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Petition to The Hon. Prime Minister of India,

Dual citizenship for Overseas Indians

Dual citizenship for Overseas Indians Campaign  “The benchmarks for success, which the Pravasi community has set, are a challenge for us in India. They make us examine why the Indian is so much more innovative, productive and successful abroad than in his own country. They prod us to create a business, investment and economic climate, which is as conducive to success as anywhere else in the world. I assure you we are fully committed to creating such an environment in India” - Atal Bihari Vajpayee (Former Prime Minister of India) 9 January 2003 Inaugural address at the Pravsi Bharathiya Sammelan, New Delhi. Preamble:With over 15.6 million Indians living overseas, India has the world’s largest diaspora. However, the Indian constitution does not permit dual citizenship to its emigrants. The following are the advantages of granting dual citizenship: Advantages to Indians residing abroad Political rights - Right to vote, be a Member of the Legislative Assembly or Legislative Council or Parliament, hold Constitutional posts such as President, Vice President, Judge of the Supreme Court or High Court, etc. Property rights - Acquire agricultural or plantation properties in India. Constitutional posts - Entitled for appointment to public services and posts in connection with the affairs of the Union or the State. Sentimental attachment - Voluntarily acquiring a foreign citizenship does not make the emigrants any less Indian. While they go abroad in search of new opportunities, they must not be seen as “people who lack allegiance to the Republic of India.” Advantages to the country of descent Retain authority and loyalty from its emigrants Increased remittances  Political contribution Lobby with other countries to foster alliances Stimulate Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Tap into human resource capital International advantages Promote international mobility and integrated economies Global trend is moving away from viewing ‘nationality’ as an exclusive status to that which enables free flow of trade and investment. Simplify many laws and regulations that otherwise pose a hindrance to economic integration. Sculpture younger and next generation kids as future ambassadors of India to the World in - Culture, Academics, Research, Service (NGOs), Thanks Foundation for Democratic Reforms Foundation for Democratic Reforms (India) For More info – Jawahar Kambhampati San Diego, CA USA Hockessin, DE USA  

Foundation for Democratic Reforms
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Petition to Governor Gavin Newsom

Governor Newsom, Please Help Keep Charles Joseph Home!

On May 16, 2019, Charles Robert Joseph was arrested by ICE agents for deportation. Charles is a father, husband, artist, musician, and Indo-Fijian leader. He is an incredibly valuable member of our community. He is detained at the Mesa Verde Detention Center, a for-profit immigration detention facility in Bakersfield, California. He will be deported to Fiji and separated from his family unlessGovernor Newsom grants a pardon for a crime he committed when he was 22 years old. Charles was born in Fiji, and came to this country at the age of 14 as a lawful permanent resident. He came with his parents and siblings. Charles’s mother, wife, and children are all U.S. citizens. Charles’s grandparents were also U.S. citizens. At the age of 15 years old, Charles’s father was deported to Fiji. Charles and his father were inseparable.They would go golfing together and spend an immense amount of time together. But without a father figure at home, things got tough. Charles’s mother, Alumita, had a hard time taking care of the children maintaining a full time job at the California Franchise Tax Board. Losing his father put Charles on a path of anger, frustration, and instability—and at the age of 22 years old, he committed a crime which landed him in prison. This conviction now makes him deportable, and the immigration judge cannot grant discretionary relief—even though Charles has legally resided in the United States most of his life, and has completely rehabilitated. Charles transformed his life in prison. He became actively involved in violence prevention programs, while developing his exceptional art and musical talents. He became a violence prevention leader, elected by his peers as representative of the Men’s Advisory Council, where he negotiated grievances and prevented violence within a dangerous prison system. According to correctional staff, Charles regularly shared his skills in classes by leading discussions, demonstrating humility and self-awareness about his own process of rehabilitation, and holding each person accountable in their growth as men, husbands and fathers.” He raised money for and worked with Special Olympians, and created original music for a performance of Shakespeare’s Pericles. Please sign the petition and tell Governor Newsom to grant Charles Joseph a pardon!

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Petition to migrationsminister , Förvaltningsrätten , Migrationsverket, Sveriges Riksdag, Migrationsdomstolar , Sveriges Domstolar, European Court of Human Rights, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

درخواست پناهجویان دولت سوئد برای تسهیل در امور پناهندگی

                                                       HÖR VÅR RÖST! This text have written by 3 languages (Persian,Swedish,English) مهاجرت دو دلیل اصلی دارد: اول فرار برای نجات دوم هجرت برای اصلاح و شرایط بهتر. برای اعضا گروه "بشنو صدای ما را" دلیل دوم بیشتر صدق میکند چون اعضا این گروه از منطقه ای می آیند که به علت ثروت منطقه ای که در آن زندگی میکردند غالبا از حداقل امکانات رفاهی برخوردار بوده اند و به جرات میتوان گفت اکثریت اعضا این گروه که درخواست پناهندگی داده اند فراریان از وطنی هستند که که برای نجات جان و دستیابی به امنیت جانی و روحی روانی خود مجبور به ترک زندگی شان شده اند چه آنان که مخالف سیاست حاکم بر کشور خود هستند و پناهنده سیاسی نام دارند و چه آنان که به خاطر عقیده و مذهب به عنوان پناهنده مذهبی و چه فعالان اجتماعی. در مورد پناهنده مذهبی و اجتماعی لازم به توضیح است که حکومتهای اسلامی با وضع قوانین ضد انسانی به اسم دین تا جایی پیش رفته اند که اگر هر فردی به هر دلیلی تغییر دین دهد ملحد و مرتد نامیده شده و بر اساس قانون اسلام چنین شخصی دیگر اجازه زندگی کردن ندارد و در موارد اجتماعی نیز هر شخصی که نظر مخالفی بر ضد قوانین حکومتی دارد با کوچکترین اعتراضی محکوم به بیشترین مجازات است. تمام مراجع بین الملل و کشورهای حامی حقوق بشر از آمار و ارقام محکومان زندانیان ادعایمان شکنجه های جسمی و روحی و ظلمهایی که حاکمان حکومتهای استبدادی مخصوصا جمهوری اسلامی بر ما روا داشته است اطلاع دارند هر چند که این آگاهی شاید درصد خیلی کمی از آمار واقعی باشد چون حکومت اسلامی با رهبری دیکتاتور بزرگ آن، که حتی اسمش در کتابهای درسی سوئد به عنوان دیکتاتور قید شده است برای وجهه بین المللی خود از انتشار آمار دقیق خودداری کرده و می کند و حتی این اعمال غیر انسانی تا حدی پیش رفته است که شکنجه روحی و روانی مردم را تحت حوادث طبیعی و غیر طبیعی نیز به مردم اعمال میکند. ماده ۱۴ اعلامیه جهانی حقوق بشر میگوید: “هر کسی حق دارد در برابر تعقیب شکنجه و آزار پناهندگی جستجو کند و در کشورهای دیگر پناه اختیار کند.؛” پناهندگانی که از ترس جان و برای امنیت جانی روانی و اجتماعی خود درخواست پناهندگی داده اند به علت تفاوت در قانون و فرهنگ کشور جدید معمولا در ابتدای مسیر دچار چالش میشوند ولی این در حالی است که موفقیت ایرانیان در جامعه سوئد نشانگر آنست که این قشر از جامعه یعنی ایرانیان خیلی سریعتر توانسته اند با جامعه سوئد ادغام شوند اما متاسفانه آمار نشان داده است که در سالهای اخیر درصد قبولی پناهندگان ایرانی به طرز چشم گیری کاهش داشته است. ما عده ای از پناهجویان کشور سوئد تحت عنوان گروه "بشنو صدای ما را" تماما برای نجات جان خود از دیکتاتوری فردی و دیکتاتوری اجتماعی به علت شرایط سخت زندگی ،روحی و روانی چه در گذشته و چه هم اکنون به دلیل شرایط سخت زندگی پناهجویی و گذراندن مسیرهای دشوار برای رسیدن به منطقه امن و مشکلات مربوط به طولانی بودن پروسه پناهجویی تا دریافت جواب مثبت از دولت سوئد،تقاضا داریم: 1-     با ما رفتار مناسب و در شآن انسانی شود. 2-    هر کدام از ما در پرونده پناهجویی خود به دلائل گوناگون از جمله عدم تخصص مسئول پرونده یا سیاستهای اشتباه اداره مهاجرت یا نا آگاهی از قوانین یا ترجمه نادرست توسط مترجمان ضعیف یا عدم تطابق فرهنگی موجود در کشورها یا ... دارای اشکال هستیم لذا از دولتمردان سوئد تقاضامندیم پرونده پناهجویی همه مارا در هر وضعیتی که هست (بازمنفی بسته)مجددا و در کوتاه ترین زمان به جریان انداخته و توسط افراد متخصص و آگاه به امور پناهجویی و شرایط روز جهانی بررسی عادلانه نمایند. تاکید میکنیم بررسی عادلانه آگاهانه و تخصصی پرونده تمام اعضای این گروه در هر وضعیتی و در کوتاهترین زمان. 3-    تمامی اعضا  به قوانین کشور سوئد پایبند هستیم ولی برای رسیدن به هدف خود که دریافت اقامت از کشور سوئد هست در راستای قانون و تا هر حدی که مجاز باشیم زیر پرچم سوئد با حمایت سازمانهای بین المللی حقوق بشر با استفاده از قوانین مجاز اجتماعی و حمایت رسانه های سراسری تصمیم به اجرا و راهبرد اعتراضهای پلکانی و در فرمهای مختلف گرفته ایم. لذا از سازمانهای مربوط درخواست میکنیم ظرف مدت 3 هفته پس از ارسال، پاسخ این درخواست را به صورت کتبی  به نمایندگان ما داده شود. درخواست ما این است به صدای ما گوش دهید و پاسخ مارا عادلانه و بشر دوستانه بدهید.                                             “بني آدم اعضاي يك يكديگرند                                               که در آفرینش ز یک گوهرند                                              چو عضوی به درد آورد روزگار                                               دگر عضوها را نماند قرار                                              تو کز محنت دیگران بی غمی                                               نشاید که نامت نهند آدمی” با احترام HÖR VÅR RÖST تماس با ما:     National escape has two basic causes: To save life and to strive for a secure future.  This is the situation for the members of the group "Hör Vår Röst(Hear our voice)".  The group consists of refugees who, in general, come from socio-economic circumstances where they enjoyed relatively good living conditions for the refuge.  The majority are either political refugees seeking asylum to save their lives or individuals who have been forced to flee as they have a belief that is not tolerated by the governing in their home countries.  Regarding asylum seekers who have converted to another religion, it can be mentioned that the sharia laws of several Islamic regimes regard all such individuals as heretics and thus have affected their eligibility.  A third group is the civil society actors whose social involvement leads to high penalties in the home countries. Both international bodies and countries where human rights are applied have knowledge of the statistics of all inhumanly cruel judgments that tyrannical regimes, such as the Islamic regime in Iran, have exposed us to.  However, these data constitute only a fraction of the actual figures when such regimes, whose leaders are referred to as dictators in Swedish textbooks, do not report reality-based statistics. According to the 14th article in the Declaration of Human Rights, everyone has the right to seek asylum from persecution and torture.  Refugees who take refuge in other countries initially encounter some adaptation difficulties.  It should be noted that Iranians have shown an incredible pace of integration into Swedish society.  Despite this, the proportion of Iranians granted asylum has fallen drastically in recent years.  This is a statistic for a country, but it expresses a general trend where asylum reasons are being taken less seriously and a higher threshold for residence permits being granted. The asylum process has also become increasingly lengthy in recent years and now means an inhumanly long desert walk for a large number of people with strong reasons and great fears.  Today, Sweden directly violates EU law with processing times and an investigation has been launched by the EU Commission to investigate Sweden's delinquency We are a group of asylum seekers who have formed “Hör Vår RöstHear our voice)”.  Common to all of us is that we were forced to flee to save our lives and escape inhumane hardships.  This escape was in itself surrounded by great trauma.  The long wait for asylum seekers in Sweden has also been characterized by difficult circumstances.  We therefore appeal to the Swedish Government to: 1-      We shall be treated with human dignity. 2-      Please note that our asylum cases may have been affected by difficulties caused by both the lack of competence of the officers and our lack of knowledge as well as the interpreter's lower skills or cultural clashes.  Therefore, our affairs, regardless of status, should be reviewed in order to obtain, in the shortest possible time, a fair treatment of competent officials who possess skills in both refugee and international knowledge. 3- All members of the Group respect Sweden's laws.  Therefore, we will use all legal steps to achieve our goal of being granted asylum in Sweden.  We will thus seek support from both bodies defending the right of asylum and mass media. Therefore, we ask you to review this and get a response within 3 weeks from today's date.  We appeal for our voices to be heard and for a positive and fair decision to come our way.                              “Human beings are members of a whole                                In creation of one essence and soul                                If one member is afflicted with pain                                  Other members uneasy will remain                              If you have no sympathy for human pain                              The name of human you cannot retain” Sincerely Hör Vår Röst contact us:   Landsflykt har två grundorsaker: Att rädda livet och att sträva efter en trygg framtid Detta är situationen för medlemmarna ur gruppen ”Hör vår röst”. Gruppen består av flyktingar från som, i allmänhet, kommer från socioekonomiska omständigheter där de åtnjöt relativt goda livsvillkor för flykten. Majoriteten är antingen politiska flyktingar som söker asyl för att rädda sina liv eller individer som tvingats gå i landsflykt då de har en trosuppfattning som inte tolereras av de styrande i sina hemländer. Beträffande asylsökande som konverterat till annan religion kan det nämnas att flera islamiska regimers sharia-lagar betraktar alla sådana individer som kättare och därmed har avverkat sitt existensberättigande. En tredje grupp är civilsamhällets aktörer vars sociala engagemang leder till höga straff i hemländerna. Såväl internationella instanser som länder där mänskliga rättigheter tillämpas, har kännedom om statistiken över alla omänskligt grymma domar som tyranniska regimer, som exempelvis det islamiska styret i Iran, har utsatt oss för. Emellertid utgör dessa uppgifter enbart en bråkdel av de verkliga siffrorna då sådana regimer, vars ledare benämns som diktator i svenska skolböcker, inte redovisar verklighetsförankrad statistik. Enligt 14;e artikel i deklarationen om de mänskliga rättigheterna har envar rätt att söka asyl undan förföljelse och tortyr. Flyktingar som tar sin tillflykt till andra länder möter en del anpassningssvårigheter initialt. Beaktas bör att iranier har visat en otrolig integrationstakt i det svenska samhället. Detta till trots har andelen iranier som beviljats asyl minskat drastiskt under senare år. Detta är en statistik för ett land, men som ger uttryck för en allmän trend där asylskäl tas allt mindre på allvar och en högre tröskel för att uppehållstillstånd skall beviljas.   Asylprocessen har även under senaste åren blivit allt längre och innebär nu en omänskligt lång ökenvandring för ett stort antal personer med starka skäl och stor rädsla. Idag bryter Sverige direkt mot EU-rätten med handläggningstider och en utredning har inletts av EU-kommissionen för att utreda Sveriges brottsliga senfärdighet. Vi är en grupp asylsökande som bildat ”Hör vår röst”. Gemensamt för oss alla är att vi tvingats till landsflykt för att rädda våra liv och undkomma omänskliga umbäranden. Denna flykt har i sig omgärdats av stora trauman. Den långa väntan som asylsökande i Sverige har också präglats av svåra omständigheter. Därför vädjar vi till den svenska regeringen att: 1-      Vi ska behandlas med mänsklig värdighet. 2-      Beaktas att våra asylärenden kan ha drabbats av svårigheter orsakade av såväl handläggares bristfälliga kompetens och våra bristande kunskaper som tolkens lägre kompetens eller kulturkrockar. Därför ska våra ärenden, oavsett status, ses över för att under kortast möjliga tid få en rättvis handläggning av kompetenta tjänstemän som besitter färdigheter om både flyktingskap och omvärldskunskap. 3-      Gruppens alla medlemmar respekterar Sveriges lagar. Därför kommer vi att använda oss av alla legala steg för att uppnå vårt mål som är att beviljas asyl i Sverige. Vi kommer sålunda att söka stöd hos såväl instanser som försvarar asylrätten som massmedier. Därför ber vi er om att granska detta och få respons inom 3 veckor från dagens datum. Vi vädjar om att våra röster ska bli hörda och att ett positivt och rättvist beslut ska komma vår väg.                                  “Människor är medlemmar i en helhet                                    I skapandet av en essens och en själ                                     Om en medlem drabbas av smärta                               Övriga medlemmar kommer att vara kvar                              Om du inte har sympati för mänsklig smärta                               Namnet på människan kan du inte behålla”   Med Vänliga Hälsningar Hör Vår Röst Kontakt oss:  

Hör vår Röst
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Petition to USCIS , Jared Polis

Pardon and Bring Home a Husband & Grandfather after UNFAIR Deportation!!

On September 12, 2018, my Stepdad, Henry Javier Cruz-Moreno was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It was one of the worst days of our lives.  No family should be ripped apart solely because of a person's place of birth, but our family is very small and Henry or "Dappy" as my daughters (pictured with my Mom and Henry) call their grandpa, has become the staple in our little family and in our community for that matter. My Mom, Priscilla Cruz-Moreno and Henry have been married for almost 20 years. In 2000, still considered "Newlyweds," my parents had an argument in which the police had been called and charges were filed by the DA. Because my stepdad took an ill-advised plea by the courts and our attorney at the time, our lives would be forever unknowingly and unfairly haunted because of the fact that Henry is a native of Honduras.  Since that night, 19 years ago my parents have grown a loving marriage that most people dream of.  They began counseling and started going to church, Henry building a food pantry for the needy in their front yard. They have built a successful (tax paying) carpet cleaning business, which has 5 star ratings across the internet, it was solely run by Henry. We've had to close down the business since Henry has been detained by ICE.  At the age of 19, I became a single mother to my daughter, Cilla.  I was in college and working, so I was living with my parents. They helped me raise my daughter (now 16); Cilla growing an especially strong bond with her grandpa (calling him Dappy). I later became involved with a man, who would become the father of my second daughter 7 years later.  It was ultimately a long-term, abusive relationship.  We left on Christmas day 2009, after he destroyed our house that day and hit me several times in front of my daughters - leaving me with a concussion, bruises and partially blind in my left eye.  My girls and I would not have got out safely if it hadn't been for Henry and my mom. 10 years later I have earned my Graduate Degree, and bought a house 10 minutes away from them, which I would not have been able to do without the love and support from Henry and my Mom helping me with my girls. My oldest daughter has been diagnosed with PTSD.  In 2017 she attempted suicide, in which she spent a week in Intensive Care. When she began to come into a coherent state, she found comfort in being near her Dappy. Her therapist has written letters to the courts, detailing the harm that would be done to her mental state if he is to be deported, but all pleas have been ignored. My mom is not in well health, suffering from Congestive Heart Failure and possible uterine cancer. Henry was taking care of her before he was detained by ICE.  I have also recently been diagnosed with Auto-Immune deficiency and two pituitary tumors, causing severe migraines. Without Henry being here we have struggled, physically, emotionally and financially since he has been gone.  I am putting the house I've worked so hard for up for sale because we can no longer afford all of our medical, legal and living expenses. I grew up as the only child of a single mother who worked 3 jobs to take care of me. When she met Henry I saw her become happier than she'd ever been before. Their love and happiness has only grown stronger over the last 20 years; not many people can say that about their marriages. My parents should not lose the love of their lives because of a mistake and bad attorney's advice from 19 years ago.  We need Henry home, our lives have been shattered since he was taken from us.  My 9 year old said to me "Mama, if I had known the Sunday before Dappy was taken by ICE was going to be our last hug, I would have hugged him harder. Why won't my eyes stop crying mama?" Please sign our petition in support of a pardon from Governor Jared Polis and to STOP the deportation of our beloved Dappy. We have had many kind people ask to help with legal and medical bills. We have created a  GoFundMe account to help with our many bills.  We appreciate any help, but your signature on our petition is also more appreciated than you know. 

Farah Broomandi
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