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Petition to Γενική Γραμματεία Οικογενειακής Πολιτικής και Ισότητας των Φύλων, Υπουργείο Εργασίας και Κοινωνικών Υποθέσεων, Ελληνική Κυβέρνηση

Το σπίτι δεν είναι καταφύγιο για όλες / Home Is Not Safe For All

(Scroll down for English) Δεν είμαστε όλες ασφαλείς στο σπίτι. Απαιτούμε άμεση δράση για την έμφυλη ή/και ενδοοικογενειακή βία. Το «μένουμε σπίτι» δε σημαίνει για όλες μας ασφάλεια, για πολλές αποτελεί ακόμη μεγαλύτερο εγκλωβισμό σε ένα κακοποιητικό και τοξικό περιβάλλον. Οι επιζώσες έμφυλης βίας, εν μέσω πανδημίας και περιορισμού της κυκλοφορίας, είναι εξαναγκασμένες να βρίσκονται διαρκώς στο σπίτι μαζί με τον κακοποιητή τους, στη συντριπτική πλειονότητα των περιπτώσεων σύζυγο, σύντροφο ή άλλο μέλος της οικογένειας. Μακριά από το επαγγελματικό τους περιβάλλον, αποκομμένες ακόμη περισσότερο και από τον κοινωνικό τους περίγυρο, σε εντονότερη ενδεχομένως οικονομική εξάρτηση από τον δράστη, με περιορισμένες δυνατότητες αναζήτησης υποστήριξης, αντιμετωπίζουν ακόμη μεγαλύτερης έντασης έμφυλη βία, με σημαντικές επιπτώσεις στη σωματική και ψυχική τους υγεία. Οι ζωές τους απειλούνται. Άλλωστε, είναι γνωστό πως η ενδοοικογενειακή βία γνωρίζει ιδιαίτερη έξαρση σε περιπτώσεις επιδημιών, φυσικών καταστροφών κ.ά. – το δείχνουν καθαρά όλα τα διεθνή επιστημονικά δεδομένα από παλιότερες πανδημίες (π.χ. Ebola), αλλά και τα εμπειρικά δεδομένα από την Κίνα και χώρες που έχουν πληγεί από την πανδημία COVID-19. Η ίδια εικόνα προκύπτει και από τα πρώτα στοιχεία που έφτασαν από την Κύπρο, τη Γαλλία, την Ισπανία και την Ιταλία, καταδεικνύοντας αυξημένες κλήσεις στις σχετικές τηλεφωνικές γραμμές. Σε αυτές τις κρισιακές καταστάσεις, που η κυριαρχία της τοξικής αρρενωπότητας επιβάλλει με μεγαλύτερη ένταση την ισχύ και τον έλεγχό της στα σώματα γυναικών, παιδιών και ΛΟΑΤΚΙ+ ατόμων, χρησιμοποιώντας την πανδημία ως νομιμοποιητικό επιχείρημα, οι διέξοδοι διαφυγής για τις επιζώσες/ντες στενεύουν ασφυκτικά, καθώς το ήδη ανεπαρκές δημόσιο δίκτυο υποστήριξης υπολειτουργεί. Με αυτά τα δεδομένα, χιλιάδες γυναίκες, θηλυκότητες, αλλά και ΛΟΑΤΚΙ+ υποκείμενα βρίσκονται πλέον εκτεθειμέν@ σε ανυπολόγιστους κινδύνους. Για αυτό το λόγο απαιτούμε άμεσα τη λήψη μέτρων, ώστε να διαμορφωθεί μια δίοδος στην ασφυξία: Να επιταχτούν άμεσα ξενώνες για τη στέγαση των επιζωσών (και των παιδιών τους, αν έχουν), αλλά και ΛΟΑΤΚΙ+ ατόμων. Να μην ανασταλεί η εκδίκαση καμίας υπόθεσης έμφυλης βίας. Για πολλές γυναίκες και ΛΟΑΤΚΙ+ υποκείμενα, ακόμα και τα περιοριστικά μέτρα αποτελούν σημαντικό εχέγγυο για την ασφάλειά τους. Να λειτουργήσει η γραμμή SOS 15900 και με chat. Για πολλές επιζώσες είναι αδύνατο να τηλεφωνήσουν, λόγω του 24ωρου εγκλεισμού τους με τον κακοποιητή τους. Να συνεχίσει απρόσκοπτα η παροχή νομικής συμβουλευτικής και ψυχοκοινωνικής στήριξης από τα Συμβουλευτικά Κέντρα της Γενικής Γραμματείας Οικογενειακής Πολιτικής και Ισότητας των Φύλων αξιοποιώντας την τηλεργασία και τις νέες τεχνολογίες. Να ενισχυθούν οι επιζώσες οικονομικά, ώστε να σταματήσει η οικονομική εξάρτηση από τον κακοποιητή τους και να μπορούν να φύγουν, διασφαλίζοντας αξιοπρεπείς όρους διαβίωσης. Τέλος, καλούμε τους αυτόπτες/αυτήκοες μάρτυρες να καταγγέλουν, ακόμα και ανώνυμα, περιστατικά έμφυλης βίας στις αρχές καλώντας το 15900 για καθοδήγηση και συμβουλευτική και το 100 για άμεση επέμβαση. Καμία μόνη. Καμία απροστάτευτη. #ΚαμίαΜόνη #HomeIsNotSafeForAll We are not all safe at home. We demand immediate action against gendered or/and domestic violence “Staying home” isn’t safe for all of us; for many women it means being trapped to an even greater degree in an abusive and toxic environment. During the pandemic and under restrictions of movement, survivors of gendered violence are forced to remain constantly at home with their abusers, the vast majority of whom are husbands, partners, or other family members.Away from their workplaces, even more cut off from their social circle, possibly more financially dependent on the perpetrator than they were before, with limited capabilities to seek support, they face more intense gendered violence, with important consequences for their physical and mental health.Their lives are in danger.After all, it is well-known that domestic violence flares up during epidemics, natural disasters, etc. This is clearly shown by the international scientific data (e.g., Ebola), as well as by the empirical data from China and countries that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The same picture emerges from the first figures coming from Cyprus, France, Spain and Italy which show increased calls to the relevant helplines.In these critical conditions, in which the domination of toxic masculinity attempts to gain even greater power and control over the bodies of women, children, and LGBTQI+ people, using the pandemic as a legitimising argument, the escape routes for survivors become suffocatingly narrow, since the already insufficient public network of support is dysfunctional. Given these facts, thousands of women, femininities, and LGBTQI+ subjects, are now exposed to incalculable risks.For this reason, we demand actions be taken immediately, so that an escape route from suffocation can be created: The immediate acceleration of shelters to house survivors (and their children, if they have children), as well as LGBTQI+ people. No trials of any cases of gendered violence should be suspended. For many women, even restrictive measures constitute an important guarantee of their safety. The helpline 15900 should also operate a chat function. For many survivors it is impossible to call the helpline due to their confinement with the abuser 24/7. The provision of counseling and psychosocial support by the Counselling Centres of the General Secretariat for Family Policy and Gender Equality should continue smoothly, utilising teleworkingand new technologies. Financial support to survivors, so that their financial dependency on their abusers can end, and they will be able to leave, ensuring dignified living conditions. Finally, we call on witnesses to report, even anonymously, cases of gendered violence by calling 15900 for guidance and consultation and 100 for direct action. No woman should be alone. No woman should be unprotected.#NoWomanAlone #HomeIsNotSafeForAll

Kamia Anohi
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Petition to Phil Murphy

Mothers being denied birth support!

As an expectant mother at 34 weeks of a high-risk pregnancy, I am extremely concerned that some hospitals in New Jersey (as well as all over the United States) are choosing to not allow mothers to have any birth support with them, specifically for me, Robert Wood Johnson in New Brunswick, NJ. We have a doula hired that has been working with my significant other and I throughout most of my pregnancy to provide us with proper emotional and informational support. I was recently told she is not allowed in since she is a visitor and as of March 24th, 2020 my significant other is also no longer allowed. As of March 25th, 2020 per the RWJ website they have currently retracted this and are allowing one support person again, but I am still concerned they may change the policy again. There are other hospitals in New Jersey that have not retracted their strict no support policy. Quoted from a recent doulas support letter to try to overturn the denial of doulas in hospital settings, “According to the CDC, current guidelines for COVID-19 include this specific instruction: “If restriction of all visitors is implemented, facilities can consider exceptions based on end-of-life situations or when a visitor is essential for the patient's emotional well-being and care.” “As doulas, our clients hire us specifically to provide emotional and informational support in an unfamiliar institutional setting that carries its own well- documented and well- reported risks to birthing persons and their babies. As ACOG has acknowledged: “Evidence suggests that, in addition to regular nursing care, continuous one-to-one emotional support provided by support personnel, such as a doula, is associated with improved outcomes for women in labor.” COVID-19 does not change the inherent risk of giving birth in the USA, but doulas do.” I understand there is a medical pandemic going on, but that is no reason to deny a birthing mother her natural rights to have birth support to support a healthy, safe birth. Aviva Romm, MD recently posted an excellent quote regarding this issue and has started a movement #Ideservebirthsupport. "While there is a lack of definitive evidence of increased infection risk from having a partner or doula present in labor or at birth, there is evidence of increased risk to the mother and baby from lack of adequate emotional, psychological, and physical support during labor, including longer and more painful labor, greater need for pain medication, interventions, and cesarean section. Further, lack of perinatal support is associated with greater risk of postpartum depression. These risks are further increased for people of color, who are already at higher risk of perinatal complications."  What hospitals are trying to do contradicts the World Health Organization’s position on childbirth during the COVID-19 pandemic. “All pregnant women, including those with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 have the right to high quality care before, during and after childbirth. This includes antenatal, newborn, postnatal, intrapartum and mental health care. A safe and positive childbirth experience includes: Being treated with respect and dignity; Having a companion of choice present during delivery; Clear communication by maternity staff; Appropriate pain relief strategies and Mobility in labour where possible, and birth position of choice.” Having a birth partner/doula/any personal support makes the birth much easier and safer. For my own personal experience I do not do well with medications due to many allergies and poor reactions so I am planning to birth unmedicated. Now I and other mothers may not have support through this time when we need it most. Birthing mothers have the right of informed consent. Without a birth partner, how can any laboring mother be sure they are properly understanding their medical team to give informed consent? This now becomes a legal issue if the mother is unable to do so. The nurses and doctors at the hospital are not able to be with their patients the entire time which is why a birth partner is imperative to be able to support the birthing mother at all times when medical personnel cannot. They can also help them understand their choices and options. Not having a birth partner present also puts more of a strain on medical staff and does not help them to properly care for the patient. In closing, I urge this matter to be reconsidered as birth support for a birthing mother is not only a human right, but crucial to the safety and well being of the mother and baby. Please sign, support and share to support birthing mothers and their rights. We have a voice and should be heard!  Thank you so much for your time and consideration.  

Aurora Selvaggio
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Petition to Governor Tom Wolf

PA - Please Help Mothers From Having To Birth Alone During COVID-19!

Currently in Pennsylvania, hospital systems are able to determine their own unique response plans to the COVID-19 outbreak across many practice areas. Under their response plans, many of these hospital systems currently allow women to have one partner in the labor and delivery room, a fair compromise given the outbreak and spread of COVID-19 throughout the state and nation. On March 28, 2020, Wayne Memorial Hospital became the first in PA to ban ANY AND ALL support persons during labor, delivery, and postpartum due to the “changing COVID-19 environment.”  This means that mothers will be alone in the delivery room during the birthing process, alone to care for their new child after birth while trying to heal, and alone during the entire length of their hospital stay with no support system. This measure was taken by Wayne Memorial Hospital despite NY Gov. Cuomo ORDERING all NY hospitals, both public and private, to allow women to have a partner in the labor and delivery room on the same exact date. The decision made by Gov. Cuomo was based on the same information Wayne Memorial Hospital disclosed in their announcement on March 28, as per the CDC "no infants born to mothers with COVID-19 have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus." Further, "in these cases, which are a small number, the virus was not found in samples of amniotic fluid or breastmilk." Gov. Cuomo made his decision in part due to a petition that garnered over 600,000 signatures stating the following: “Fundamentally, risks for the people laboring alone will increase substantially. Not only can partners and spouses provide physical and emotional comfort during labor and postpartum, they are also essential in alerting staff when something has gone wrong and the laboring patient cannot notify nurses themselves, like in the event of an eclamptic seizure or a fainting episode. Timing is critical in these cases and monitors can be unreliable. We cannot expect nursing staff, already spread thin, to spend the limitless hours needed with each patient to ensure their health and their baby's health, to provide physical assistance and emotional support. We know the hospital system is overwhelmed in this crisis. However, the burden willonly be increased by banning support people from Labor & Delivery. We must ensure no one gives birth alone. We must ensure the maternal mortality rate does not increase during this time.” Childbirth can be a very stressful and trying time for all mothers, and without government intervention, there will be no emotional or physical support for them, or someone there to act as an advocate when they are not able to speak for themselves. The stress and anxiety that mothers face leading up to, during, and after childbirth will only be exacerbated if they are alone and may lead to further complications.  In addition, many mothers-to-be may begin to consider changing doctors or at-home births late in their pregnancy, increasing the potential for complications as well. While we are all living in a time of crisis, this measure is NOT NECESSARY and can end up doing more harm than good.  Time is of the essence and we need action NOW!  Please consider signing this petition, a plea for help for all mothers-to-be, to ask our Pennsylvania governmental leaders to stop hospitals from forcing mothers to birth with no support partner! NO mother wants to labor alone and let’s try and stop that from happening! The people of NY did it, and so can we!

Jessyca Siracuse
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