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Immigrants are the backbone of America. Reform Immigration policies, and stop deportations

Since President trump has taken office, he has launched a war on immigrants, and families who flee to the United States for a better life. Immigrants deserve to have the opportunity to live a safe, and prosperous life for themselves and their families. Most immigrants are seeking asylum and fleeing war, famine, or poverty, and the United States is their greatest chance to begin a new life. WE ARE A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS! We were a nation of immigrants, we must remember our history, and welcome others, and grant them the same freedoms we have enjoyed. We must demand that congress pass legislation that not only allows immigrants easier access to resources and facilities that could help them. we must also demand that I.C.E and the Department of Homeland Security stop mass raids and deportations.  Sign our petition to demand Congress pass legislation that allows immigrants and asylum seekers entrance into our country. ]We are deporting citizens, not immigrants, but citizens that have lived here, peacefully, and started a family. They pay into all the social welfare programs you and I do, but they often are denied or choose to not accept the benefits of these programs.They are vital to our country. They are friends, they are workers, they are part of a community. Sign our petition to demand Congress pass legislation that allows immigrants and asylum seekers entrance into our country.  

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Help Stop My Mother's Deportation - She Has Lived In The US Legally For 12+ Years!

I would like to begin with a short poem from my favorite poet: “like flowers crave for spring, my heart craves for my mother more than anything”. My mother, Gulnora Atakhanova, is many things. For most, she is strong, willful, ambitious, generous, and courageous. I find myself struggling to find the perfect words to describe her, except the fact that she is my hero. There are many powerful mother-daughter bonds that I admire deeply, but my relationship with my mother is like no other. My name is Arij Batul Abid and I am a senior pre-med student attending the University of South Florida. My mother, brother and I arrived to the United States approximately 13 years ago. My brother and I were granted residencies recently after a long and difficult journey. However, my mother is currently at risk of deportation despite being married to the love of her life, who is a United States citizen and the father of her 3-year old son. Since the day I was born, she has been my safe haven and has sacrificed so much just so I can live out my dreams. At a very young age, I had to learn to live life without a father figure, however, my mom filled this void and took on the role of not only a mother but also a father and friend. I think back to some of the challenges she faced growing up herself with two young children and I cannot begin to understand how with all the pains the world brought upon her, she managed to make gold out of it. My mother is the most compassionate, kind, respectful and honest woman I have ever met, and she continues to fight this battle to earn the right to call this country her home. After being here for so many years, this country has truly become our home, a place of peace filled with those whom we care and love very much. Tearing me away from my mother would make my world fall apart. My stepfather who deems my mother as his one true love, would be forced to work less and provide for the family all on his own. My brother, Ali, and step-sister, Angelique, would be starting their journey in college without our mother to guide them the way she did for me. My baby brother, a United States citizen would grow up without a mother. My mother has already accomplished so many phenomenal things. After seeing my interest in a phlebotomy program, she was inspired to get her certification as well with the hope of working in the medical field. She dreams of one day attending school and putting her abilities to good use to better society and will do what is right to help those in need because she understands what it means to be a survivor. She has not had the privilege of making many choices, except doing what had to be done to better the lives of her children. After working in the United States for many years, raising brilliant children with extraordinary aspirations, she is at risk of being separated from her family and sent back to a country she no longer recognizes. I ask that you please consider what a wonderful person my mother is and all she has to offer because our lives will not be the same without her. If given the opportunity, she will live out the American dream and continue to make an impact on so many people’s lives as a citizen of the United States of America. 

Arij Batul Abid
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