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Protect Abortion Access in Texas

I have many friends who have needed an abortion at some time in their life. Nearly 1 in 4 US women have an abortion in their lifetime, so pretty much everyone has a friend who has had one too. People need abortions for a variety of reasons, from financial inability to care for another child after already having one, to the fetus’ death in the womb, and even threat to their life if they were to continue the pregnancy. I would never want to be in a situation where I could not get an abortion if I needed one. What would happen to you tomorrow if you needed to get an abortion in Texas? In Texas, there are mandatory waiting periods and requirements to listen to fetal heartbeat — not to mention that you have to be within 6 weeks of your Last Menstrual Period (LMP), which is a huge issue when some people have irregular, or nonexistent cycles due to health reasons or birth control. What’s happening in Texas right now? Because of Texas’ 6 week abortion ban, we know that: Women already do not have access to healthcare. Many will die and be permanently harmed from "back street" abortions.  Restricting or making abortion illegal doesn't stop them - it just stops safe ones. Miscarriages will be investigated. When abortion is illegal that means that every pregnancy loss must be investigated to ensure the "crime" of abortion didn't happen. In Texas, this threat can come from anyone at any time. The rich will still have access to abortion. However, Texas has trigger laws in place that will take effect 30 days after the ruling. This will SEVERELY limit any accessibility for abortion. We know Gov. Abbott is anti-choice. But not all lawmakers throughout the state are. ABORTION IS STILL LEGAL FOR NOW. In order to restore access to safe abortion services across Texas: State Senators and Representatives must repeal SB 8. We must elect a Governor and Attorney General who will commit to not prosecuting people who need abortions under the current Texas law. Finally, we call on medical professionals and centers to expand abortion and affordable reproductive access to more Texans.

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Codify Bodily Autonomy

Bodily autonomy, the right for a person to govern what happens to their body without external influence or coercion, is a basic human right, and is critical to human dignity. It is also necessary for the carrying out of nearly all other freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.  Roe and Casey, and several other rulings, contain loopholes that enabled the conservative majority on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to leave granting us the freedom to govern our own bodies up to the whims of state governments. The role of SCOTUS is made clear in the U.S. Constitution. This role includes the protection of the personal liberty of citizens against intrusions by the government. A few of these protections are stated in the main body of the Constitution (e.g. Article I, sections 9 and 10), though most individual protections are contained in the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments which were adopted shortly after the adoption of the Constitution, due to state concerns about the Constitution’s lack of protections for individual rights. In addition, the 14th Amendment contains the equal protection clause, protecting citizens from state discrimination on the basis of race, sex, and other characteristics. The overt intrusion of both SCOTUS and conservative state governments into our right to bodily autonomy is a blatant violation of our rights as U.S. citizens and as human beings.  According to the United Nations Population Fund: Bodily autonomy is about "the power and agency of individuals to make choices about their bodies without fear, violence or coercion." It is about "the right to make decisions over one’s own life and future. It is about being empowered to make informed choices. These are universal values."  "Respect for autonomy is a core tenet of international medical ethics." "Not only is bodily autonomy a human right, it is the foundation upon which other human rights are built." That right must be codified (passed into federal law) in the United States, and guaranteed to all in perpetuity.

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