Save Marvel's Inhumans From Cancellation.

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Marvel's Inhumans has been mauled by critics and fans alike and has had the worse start of any Marvel TV property yet. As a result of low ratings and a massive IMAX budget, ABC and Marvel cancelled it. But fans are already campaigning to save it and move it somewhere else. Despite all its issues, though, it may not be time to move on from Inhumans yet. There is 3 reasons why it isn't as bad as the Critics say it was.

1.Let's be honest, Scott Buck is known for ruining Dexter. But what he did with Iron Fist and Inhumans is much more interesting than people think it is. Maximus could have been one of the greatest villains in the MCU. Secondly, a massive cliffhanger was shown where the Inhumans go to Earth with the help of Eldrac and address a message of hope to the relocated population of Attilan. Disney's new streaming service may be what it needs to be revived for a second season.

2. The Critics have gotten shows wrong before, so I highly believe Inhumans and Iron Fist should be in the 80s or 90s as far as Rotten Tomatos goes. My issues with the critics was that they were more outraged with any film or TV series whether we love it or not. They're insane people on the internet with options. These shows are on the same level as Luke Cage, Daredevil and Jessica Jones. They don't realise that all they'r doing is alienating fans and the core audience. Of course they wouldn't slam Luke Cage for being slow or bad acting and they don't deserve to do it with Iron Fist. They're the bane of existence. They could totally make you miss out big time. Make up with your own mind and don't listen to others carrying on about their options. Every single Negative Review mentions a white saviour not being asian. Ratings and watching it are far more important than reviews are. Here's the real reason why the critics were wrong about Inhumans and Iron Fist. Honestly besides a few bad lines of dialogue and a somewhere annoying Danny Rand at times. they pretty much felt like every other Marvel series on TV and Netflix. Each Marvel Netflix show has suffered because it's hard ti name a 13-hour film compelling throughout each episode. And Yet, Marvel Television is doing a stellar job at it. Even though they have yet to hit the emotional core of the critically acclaimed Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, but they still have plenty of time to accomplish that. I may not be a martial arts expert, but neither are most critics. Now, not everyone likes the action-- it's only how things go, but This is why most fans are upset. Because we feel like we were lied to by those who are supposed to help us weed the bad shows and give us somewhat of an indication about what shows we should be watching. One can see how this show might've rubbed a few critics the wrong way. But for that number to be so overwhelmingly negative, it makes one think awful things, like they didn't give them a chance because of controversy  or they should read more comic books to get a better indication of what we're expecting. If you're already going in knowing you're going to hate shows that are good, then why even review them? Nobody wants to think like that. Most of us are simply baffled because that many of the critics thought Marvel's t and Inhumans were that terrible and they show  10,000 people trying to get their voices compared to the 41 people who reviewed it. I'm a passionate person, and I would love to see the critics review it and Iron Fist again after having a change of heart. Inhumans most certainly had some flaws, but so did every other Marvel show. Furthermore, is it even right to review something when you only watched less than half the season. There are things we must ask our critics. Being rude gets you nowhere. But constructive criticism actually might help the process. Lastly, we're lucky that Iron Fist was renewed for a second season. As long as we make noise to bring Inhumans back, we should see a Season 2 announcement within the next year or so.


3. One fact that many people didn't realise that the ratings for both Inhumans and Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D were on par. In fact, the ratings from Inhumans and the fifth season of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D  were the same. If both shows were to have a crossover, it would likely boost its ratings. The fact that Inhumans was originally set to be the next phase of Marvel's movie world should tell viewers just how much these characters play into the existing MCU. There are potential links to Thor: Ragnarok, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Kree and Captain Marvel, among others -  and those connections could have well become huge in future seasons of Inhumans.


Sure, Inhumans had some flaws, but it truely deserves a proper conclusion to its story. It may even be redeemed in its revived second season. And Disney's new streaming service may be the place to save it.

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