Release The Snyder Cuts of Batman V Superman & Justice League & Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad

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Warner Brothers's DC Extended Universe, beginning with Man of Steel, has long been misunderstood.

FIRST, what so many overlook is the reason for MoS approaching Superman in such a unique way: With the failure of Superman Returns, WB and DC had learned that the "classic" Christopher Reeve Superman will simply not work in today’s society. Beyond the "cheesy", old-fashioned feeling, a far too common narrative claims that Superman is "hard to write", because he "literally has no flaws", and is, if you will, OP.


Zack Snyder, however, proved the lie to that narrative, by showing us the basic humanity of a man, super or otherwise, forced to cope with his status as an outsider: alone, looking for his place in the world.  



Further, another difference in the Superman in MoS is the sense of his lack of experience. In the Reeve Superman, we saw a more experienced and mature Superman from the moment we first see him in the suit. We never see him struggling through his first missions--all his learning happens offscreen, amid a narration by Jor-El. In MoS, however, we SEE Superman learning and getting lessons from his father, and then forced to battle Zod and his crew.


We never forget that this is Superman’s first fight...and it's against enemies with FAR more experienced in combat than him. MoS shows us how Superman BECOMES Superman--improving and becoming more better off in the future.

This arc of Superman's growth continues in Batman v Superman, where he's forced to struggle against the real-world complications of international politics, and the sense of nobody truly appreciating what he does, except for his loved ones.


Meanwhile, Batman in BvS has a vendetta against Superman, due to the the destruction of Wayne Tower from the Zod fight, leading to his view of Superman as a alien fully capable of destroying the world. Furthermore, we see Lex Luthor setting up Batman and the media, by feeding a false narrative portraying Superman as a killer.


He creates a similar narrative about Batman to feed to Superman, so as to destroy both heroes. But as the film lays out, Batman is not a murderous killer. He has been battling with suicide and depression due to his past, blaming himself for Robin dying. Years of constantly fighting the villains of Gotham has become a living hell for him every since. But through his fight with Superman, the two heroes come to understand each other, and find the strength to fight on. THIS is what Zack Synder gave us when he directed MoS and BvS: a lot of heart, and inspiring lessons to take home. "Men are still good...."


MoS and BvS are masterpieces. And if the reactions to the Ultimate Edition of BvS are my indication, the movie would have been FAR better received, and therefore more SUCCESSFUL, had that version been the one released in theaters, not cut down for time.


Alas, Warner Brothers failed to understand those lessons. Justice League was butchered by WB via the Joss Whedon reshoots and the imposed "2 hours even" mandate. The result did not adhere to Synder's heartfelt, human vision for these heroes at all, bringing it down to mere "fun", with far less substance than it otherwise would have shown. Worse, it has long been revealed that originally Zack Synder wanted to do a 5 part story arc of Superman, including JL part one and part two. This plan has been sadly derailed, via the butchering of Justice League.

Meanwhile, Suicide Squad was supposed to be darker and far more coherent than it is. But it also was butchered by WB, due to the backlash from BvS. Therefore WB listened to critics and biased bloggers, believing that Suicide Squad had to change its tone--while the film was already deep in production. This meant that its director, David Ayer, never got to see his true vision realized.


By contrast, Wonder Woman enjoyed all-around success amd acclaim. Coincidentally, it is now known that director Patty Jenkins fought against studio tampering of her vision, particularly the desire of certain executives to cut the iconic “No Man Land” scene out of the film. WB has suffered failure every time they meddled with the DC films to please the critics and bloggers, pushing for the Marvel tone. But if only WB would let their directors show their true vision to the world, then all their films will be a success in the vein of Wonder Woman, and the recent billion-dollar success of Aquaman.


Zack Synder has started this universe and we DCEU fans want to see his true vision with JL. And in the same way, David Ayer deserves his own vision realized as well. That’s why we say: We the undersigned hereby petition for Warner Brothers to release the Snyder Cut of Justice League, and the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad. We petition for their release in theatres, so they can get the success they deserve. And we petition that those director's cuts be hereby recognized as DCEU canon, moving forward, so as to ensure the highest level of quality and consistency.



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