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Petition to Dr. David M. Dooley, Dr. Donald H. DeHayes, Dr. Jeannette Riley, Dr. Rosaria Pisa

The Univ. of Rhode Island Must Support Professor Donna Hughes' Right to Free Speech

Dr. Donna M. Hughes is the Endowed Chair of Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Rhode Island. A longtime champion of women's rights, she is also editor-in-chief of the online journal Dignity, which publishes articles and studies about violence and exploitation faced by women and girls. In February 2021, Dr. Hughes  published an article on the feminist website 4W, expressing her concerns about the effects of the gender identity movement on women's sex-based rights, stating "The biological category of sex, particularly women’s sex, is being smashed. Women and girls are expected to give up their places of privacy such as restrooms, locker rooms, and even prison cells. When biological males identify as trans-women, they can compete in women’s and girls’ sports." In the article, Dr. Hughes also stated concerns about the increasing numbers of children who identify as transgender being put on a course of medication and even surgery, and wrote "The trans-sex fantasy, the belief that a person can change his or her sex, either from male to female or from female to male, is spreading largely unquestioned among the political left." In response, Annie Russell, URI's Director of the Gender and Sexuality Center, denounced Dr. Hughes and questioned whether someone with such opinions should be teaching in the classroom.  Fourteen faculty members signed an email to the administration stating "We condemn statements that dehumanize people who identify as LGBTQIA+". At least three petitions have been started demanding that Dr. Hughes be fired or "held to account" by URI. Most disturbingly, the University of Rhode Island released a statement reading in part: "The University does not support statements and publications by Professor Donna Hughes that espouse anti-transgender perspectives...The University also recognizes that its faculty have the general right to “academic freedom” in their teaching and scholarship...A faculty member’s First Amendment and academic freedom rights are not boundless, however, and should be exercised responsibly with due regard for the faculty member’s other obligations.” The right to free speech is essential to academic life. An open exchange of ideas must be permitted by all sides on even the most difficult issues, and academic faculty should never be intimidated from participating in this exchange by the demands of those who disagree or by university administrations seeking to placate those demands. People who advocate for women's sex-based rights or question any aspect of gender theory, in particular, are frequently silenced by organized bullying from those on the other side of the issue, and it is no coincidence that most of those being silenced are women. There is no right to be protected from being offended by other people's views, and suggesting that there is sets a very dangerous precedent that can only lead to the censorship of speech. We, the undersigned, request that the administration of the University of Rhode Island make a public statement of unequivocal support for Dr. Hughes and affirm her right to express her feminist views without fear of academic reprisal.

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Petition to One United Bank, Terri Williams-Cohee, Kevin Cohee, robert cooper

Stop Printing Her Face on Bank Products

Stop ONE UNITED BANK’s IDENTITY Theft One United Bank claims to be the largest Black Bank in the nation yet has stolen the face and identity of a Black Woman and made her the face of their #BankBlack trademarked marketing campaign. STOP #BankBlack Scams No MONEY DONATIONS... this is bigger than that, please just sign. Wanda Darden, professionally known as Phantom KNOET, has been charged over $100,000 dollars since 2017 by attorneys to stop OneUnited Bank from using her FACE, Image, likeness and characterization. THIS IS A VIOLATION OF CIVIL RIGHTS  Statutes 50 & 51  Darden has never given permission orally or written for use of her face, image, likeness or characterization for any advertising or commercial purposes.  One United Bank received Darden’s imagery, work, history, and social media account information from a former friend of Darden’s that became employed by the bank.  Upon discovering One United Bank illegally using her image, likeness, picture, and characterization in an online promotion and on mousepads, Darden diligently sought through supplication and litigation to force One United Bank to Cease and Desist from infringing on her Human Rights and Civil Rights.  DARDEN served Facebook a DCMA notice and some of One United Bank’s ads were removed; however, the inconsistent protections of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has allowed the continued infringements of One United Bank despite acknowledgement by Facebook of the infringements and their promise to end the abuse.  One United Bank continues intentionally inflicting economic and emotional harm to Darden’s psyche, family, friends, and business associates. This abuse must end.   Please do not donate money.  In 2016, Darden advised One United Bank that they were illegally exploiting her and she wanted the abuse to end. Instead of ending the use, One United Bank increased usage by placing her image on Debit, Credit, and Atm cards Funeral home fans Mousepads Notebooks Phone cases Stickers Tee-Shirts Banners Billboards in Time Square Email banners Digital Marketing Packages Webpages Social Media AccountsAnd More SIGN THIS PETITION TO END EXPLOITATION. Adding insult to injury, One United Bank created a campaign called “Unapologetic” while claiming in Brooklyn Supreme Court that Darden was an avatar, caricature, or algorithm of features. In addition, they distributed over 20,000 bank cards (financial instruments of exchange) bearing Darden’s biometric data, abhorrently placing a chip on her eye and the words “Good Through” on her lips. In bad faith and with malice, One United Bank has infringed on the Rights of an American citizen who has dedicated her life to servicing her global community, promoting self-sufficiency, and advancing upward economic mobility in depraved communities.    In an effort to persuade One United Bank to disassociate Darden’s face from their advertising and marketing campaigns, a movement #STANDWITHHER was started where supporters across the globe used social media and word-of-mouth to alert unsuspecting consumers of the false advertisements and misappropriated uses of Wanda Darden/ Phantom KNOET as the face of One United Bank’s #BankBlack marketing campaign. Supporters and activists wrote letters of support and contacted local law enforcement and civil rights agencies advocating on Darden’s behalf. Customers closed their accounts in alliance and others vowed not to open accounts and to advise others to destroy their cards and infringing paraphernalia.   This is EMPOWERMENT.  Sign in Support. This support has aided Darden in continuing her fight to stop the exploitation of One United Bank through litigation in King’s County Brooklyn Supreme Court.        Please sign this petition to show that you support WANDA DARDEN’s fight asserting her rights as a human being to NOT BE USED FOR ADVERTISING AND COMMERCIAL PURPOSES without her written or expressed permission. Wanda Darden has not historically endorsed financial institutions nor allowed her goodwill and image and likeness and characterization to be exploited.  For Darden, this has been a living hell.   Please visit @PHANTOMKNOET on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more in-depth information on Darden’s legal journey through the US Court System fighting for her Civil Rights to Privacy and Publicity and to own her own property.    Please sign, share, and engage others if you believe that companies MUST GET YOUR PERMISSION before using your face for advertising and marketing purposes.   Please sign this petition if you believe that skin color does not affect the rights of a human being.     Please sign this petition if you #STANDWITHHER       Send One United Bank the message that BLACK EXPLOITATION ENDS NOW!       Stop BANKING ON BLACK FACES!   In this digital age, it is imperative that we do not lose sight of our humanity. As companies create robots and androids with human features and “skin like” textures, we must ensure that HUMANS are afforded their right to owning their own faces and representation in the world. It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. One United Bank has sought to claim ownership of “Wanda’s Eyes” by presenting in the marketplace and on the World Wide Web registrations with the US Copyright Office for a picture of Wanda Darden registered without Darden’s knowledge in 2018. WANDA Darden has never given permission for any person or business to copyright her name and eyes and she finds this akin to slavery and denounces it as evil and corrupt.    Names and Eyes Are NOT COPYRIGHTABLE!    Instagram: @standwithher211 Nuances in the law state that in order for Darden to get an injunction, there must be a show of community support in petition or other manners to preserve the rights of one citizen. Do not donate money through this petition as it does not go towards the litigation expenses Darden faces against her own face.  Today, it is Darden.... tomorrow it could be your grandchild. Protect your face today by choosing to #STANDWITHHER   Speak up: FDIC (877) 275-3343 Florida Attorney General (850)414-3300 NY Attorney General (800) 771-7755 California Attorney General (800) 955-0045 Maxine Waters (202)225-2201 (Govt Official that promotes and underwrites OUB and the Cohees) Write: In-house Counsel- OneUnited Bank:   FBI:   As I fight for my civil rights, it is imperative to let the decision makers know that I do not stand alone and this is a right that we all choose to assert. Please let our voices unite. This is a good cause. This is a worthy cause. We must not allow injustices due to gender, skin color, or celebrity status.                        

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Petition to Columbia University, Ikenna Nebo

Revoke Ikenna Nebo's Power in The You Can Too Program

The You Can Too (YCT) Program is a free volunteer mentorship program founded in 2019. You Can Too currently operates at 25 top universities in the country, including Columbia, Harvard, Brown, MIT, Barnard, Tufts, and others. In 2021, 100% of YCT mentees were accepted to college, with 22.5% receiving Ivy League acceptances, and 37.5% being accepted to a top 20 ranked college/university.   As an organization “dedicated to uplifting and inspiring minority youth,” You Can Too mentors serve as role models for the students they mentor. The current president and CEO, Ikenna David Nebo, has demonstrated behavior that violates this mission.  On April 12th, 2021, Ikenna Nebo resigned from the You Can Too Program due to allegations of sexual assault and misconduct. He explains that he has recently learned that someone he was in a relationship with a year ago felt harmed by his actions. The victim has disputed this claim and said that she informed Ikenna of her discomfort with his behavior the day after this incident occurred. He also states, in regards to his conduct with her, “..intentional or unintentional, this is a standard I have set throughout any space I have entered, especially within our organization, and one I cannot fail to hold myself to.” In his resignation letter, he admits that the harm he has caused is grounds for his termination from the program. Without consulting the Executive Board, Ikenna terminated his position without proper notice and appointed a successor. When confronted, Ikenna agreed that his method in the transfer of power from himself to his appointed predecessor was “incredibly flawed” and that he “failed to get the proper consultations.” In an attempt to shift the narrative of the situation before the majority of the You Can Too Executive Board could take action in response to the situation, Ikenna modified YCT’s Constitution on April 13th to allow himself to retain LLC ownership of the organization and preserve unchecked powers in the case that he is no longer President. He did not consult or receive approval from any member of the Executive Board. Ikenna Nebo sent another letter from the You Can Too Program email on April 14th— without the consent of the Executive Board—retracting his previous promise to relinquish ownership of the You Can Too LLC and step down as president. In this new statement, he cites that many people have reached out to support him, despite many executive team members who are predominantly women of color, expressing disappointment and disillusionment. This brings us to the current disappointing and confusing moment. We expected Ikenna Nebo to lead with clarity and truth. The accusations of him perpetuating harm completely blindsided many of us.  We are calling for Ikenna Nebo to:  Immediately relinquish ownership of the LLC. Immediately step down from the position of president and CEO  and dissolve all involvement in You Can Too.  Offer a public apology to affected parents, mentees, and schools. Relinquish the affairs of the program (Venmo, Paypal, contacts, etc.) to the new executive board.   Allow a peaceful transfer of power to ensure the program continues to support minority youth within America.    We are further calling for Columbia University to revoke Ikenna Nebo’s award for Inclusion and Advocacy, which was bestowed to him due to his work in the You Can Too Program.  For more information regarding this situation (e.g. constitutional violations, timeline, etc), please refer to the following document: 

save YCT
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Petition to Department of Education

Require Sex ED topics to cover consent and rape prevention

Many people have stories of their own about sexual harassment and, sexual assault. 1 in 33 men and 1 in 5 women will be raped in their lifetime, many will be raped by colleagues and associates. Countless more will be involved in sexual assaults and domestic violence and abuse incidents. There is little being done to fix this an no end in sight. Victim blaming is prominent and the targets of sexual assault/harassment are taught to 'cover up' or 'walk in the daylight' and 'carry pepper spray'. Perhaps it's time for an educational course to teach everyone the extents of consent and how important it is to respect both their own and others' bodies so rape can be prevented before it's even considered. Studies have shown that parents oftentimes will tell their children how to prevent rape and fail to educate them on how important consent is and how detrimental objectification can be. Not only this but education on the topic has also been shown to reduce the incidents of rape and sexual harassment. Society has normalized the objectification of people, especially women and those targeted by misogyny. Rape culture is often dismissed as locker room talk and encourages men to continue to make advances on women even after they've said no. This is oftentimes labeled 'they were playing hard to get'. Not only will formal education on this topic break down these harmful stereotypes deeply rooted in society that encourages rape culture by using outdated traditional gender roles and other stereotypes, but it will also make the topic less 'taboo' and make it easier for parents to talk to their children about. 

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