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Petition to Petitioning Commandant of the US Coast Guard and National Commodore and Board of US Coast Guard Aux

Change USCG Auxiliary Standard Operating Procedure to Allow USCG Auxiliarists to Carry Concealed Firearms if Duly Permitted While in Uniform to Protect Themselves Against Being Targeted by Terrorists and Agents of a Foreign Power

Whereas, on July 16th, 2015 five uniformed, unarmed U.S. servicemen were targeted at a U.S. Marines Recruiting Station in Chattanooga, TN and another installation due to their military affiliation, and were shot and killed by an armed assailant in furtherance of an apparent terrorist political agenda; and... Whereas, this is no isolated incident and there has been a pattern of such incidents during which, a total of 34 unarmed U.S. Servicemen have now been killed within the United States, and 54 more have been injured since 2009; and...  Whereas, there is currently a nationwide movement by the people of the United States and their elected representatives in Congress to allow members of the active duty and reserve armed forces to protect themselves against future violent terrorist and/or criminal attacks and permit the carrying of concealed firearms for their own safety; and... Whereas, American citizens in the meantime are stepping up to protect members of their military by standing armed guard nationwide outside of recruiting stations and this crisis has been formally acknowledged by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary's National Commodore; and...  Whereas, the current firearms policy for United States Coast Guard Auxiliarists is publically posted at one or more websites, including this one; and... Whereas, we believe said policy places volunteer civilian members at risk of being targeted by terrorists and agents of a foreign power by virtue of their uniforms, which are confusingly similar to those uniforms worn by active duty and reserve USCG military/law enforcement personnel; and... Whereas, it appears there is room for consideration of such a petition for reconsideration of said policy by virtue of Paragraph 4 of said policy: "First and foremost, the concealed carry of privately owned firearms on board federal facilities, unless authority has been granted by competent authority, is prohibited. This applies even if otherwise authorized to carry concealed in other jurisdictions. Additionally, the possession of privately owned firearms and ammunition while attending an approved Auxiliary function or participating in an authorized Auxiliary activity, including regularly scheduled detachment, flotilla, or division meetings is prohibited. (emphasis added);" and... Whereas, there appears to be a bona fide legal basis to allow Auxiliarists concealed carry while in uniform under 14 U.S.C. § 822. (Purpose of the Coast Guard Auxiliary): "The purpose of the Auxiliary is to assist the Coast Guard as authorized by the Commandant, in performing any Coast Guard function, power, duty, role, mission, or operation authorized by law;" and... Whereas 14 U.S.C. §821(a) states: "...The Auxiliary organization and its officers shall have such rights, privileges, powers, and duties as may be granted to them by the Commandant, consistent with this title and other applicable provisions of law. The Commandant may delegate to officers of the Auxiliary the authority vested in the Commandant by this section, in the manner and to the extent the Commandant considers necessary or appropriate for the functioning, organization, and internal administration of the Auxiliary;" and... Whereas, other government agencies with auxiliary programs like the Suffolk County (NY) Auxiliary Police similar to the USCG Auxiliary have allowed the carrying of firearms by civilian Civil Defense volunteers for decades in furtherance of their auxiliary "eyes and ears" duties as a matter of the Auxiliarists' right to self-defense given they, too, wear uniforms confusingly similar to regular police officers; and... Whereas, in terms of USCG employer risk exposure, said exposure can be mitigated by workplace violence insurance; now... Be It Hereby Resolved that we the undersigned members of the USCG Auxiliary, acting personally, as private citizens, and our undersigned friends, supporters and family, believe that because we wear official confusingly-similar uniforms that resemble the US Military, Auxiliarists could become accidental future targets of violence; and... Be it Further Resolved that we believe that, although internally, we know that the "gold side" is the actual military, the general public and potential terrorist assailants and/or agents of a foreign power do not necessarily understand this-- or if they do-- do not care about this distinction; and...  Be it Further Resolved that we are not asking that the role of the USCG Auxiliarist be changed to include any military or law enforcement function; and... Be it Further Resolved that we do believe we should not have to give up our Second Amendment rights as a condition to serve our local community and nation and participate in Auxiliary activities and thereby risk our personal safety and our families' financial security and livelihood as volunteers; and... Be it Further Resolved that we seek to avoid a future tragic attack on one or more Auxiliarists falling victim to a similar incident like what happened in Chattanooga and we as unpaid volunteers should not be asked by the USCG to make that ultimate sacrifice and have our personal safety jeopardized in such a manner; and... Be it Finally Resolved that Pursuant to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution that we hereby respectfully Petition the Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard and National Commodore and Board of U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary to RECONSIDER and REVERSE the current no firearms policy in this post 9/11 era, respect Auxiliarists' Second Amendment Right to bear arms for self-protection, and allow Auxiliarists with duly issued permits, where required, to carry concealed firearms while in uniform.

James Lamb
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