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Petition to President of the United States, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

Save Isabel

Save Isabel Told that she would die by the age of 7 due to a rare medical condition, Isabel moved to the U.S. to access life-saving medication and care not available in her home country. Now she is being deported, with just 33 days notice, despite 16 years of living in the U.S. a legal resident. Help keep Isabel in the U.S. so she can continue to access life-saving medical care. Tweet the President About Isabel Isabel is an inspiration to everyone who meets her. She is smart, lively, lovely and full of plans. Despite being told that she would die by the age of 7, Isabel has defied the odds through life-saving medication and care. She recently graduated from college with honors and is an active member of her community. In 2016, Isabel was featured on the popular TV series, My Last Days. To see her episode and learn more about her story, check out: Isabel is severely disabled - wheelchair bound with a tracheotomy. She suffers from a rare, life-threatening disorder called Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome, also known as Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI (MPS-6). She receives weekly day-long treatments at UCSF Children’s Hospital in Oakland, which is paid for through her private medical insurance. About Her Situation In 2003, Isabel and her family moved to the United States to participate in a clinical trial to treat her rare condition. Upon FDA approval of the treatment, the family stayed in the U.S., legally, in accordance with a medical deferred action status, so that Isabel could continue receiving treatment and additional medical care crucial to her health. The treatment is not available in Guatemala. Isabel and her family have lived in the U.S. legally for 16 years. Isabel’s mother is her primary caregiver, while her father works and provides for the family. They own a home, pay taxes, are active in their community, and have complied with all legal requirements of their visa. On August 13, USCIS denied extension of their Deferred Action Status, ordering Isabel and her family to return to Guatemala. If the family does not leave within 33 days, deportation proceedings will be initiated. Immigration attorneys are reporting similar denials across the U.S., except to U.S. military families. Lack of notice prevents the family from making any accommodation for Isabel’s care. According to Martin Lawler, Isabel’s San Francisco immigration attorney, “Isabel and her family have followed all the immigration rules. She is not a burden to the government and has private medical insurance. It is outrageous to deport a young person with a serious illness that can only be treated in the U.S. Where has our compassion gone? USCIS should extend Isabel and her family’s deferred action status.”

Karla Bueso
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Petition to ICE

Let Raul stay in the U.S

Recently my fiance was taken into custody by ICE. Hello my name is Jessica Lopez, my fiance Raul and I have 4 wonderful children. Raul is a hard working family man who solely provides for my kids and I. From the very beginning Raul has taken the responsibility of making my 3 children and our infant son we share together his priority. Raul is dedicated to me and our children’s well being providing us with a safe place to call home every night, and being a positive influence in my kids' lives. He is the sole support of our family and his job insurance is essential for our well-being. We cannot pay our rent payment, buy food or pay education expenses for our children without him. Life was perfect and could not have been any better for us until yesterday when we were ambushed at our home. The detectives falsely identified themselves, also dressed in police vests. They took away a wonderful man who loves his family and works hard for us. Our infant is 7 weeks old and also needs his father in his life as he already knows who daddy is. Raul is a great help with all of our children and loves everyone equally. I myself am still recovering from a C-Section and also need help. Not having Raul in our lives will be an extreme burden financially. His detainment has been emotionally and financially devastating. Having to worry about paying all my bills to provide for my kids and not being able to be with my children is very stressful, I can attest first hand to his work ethic, his integrity, and his overall kindness.

Jessica Lopez
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