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Petition to Tony Martinez, Jessica Tetreau, Cesar de Leon, Joel Munguia, Ben Neece, Ricardo Longoria, Rose Gowen

MOVE Jefferson Davis Monument to Museum

Many cities across the United States of America are removing statues/memorials from public spaces and renaming roads and buildings that honor Confederate leaders. Brownsville has had numerous racist incidents in the past. Our biggest one happened in 1906. Please Google: Brownsville Black Raid. The Brownsville Herald was biased in its reporting. The soldiers involved were later exonerated by President Nixon. We also had a bridge known as "N" bridge and it appeared on local maps with the racist slur. We can only imagine what took place on that bridge. Yes, we are a city full of history and we're proud of it. We can't deny that we were part of the Confederacy. But, what is the purpose of keeping the Jefferson Davis Memorial at Washington Park? It was originally on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Palm Blvd. It marked the Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway which never really took off. It was then moved to Washington Park in the 1970s. Hundreds of families enjoy this park, especially during big community events like Sombrero Festival and Cyclobia. What do you think the monument tells families when they are enjoying the park? We have a growing population of African-Americans in this community. This monument does not welcome the descendants of those who were enslaved and oppressed in the past. Our nation fought to unify our country during the Civil War. Sadly, many people did not obtain full rights until the 1960s. We don't need reminders of a bygone era in a space that should be welcoming. We need to stop kissing up to the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy! They claim that it is heritage. Their heritage believes that it was a God-given right to own people. Washington Park currently has three monuments dedicated to: Miguel Hidalgo, Jose Marti, and Jefferson Davis. The first two were liberators. Davis was the opposite. He fought to keep human beings enslaved. He was not a liberator! He also saw mestizos (mixed European and Native American) as inferiors. The majority of Brownsville is mestizo. We don't want it destroyed. We are asking the City of Brownsville and the Brownsville Historical Association to place it in a museum. For many people, this monument represents HATE and feel that it doesn't belong in a public park. Washington Park should be welcoming to ALL people! Please VOTE on relocating it to the Historic Brownsville Museum.

Antonio Castillo
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Petition to Department of Justice, President of the United States, U.S. Senate,, United Nations, Human Rights Campaign, Hillary Clinton, FOX News, NBC, CBS

Stop the corruption in our courts!!

***ALL FOUR OF THE VIDEOS IN THIS CASE WERE TURNED OFF BY OFFICER'S OR THE VIDEOS HAVE BEEN EDITED.. THESE ARE THE ACTUAL IN FULL VIDEOS PROVIDED TO THE COURT*** Please examine the federal courts order for what is the truth in America!! I am in need of Help, my situation involves jim crow laws still being used against poor blacks in the United States, the obvious attempts against my life on multiple occasions by multiple State and Federal employees. Boone County Case No: 15-209 & 15-209-3 STATE v. AUSLER (April 27, 2017) United States District Court, W.D. Arkansas, Harrison Division. No. 3:17-CR-30003. Western District of Missouri Southern Division 6:17-cv-03004 Ausler v. Stubblefield Western District of Arkansas 3:17-cv-03036 Ausler v. Bradford Eighth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals 0:17-cv-02487..There is a conspiracy on my life and I have provided exhibits, being recordings, public record documents and these officers dash cam videos.. All claims ar factual and on the State and Federal records, being ignored and covered up by the courts at which i have been notified by the ACLU, that none of my public records are accessible... Please assist me in fighting for my life against this corrupt justice system..deshawnausler@yahoo.com417-365-8818IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO ALLEGE OR SHOW THAT OUR RIGHTS ARE ILLEGALLY AND CORRUPTLY VIOLATED?!?Leagle.comSTATE v. AUSLER 3:17-CR-30003. STATE OF ARKANSAS, Plaintiff, v. ANTONIO AUSLER, Defendant.United States District Court, W.D. Arkansas, Harrison Division.April 27, 2017.Attorney(s) appearing for the CaseState of Arkansas, Plaintiff, represented by Wes Bradford, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney.OPINION AND ORDERP.K. HOLMES, III, Chief District Taken as true, the facts alleged in the notice of removal and which can be inferred in Ausler's favor from the remaining attached documents do not demonstrate that Ausler has been denied or cannot enforce in the State courts of Arkansas any federal rights provided under any law providing for equal civil rights.It is not enough to support removal under § 1443(1) to allege or show that the defendant's federal equal civil rights have been illegally and corruptly denied by state administrative officials in advance of trial, that the charges against the defendant are false, or that the defendant is unable to obtain a fair trial in a particular state court. The motives of the officers bringing the charges may be corrupt, but that does not show that the state trial court will find the defendant guilty if he is innocent, or that in any other manner the defendant will be `denied or cannot enforce in the courts' of the State any right under a federal law providing for equal civil rights. The civil rights removal statute does not require and does not permit the judges of the federal courts to put their brethren of the state judiciary on trial. Under § 1443. Assuming Ausler's federal equal civil rights have been or are being denied him in the Circuit Court of Boone County, he makes no allegation or showing that the appellate courts of Arkansas would similarly deny him his rights.

Antonio Ausler
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Petition to Cy Vance

Stop NYPD from punishing free speech by prosecuting New Yorkers for low-level violations like jaywalking

In February, 2016, Manhattan DA Cy Vance’s office signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the NYPD to outsource prosecution of low-level violations like jaywalking to the NYPD’s Legal Bureau. That means that if you exercise your First Amendment rights to protest, the NYPD can prosecute you for jaywalking. (Yes, jaywalking!) This is a blatant assault on our freedoms. Sign the petition and tell Cy Vance not to let NYPD prosecute their own summons. For NYPD to serve as both police and prosecutor is a conflict of interest that invites abuse of power — particularly when the targets are New Yorkers engaged in legitimate political expression. It is time for DA Vance to do the job he was elected to do, and rescind his agreement that lets the NYPD prosecute low-level violations. Two protesters were recently put on trial for jaywalking and blocking a sidewalk. On March 7, 2016, Cristina Winsor and Arminta Jeffryes took part in a Black Lives Matter protest in lower Manhattan. NYPD officers arrested Winsor and Jeffryes and detained them before issuing Winsor a summons for blocking a sidewalk and Jeffryes for jaywalking. When the two protesters arrived in court, expecting a typical summons trial, they were instead prosecuted by a NYPD attorney. It's a threat to all New Yorkers. The NYPD’s prosecution of summons cases has been used almost exclusively for the prosecution of New Yorkers exercising their First Amendment right to protest (and for a recent crackdown on vendors). These politically-motivated prosecutions punish some demonstrators and chill the participation of others who can’t afford the risk of a trial. For NYPD to prosecute those it arrests is a conflict of interest. The NYPD’s heavy-handed prosecution of common low-level violations removes one of the most important protections we have against the powers of local law enforcement agencies. No DA prosecutes every case that law enforcement brings to them. When DAs consider the public interest merits of each case before going to trial, they serve as a check on the potentially overzealous actions of law enforcement. By outsourcing this responsibility to the NYPD, Vance has removed this important check on their power. The NYPD’s lawyers are incentivized not only to prosecute crimes, but to protect the Department from liability. Rather than offer standard dismissals, NYPD attorneys routinely require defendants to admit that their arrests were justified, eliminating any possible defense if their case is ever reopened. For more information: "Two New Yorkers Were Tried for Jaywalking and Blocking a Sidewalk. How Did This Happen?" "FAQ: Why Were Two Black Lives Matter Protestors On Trial for Jaywalking and Blocking a Sidewalk In NYC?" Photo: Johnny Silvercloud

Dan Quart
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Petition to Douglas A. Silliman, Joey Hood, Rex W. Tillerson, Donald J. Trump, Sylvia Evans

Help free a disabled U.S Veteran wrongfully imprisoned in Kuwait.

My daughter may never see her father again. Jermaine Rogers has served his country both in the military and as a contractor overseas. He now faces a lifetime in a foreign jail over fake drug charges. I need your help to get the Trump administration to bring him home. U.S. civilians serving to protect our country and in support of our military have been targeted by Kuwaiti police in the past. These charges have often turned out to be false, but only after the U.S. government intervened on their behalf. Jermaine needs that intervention today. Please sign my petition asking the Trump administration to demand the release of Jermaine Rogers so he can come back to the U.S. Death by hanging. That is almost what happened to Jermaine when he was falsely accused of dealing drugs. The death sentence was dropped, but a lifetime in jail isn’t much better, especially when you are innocent and thousands of miles away in a foreign land. I know Jermaine is innocent. He believes in serving America and that means representing our country with pride and the best behavior. Even if you do not believe my pleas, we should all agree a man who has served his country should not get life in prison for the non-violent crimes they claim he committed. So many people are standing up and speaking on behalf of Jermaine — people like U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut. As his family, we can’t thank them enough. We now need you. Please sign my petition today. Your signature will help bring our family together again and ensure actual justice is served for an American hero.

Karina Mateo
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