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Petition to Manohar Parrikar


Dear Manoharbhai, Tourism is the backbone of Goa's economy and tourists across the world & India are used to services like OLA/UBER, it's time to allow them to operate in Goa. Besides,  Goan taxi drivers never use the taxi meters required by law and charge exorbitant fares for their services. Here are benefits: Boost to Tourism Cheaper commuting for all with no return fare Less cars in crowded cities - easier parking Shared OLA will reduce traffic congestion Easy to calculate fare based on GPS - no surprises Cashless payment with online receipt for every transaction Taxes paid directly to govt. increasing tax collection Its upto the driver to find the best route Gainful employment of sincere drivers and can instantly decide to work whenever they have time even if its 2AM - Basic need for airport/hotels Instant decision to Taxi hire saves time Don't have to keep driver waiting/circling in city Old/young/designated drivers forced to drive have alternative - less accidents School kids can be dropped/picked up for school/tuition through shared ride system Automatic GPS based tracking system provides better security Instant feedback to customer service regarding experience Immediate and automatic update on driver rating based on feedback Prompt refunds if applicable Eco-friendly - reduces pollution - less no. of cars owned People don't have to drop/pick others - both save time and obligation People don't drink and drive - particularly Tourists Taxis don't have to wait at Taxi stand and can be available anywhere 24 x 7 People from outside Goa don't have to come with their own cars, instead use local taxi - help businesses. We request that our elected representatives provide improved alternative which encourages innovation and competition instead of our broken taxi system and not to give in to the voice of Taxi drivers looting Tourists and Goans. At least allow online taxi due to LACK of proper public transport system. Please sign this petition so our honorable CM can look into the matter.- Armando Gonsalves- Avelino D'Sa- Mahesh Sardesai- Milind Barve- Mousinho Reis- Nilesh Borde- Rohan GovekarN.B.: Please refer our Facebook Page - linkWhat you told us - linkPetition Comments (5 days) - link

Mahesh Sardesai
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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

Let’s ‘disconnect’ our digital devices and ‘reconnect’ with each other.

Technology has provided us powerful tools and platforms that have enabled people to connect and communicate as never before. But these same tools that have enriched our lives have also coarsened our lives. Cyber-bullying, the distribution of “fake news”, trolling, and general incivility have infected so many of our online interactions. We have seen our privacy and productivity eroded. Our technology has led to accidents and tragedy. We need to promote a healthier relationship to our tech devices and more civil social interaction with each other. We need a nationally-recognized day to BREAK the connection with our digital devices and MAKE the connection with the family and communities that surround us. Here’s why: Several recent studies have shown that excessive social media use can make it difficult to foster meaningful relationships offline. The average American spends almost 11 hours each day attached to some screen or device. We’re so focused on what’s happening online (and giving strangers access to our lives) that we’re distracted from the people right around us. We need to get serious about tackling this imbalance in our lives. An easy way to demonstrate our seriousness in bringing more awareness to this issue is to designate one Saturday each year as our national “Disconnect to Reconnect” day. It would be a day where people all over the country voluntarily put down their digital device(s) and turn towards their families, friends, and neighbors within their own communities. If you agree that we can all use a digital time-out, taking a break from social media to take an opportunity to be more present in our families and communities -- sign and share this petition. Together, we can build a more connected nation -- one person, one neighborhood, and one community at a time.
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Petition to President of the United States, Barack Obama, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Free Land

  Dear Mr. President, During your election, you made it a point to say that you will "make America great again". With all due respect, I have trouble seeing how you will do that. While it's true that I'm too young to know just how amazing America was in the past, I can guess that you plan to restore our country's free, honest, and good reputation- if you aren't too busy restoring your own reputation to do it. I hope that you're serious about your slogan, because if you are then that is really something. And by that I mean no president has been able to do it in a long time, if ever. But if you're really going to get it done then, even though everybody hates you, you'll be the best president in USA history. President Trump, I wish you the best of luck. Not only that, but I want to help you. Now, I know my help isn't much. In fact, it's very little because I'm little. But I'll tell you what: as a part of the rising generation of this country, I am constantly told that I am the future. I am the future because a piece of my mind will help shape this country. Because it's the best thing I can give and it's all I really have to call my own, I'm going to give you a piece of my mind. I'm going to share a couple of pointers on where I wish our country will go forward from here. Where are we right now? Lately, Americans have been losing hope in their country. Schools are being shut down, people are going homeless, pollution is at an all-time high, unemployment is everywhere, and grownups are stressed beyond measure by their lifeless and stale jobs. These are all the things I see when I walk out my front door. The future looks hopeless. On TV, this hopelessness is exaggerated for our entertainment as if to say "see it can get worse". The News channels focus on all the tragedy in the world without giving us an answer on how to fix this mess. Articles spread trashy gossip that just distracts us from the big picture. Religion is too busy preaching about disease, death, and destruction to save us from it. The people who do have it in their power to change the world either don't care or try and fail, you tell me which. Meanwhile, the government doesn't change much of anything. As for me, I am lost in all of this. I'm expected to grow up, be an adult, and accept that this is how the real world works. Well guess what: it's not working. If America was ever great before, it certainly isn't now. Where were we before? Honestly, I can't tell. Grownups always talk about the good ol' days, and how my generation is the synonym-of-dumb. Their stories about how the past was better than now don't really excite me. And that's probably because while they're glorifying their childhood, they're also simultaneously calling me a child. I understand that back in the day prices weren't inflated, the cost of an education was cheaper, the community existed as a whole, values were valuable, and traditions were followed. It sounds great, but it's not that great. The American Dream is a house and a family and a steady income. But a house can break, a family isn't guaranteed to always love you, and a steady income comes at the cost of wasting your life doing a job you don't like. The American lifestyle is a prison, enslaving us to our house repairs, our boring job, and our loveless obligations. Mr. President, the American Dream is a nightmare. You might even agree with me. Because it doesn't matter if you're poor, middle-class, or rich. Unhappiness is everywhere. It's where we were before and it's where we are now. Where should we go from here? America can't stay the same and it can't go backwards; the only chance we have at an ideal future is to deal with the mounting consequences of our decisions. To do that, we have to change our mindset: Global warming isn't about pollution; it's about people. War isn't about terror; it's about people. America's Great Depression isn't about the economy; it's about the people. We the people are depressed because we were promised a freedom that was never delivered. For how can we be free if our lives are spent just trying to survive? No, we cannot be free because we aren't even free to live our life. Why is it that nowhere in the constitution does it say that we have the right to free food, shelter, and water when these three basic things are what we need in order to stay alive? So we are forced to earn the right to live by working? And if we don't work we have the right to die? The standards of living may be raised but the stakes of living are even higher! There was never any freedom in America, and there won't be until we can stop simply surviving and start thriving. That is why making America great again is about the people, too. A country cannot be great if its components- its people aren't. A people cannot be great if they are like animals, always worrying about how they will get their next scrap of meat. Give us the right to free food, shelter, and water. Let us be human, let us have a home. And a home that will last, at that. I present the New American Dream: free land! I propose, dear President of the United States, that America be free for everyone. I propose that you, the law, Congress, the Senate- whoever is in charge of changing things around here- allow each American family to have their own piece of free land, free of charge- one hectare (2.5 acres), to be exact. The free land will be located away from polluted cities, in remote areas. No artificial fertilizers, non-renewable energies, and genetically modified seeds should be used on site. These individual plots of land will be divided on all sides by walkways about 3-4 meters long. And on this land families will cultivate crops, raise animals, build a permanent home, and have access to their own water source. The land should be 50 percent woodland and 25 percent orchard. There will be no taxation whatsoever on the products sold from this land. Families will be free to plant their own personal paradise on their land. This land will be a family's private oasis that they will enclose with a living fence, a hedge or a line of trees. Fruit-bearing trees, berries, and vegetables will be in a garden planted by the family's very own hands. Finally, this parcel of land will be known as a family domain, to be kept in perpetuity, inherited generation after generation, without fear of it ever being lost, stolen, or sold. This is the New American Dream. This proposal isn't entirely mine, but that of the people. It is an idea that was first expressed in the pages of a book first released in Russia. In fact, the idea has already been implemented by your friend, President Putin, and is in its beginning stages in Russia. In other parts of the world as well, eco-communities are growing in popularity, although they don't all follow the important principles listed above. There are real, rational reasons why you should consider this decision. I could be wrong, but this may be the first step to world peace. No. I am convinced that this one action could change the world for the better. Our grandchildren's children might thank us. This proposal could balance the distribution between the poor and the rich, because it will give us something we all have in common. By this one act, true equality can be reached. Homeless people will be a thing of the past, because everyone will have a home. Unemployment will no longer be a problem, because a person's livelihood will no longer be determined by their boss. Degraded land will be made fertile again, because of the holistic approach to agriculture. If the entire world followed this piece of advice, world-hunger would be eradicated, global warming would threaten no one, no animal would risk extinction, and everyone would be happy because they are finally free. Not only that, but if every hectare on Earth was used, it would make the Earth beautiful again. I hope this message reaches you, I hope the message comes across well, and I hope you make the right choice. Mr. President, make America great again. Most Respectfully, a 16 y/o American citizen. This is my letter to the leader of our country. This is my dream. If you share it with me, please show support. Make it a law. Make it part of the Constitution. Thank you.

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