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Petition to Stuart Grimley, Office Of Public Prosecutions Victoria, Jaclyn Symes, Edward O'Donohue

Keep women safe from sexual predators. Introduce a #GrabAndDrag law.

My name is Emm, I’m a mum to three beautiful daughters, and I would do anything to keep them safe. Too often, I’ve watched on in horror as sexual predators walk free after ruining the lives of innocent women, due to legal loopholes and a broken system. That’s why I’m calling for the Victorian Government to introduce a “Grab and Drag” law. When I created this petition, to start with I had one goal. That one goal was to bring justice for a nurse who was the victim of Jackson Williams’ shocking assault in a Melbourne laneway. Many of us could not believe he was found not guilty of intent to commit sexual assault, but he was. There wasn’t enough evidence to prove intent. It’s happened before. Jackson Williams walked free, but I haven’t given up fighting. I realised that this had to be about the bigger picture, about women's safety. About a woman's right to not only feel safe but be safe. Stuart Grimley of the Derryn Hinch Justice party has put forward a proposal for a new "Grab and Drag" offence which would fill the gap between Common Assualt and Sexual Assualt. One word is what failed in the presiding over this case: INTENT. The Grab and Drag offence will make it easier for our Courts to prosecute those who commit these vile attacks on women. It will come with a maximum sentence of 15 years and it can't come soon enough. Women will start to feel safer when one by one these predators are removed from our streets!! This isn't a world that I feel comfortable raising my daughters in and I'm not alone. Mothers, fathers, even grandparents have commented that they worry about the safety of the women in their lives. Please, sign and share this petition to keep women safe from sexual predators. #GrabAndDragLaw

Emm Jones
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Petition to Yvette Berry MLA, Sarah Mitchell MLC, Grace Grace MP, John Gardner


Access to period products is a necessity, not a luxury. The need to access period products exists for every young person who experiences menstruation including young women, girls, transgender, and gender diverse youth, in ways that meet diverse needs and cultural perspectives. Periods are a fact of life for half the population. Despite this, young people don’t always have access to the products they need to feel comfortable at school, engage in their learning, and manage what should be a normal and healthy part of life. Poor access to period products is known to affect students’ attendance and engagement at school. Students also miss out on sporting and cultural activities and can feel embarrassed and ashamed, affecting their achievement and wellbeing. Providing access to free period products to those who need it will: reduce barriers to access and improve school attendance, sports involvement and tertiary participation improve child and youth wellbeing reduce financial strain on families experiencing poverty/material hardship, and promote positive gender norms and reduce stigmatisation of menstruation. In the first instance, pads and tampons should be provided. These products are easy to use and appropriate for a broad range of students’ age, developmental, and cultural needs in a schooling context. The Australian Government should then consider alternative products, including menstrual cups and eco-friendly sanitary underwear, as the successful initiative rolls out. In 2020 the Victorian state government were the first to provide free pads and tampons in government schools – ensuring all students feel comfortable managing their periods and reduce period stigma, while saving families hundreds of dollars each year. The initiative cost $20.7 million dollars and included an information campaign for students about managing periods, which has been implemented in over 1500 schools. The pads and tampons are freely available in school bathrooms, helping to ease any anxiety and embarrassment around menstruation for students and allowing them to focus on their studies. Let’s see if all other Australian states and territories can follow Victoria’s (and NZ’s!) lead…

Amanda Morton
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