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Petition to Women's march organizers

Remove Bernie Sanders from opening the Women's Convention

On Thursday, October 12th, the Women's March, a movement that formed in late 2016 with the mission to “harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change,” announced that Senator Bernie Sanders will open the first Women’s Convention, set for October 27-29th in Detroit.    We deeply appreciate the volunteer time, energy, sweat and tears that the Women’s March co-chairs, board, and committees give to this vital movement.  Women know that our time and work is often undervalued, underpaid, and unknown.  Your work is not unknown.  Thank you.  At this moment, however, we must voice our deep disappointment with the choice to have Senator Sanders, a male, open the Women’s Convention.  Sign this petition to let the Women’s Convention organizers know that we do not want Senator Sanders to OPEN the Women’s Convention.  We believe a female-identifying individual should open the Women’s Convention, as optics are important, and there is no one more qualified to speak about women’s issues than a woman.   In an October 12th USA Today article, Women’s March co-chair Tamika Mallory (whom I highly respect), states that Sanders was chosen because he “knows how to mobilize a new generation of activists,” and “is probably one of the most powerful U.S. Senators ... on progressive issues, women’s issues…” We believe: o   Bernie does know how to mobilize a new generation of activists (for that we are grateful) but did the organizers forget that WOMEN organized the largest protest in US history?  o   Bernie has been a long time champion for progressive values (again, we are grateful) o   Bernie’s voice, and the voices of ALL men, women, non-conforming, non-binary, cis, and transgender people who share a passion for the unity principles of the Women’s March are needed and necessary voices for this movement.  We want them at the convention.  We want them listening.  We want them leading.  We want to learn from them, be challenged by them, changed and ignited by them.  We even want them speaking at the Convention - just not opening it.  o   Optics are extremely important.  The Women’s Convention, in her goal of empowering and putting the voices of women on the front lines, should lead by example and have a woman open the convention.  The individual who kicks off an event often becomes the “face” of the event.  It is only right to have a woman's face for the Women’s Conference.  Having a man’s face only continues the invisible presence, work, and voices of women.  o   Women are best qualified to speak about women’s issues.  o   Sanders' reference to Planned Parenthood as “the establishment” makes him a divisive opener.    Not choosing a woman clearly communicates that the organizers don’t believe a woman is qualified, available, or equal to the task of opening the Women’s Convention, and further communicates there are no strong female leaders in our nation right now.  We know this is not true and strongly urge you to reconsider your decision to have Bernie Sanders open the convention. Thank you.  Amanda Mother, Minister, Magic-Maker        

Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft
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Petition to US School Boards, Department of Education, Ronnie L. McGehee

Dress Codes are humiliating objectifying, and sexualizing girls with the school dress code

HEY! Do I have your attention? OR do I need to show my bra straps or midriff to get that? I am a 14 year old student in my 9th grade year. I want to send a wake up call to the school boards all over the United States. It is time for a change! #letsmovemountains We are TIRED of missing out on valuable education because of the dress code! We are SICK of being objectified by unequally enforced dress codes! News alert, your dress code is perpetuating rape culture and oppressive objectification towards women. It’s time for change. The black, white, and grey areas of the dress codes are not even equally enforced within the schools. Some girls can’t wear cool shorts and tank tops in extreme heat without facing immediate detention, yet cheerleaders can wear uniforms that violate the dress code. Boys are allowed to run around the track, or even the parking lot during school hours with NO shirt on, but girls can’t show a shoulder blade? Men are rarely told that their arms, legs, stomachs, backs, shoulders… (their whole body?!) are a problem… a distraction. They are most often seen as human beings and not objects. Yet, EVERY time a handbook with these dress codes is handed out, every assembly to talk about what we cannot wear that takes time away from our classroom, every single day in our schools we are teaching girls that their bodies are something to be ashamed of. The dress codes girls face in our daily life are promoting an oppressive objectification towards women. Each time a girl is pulled away from her education because of the clothes they wear or the color of their hair, you are ROBBING her of education. You are HUMILIATING her in front of her peers. You are SHAMING her. You are SEXUALIZING a young woman and encouraging others to do so, too. This needs to stop now. Instead, take the time to teach the BOYS that girls are not objects. And while you're at it, teach the girls that they are not objects and have nothing to be ashamed of in an effort  to remove some of the pressure society has placed where it doesn't belong. A woman should never have to cover parts of her body based on a man not being able to control his thoughts, and more importantly, his actions. According to a study by the American Association of University Women, in 2000, of the 2,064 students surveyed, 83% of girls said they had been sexually harassed at school and 38% said they were sexually harassed by teachers or employees (Hostile Hallways, 2001). Only 10% reported their harassment. Do you think this is because they were wearing tank tops? Maybe because their shorts were too short? No, it’s because all through growing up, boys get the excuse that boys will be boys and girls are faced with dress codes that teach them that if they are objectified, if they are harassed, and even if they are assaulted, it was because of something they did. Is this the world we want to create for the future? We are collecting signatures to show you that we want to create a change that gives all students a better education experience. We want to CHANGE the way girls and women are viewed as distractions. We just want an equal opportunity for education.   “Hostile Hallways”. American Association of University Women. 2001. Retrieved October 10, 2017.

Jennifer Bruce
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Petition to Boy Scouts of America, Michael Surbaugh, Charles W. Dahlquist II, Forrest Gertin

Let youth female Boy Scouts into the Order of the Arrow!

As of October 11, 2017, the Boy Scouts of America made history as they finally announced that they would be allowing girls into their program in 2018, and letting girls earn the rank of Eagle Scout (the highest rank a Boy Scout can earn) in 2019. We've been fighting for this for over 4 years now and I am jubilant that it is happening, however, we still have a long way to go.  The Order of the Arrow is a Boy Scout Honor Society that is youth led and recognizes Scouts who go above and beyond in service and leadership. The problem with this is that girls cannot be initiated into the OA until they are 21, when they are considered adults in the Boy Scouts. This is unfair to youth girls who put a lot of time and effort into scouting and helping others because they deserve a chance to be members of the OA as a youth. If we are going to let girls into the Boy Scout program as Boy Scouts, we should also let them be apart of all the things Boy Scouts have an opportunity to partake in. So let's raise awareness on this issue and hopefully get this rule changed so that young girls like me,Sydney, and thousands of other girls can do what they've always wanted to do!   Please sign my petition and encourage your friends on social media to get involved. I can be reached at if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your support!

Girls In the OA
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