Stop Killing Homeless Animals in Russia! Stop Bloody FIFA 2018!

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The World Cup is organised to be held in Russia from June‐July 2018.  Before then we are urgently seeking support from animal protection activists, societies and generally kind people to help us STOP the awful practice our country has of killing homeless animals in the run up to international sporting events.

The Russian Government says they are doing this to “ensure security and a pleasant stay” and to “present a good image” to visitors from participating countries.

This terrible “tradition” needs to change!

In Russia the system we have to provide shelter, food and medical support for homeless cats and dogs isn’t good - it definitely isn’t up to modern standards around the world.  We’re yet to develop a system that is humane and ethical.

At the same time a huge amount of money (the detailed information can be found at the page of our group in Facebook at: that could be used to create shelter and support for stray animals, gets allotted to putting down animals, that really just need love, support and care. These are animals being put down might otherwise have been adopted.

Tenders worth $1.95million have been awarded in host cities to deploy “canine KGB” deaths squads. Soon 11 Russian cities could have the blood of homeless animals on their hands. Hundreds of thousands of dogs, cats and even birds will be killed by terrible poisons and in some cases even more cruel ways.

We are asking our Government to reconsider allocating budget funds for the capture and elimination of animals, that are unlikely to get into any sport building or stadium in “threatening quantities”. We want them to withdraw this decisions and cancel plans that are already being put into action. This problem can be solved in a civilised way and the World Cup event can go ahead without innocent victims being sacrificed.

WE’RE ASKING OUR GOVERNMENT: To reassign these funds to creating good shelters; redirect the efforts of the authorities to cooperation with volunteer organisations, enabling involvement and support to those who love, really want and can help animals; and find common and humane solution for the World Cup.

We are pleading that the Governments of countries participating and the football teams taking part appeal to the Russian government to stop the killing of homeless animals and to adopt the law, which would provide the animals with protection.

If the Government can’t do this, we ask you to insist on transferring the World Cup to a country where animals have the right to life!