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Petition to Mayor Kendall Lane

Resolution to Support Immigrants in Keene, New Hampshire

In the spirit of Keene, NH native and civil rights leader Jonathan Daniels support a resolution to the city of Keene, NH to ensure that Keene is a safe and welcoming community for immigrants: Please add comment so we know where you are from!  Keene, New Hampshire  A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF KEENE TO ENSURE THAT KEENE IS A SAFE AND WELCOMING COMMUNITY FOR IMMIGRANTS  WHEREAS, the city of Keene has a long and rich history of welcoming and successfully integrating diverse immigrant groups into its civic life; and  WHEREAS, immigrants contribute essential skills as employees and entrepreneurs, thereby strengthening our local economy, which is especially important in a state where the population is aging and many young people look elsewhere for opportunity; and  WHEREAS, the resources of the Keene Police Department are limited and the funding of city services through local property taxes are an issue of extraordinary concern; and  WHEREAS, recent studies have shown that humane treatment of immigrants by law enforcement enhances cooperation with police and lowers crime rates (Wong, University of California-San Diego, 2017); and  WHEREAS, there have been a number of recent events involving racist intolerant behavior in our community which were addressed in a letter signed by community leaders including the Keene Mayor, the Cheshire County Sheriff, the former Keene Police Chief, and the SAU 29 Superintendent of Schools (March, 2017); and  WHEREAS, Keene is blessed with the legacy of Jonathan Daniels and the example he provided of fighting for justice and offering compassion for those in need; and  WHEREAS, the mission statement of the Keene Police Department reads, “….to protect life and property and to maintain order within the City while assuring fair and respectful treatment of everyone.”  NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE CITY OF KEENE:  Will promote the following policies within the Keene Police Department:  1.    Police Officers, in the performance of their routine duties, will not ask any person about his or her immigration or citizenship status.  2.    Police officers will not assist U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in actions intended to enforce federal immigration statutes without clear indications that targeted persons are involved in violent criminal behavior, are in violation of NH State felony laws, or have an outstanding criminal warrant.  3.    Police officers will not detain or prolong detention of individuals on behalf of ICE or CBP without clear indications that such persons are involved in violent criminal behavior, are in violation of NH State felony laws, or have an outstanding criminal warrant.  

Keene Immigration and Refugee Partnership
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Petition to USCIS Buffalo Field Office

Stay of Deportation for my husband Carlos E. Gomez Ramos

My name is Karen Rodriguez-Gomez. I am the wife of Carlos E. Gomez Ramos, my husband is currently being detained for deportation at the Batavia Deportation Center under the supervision of the Buffalo, NY Field Office. My husband came to this country undocumented 14 years ago from Guatemala seeking a better life for him and his family. He has for the past 14 years helped support his younger siblings through their schooling and he has supported his parents and their health problems. I met Carlos several years ago and we decided to get married this year. Several years ago one of his two only sisters was kidnapped and held for ransom, him and his brothers pulled all their money together and paid the ransom. It has now been about four years and they still have not seen or heard from her. This situation really had an impact on Carlos and it has caused profound pain. My husband was detained about 5 years ago when a car he was a passenger in had a minor accident and the officer at the scene asked for identification, since my husband was undocumented they took him to a detention center. Carlos is such a hard worker and good employee that his employer paid the bail to have him released into his custody. After Carlos was released he quickly hired his current attorney to try and get the necessary paperwork to work legally and to become a resident. Carlos's attorney was able to help him receive working papers and filed an asylum petition with the courts. Since his asylum petition did not get approved, we changed our approach and filed an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative which is currently being reviewed by the USCIS. I am currently 6 months pregnant with our first child, I do have another son from a previous relationship. My son has grown fond of Carlos and views him as his friend. I left my first husband after 10 years of verbal abuse and emotional abuse. I suffered deep depression during those 10 years and it affected every aspect of my life. I finally got the strength to leave my husband and start a new life. After a couple of years I married Carlos who has been my support, my rock and my strength. He knows where I have come from since he himself saw how my husband would treat me. He has been gentle and patient with me due to my being self-conscious after all the abuse. I struggle with self-worth and Carlos has always made me feel like I am worthy. When I am overcome with my depression Carlos helps through every episode. He is the most positive person I know and it has had a major impact in my life. Carlos is more to me then my husband he is a part of me, he completes me as a person. We are having a daughter and I need her father in her life to be a positive force as he is for me. Carlos was looking forward to having his first child and I know this is very difficult on him. When we went for his annual interview with immigration this year on July 10th, we had all the paperwork that his attorney had prepared for him to give to Immigration. When we arrived they had us wait over an hour before they attended him and once he was in their office, the agent told me that they were going to keep him because they were waiting for a check that his attorney had sent for the sum of $110.00 to be deposited and that they would check everyday to see if the funds had arrived and then they would let him go. The officer didn't even want to let me say goodbye, but his employer that was also with me asked them if they could at least let us say goodbye. When they brought him out in handcuffs I didn't know what to do, they wouldn't let me hug him or anything. I will never forget the look on my husband's face, he looked so scared. I left the office without my husband believing that the immigration officer was being truthful. The next day I decided to check with the Batavia detention center that is holding my husband to see if they had received the funds, the agent I spoke with said that they do not do that and that my husband is marked for deportation. I couldn't believe my ears, I spoke with his attorney and he made it clear that Immigration does not have the authority to deport him while he is working on his case. I went and saw my husband on Tuesday and he assured me he was ok. I know he is trying to be strong, but I know he is devastated. Carlos was supposed to see his deportation agent on Thursday July 13th, suddenly I received a call from Carlos saying the agent came today July 12th and that they were going to deport him for Monday July 17th. I am trying to keep it together but I am struggling, I have little to no appetite and I have not slept well since Monday. I have moments when I feel like my whole world has gone black and I don't know how I am going to get through this life without the man that has been my anchor. I do not want to imagine our daughter growing up without her father. I do not want to imagine Carlos not being here for her birth, her first words, teaching her to walk or seeing her go off to her first day of school.  Carlos's attorney helped me to understand that if we bring forward our story and can collect enough voices we can all be heard and we can make a difference.  If anyone can and is willing to help, please sign this petition and send to the: Buffalo Field Office 130 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202 or call 716-843-7600. They can also be reached via email at       Alien Registration No. 200-562-109   

Karen Rodriguez-Gomez
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Petition to The Mayor and Town Council

Unite to strengthen fair and welcoming policies for all West Orange residents

“Immigration enforcement now targets everyone present in the U.S. without authorization. [Anyone] can be detained if suspected just of being undocumented.” —Dr. Wayne Cornelius, Distinguished Professor of Political Science, emeritus, University of California-San Diego West Orange is a vibrant, diverse community and for over two hundred years we have welcomed migrants from all over the world. In the face of punitive federal immigration enforcement policies, which create a dragnet that threatens to sweep up people who seem different and tear families apart, we urge the adoption of strong policies to ensure that agents and employees of the town of West Orange: will NOT use township resources to enforce federal immigration law; will treat all individuals fairly and without discrimination based on actual or perceived immigration status; will protect the personal, confidential information of all West Orange residents by not maintaining sensitive information and not sharing information with federal immigration authorities; will adopt protocols for U-Visa certification so that undocumented victims of crime who have been helpful to local law enforcement may apply for protection under the immigration laws. We must seek to protect and defend the rights of all the hardworking residents of our town—we are all neighbors, we are colleagues, and we are fellow parents in our schools. We want all West Orange residents to feel they can participate without fear in the civic life of our community. No mandate exists that West Orange do the federal government’s work in the arena of immigration enforcement. As taxpayers, we want our township resources to be used to protect and strengthen our community, not to destabilize and damage it by contributing to detention and deportation.  As residents concerned with public safety for all residents, we want a clear separation of immigration enforcement from municipal services so that all residents, including undocumented immigrants, can feel comfortable reporting crimes, serving as witnesses and using emergency services.   It is essential that our community unite in continuing and strengthening fair and welcoming policies for all West Orange residents. ---------------  West Orange es una comunidad vibrante y diversa y desde hace más de doscientos años hemos dado bienvenido a migrantes de todo el mundo. Frente a las políticas punitivas y duras de la inmigración federal que amenazan hacerles daño a las personas que parecen diferentes y desgarrar a las familias, queremos que hayan políticas fuertes para garantizar que los agentes y empleados del municipio de West Orange: NO utilizarán los recursos del municipio para hacer cumplir la ley federal de inmigración; tratarán a todos los individuos de manera justa y sin discriminación basada en el estatus migratorio real o percibido; protegerán la información personal y confidencial de todos los residentes de West Orange al no mantener información confidencial y no compartir información con las autoridades federales de inmigración; adoptarán protocolos para la certificación de la visa U para que las víctimas indocumentadas del crimen que han ayudado a la policía local pueden solicitar protección bajo las leyes de inmigración. Debemos proteger y defender los derechos de todos los residentes de nuestro municipio: todos somos vecinos, somos colegas y somos padres de familia en nuestras escuelas. Queremos que todos los residentes de West Orange sientan que pueden participar sin temor en la vida cívica de nuestra comunidad. No existe mandato ninguno de que West Orange haga el trabajo del gobierno federal en la esfera de la aplicación de la ley de inmigración. Como los que pagamos impuestos en este municipio, queremos que nuestros recursos municipales se utilicen para proteger y fortalecer a nuestra comunidad, no para desestabilizarla y dañarla contribuyendo a la detención y deportación. Como residentes preocupados por la seguridad pública de todos los residentes, queremos una separación clara de la aplicación de leyes de inmigración de los servicios municipales, para que todos los residentes, incluyendo a inmigrantes indocumentados, puedan sentirse cómodos denunciando crímenes, sirviendo como testigos y usando servicios de emergencia. Es esencial que nuestra comunidad se una para continuar y fortalecer políticas justas y de bienvenida para todos los residentes de West Orange.  

Essex Rising Fair & Welcoming Committee
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