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Stop taking money from a private prison that takes children from their immigrant parents

Tell the San Diego County Democratic Party to RETURN money they have received from CoreCivic- a private for-profit prison corporation. CoreCivic operates facilities in California. They take immigrant children away from their families at a detention center in Otay Mesa, near the Mexican border, and are being sued for violating the rights of inmates. Protests are being organized against this mistreatment, with hundreds of San Diegans gathering outside this facility in recent weeks. California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez has accepted campaign contributions from CoreCivic and then transferred the money to the San Diego County Democratic Party to help her husband, Nathan Fletcher- a candidate for San Diego County Supervisor:  "The assemblywoman has been busy collecting cash from a bevy of firms and labor unions having an interest in legislation, including $1000 on January 11 from controversial private prison operator CoreCivic of Tennessee LLC. Formerly known as the Corrections Corporation of America, the company kicked in another $1000 on April 13, for a $2000 total, records show." Under local campaign finance laws- Corporations are prohibited from contributing to County Supervisor campaigns. Gonzalez used a loophole to transfer the CoreCivic money to the County Party to help her husband's campaign.(UPDATE: Gonzalez now claims she donated the money to an unnamed charity.) CoreCivic not only takes children from their families- they are also being sued for abusing adult inmates by forcing them to do work that CoreCivic employees should perform.  According to this news report: "Detainees claim that CCA offers voluntary work to detainees, but that if they refuse to work, officials threaten to report them to judges and damage their asylum cases." The ACLU describes how "Big companies like CCA/CoreCivic can use their lobbying muscle to squeeze out smaller, community-based nonprofits providing rehabilitation services."  PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION Tell the San Diego County Democratic Party to return the CoreCivic money they received from Lorena Gonzalez to help her husband's campaign and stop using private prison funds to support Democratic candidates. Ask Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez to return all CoreCivic contributions and refuse future contributions.  Tell the San Diego County Democratic Party to condemn private for-profit prisons that take children away from their families in San Diego and punish inmates who refuse to work for $1.50/hour.  

Lori Saldaña
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