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Petition to FriendsOfSamantha

Stop Police Abuse and hold racist or untrained cops accountable.

Stop Police Abuse - Demand that the Humboldt University Police department and Janelle Jackson be held accountable for the unlawful arrest of Samantha Luna and help stop racist or untrained cops everywhere. Our heart goes out to victims like Eric Garner, Philando Castille, Sandra Bland and many others whose encounters with police for minor violations ended with tragic results. But every day, thousands of smaller incidents are setting the stage for further abusive police tactics. It happens when officers needlessly stop random citizens for no reason and demand to see their “papers” like in Nazi Germany. Or they make a minor traffic stop and use the encounter to assert their dominance and demand unquestioning submission and compliance. And any hint of attitude is met with threat of arrest or further brutality. Instead of de-escalating a situation, officers jump to aggressive tactics and physical force, knowing that they are rarely held accountable for such actions. If we truly want change, we must stop overlooking all the lesser incidents of police abuse that instills officers with a sense of absolute power. We need to stop waiting for the next death and be proactive to ensure that such rogue actions are dealt with accordingly and not just hidden behind some blue wall of silence. Most police officers are good people and want to protect and serve. Let’s not allow those who abuse their power to tarnish the reputation of all the rest. Stop the abuse and demand accountability now. Samantha Luna's case is one such incident where police abused their authority by escalating a situation and making an unlawful arrest due to her perceived bad attitude. It started with a simple traffic stop for a passenger in the car who was sticking their head out of the sunroof of their vehicle. Samantha was not the one who committed the offense and she was not the driver of the car. The person who looked out the sunroof was arrested for being a minor who was intoxicated and providing false identification. Samantha did not commit any offenses, but when she started asking questions about how to get her friend out of jail, the officer (Janelle Jackson) proceeded to start questioning her and demanding identification. Samantha's last name is Luna, but two last names (Alonso Luna) appear on her license. She was quick to provide clarification when her information did not immediately show up in the system and even offered her driver license number with her last name and date of birth. However, when Samantha became frustrated with the officer's confusion over her last name, the officer started needlessly escalating the situation further and then became unhinged and pulled open the door and started forcefully removing Samantha from the car without warning. While Samantha's attitude may have been less than polite, she was not cursing or being aggressive until the officer started grabbing her without cause. It ended with a rather violent arrest and Samantha was charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest, battery on a “peace” officer and providing false identification, due to the issue with her second last name. Please sign this petition to demand better training and more restraint from officers in dealing with situations like this, which should never have escalated to the point of an arrest. I also encourage you to show your support to Samantha Luna on her GoFundMe page, even if it’s just $1. It will help her not only fight these unjust charges but also take a stand against police abusing their authority and push for more accountability and training in dealing with tense situations. Hopefully, demanding such changes might just make a difference and prevent some other tragic death in the future. Without people like her who stand up for their rights and fight unfair police treatment, we simply inch closer and closer to a police state where officers are free to stop anyone anywhere and demand compliance and submission from all those who would dare to question their authority. Samantha was not driving the car and she was not the person who had her head out the sunroof. Her being questioned and her eventual arrest were simply retaliation for her perceived bad attitude. It is clear from the video which has surfaced that the officer was escalating the situation instead of calming things down and we must have better training and more accountability from police officers in dealing with the public. Don’t stand by and do nothing when incidents like this arise or you’ll have only yourselves to blame when that officer gets off with no reprimand and feels even more empowered to abuse her police powers in the future. We can’t just sit back and wait until the next death hits the headlines. Be proactive and curb these dangerous behaviors before they lead to a fatality. Make sure that officers are trained in proper deescalation techniques and actually use them and that they are able to control their emotions in tense situations. There will always be people out there who are in a bad mood or having a bad day and officers need to learn to deal with them in a constructive way rather than lashing out and escalating the situation. #StopPoliceAbuse #Ericgarner #philandocastille #Sandrabland Eric Garner Philando Castille Sandra Sterling Brown #Sandystillspeaks #Sayhername  blm black lives matter #blacklivesmatter #brownlivesmatter

FriendsOf Samantha
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Petition to Douglas A. Silliman, Joey Hood, Rex W. Tillerson, Donald J. Trump, Sylvia Evans

Help free a disabled U.S Veteran wrongfully imprisoned in Kuwait.

My daughter may never see her father again. Jermaine Rogers has served his country both in the military and as a contractor overseas. He now faces a lifetime in a foreign jail over fake drug charges. I need your help to get the Trump administration to bring him home. U.S. civilians serving to protect our country and in support of our military have been targeted by Kuwaiti police in the past. These charges have often turned out to be false, but only after the U.S. government intervened on their behalf. Jermaine needs that intervention today. Please sign my petition asking the Trump administration to demand the release of Jermaine Rogers so he can come back to the U.S. Death by hanging. That is almost what happened to Jermaine when he was falsely accused of dealing drugs. The death sentence was dropped, but a lifetime in jail isn’t much better, especially when you are innocent and thousands of miles away in a foreign land. I know Jermaine is innocent. He believes in serving America and that means representing our country with pride and the best behavior. Even if you do not believe my pleas, we should all agree a man who has served his country should not get life in prison for the non-violent crimes they claim he committed. So many people are standing up and speaking on behalf of Jermaine — people like U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut. As his family, we can’t thank them enough. We now need you. Please sign my petition today. Your signature will help bring our family together again and ensure actual justice is served for an American hero.

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Petition to Aisha Pridgen, Courtney Bain

UNC Honor Court - Drop the Charges Against Antiracist Activist Maya Little

Maya Little faces potential expulsion for an act of civil disobedience against a Confederate statue. We support the statement below, and we petition the UNC Honor Court to drop the charges against her. Maya’s statement: On June 4, the UNC Office of Student Conduct officially charged me with violating the honor code by “stealing, destroying, or misusing property.” My Honor Court hearing may very well coincide with the criminal trial I already face for spilling red ink and my blood on Silent Sam. The Honor Court will determine whether my protest against Confederate monuments is conduct unbecoming of a UNC affiliate. I can find no record of the Honor Court charging students for painting Silent Sam Carolina blue in 1982. But Daily Tar Heel records confirm that neither campus nor Chapel Hill police made any effort to arrest those students. Similarly, the paper reported that NC State students who painted Sam in 1974 were released by campus police without charges. At UNC, dousing the monument in paint in the name of basketball is deemed a pastime while doing the same to contextualize and fight racism is a crime. Revealing the racist violence upon which Sam was built -- exposing a truth the university would like to keep covered -- could result in my expulsion. UNC uses its disciplinary boards to punish political activism and its police to suppress free speech. Chancellor Folt and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Safety and Risk Management, Derek Kemp, appointed an undercover police officer to infiltrate our movement and lie to and gather information on students fighting against racism. Why was it necessary to use tactics designed to entrap and engender mistrust among us? Perhaps because they are longstanding tactics of UNC administrators targeting anti-racist activists. Kemp and Folt carry on a practice that can be traced to campus police collusion with the FBI to spy on Black Student Movement (BSM) members in the 1970s. It is likely that black students protesting the 1971 murder of James Cates by a white motorcycle gang in the Pit were also targets of this surveillance.  This spring, Silent Sam protesters created a series of historical markers to educate the public about Cates’s murder and the untold history of white supremacy at UNC. When UNC police ripped apart these markers on April 30, 2018, they destroyed the only memorials to Cates that existed on our campus. The Honor Court, Board of Trustees, and Faculty Council have stood by idly as members of campus police, Derek Kemp, and Chancellor Folt continue to violate our First Amendment rights. How long will students be punished for demanding that black lives matter at UNC? In 2015, another activist wrote “Who Is Sandra Bland?” on Silent Sam. It was a fitting addition to a statue christened by boasts about horsewhipping a black woman who had sought safety on university grounds. Not only did UNC fail to protect her, it bestowed an honorary degree upon her attacker, Julian Carr. To this day, he holds that honorific. He is memorialized  in the names of a building I have taught in and the town that I live in.  Those who speak up are silenced and targeted, but violence against people of color and women goes unpunished. That violence is then celebrated in the protection of monuments such as Silent Sam, Aycock Hall, and plaques to families including the Kenans, who built their wealth on enslaved black labor. These are the crimes I hoped to expose when I poured my own blood on Silent Sam. Now I ask, how will UNC’s Honor Court act? Will they preserve what Dr. King called “a negative peace, which is the absence of tension,” or will they stand for the rights of their peers fighting for racial equality? It is time to truly uphold lux libertas, light and freedom, at UNC. Chancellor Folt, the Board of Governors, and Margaret Spellings have already shown their opposition to both. The student representatives of the Honor Court have chosen to investigate me, but they can still take this opportunity to act for free speech -- and against white supremacy.   The students of the Silent Sam Sit-In ask that the UNC Honor Court drop all charges against me for my protest of Silent Sam on April 30.   We ask that the proper disciplinary boards formally consider charges against university officials responsible for the continued surveillance and suppression of activists involved with protests against racist monuments.   We ask supporters to contact the Director of the Office of Student Conduct, Aisha Pridgen, at and Graduate and Professional School Student Attorney General, Courtney Bain, at to ask the Court to drop the charges against me. We ask our supporters to demand an investigation by the Faculty Council of UNC Police, Derek Kemp, and Carol Folt for the undercover infiltration of our protest and the destruction of our signs. These actions constitute harassment, retribution, and silencing. We ask our supporters to sign and circulate this petition demanding the Honor Court drop charges against me for my April 30th action. As always, we ask our alumni supporters to withhold donations to the university until it removes Silent Sam and white supremacy from our campus. I hope to see you all on August 20 at my criminal trial on a misdemeanor charge for which I could possibly spend 60 days in jail. In the face of these betrayals by officials tasked to protect us, we support each other. When one acts, we act together.   Maya Little, on behalf of the Silent Sam Sit In, UNC Student and Graduate Worker 6/14/2018

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Petition to Tara Gard

Increase the minority teacher poulation in Ousd

Dear Ms.Gard, Mass incarceration is a big problem in the United States today, more specifically for African Americans. This issue dates back until the dismantlement of slavery, but the new wave of incarceration is a form of modern slavery. The first step to getting African American out of prisons is to get them off the street, before that we need to get them good jobs, and for any of that to work we need them to thrive in the classroom. It can be difficult for African Americans youth to stay the course and get a degree when their teachers do not support them, have strong biases, and do not understand them. Those things can be differed by African American teachers and mentors in schools. The problem that we are addressing is the fact that the students are predominantly black and brown, and almost all of their teachers are white.  For the past couple years OUSD has posted the racial breakdown of the district. On the 2017-2018 edition, it said that the student body is only 11.4 percent white while the teacher body was ~50 percent. The fact that there is such a large gap between the demographics of our student and teacher bodies in our school district demonstrates how this issue of diversity in the classroom is real for us and those in the surrounding communities. Consequently, this gap causes decreased graduation levels, implicit and explicit bias, and the lack of teacher mentorship and support. In an article by Bill de Blasio, It said that diverse classrooms can play a key role in dispelling damaging stereotypes and teach the students to appreciate their differences. By associating a diverse teacher workforce and the dispelling of damaging stereotypes, Bill de Blasio argues that the addition of teachers of color will bring students closer together and bond together a stronger community. Since the community will be stronger within the new generation of students, the school system will export more understanding people who learn to accept differences and make equity a reality in the United States. The problem of teacher diversity is something that most turn a blind eye to, but in reality it is something that can bring african Americans out of this dark, violent, and subordinate view to unify our country and create equity for all. We demand for an increase in the black teacher population. We are specifically calling out for Black teachers(not only for the black community but in all oakland schools). Our ask is that We want Tara Gard(deputy chief of talent division in the ousd schools) to take out 1 day out of each year to attend a Bay Area black expo and demand for them to apply at Oakland tech and to recruit more black teachers. We feel that her viewing this will change her views on the issues in our schools. We went to a dinner produced by The Black Teacher Project, celebrating black teachers. We interviewed them and they think Tara should do this. Our action plan is to try to increase the minority teachers population by implementing and developing a new recruitment plan. We are trying to petition for teachers to come from HBCU job fairs and apply for our Oakland schools. In a recent article by “the black teacher effect”, there was a study showing that a black student who had at least one black teacher in elementary school were 29% less likely to dropout of high school (which since then, is now much more). In a recent survey we made, the mass majority of the 9th grade students at Oakland Tech came to a correspondence that they have all non-minority teachers. This lead us to follow up questions such as if they can relate or feel comfortable talking to their teachers. Almost 90% of the students inputted that they can agree with their teachers only 30% of the time. However, an increasing amount of minority students felt there was almost an ethnic gap for discipline due to the fact that they felt that they would get in more trouble than the white students. Like in the “Black panther Party Ten point plan”, we “We want decent Education for our people that exposes the truth nature of this decadent American society. We want education that teaches us our true history and our role in the present-day society”. To begin with, we will give our petition signatures to Ms.Morrison(co-principal), Mr.Diaz(co-principals), and Tara Gard We are trying to bring awareness towards not only our signatories/petition signers, but also to our school leaders to prioritize diversity so they are intentional about recruiting minority teachers (not just choosing 1 token minority teacher). As a 9th grader, from my own personal experiences and cultural backgrounds, I believe that I can understand and more trust educators that are perceived with cultural and experiential similarities.  

Julia Allen
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