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Petition to The Hmong Community

Poj Laibs/Hmong Women for Justice

Women in the hmong community have been silenced for way too long. We’ve had enough and now it’s time we speak up from this toxicity. We’ve took back the word “Poj Laib” and we aren’t using it as a word to shame women. We want to be treated as an equal human being. We aren’t perfect, but you aren’t either. It’s time they hear us. It’s time we get treated with the RESPECT we deserve. Please speak up against sexual harassment/ rape. Please speak up when you think you’ve been treated unfairly Solely because of your gender. Please. Speak. Up.  here’s a link to buy tees to support your hmong queens, and a hmong owned business! “we know that in the hmong community our hmong womxn gets silenced most of the time by men. now i’m not saying all of them are bad. i appreciate each and every one of our hmong men. in order for our community to become better, i believe that the injustices within the hmong community should be addressed...” - Markie Yang “the word “poj liab” is also used in a negative way to put down girls who don’t follow the “perfect cutout” version of hmong women. in other words, girls who have opinions and girls who speak up. so we’re turning it into a positive thing, as we all will showcase our voices.” - Brianna Yang “Poj Laib: a rebellious girl so basically Rebellious Girls standing up for Justice.” - Uchiha Shelia

Ashley Yang
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Petition to Nicky Morgan

Create a law to protect models from being pressured to lose weight!

I’m a 27 year old model, a clothes size 8. The girl in the picture is me. When I walked into one of the UK’s biggest model agencies last year they told me I ticked all the boxes except one -- I needed to lose weight. So I did. Four months later I lost nearly a stone, 2 inches off my hips. When I returned to the same agency they told me to lose more weight, they wanted me "down to the bone".When I look in the mirror I see someone that is healthy and comfortable in their skin. That’s because I had the guts to carve out my own path and refuse to let people pressure me into losing more and more weight. But with London Fashion Week the reminders are everywhere that we need a law to protect young girls, and boys, who are put under pressure to be dangerously thin.Modelling can be a very lonely place, especially for girls working internationally who are away from the usual support network of friends and family. When models travel overseas they are often put into shared accommodation with other models, and being surrounded by girls who are all striving to stay thin can perpetuate bad eating habits and encourage eating disorders. I’ve been on shoots for up to 10 hours where no food is provided -- the underlying message is always that you shouldn’t eat. The agencies managing and recruiting models have a responsibility to the wellbeing of girls on the catwalk at fashion week, and in the industry as a whole.France became the latest country to vote to criminalise the use of models who are dangerously thin. Those breaking the law face fines and up to six months in jail. And there is growing momentum for change in the UK - but we are still far from achieving a healthy standard for all models. The time is now for us all to come together. Please sign my petition to create a law to protect vulnerable young girls and boys in the industry.*Note: the fur in the image is fake fur! 

Rosalie Nelson
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