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Discrimination/Hate Crime against SAULOMON GRUNDY.

On April, 09 2021, my life’s work has fallen down the drain, due to others’ negligence towards my foundation. That day I was wearing my spirit blossom hoodie from H&M, my blue-beach ripped jeans & white/red/black Jordan Ones sneakers. Alongside I had my black Reebok bag. A studio owner named Fentz(Audio Vision Recording Studios) recently had set up a ruse in order to retrieve my personal information in a small spiral black  notebook that contained access to my bank information, emails, social medias. (They most likely deleted the footage on the surveillance camera that day already.) (Literally there are others that are logged into my accounts as I type this, through different devices, removing followers as time passes ... Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat & evenbrite) there’s an external force trying to control my other content on streaming platforms such as SoundCloud & Apple Music... those are the platforms I usually listen to music in but my content are on other streaming services) . Due to the hate crime I’m facing as well in my city, I’m being discriminated from getting help by any local authorities & lawyers. They have been drugging the foods I consume at eating establishments, having others gangstalk me, impersonate me in order to commit other crimes as well as try to commit slander & use defamation of character under my own label that I created back in November for myself, a single-member LLC. Before that, I had two other iPhones before my red iPhone SE, (my black iPhone XR & my gold iPhone 7 Plus. I even had two notebooks filled my song lyrics(over the years stolen from me.) I had multiple clothes stolen from me.(The Same Ones That I had in most of my Instagram photos. & Twitter taken from me. This mistreatment has been going on ever since then. I’m a simple dude who loved to express himself through his music under a villainous alter ego, (which is just one character) hence why I went under the “Solomon Grundy” moniker. Yet, others continuously misunderstand that and that’s perfectly fine but this is still one of my passions to escape from reality. It’s my work & I will do everything in my power to defend it. Everyone that is aware of my existence who has a hidden agenda against me are in on this. I need assistance because I cannot do it all alone. (The owner of A.V. studios is making an attempt to profit off of a couple of my songs without my notice). I decided to go on Hiatus from music for the time being. A couple years or so(3-5) I haven’t been listening to much of hip-hop as of lately either. Nor any music in general. Please sign this petition. 

Saul Jean
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