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Petition to Court of Criminal Appeals, P.O. Box 12308. Capitol Station, Austin Texas 78711, Governor of State of Texas, Greg Abbott

Wrongful conviction in state of Texas, due to evidence withheld !

My name is Robin Schoffner and I am writing on behalf of a dear friend of mine who is and has been held in the DOC in Texas, state prison system. Petition for Relief; To the 338th District Court of Harris County Texas. And to its honorable Judge. Chris Daniel, Harris County District Clerk, Judge of 338th District Court P.O. Box 4651, Houston, TX 77210-4651 Evidence has been obtained by Attorney Mackenzie Schaffer from an Open Records Request of the Prosecutor's file, that the district Attorney's office who prosecuted DeCarlos Garrett in cause no. 870048 and cause no. 886344, withheld several items of evidence that show he is actually INNOCENT. Among this evidence is a video tape of the crime that the State claimed DID NOT EXIST. And because this video tape has been recovered and litigated by Mr. Garrett in his recent filing before this court, this Petition would respectfully request that an Evidentiary hearing be held. The purpose of this Hearing is to point out that the prosecution made an intentional decision to withhold this video tape and other evidence from the defense. And since Mr. Garrett has no legal representative to ensure that his rights aren't continued to be ignored, we hope that this petition will speak on his behalf. As he also has no funds to acquire an attorney.  A hearing at this point is the least that should be done to correct this intentional act of misconduct by the prosecution. Respectively submitted Robin Schoffner, 5121 state route 227, Burdett, NY 14818 DeCarlos Garrett Michael Unit, 2664 FM 2054, Tennessee Colony, TX 75886  or he can be reached via Jpay but he must write you back in regular mail. Please if you can help, contact either of us. This is a desperate search for help and relief in a wrongful conviction we have been working together to get the facts and truth out. And now with the video tape they say DID NOT EXIST in our hands. He is searching, desperately for help, assistance of any kind is greatly appreciated. And much more information can be found at

Robin Schoffner
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