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Petition to David Lametti

Wrongfully Convicted: Free Odelia & Nerissa Quewezance - A Nation Wide Plea

Français Odelia & Nerissa Quewezance are indigenous sisters from Saulteaux in Western Canada. They are currently fighting for their freedom after being wrongfully convicted for murder. To date, they have spent close to thirty years in prison for a crime they did not commit. Odelia was convicted of second-degree murder in 1994 for her part in the killing of a Kamsack, Saskatchewan area farmer. Her sister Nerissa was also convicted and sentenced at that time. Both indigenous women maintain their innocence despite receiving life sentences. Their cousin, Jason Keshane (a young offender at the time of the crime), admitted to the murder (during the original trial and years later, on national television: APTN Investigates). As a young offender, Keshane only spent 4 years in custody. Instead of his confession exonerating them, both indigenous sisters were convicted and sentenced to prison without the possibility of parole for at least 10 years. Neither client has ever pled guilty. Innocence Canada is currently representing both Odelia and Nerissa. Transcripts indicated zero physical evidence tying them to the murder that someone else confessed to. So why are these sisters still incarcerated? High-profile advocates, including the Vice-Chief, Kim Beaudin, Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, are formally petitioning the Canadian government (Justice Minister and Prime Minister) to immediately intervene and release these sisters. The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples is formally co-sponsoring this petition. Other advocates include Mr. David Milgaard, who spent 23 years in prison before being exonerated by DNA evidence in 1997 of raping and murdering Saskatoon nurse Gail Miller in 1969.  These indigenous sisters have been locked up for almost 30 years and the person responsible for the murder they were convicted of, confessed on national television. In addition to a lack of evidence, we need to acknowledge Keshane's confession. We are calling on the Canadian government to release these two women immediately. We have a responsibility as Canadian citizens, to acknowledge the harm done to these indigenous women, and to rectify this miscarriage of justice. Please help us petition for an immediate remedy. They have already served a disproportionately long sentence for a crime that someone else confessed to. JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED!   For more background on this case, please watch our previous online event, with several high-profile advocates in attendance:

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Petition to Justin Trudeau

Make the Canadian Government pass the 24th Call to Action!

(Image from Google) Indigenous people around Canada aren't getting the access to personal health care that they need! Currently in Canada nursing and medical students aren't required to take courses that deal with Indigenous health issues. Because these courses aren't mandatory, some medical students are uneducated about the medical issues and background of Indigenous people. This Call to Action was created by the Canadian Nurses Association, and has been proposed in the House of Commons.  If doctors and nurses aren't trained to care for the specific needs of their Indigenous patients, they may not be able to provide the care that they need. The courses provide information about the history of residential schools, Indigenous treaties and rights, Indigenous teachings and practices, and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. Making these courses mandatory can help make health care more accessible for Indigenous people, and help them get the proper care they need.  This Call to Action is #24, out of 94, and it is only 1 of of 31 that has been proposed in the House of Commons. Only a small amount of these calls have been passed, and it's important that we act now so that we can make these calls a priority to get them passed quickly. Although I am speaking on only 1 call, the other 93 are just as important. It is crucial that the Government passes these as quick as possible, because it has been 5 years since these were proposed. Canada needs to work towards reconciling and building an equal and comfortable relationship with Indigenous people, and these calls are the first step towards that.  You can find more information about all 94 Calls to Action at this link:

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Petition to Dr. Sean Wachtel, Jean-Yves Duclos, Justin Trudeau, Marc Miller

Provide #FairMedicine to protect Inuit babies from RSV deaths

French | EnglishCanadian Inuit babies have the highest rate of hospitalizations with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in the world. Every winter intensive care units fill up with very young Inuit babies on life support due to RSV, a disease that can be prevented with medicine. Many of these babies have long term consequences as a result of their hospital admission and some succumb due to RSV. This also causes great stress on the families who are separated during the hospitalizations. The costs of these RSV admissions are exceptionally high due to the combination of very high rates of admission, very expensive medical air evacuations and prolonged hospitalizations. However, there exists a preventative RSV medicine called palivizumab that could greatly reduce these RSV hospital admissions. Currently it is given to other babies across Canada who are considered at high-risk for RSV disease.  TERM Inuit infants have ten times the rates of admission with RSV than the “high-risk” infants and the symptoms are often more severe. Despite this disparity, TERM Inuit infants in Nunavut do not get this medicine. Palivizumab has been shown to be highly effective in reducing such admissions in preterm Inuit infants in Nunavut. What makes matters worse is that due to the exceptionally high rates of admission, very expensive medical evacuations and prolonged hospitalizations and ICU admissions, it is much cheaper to give the palivizumab than to have these babies admitted with RSV. In fact, by giving palivizumab the Government of Nunavut would save a lot of money. In 2009, the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) issued the following statements: "Consideration should be given to administering RSV prophylaxis to all full-term Inuit infants younger than six months of age at the onset of the RSV season in northern remote communities" And again in 2018: "Consideration may be given to administering palivizumab during RSV season to term Inuit infants until they reach six months of age only if they live in communities with documented persistent high rates of RSV hospitalization." Despite 10 years of evidence there is a failure to give palivizumab to these babies. In the post Truth and Reconciliation era, this discrepancy in the way Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples are treated is inexcusable. Palivizumab prophylaxis needs to be implemented for this season. We, as physicians, have taken the Hippocratic Oath. Please help us end this suffering and inequality. We can move forward by putting an end to health discrimination as one step towards reconciliation. We and all levels of government need to work together to put precious human lives first and make this change now. Thank you. Alumni of '89 University of Toronto Medicine Dr. Famy Yim-Lee, Dr. Marilena Biscotti, Dr. Anna Banerji, Dr. Vivian Chow, and Dr. David Wong  

Dr. Anna Banerji
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