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Refund Request for GHC Tickets: Upholding the Essence of Inclusivity

We, the concerned attendees of GHC 2023, kindly request a refund for our tickets to the event. Despite its advertising as an inclusive gathering centered on women and non-binary people in tech, we have observed a significant presence of male attendees at the event. Our concerns extend beyond gender representation. Unfortunately, some women attendees have shared distressing stories, including instances of sexual harassment, physical altercations, and inappropriate behavior in queues. These experiences not only contradict the principles of a safe and inclusive environment but also undermine the essence of GHC as a celebration and empowerment platform for underrepresented individuals.   While it is important to emphasize that attendees of all genders are welcome to support this celebration, it is disheartening to witness male attendees showing evident interest solely in the career fair section. This raises concerns about whether their presence aligns with the core purpose and spirit behind GHC.   To ensure transparency and fairness in this petition, we would like to present some relevant facts and statistics:   1. Advertising Claims: The promotional material for GHC 2023 explicitly highlighted its focus on women and non-binary individuals in tech. By doing so, it created an expectation among ticket buyers that they would be partaking in an environment predominantly composed of these underrepresented groups.   2. Male Attendance: Numerous eyewitness accounts from various sources indicate a notable number of male participants at GHC 2023. While we acknowledge that men can contribute positively to promoting diversity and inclusion, their overwhelming presence compromises the intended atmosphere where women and non-binary individuals feel empowered by being surrounded by peers who share similar experiences.   3. Essence Undermined: The career fair section serves as one crucial aspect where companies actively seek out talented women and non-binary candidates who may otherwise face barriers within the industry due to systemic biases. However, with male attendees primarily focusing on job searching rather than engaging meaningfully with the community, it dilutes both its significance and effectiveness.   We firmly believe that upholding inclusivity is essential not only for fostering diversity but also for creating an environment where marginalized voices can be amplified. By requesting a refund, we aim to send a clear message that GHC should remain true to its advertised purpose and provide an empowering space for women and non-binary individuals in tech.   Thank you for your attention and consideration. Together, let us work towards creating an environment where all underrepresented individuals feel celebrated and supported in the tech industry.

Agnes Lu
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