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Petition to Sarah Guillemard, The Honourable Marc Miller, The Honourable Carolyn Bennett

Prevent Disastrous Intentional Flooding of South Indian Lake Indigenous Lands!!!

SAVE THE LAND, LAKES & PEOPLE OF SOUTH INDIAN LAKE from continued ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION! #WATERISLIFE Manitoba Hydro, a crown corporation, flooded and destroyed the land at O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation/South Indian Lake in 1974 when they diverted the Churchill River to generate Hydroelectric power.   In doing so, they caused immeasurable environmental devastation to the lands, rivers, and lakes- destroying entire ecosystems and polluting aquatic and non-aquatic wildlife.  The socio-economic effects of this mass destruction in the name of progress have been immeasurable to the community's Indigenous people and are still being felt today.  In 1973, Manitoba Hydro was granted an Interim Licence that allowed operation and fluctuations of 2 feet over a twelve-month period, much like fluctuations in nature. Manitoba Hydro has not followed the terms of the Interim Licence since 1979! Manitoba Hydro has deviated from the Interim Licence, called the Augmented Flow Program (AFP), which allows 6 additional inches of flooding, 1 foot of further dewatering, and 4.5 feet of lake fluctuation. This operation is devasting and unnecessary for current Manitoba needs! Regrettably, on May 13, 2021, the Minister of Conservation and Climate, Sarah Guillemarde, granted MANITOBA HYDRO a final licence for the Augmented Flow Program.  Augment just means increase or raise, and they have raised water levels greatly- causing MASS ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION! What is truly problematic is that the Minister falsely stated in a press release that the decision was made after “decades-long consultation with Indigenous communities.” Consultation is meaningless if it is done merely as lip service and a formality. Consultation must actually be implemented and this has not been the case. What would we like to see happen?Ultimately, we want the province of Manitoba to rescind their issuance of a final “licence to destroy” to Manitoba Hydro. Manitoba Hydro is a crown corporation and is owned by the province, which puts the province in a serious position of conflict of interest. In order to do the right thing, they must recuse themselves and have a neutral, third party examine the issue, following actual, meaningful consultation and implementation of Indigenous people’s concerns. Now, we are calling upon the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to intervene. This is not solely a provincial issue because it involves Indigenous lands and Indigenous peoples!!!! Manitoba is required under the Constitution of Canada to conduct a section 35 consultation regarding the Churchill River Diversion Final Licence issuance regarding potential impacts on Aboriginal & Treaty Rights. Once again, despite fictitious claims to the contrary; this did not happen! Chief Shirley Ducharme of South Indian Lake has been very clear on her opposition to this project. She has called repeatedly for meaningful consultation and action. It doesn’t seem like Manitoba Hydro is listening to her and it’s unfortunate. We'd like to see Manitoba Hydro engage in meaningful consultation with South Indian Lake, Split Lake, Cross Lake, and other impacted First Nations. A community member in South Indian Lake who led the consultation process has said repeatedly and publicly that he’s frustrated he went through the process of engaging community members, but that Manitoba Hydro rejected the views of the community and there has been no follow-up. When the Minister issued a Final Licence to Manitoba Hydro without the required meaningful consultation under Sec. 35 and more importantly, Accommodation of the impacts on Aboriginal & Treaty Rights as required by the Canadian Constitution of 1982- she did so in violation of the Constitution! In sum, please support us by signing this petition and asking MP Marc Miller and MP Carolyn Bennett to rescind  Manitoba Hydro's issuance of a final license to destroy the land, water, wildlife, and Indigenous peoples in Northern Manitoba!  The honour of the Crown is at stake and our rights as Canadians are collectively being violated! The provincial government of Manitoba MUST NOT get away with these vile actions! Kinanaskomitinawaw (thank you, with extreme gratitude) for your support! We must protect our environment and preserve it for future generations to come!

Angela Levasseur
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Petition to Justin Trudeau

We Want an Indigenous-led Government of Canada

With Canada's upcoming election, it is a time to reflect on the past and present injustices done to Canada’s Indigenous people. The legacy of colonialism is lived to this day by Indigenous mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers that have survived all the genocide of the past, and which continues on today. While we must extend a hand of love and understanding, we must also be aware of the role that we play in supporting modern colonialism. The responsibility is on all of us to set things right. Whoever the elected candidate, we call on them to right their wrongs of the colonial government and begin the process of transferring stewardship of Canada back to Indigenous people. The process isn’t as difficult as it may seem, especially for those that are committed to truth and reconciliation. The truth is that the colonial government has no right over stolen land. The only true reconciliation is to give back the land and political control to the Indigenous people, who own this land by right and by birth. We call on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to start the process of setting things right, and ask Minister Marc Miller and Minister Carolyn Bennett to offer their support. Whoever the elected Prime Minister may be, we will also be holding you accountable to doing much more than the previous administration. Please email or tweet this call to:The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of CanadaEmail: justin.trudeau@parl.gc.caTwitter:  @JustinTrudeau The Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Indigenous ServicesEmail: Marc.Miller@parl.gc.caTwitter: @MarcMillerVM The Honourable Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Crown-Indigenous RelationsEmail: carolyn.bennett@parl.gc.caTwitter: @Carolyn_Bennett

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