where police abused their authority by escalating a situation and making an unlawful arrest due to her perceived bad attitude. It started with a simple traffic stop for a passenger in the car who was sticking their head out of the sunroof of their vehicle. Samantha was not the one who committed the offense and she was not the driver of the car. The person who looked out the sunroof was arrested for being a minor who was intoxicated and providing false identification. Samantha did not commit any offenses, but when she started asking questions about how to get her friend out of jail, the officer (Janelle Jackson) proceeded to start questioning her and demanding identification. Samantha's last name is Luna, but two last names (Alonso Luna) appear on her license. She was quick to provide clarification when her information did not immediately show up in the system and even offered her driver license number with her last name and date of birth. However, when Samantha became frustrated with the officer's confusion over her last name, the officer started needlessly escalating the situation further and then became unhinged and pulled open the door and started forcefully removing Samantha from the car without warning. While Samantha's attitude may have been less than polite, she was not cursing or being aggressive until the officer started grabbing her without cause. It ended with a rather violent arrest and Samantha was charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest, battery on a “peace” officer and providing false identification, due to the issue with her second last name. Please sign this petition to demand better training and more restraint from officers in dealing with situations like this, which should never have escalated to the point of an arrest. I also encourage you to show your support to Samantha Luna on her GoFundMe page, even if it’s just $1. It will help her not only fight these unjust charges but also take a stand against police abusing their authority and push for more accountability and training in dealing with tense situations. Hopefully, demanding such changes might just make a difference and prevent some other tragic death in the future. Without people like her who stand up for their rights and fight unfair police treatment, we simply inch closer and closer to a police state where officers are free to stop anyone anywhere and demand compliance and submission from all those who would dare to question their authority. Samantha was not driving the car and she was not the person who had her head out the sunroof. Her being questioned and her eventual arrest were simply retaliation for her perceived bad attitude. It is clear from the video which has surfaced that the officer was escalating the situation instead of calming things down and we must have better training and more accountability from police officers in dealing with the public. Don’t stand by and do nothing when incidents like this arise or you’ll have only yourselves to blame when that officer gets off with no reprimand and feels even more empowered to abuse her police powers in the future. We can’t just sit back and wait until the next death hits the headlines. Be proactive and curb these dangerous behaviors before they lead to a fatality. Make sure that officers are trained in proper deescalation techniques and actually use them and that they are able to control their emotions in tense situations. There will always be people out there who are in a bad mood or having a bad day and officers need to learn to deal with them in a constructive way rather than lashing out and escalating the situation. #StopPoliceAbuse #Ericgarner #philandocastille #Sandrabland Eric Garner Philando Castille Sandra Sterling Brown #Sandystillspeaks #Sayhername  blm black lives matter #blacklivesmatter #brownlivesmatter

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