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Petition to Suzanne Case, Govenor Ige, State Of Hawaii, John Mederios DOFAW, Scott Fretz

Please stop DOFAW Proposed Kanaio, Maui Game Management Area!! Give the people a voice!

Our historical and cultural community of Kanaio Maui, is a quiet, family oriented community, based on ranching, farming and preservation of Hawaii's history. It has faced many oppositions. Clearing of forest down to nothing, Federal lockouts, trespassing of cultural and historical sites. Now the State of Hawaii wants to create a hunting area within our community on ceded lands. This week the state posted No Camping, No off road Vehicles (no access to the beach), No firearms (no hunting) No Camping ( what?) No Fires basically no access signs posted at the beginning of the road to Kanaio beach.  This is just the beginning of their attempt to take over the lands beginning with locking us out of our beach access, where historical and family sites are located. The State of Hawaii's Forestry Division, are proposing to create a game management area in our community. It will include Large Game hunting with Archery  from June through October on Saturdays and Sundays and Shot Gun hunting of Birds, November through January on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. This means they will enter through and around our community and homes. Now a peaceful and serene environment cared for by generations of families who were raised on the aina. The State Department of Forestry were opposed by the community on August 25, 2016 at a community meeting held at St. John’s Church in Kula. Now they are locking the beach access road with NO ACCESS SIGNS. We do not want the state or any other agency taking our rights to live and provide for ourselves as our ancestors have for generations. Our right to live without fear of being shot by a stray bullet or arrow is being compromised by the States Plans. The Iwa birds, owls, wildlife, and  livestock could be killed in error or worse, one of our community residents. See the plan here "possible taking action on 11 parcels of private land" in now 8000 ac. Coast line and putting in parking lots!!!  Link for DLNR Proposal: Please join us and show your support by signing this petition in letting the State of Hawaii know we oppose the Kanaio GMA. (Game Management Area)

Kanaio Community Association
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Petition to Georgia Governor, Jackie Johnson, Assistant District Attorney, Chris Carr

Help us demand prosecution for slain Army Veteran Taylor Justin Williams

As a mother, we plan out our child’s lives from the moment they’re born. Never did I imagine my son’s life would be so short-lived or ended so violently. Taylor was in the medical field saving lives, not taking them. He accomplished so much during his short time on this earth. In my heart, I feel strongly he had a lot more to accomplish. I miss him every minute of every day. This is a nightmare no mother would wish upon any other. To all involved in the murder of my son Taylor Justin Williams, I have this to say: You can’t imagine how devastating it is for any parent to receive a knock at the door to be told by police that their child is dead. To make this horrible situation even more overwhelming, I live 1800 miles away, therefore not allowing me to see for myself that Taylor really, truly was dead. My initial thought was maybe they made a mistake in the identification? When it partially sank in, I dropped to my knees crying hysterically for my baby. Please God no, not my boy. I begged and pleaded for God to give him back. Screaming throughout the house, “he’s mine and I want him back!” As family members start to fill the house and get the journey to Georgia in motion, I still wanted to keep the tiniest bit of hope that it wasn’t really my Taylor. My mind was in shock, I was vibrating unable to eat, drink or sleep. I just wanted to get to Georgia as fast as I could. When I finally was able to see my lifeless boy, who was always full of energy, I once again dropped to my knees. I heard a loud, guttural sound and was later told that it came from me. It’s true, my son is dead, gone forever never to hug me or tell me “love you” again. I beg God to take me too, please! We aren’t supposed to bury our children. I will NEVER FORGET, as no loving mother would. You took a part of my heart and soul the moment that knife plunged into my son’s body repeatedly causing fatal stab wounds. Nobody from your group tried to stop you nor did you try and control yourself from stabbing my unarmed son numerous times. Then when my son’s friend tried to pull his lifeless body away from you, you continued to stab his unarmed friend numerous times as the others looked on. As my son lay there lifeless and gurgling (as described by one of the four) I have to wonder did anyone feel remorse, sadness, empathy? I think about what was described to me, and it pains me every minute of every day. Was my son scared? What was he thinking? Did he say any last words? Was he sad to be torn from his life? I’m terribly sad because he died so brutally with no love around him, alone with nobody to care and hold him as he gurgled on his own blood. I’m dying inside as I write this. It’s shocking to realize how people are so desensitized to death and destruction. Their behavior and the legal system’s delay in taking action is very disturbing. Residents in the area should be fearful, this type of behavior demonstrates anger with no control and this could very easily happen again in my opinion. Taylor wasn’t the only one murdered that fateful night. I too was murdered, not physically but emotionally. I will admit I wanted you to murder me too so I could be with my son. You took an integral part of me. You changed my journey in life to one I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Let me remind you, very strongly, that I will never forget and I will fight for justice until it is served. This is now my full-time job. I love you my son, Taylor Justin Williams.#JusticeForTaylorWilliams - Nichole Williams, Grieving Mother

Susan Doutre
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Petition to Vulcan Beverages

Birmingham Community Condemns Transphobic Vulcan Beverage Sign

Late Saturday night, the above picture was shared to a Birmingham community Facebook group. The sign, which belongs to the Vulcan Beverage liquor store and is clearly visible to passing traffic, reads “If Bruce Jenner goes missing will his picture be on a carton of half & half.” Vulcan Beverage’s willingness to throw trans people under the bus to generate advertising and business is disgusting, though unsurprising. Even less surprising was the immediate calls for people to “stop being so sensitive” and “grow a thicker skin.” At the end of the day, such responses are callous and serve no purpose but to silence those targeted by this sign. Many transgender people experience homelessness and poverty due to discrimination in housing and employment. “Jokes” like that on the Vulcan Beverage sign send a message that dismissing trans individuals’ identities is acceptable and encourages transphobia. What’s more, the sign makes light of Caitlyn Jenner going missing in a world where trans women face an all too real threat of actual violence. Trans women - especially trans women of color - are disproportionately more likely to be victims of murder and assault. There were over 26 reported murders of trans people in the U.S. last year, and there have already been two reported murders since New Year’s alone. The Vulcan Beverage sign contributes to a toxic atmosphere of transphobia and violence. We call on the business owners to remove this horrible sign immediately, and encourage them to meet with transgender Birmingham residents so they can hear exactly why transphobia is no laughing matter. The Change Project condemns this action and is calling for other members of the Birmingham community to also condemn this action by signing on to this post.​ Here is more information on why misgendering someone matters: Steven Romeo - Founder; Executive Director of The Change Project Matthew Pagnotti - President; Board of Directors of The Change Project For Press Inquiries email

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