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Petition to William Dillard II, Dillard's Inc

Tell Dillard's to Drop #PeterNygard & Stop Enabling The Rape & Exploitation of Our Girls

Peter Nygard is a Canadian businessman, fashion "designer" and founder of Nygard International, a manufacturer and supplier of womenswear with annual sales of over 500 million dollars.  Mr. Nygard has a long and well documented history of sexually abusing, exploiting and harassing young girls and women.  Dozens of allegations have been made dating back to the 1970's up until today.  In February 2020, "ten women filed a civil class-action lawsuit against Nygård, accusing him of raping them at his seaside mansion in the Bahamas and operating what they refer to as a "sex trafficking ring" (Wikipedia).  Mr. Nygard is especially known for targeting young, underage girls from impoverished families with promises of modeling opportunities and access to his opulent lifestyle. Meanwhile, multiple North American retailers continue to carry Peter Nygard's subpar fashions including Dillard's stores and   Tell Dillard's to drop this serial predator entirely and immediately from its stores and website.  Until they do, they are active co-conspirators in the rape, exploitation and abuse of countless girls and women who deserve better. To contact Dillard's: Recent press:  

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