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Petition to Wayne Adkins, Gregory Tony, Rex Hardin

Demand Justice for Innocent Ukrainian Refugee Family held In Jail!

Innocent Christian Refugee Family from Ukraine is being held in Jail – With False Criminal Accusations! Demand Justice Now!  #SaveMakarenkoFamily Dear Friends, I am Christina, a close Family Friend of the Makarenko Family. Together with Vitalii, another close Family Friend, we try to raise awareness of this urgent case of three innocent Family members being wrongly held in jail with false accusations! A few days ago, the Makarenko Family – including Mother, Father and Son were arrested in their home and taken into jail, where they are currently held. No arrest warrant or evidence were provided from the police. Two older brothers and a younger sister are being left behind with the help us. The three arrested family members – Mother, Father and Son are being falsely accused of severe crimes with multiple charges against them! These could result in a life-in-prison-sentence in the United States for every accused family member or Deportation back to Ukraine - where an excruciating war is happening right now.  The news were extremely unexpected and overwhelmed us all! They came out of nowhere and have no ground whatsoever! The family is shocked and doesn't understand what is happening and where these accusations come from. The accusations are completely false and need to be defeated and ultimately dismissed! We know that the FAMILY IS INNOCENT, but we need to make our voices heard to have this case entirely dismissed.In efforts to save the family, we found a criminal lawyer who agreed to work with us. Due to the complexity of this case, multiple severe charges against them, and three family members in custody, we need to raise enough funds to enable the lawyers ongoing work. The Lawyer’s legal defence is crucial right now and the only way to get the family out of jail as soon as possible. For our Donation link (DonorBox) and more information, please just send me a message. Please, we ask you to help us in this fight for Justice! Every day that passes with the family being held in custody -  greater personal, financial and emotional damage is being weighted onto all members of the family and all involved parties. We need to find a way out of this.  Every single signature will be appreciated and will directly support the Family's Defence in Court! Help us spread the word and raise awareness on this matter! Share with Family and Friends, with Colleagues, on your social media and other media outlets.  We greatly appreciate your consideration and are beyond thankful for any support, for your thoughts and prayers. We believe in Justice! We believe in the Truth! We believe that good and caring people are out there who are able and willing to help! The Truth will always win.  May God be with us and protect us all. - Christina and Vitalii    ---------------------Family Background: The Makarenko Family came to the USA as Refugees from Ukraine six years ago as a Family of six - Mother, Father, three sons and a younger daughter. As a hard-working family, they have established multiple successful family businesses, with which they have built a high and trustworthy reputation in Florida and all over the country. During their time in the States, they have never been accused of any criminal charge and never had any issue with the legal system. They are a Christian Family, Believers in God, members of the Church and get together on the weekends to pray in their family circle and community. With close relatives still living in Ukraine, we pray for everyone in the US and Europe every day in these unbelievably hard times. But we know that we can get through this. The Family always helped neighbours and others in need and gained many friends throughout the time. Now, they need your help!Help us save the future of an Innocent Christian Refugee Family from Ukraine! If any more questions, please feel free to contact us! We want to be as transparent as possible.  Together we’ll find a way out of this!

Christina Hermann
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Petition to Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, world health organization


Ukrainian paramedic Julia Paevska (aka Taira) & Serhiy Chernobrivets, her ambulance driver have been detained by Russians near Mariupol on March 16, 2022, where Taira was helping to pull out people from under the rubble and rush them to safety. Ms. Paevska is well known in Ukraine as she has saved more than 800 lives since sniper shootings on Maidan in 2014. Taira is a Hero of Ukraine, a member of the National Team of Ukraine at the Invictus Games for athletes who received injuries fulfilling tasks or duties in wartime, and she is protected under Geneva conventions both as a medic and as a non-combatant (she was decommissioned from military service due to her injuries: both hip joints replaced, and asthma.) For a long time, they denied having her, knowing they had no right to detain a medic. Then promised to exchange her secretly; then broke their promise. Most probable scenario now, that they have captured the defenders of Azovstal, is to have a fake "show trial," in the macabre traditions of Stalin's times.Russian occupants made a propaganda film about Taira (aired on NTV in mid-April) titled "Taira, A Beast Woman" where they misrepresent this courageous and kindhearted person as a "Nazi" who allegedly "tortured people" and similar outrageous lies. In the video, Taira looks aged several years compared to her last photo taken on March 15 right before captivity, but conducts herself with the same dignity, courage, and compassion as always. At that time, the occupants forced her to address the not yet captured Azov regiment asking them to "seize fire." All She said was, "Please hear me: there are suffering civilians in Mariupol; I hope measures will be taken to help them." Further, the occupants scroll through Taira's text messages on her phone, hypocritically saying as if she "volunteered" to breach her privacy (obviously under torture, mental or physical) and they make cynical remarks about her private life. These and other lies already get viral and even translated in other languages, like Italian, to spread the lies.Russians have projected all their sick and sadistic fantasies onto their captive. Holding Taira in captivity, they deprive hundreds of people of her paramedic services and hope to break the spirits of Ukrainians by tarnishing her name to promote their lies about "Nazis" in Ukraine on Russian TV channels and throughout the world.Our hearts are bleeding at this disgusting abuse of one of the best humans on earth. Please add your name to FREE JULIA PAEVSKA-TAIRA from the hands of Russian executioners and restore truth and justice.THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMPASSION.

Yelena Zotova
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Add Ukrainian Literature & Ukrainian Poetry as categories on Amazon​, "the world's largest bookstore" and largest online retailer, has a library of 48.5 million books and an annual revenue of $5.25 billion from books and ebooks alone. stocks books from a range of nations and cultures worldwide, sorted under a number of categories under World Literature and Regional & Cultural Poetry. Despite Ukraine's sovereignty as an independent European nation since 1991, the works of Ukrainian authors and poets are usually sorted under Russian Literature and Russian Poetry.  The works of classic and contemporary Ukrainian creatives, including Tetyana Denford, Ivan Franko, Ilya Kaminsky, Marianna Kiyanovska, Lina Kostenko, Volodymyr Rafeyenko, Taras Shevchenko, Oksana Zabuzhko, Serhiy Zhadan, and numerous others, are listed under Russian bestseller rankings. Russian imperialist legacies remain strong to this day. While this is not a new issue, Russia's war in Ukraine makes the ongoing erasure of Ukrainian culture all the more painful and unacceptable. can take a small concrete step to rectify one manifestation of Ukrainian erasure: Ukrainian Literature and Poetry cannot be listed as Russian.  Ukraine has a rich culture, and can stand with Ukraine by centering Ukrainian writers and creating distinct categories for Ukrainian Literature and Ukrainian Poetry. Please sign and distribute widely.  Slava Ukraini!

Mary Mykhaylova
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Petition to US Mayors

Demand US Mayors End US-Russia Sister City Relationships!

Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine is an unprovoked act of aggression against a sovereign country, committing mass killings, rape, torture, burning of cities, and setting up filtration camps in the Russian-occupied territories. Maintaining Russian sister city ties is morally indefensible. The City of Portland, as well as most US Cities, has not yet severed its ties with its sister city of Russia. We must demand change. Unlike most Russians, we can publicly tell elected representatives to change course without fearing repression. Let's do it! Reasons to sever these ties include: Russian officials can use sister city ties as part of their propaganda that "All is well." Hundreds of businesses are severing their ties to Russia to communicate their condemnation of Russian aggression and war crimes. Many international sports associations and events prohibit Russian contestants. Any Western government support for voluntary associations with official Russian organizations weakens Western unity on condemnations and sanctions to discourage Russian aggression. Atrocities perpetrated against Ukraine by US Russian sister cities include: One of the Russian brigades that raped, tortured, and murdered citizens in Bucha, Ukraine was a brigade from the Khabarovsk Krai of Russia – Khabarovsk is the sister city of Portland, Oregon.  Some of the deadliest Russian missiles are designed and manufactured in Yekaterinburg – Yekaterinburg is still a sister city of San Jose, California. Tell US mayors: "Don't make any excuses; don't maintain relations with Russia. And please don't let those who became murderers call your cities their sister cities." ~President Zelenskyy at the United States Conference of Mayors meeting, June 3, 2022. SIGN THE PETITION - Every voice needs to be heard, regardless of your zip code, regardless of your country. Join your name alongside others from the US and those around the world: to demand US Mayors cut ties with Russian sister cities. to signal that the world condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine! THEN - Get 5 friends to ask 10 of their friends to sign, then share.  We elect our leaders, fund our cities’ operations, and abide by its laws and regulations. We have a say in how our cities operate. 

Tracy Goodman
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