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Petition to Department of Justice

Receive Justice for this Racially motivated conviction

On October 2, 2020. Eric Devon Wilson Jr was sentenced to 62 years in prison. You are probably thinking He must have committed some heinous murder? NOPE no murder at all! Had to be a robbery conviction? NOPE no robbery! Must have been a major drug offender right? Nope no drugs involved at all. He had to have an extensive violent/criminal history? Nope had only had one charge as an adult years prior and was not a violent charge. Okay so now someone must have been badly injured right? Absolutely not, there was not one single injury during this alleged crime. This is a ridiculous absurd sentencing and it shows that there was a hidden agenda behind the case. The judge that resided over the case had already been tied to a racial page and denied allegation that she was involved, The detective on the case had a vendetta against this young man because of something he believed the young man was involved in 6 years earlier that he couldn’t prove, so he got witnesses to get on the stand and lie under oath. One witness which was familiar with the defendant and had previously called his father claiming that the detective was forcing her to lie on the stand in order to drop all charges against her related to this crime. The prosecutor on the case also had a vendetta against the young man as he had picked up a cellphone as a child which belonged to her, something that a lot of kids could do. He took it to trial because he had faith in the justice system and didn’t feel like the system would let him down, however the conspiracy and people in a position of power prevailed and were aloud to sentence him to this absurd amount of time, when no murderer had ever been given this kind of sentence. May it also be noted that no one was even injured during the course of this alleged crime! The victim they claimed he shot at, was a friend of his whom testified that he did not believe the defendant was the one whom shot at him because he couldn’t think of any reason he would have shot at him, as they were friends and had never had any problem. One of the witnesses that testified against the defendant after being offered immunity, had been a codefendant along with her son, so she had every reason to lie on this young man. I ask that every stand up for the racial injustice of this young man, this is beyond unreasonable and we need an appeal. Please and thank you. 

Deja Wilson
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Petition to Black America, Susan Wojcicki, FOX News, James Dubose, Friends of Farrakhan, Jonathan Greenbel, CNN, Jake Tapper, FOX Broadcasting Company, Susan Wojcicki, Honest Reporting, Simon Wiesenthal Center, Jonathan S. Tobin

Keep Minister Farrakhan on YouTube!

UPDATE: This petition is now geared towards the campaign to keep the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s 4th of July World Address (and all other videos of him) on YouTube. Please view update in the Petition Updates section below the body of this petition. Original petition is as follows: ——————————————————(Original title: Fox (No) Soul, Air the Minister’s 4th of July Address) The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan never called one of our own a “son of a b***h”, unlike certain sitting President of the United States. In fact, the Minister denounces the use of the term to refer to any woman, regardless of race or ethnicity. President Trump gets aired all day, every day on Fox News network, but Fox Soul - that’s supposed to ”celebrate black culture and highlight the real topics that affect the everyday lives of the African-American community” - wants to sell out and cancel the airing of Minister Farrakhan’s 4th of July Address on their program. Shame on them. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been championing the cause of Black and oppressed people for over 60 years, and his influence and impact on Black America is inextricably a part of the culture. (Heard of the Million Man March? He was the originator, spearhead and key speaker of that event.) Let James Dubose, head of programming for Fox Soul, know that they need to grow a backbone and air the Ministers’ message like they originally promoted they would on Twitter. They are not doing Black America any favors by being cowardly. Email them at with the following: ”Greetings, I’m reaching out to Fox Soul tv to petition Mr. James DuBose, head of programming for Fox Soul, to re-commit to airing the Honorable Minister Farrakhan’s upcoming 4th of July Address. Fox Soul tv is doing Black America a major disservice by taking the broadcast off of its program this Saturday. Thank you.“ Call in to their line at 1-866-FOX-SOUL and politely state: “I’m calling in to address Fox Soul tv at large to please re-commit air Minister Farrakhan’s upcoming 4th of July Address. You are doing Black America a disservice by taking the broadcast off your program this Saturday. Thank you.” Leave a message on their website at  asking to air the Minister’s 4th of July Address. Go on their Fox Soul Facebook page ( and leave comments on their posts that they air the Minister’s 4th of July Address. Go to Twitter and tag them (@foxsoultv) in a message to air Minister’s Farrakhan 4th of July Address, with the hashtags #FoxNoSoul and #AirTheMinister. Also post on Facebook and Instagram with these hashtags. Leave comments on Fox Soul YouTube videos: Use the following message to email both Jonathan Greenblatt (CEO of ADL) and Jake Tapper (CNN anchor):, - SUBJECT: I stand with Farrakhan “To Mr. Greenblatt and Mr. Tapper, This message is to inform you that I disagree with your tactics to cancel Fox Soul’s airing of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s upcoming 4th of July Address, and your slanderous media campaign against the Minister. #IStandWithFarrakhan” Sign and share this petition in support of urging Fox Soul to reconsider their cancellation, using the link Please be advised though, this is not begging. This is to make a statement through a call of action. Minister Farrakhan already has a platform ( and is going to do him regardless. Fox Soul would only be saving their own soul by broadcasting the Minister’s 4th of July Address. #FoxNoSoul #AirTheMinister #IStandWithFarrakhan #MessageToTheWorld #DefendingFarrakhan

Keonna Muhammad
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Petition to Andrew M. Cuomo

Patrick Stephens deserves clemency!

Clemency means forgiveness or leniency in judgment; to show mercy.  A commutation of sentence (a form of executive clemency) reduces an incarcerated person’s current sentence.  Please support clemency for Patrick Stephens.  Patrick is in his 23rd year of a 25 year to life sentence for murder, committed in 1995 when he was only 22 years old.  Although a first time violent offender, he was sentenced the maximum time possible for second-degree murder; the minimum being 15 years.  Patrick's quest for personal growth and demonstrated commitment to helping others unquestionably meets the criteria the State has used to define those worthy of clemency - he “has made exceptional strides in self-development and improvement; has made responsible use of available rehabilitative programs; has addressed identified treatment needs and the commutation is in the interest of justice, consistent with public safety and the rehabilitation of the applicant” See Apply for Clemency, Commutations, available at (last visited April 4, 2020).  With the strong support of his family, he has a reentry plan in place that will set him up for success upon his release.   Patrick is now 47 years old.  He has made remarkable strides while in prison, including earning his Associate’s Degree and Bachelor's Degree from Bard College. And as of September 2020, he earned his Master’s Degree from New York Theological Seminary.  He has received certificates and licenses in approximately 20 programs, learned (and is now fluent in) Spanish, and is a member of the Bard Debate Union.  In addition to his educational growth, Patrick has dedicated his time to helping other incarcerated individuals, including those with HIV and AIDS. Patrick has participated in several programs that helped reframe his way of thinking about conflict resolution and communicating with others.  Beyond this, he has facilitated and developed programs and workshops on behalf of other incarcerated men, displaying a pattern of community commitment.   Most importantly, Patrick has learned what he did not know when he was just 22—that violence and taking a life is never the answer to resolve conflict. He takes full responsibility for his actions and is sorry for the life lost and the pain he caused the family. A common theme in the numerous letters of support written on Patrick's behalf is one of growth, change, and maturity. The letters speak of his change in thinking, calm and thoughtful demeanor, and encouragement and mentorship of others—a far cry from the rebellious, impulsive 22 year-old who committed the offense. The fact that so many people felt compelled to write letters is a testament to his character. Patrick has clearly demonstrated he is remorseful and willing to live up to his potential to be a valued member of society.  With his educational achievements during his incarceration, there is minimal risk of repeated offense and recidivism.  His family and contacts in the academic community will provide an extensive support network, further reducing the risk.  Further incarceration no longer serves any purpose for the People of New York.  Therefore, in the interest of justice and reform, Patrick Stephens should be granted clemency. For additional information about Patrick's experience and achievements, please visit  Thank you for your support!

Alana S.
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Petition to Charles E. Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Debbie Stabenow, Cory A. Booker, Raphael Warnock, Joseph R. Biden, Kamala Harris


The National Black Farmer Association (NBFA) strongly supports efforts to provide debt relief to Black farmers and other farmers of color in H.R. 1319, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The NBFA, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, with over 116,000 members provides national advocacy, outreach and direct technical assistance to historically underserved minorities, veterans, youth, disabled and limited resource farmers and ranchers. Since its inception, NBFA has been at the forefront of protecting, providing and promoting access to USDA programs and services. We are extremely concerned about our continued role and responsibilities in developing a sustainable economy as we strive to provide a sustainable food system for our families, communities and the nation while addressing global and environmental challenges. The long history of discrimination against Black farmers and other farmers of color is well documented. For decades, our government delayed or denied to farmers of color the same subsidies, loans, and other benefits provided to white farmers. More than 20 government reports, issued between 1965 and 2019, confirmed that USDA systematically failed to provide the same financial support to Black farmers and other farmers of color. This history is not in dispute, and the legacy of this discrimination is reflected in ongoing disparities in these government programs and must be remedied. Although some efforts have been made to address this long legacy of public discrimination that I and other NBFA members personally experienced, these efforts have not been sufficient to right these historic wrongs or to prevent the decline of Black farmers. Many farmers of color are struggling to survive. By providing debt relief to Black farmers and other farmers of color, H.R. 1319 would not only help alleviate the risk of foreclosure but would expand access to the public and private credit Black farmers and other farmers of color need to succeed. Thank you for your support to include debt relief in H.R. 1319. John W. Boyd,Jr., Founder and President For More Information:

National Black Farmers Association
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