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Equalize our clothes!

As we move more into a world of online shopping and sickness prevention, wouldn't it make sense to make buying clothes easier and less confusing? With the covid-19 pandemic more places are not letting people try on clothes before they buy them and many places are not accepting returns. As a woman, this makes me not want to buy new clothes or any clothes until this is over. Do you know why that is? Because I never know my size. Sizes for women are confusing and all different depending on brand, whereas men's clothing is based on their actual measurements. I'm not sure the reason for this, but I think we should change it to be the same. We should be able to order pants by just knowing our measurements instead of trying to research our size with sizing charts and reviews, ordering our best guess, then once we get it, it doesn't fit and doesn't have pockets. EVERYTIME. I've resorted to anything stretchy to avoid this mess but it shouldn't be this way. Our world is also moving towards a more equal society that eliminates sexism, why can't the same be said for the clothing industry? Having the way to determine sizes different between two genders can be considered sexist and should be changed to basing sizes on body type and measurements, no sex involved. With all the issues surrounding sexual orientation and equality, why are companies still allowing this distinction? If a man wants to buy a dress, why does he have to research his size? Why can't he take the sizes he already knows and apply them too a dress? In conclusion, what we all want out of clothing is that it fits, protects us from the environment, reflects our personal style, and looks amazing on our bodies. This is the case for any person, no matter the gender. Let's make our sizes reflect our bodies not our gender! It's time equalize our clothes!

Breanna Graybill
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