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Petition to XAVIER BECERRA, Bob Ferguson

Stop the cruel and unconstitutional separation of families at US borders!

As reported on Father's Day weekend by Reuters, almost 2000 children were separated from their parents at the border in a little over 5 weeks including over 100 under the age of 4, which is an estimated total of almost 20,000 children separated per year.  As previously reported, the government last year “lost” 1475 or 35% of all children who arrived unaccompanied in 2017.  Extrapolating those numbers, its reasonable risk that 7,000 to 13,000 children could be “lost” and never seen by their families again under the current system. For these families there is no due process, appeal, end date, rights of visitation, minimum conditions, deferral for hardship like illness, and for many a random but reasonable expectation exists of not ever seeing their children again! Even convicted felons though separated from their families, have both visitation rights, mail and phone access, and the mercy of knowing when their sentence ends!  As Laura Bush the former first-lady so compassionately stated on Father’s Day…  “…this zero-tolerance policy is cruel. It is immoral. And it breaks my heart. Our government should not be in the business of warehousing children in converted box stores or making plans to place them in tent cities in the desert outside of El Paso. These images are eerily reminiscent of the Japanese American internment camps of World War II, now considered to have been one of the most shameful episodes in U.S. history” Imagine if you will, the government taking your children away, with no idea when or even if, you will ever see them again?  Happy Father's Day... The 13th Amendment to the US Constitution prohibits slavery. Slavery was a multi-faceted system that encompassed many unique social and economic elements, the two most commonly known were the treating of humans as property and forced labor without any wages.  A lesser known but probably even more horrific and damaging aspect unique to slavery was the forced separation of families, as spouses and children could be taken away or sold at the will and whim of the master.   A question then arises if the 13th Amendment can be applied to prevent the forced separation of children of families who have not been convicted or even indicted with a crime?  At the core of a legal question to me is does the 13th Amendment prohibit only the complete set of Slavery’s elements in combination? Or does it prohibit each aspect of slavery separately?   Strong evidence that the 13th covers each of the individual aspects of slavery separately are US prisons who pay their incarcerated workers even a small wage for work or prison duties.  If the issue of prison wages can be tied to the 13th Amendment, I believe the forced separation of families can as well.  There are also additional Constitutional issues of due process of law and the immigration authorities acting in power as a Court only can, as well as previous rulings regarding the internment of people of Japanese descent.  But I am not a lawyer, so I leave all these questions to those who have more experience.  I have never been more proud as a citizen then when Attorney Generals Bob Ferguson of Washington and Xavier Becerra of California, among other states successfully protested in Federal Court the President’s clearly unconstitutional “travel ban" in 2017.  I believe this situation is vastly crueler than either Trump’s travel ban or the illegal interment of the Japanese and offers the potential for damage that stand among the worst in our nation’s history.  There currently is no plan, legal method or requirement to ever reunite these children and parents, so it constitutes a de facto permanent separation, and enormous violation of the separation of powers and loss of due process to probably over 40,000 people including parents and children per year. My request is that the Attorney Generals of both California and Washington States would seek in Federal Court an emergency injunction prohibiting all federal agencies from separating non-convicted families at the border, and ordering the return of the ones previously taken, and I believe the 13 Amendment offers strong legal grounds for such a case.

Van Rue
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Petition to Nigel A. Jason, Jose Velez, President of the United States, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Senator Marco Rubio

Urgent: Stop Deportation of Francisco Javier Gonzalez, husband & father of 3 U.S. citizens

Javier MUST report again to DHS/ICE on June 12th. We basically have ten (10) days to stop the deportation of Francisco Javier Gonzalez, the father and SOLE breadwinner for 3 U.S. citizen children and his U.S. citizen wife – who desperately need him to stay in the United States. Sign this petition to stop Francisco from being taken away from his family on June 12th.  Francisco Javier Gonzalez could be deported back to Mexico as soon as June 12, 2018. Francisco came to the United States when he was only 15 in February of 1997. He was alone in this country and worked hard to get an education, graduating from high school and continuing his education in college. Francisco was unable to graduate from college because at the time they required a valid state identification which Francisco was unable to obtain due to his lack of legal status in the United States. Despite this setback, he worked hard and succeeded in the United States. Francisco speaks perfect English and has NO CRIMINAL HISTORY IN THE US or any other country in the world. He obtained his education, works hard, pays his taxes and lives an exemplary life abiding by all US laws. Francisco has never been back to his native country Mexico since his last arrival in January of 2002. He has made the United States of America his home and is now a loving husband and father to three beautiful daughters in Florida. Sign this petition now to stop Francisco’s from being deported on June 12th. Francisco met his wife in 2005 while both were working in a restaurant in Palm Beach, Florida. They fell in love and were married in 2006. Eleven years later, their love continues to grow. They have three amazing daughters together, ages 10, 7, and 5. The girls’ futures will be seriously compromised if he is removed. Were they to remain in the U.S. without their father, the girls would suffer extreme emotional and psychological damage from the breakup of their solid family dynamic and the absence of their hero—their father. Francisco has been and continues to be a key player in the success of his employer. He manages a prestigious restaurant in Palm Beach, FL. Through his hard work and dedication, the business has grown to three times its size from when Francisco took over. Francisco is loved and respected by everyone, he has made many friends and many of the usual customers have formed bonds and relationships with Francisco and his family. Francisco is a person of good moral character who deserves a chance to present his immigration case before Immigration Court with a council. He attends church every Sunday and is very involved in his community. He is the sole economic provider for his family. Sign the petition to respectfully request that Mr. Francisco Javier Gonzalez’s deportation be stopped, according to the new guidelines for prosecutorial discretion. Then, please take a few minutes to call: Nigel A. Jason Assistant Field Office Director U.S. DHS/ICE 2805 SW 145 Ave Miramar, FL 33027 (954) 843-5901   Jose M. Velez Supervisory Detention and Deportation Officer U.S. DHS/ICE 2805 SW 145 Ave Miramar, FL 33027 (954) 843-5906   Denise Blackwell Supervisory Program Manager Customs and Border Protection Houston Field Office (713) 387-7217 ofc   Vladimir Diaz, DHS/ICE Public Affairs Officer: (954) 236-4909. Honorable Representative Lois Frankel: Toll Free (866) 264-0957 Frankel’s Washington, DC Office – (202) 225-9890 Frankel’s Boca Raton, FL Office – (561) 998-9045/Fax: (561) 998-9048 Bill Nelson, FL Senator - (202) 224-5274 Hon Rep Brian Mast - 561-530-7778, Phone: 202-225-3026Fax: 202-225-8398 Say: "I am calling to ask that Francisco Javier Gonzalez deportation be stopped, and that he be granted discretion and a stay of deportation. His A number is 078-994-383. Thank you."

Richard Hujber
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Petition to Veteran Service Corps Board

Terminate the detention of Asylum Seekers at the US Border

Veteran Service Corps is engaged in building toward an equitable world through maximizing the training, education, experience, and talents of the veteran community.  VSC volunteers support human and civil rights, facilitate sustainable solutions that improve our communities, provide the infrastructure necessary to address complex systemic problems, and build capacity in others through camaraderie, teamwork and service. The detention of asylum applicants and their children on the southern border of the United States is equivalent to concentration camps, slavery and the internment of Japanese-Americans.  The incarceration of these families is immoral and is reminiscent of black site operations undertaken in the past. The United States as a beacon of hope for those fleeing tyranny in the pursuit of peace and justice is what is at stake.  Our American legacy for protection of the defenseless and assistance to the needy should be offered to these refugees as it was to our ancestors.  The board of directors of Veteran Service Corps, and the individual signees affixed hereto, respectfully petition the government of the United States to immediately halt the current border crisis and replace it with a policy of respect for the human rights of these immigration aspirants and end detention of asylum applicants. The honor of the country and the American people demands nothing less. The Board of Directors of Veteran Service Corps Christopher Duesing, President Nancy A. Hoffman, Vice-President/ acting Treasurer David Andrews, Secretary J. Pate Hutson, Director Brandon Boucher, Director Maureen Walsh, Director  

Veteran Service Corps
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