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Ukrainian paramedic Julia Paevska (aka Tayra) & Serhiy Chernobrivets, her ambulance driver have been detained by Russians in Mariupol on March 16, 2022, where Tayra was helping to pull out people from under the rubble. Ms Paevska is well known in Ukraine as she has been saving lives since sniper shootings on Maidan in 2014. Tayra is a Hero of Ukraine, a member of the National Team of Ukraine at the Invictus Games for athletes who received injuries fulfilling tasks or duties in wartime, and she is protected under Geneva conventions both as a medic and as a non-combatant (she was decommissioned from military service due to her injuries and asthma.)Russian occupants made a propaganda film about Tayra (aired on NTV in mid-April) titled "Tayra, A Beast Woman" where they misrepresent this courageous and kindhearted person as a "Nazi" who allegedly "tortured people" and similar outrageous lies. In the video, Tayra looks aged several years compared to her last photo taken in March (probably already in captivity), but conducts herself with the same dignity, courage, and compassion as always. The occupants forced her to address her brothers in arms in Azov battalion asking them to "seize fire." All She said was, "Please hear me: there are suffering civilians in Mariupol; I hope measures will be taken to help them." Further, the occupants scroll through Tayra's text messages on her phone, hypocritically saying as if she "volunteered" to breach her privacy (obviously under torture, mental or physical) and they make cynical remarks about her private life. These and other lies already get viral and even translated in other languages, like Italian, to spread the lies.Russians have projected all their sick and sadistic fantasies onto their captive. Holding Tayra in captivity, they deprive hundreds of people of her paramedic services and hope to break the spirits of Ukrainians by tarnishing her name to promote their lies about "Nazis" in Ukraine on Russian TV channels and throughout the world.Our hearts are bleeding at this disgusting abuse of one of the best humans on earth. Please add your name to FREE JULIA PAEVSKA-TAYRA from the hands of Russian executioners and restore truth and justice.THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMPASSION.

Yelena Zotova
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Russian DJ Nina Kraviz: Denounce Putin’s War in Ukraine

Ukrainians of Metro Detroit are asking DJ Nina Kraviz to renounce her support of Vladimir Putin and #StandWithUkraine.  Movement Festival is welcoming Nina Kraviz to perform in Detroit despite her past pro-Putin views and lack of denunciation of the war.   Metro Detroit is home to nearly 50,000 Ukrainians, many of whom have been directly impacted by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.  Below is a message metro Detroit Ukrainians have for Ms. Kraviz, and we hope to garner support of other Ukrainians, concerned neighbors, and other members of the global community who are against the horrors inflicted upon Ukrainians daily. Dear Ms. Kraviz, Ahead of your appearance at Movement Detroit, we are asking you today to renounce your past support of Vladimir Putin and stand with Ukraine. No doubt you’re aware of the ongoing atrocities committed by Russian soldiers in Ukraine: mass graves; innocents tortured and summarily executed; widespread rape; cities such as Mariupol razed to the ground; and millions of refugees forced to flee from their homes in order to escape being sent to “filtration camps.” You have previously expressed open support for Putin, including via statements made shortly after his annexation of Crimea in 2014, and in subsequent social media posts. You continue to tour and perform, profiting in democratic countries, while Ukrainian civilians suffer and die daily at the hands of the Russian Federation for the same freedoms that allow your livelihood. You have spoken of the evils of racial injustice and the need to combat climate change, yet remain silent on the murder of thousands of Ukrainians carried out by your countrymen. Your vague Instagram video posted in February depicting the word “peace" ignores that Russia bears full responsibility for this war. Metro Detroit is home to nearly 50,000 Ukrainians, many of whom have been directly impacted by Russia’s invasion: their families torn apart, loved ones murdered and hometowns destroyed. Numerous Michiganders are overseas fighting for Ukraine’s freedom. Southeastern Michigan has already taken in hundreds of Ukrainian children and families displaced by this invasion. Many of them have lost everything. We cannot stand by while our community, Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians alike, mobilizes to help those suffering in Ukraine, yet welcomes someone whose behavior has helped enable Putin. We ask that you speak out for the victims of this war given your platform and millions of fans. Silence only breeds more injustice. We await your timely response. If you won’t offer a clarification of past comments, we ask Movement and the City of Detroit to consider whether your past pro-Putin views reflect the values of our community, and re-evaluate their invitation to welcome you to the City.  Respectfully, Ukrainian-American Crisis Response Committee of Michigan Ukrainian-American Congress Committee, Michigan Chapter Ukrainian American Civic Committee of Metropolitan Detroit Ukrainian New Wave

Anya Nona
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Petition to Joseph R. Biden, Honorable Alejandro Mayorkas, Honorable Antony Blinken, Rob Portman, Senator Dick Durbin, Honorable Kathy Hochul, Phil Murphy, Jared Polis, Governor Eric Holcomb, Jay Inslee, Ron DeSantis, Bob Menendez

U​.​S. Needs to Accept Ukrainian Refugees IMMEDIATELY

*UPDATE: April 21st, 2022* A HUGE THANK YOU and congratulations to everyone who has signed, shared, and promoted this petition! Your efforts have helped to build pressure toward changing policies to help Ukrainian Refugees in need. On April 21st, President Biden announced Uniting for Ukraine, a New Streamlined Process to Welcome Ukrainians Fleeing Russia's Invasion of Ukraine. Uniting for Ukraine is a streamlined process for Ukrainian citizens who have been displaced by Russia’s aggression to apply for humanitarian parole in the United States for a period of up to two years. Click here for the full announcement and information on how to apply starting on April 25th. We will continue to watch as refugees begin to apply and seek shelter in the United States to ensure that they are able to make it here to safety soon. Additionally, given that 5 million people have left Ukraine, 100,000 will only make a small dent in the overall resettlement support needed. We hope that the Administration will monitor for future needs as the crisis in Ukraine continues. _________________________________________________________________ My name is Ashley Testa and my family is in crisis. On the morning of February 23rd, my family woke up to the sound of explosions followed by artillery fire. They quickly fled and piled into the car. Despite the fact that my husband, Misha, has U.S. citizenship, our family was not allowed to seek refuge in the U.S. At present, there is NO official Ukrainian Refugee Program in the U.S. for Ukrainian families to come to the United States—even for those who have immediate family members as U.S. citizens or residents or official sponsors. Misha’s mother, sister, sister-in-law, and our four nieces and nephews, ages 5-12, left everything behind. Most tragically, they had to leave their fathers, husbands, sons behind. We do not know if or when they will be reunited. Our family drove towards Poland while bombs went off in the background. They had to share blankets to stay warm in the frigid weather and ration their limited food and gas. After 5 days of driving, they reached the border.  They planned to board a plane to the U.S., but realized that since only one family member had a U.S. green card, they could not go to the U.S. as a family. We were shocked. Luckily, since then, 7 of our family members have received visa approval. However, this is incredibly rare. Only 7 Ukrainian refugees resettled in the U.S. from March 1 - 16. Appointments for Ukrainians to interview for a U.S. visa are booked out through September. Most will also not be approved. Other options such as the Family Reunification immigration process currently have a wait time of about 15 years! President Biden has made several statements over the past week stating that he would “welcome Ukrainian refugees with open arms,” but has yet to do something about it. Lawmakers have proposed solutions, such as offering Humanitarian Parole, and are waiting for action. We beg you to allow Ukrainian families to come here. We’re on our hands and knees. They’ve been through enough. They’ve lost everything. My hope is to reach 500,000 signatures in order to demonstrate the passion of the American people to help refugees to resettle here to President Biden.

Ashley Testa
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