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Petition to Indiana State House

Tell the Indiana Assembly to pass bill 1483 to STOP BULLYING!

I am a lifelong resident of Covington, Indiana; a wholesome, family town of approximately 2600.  On March 6, 2023, 13 year old Terry Badger III, a Covington middle school 7th grader, did the unthinkable and committed suicide due to excessive bullying.  Terry was a wonderful son, nephew, friend, student, baseball player, and all around good kid.  According to his parents, Terry Jr and Robyn Badger, as well as multiple news outlets, Covington Middle School was aware of the bullying.  Terry III went to school every day in agony, carrying the weight of his pain and hurt.  His life ended much too soon, and maybe this could have been prevented if there were interventions in place.  I post this petition in hopes to get the attention of the Indiana General Assembly.  Currently, House Bill 1483 sits on their docket, waiting to be passed. HB 1483 intends to prevent bullying in schools by doing the following:  Prohibiting bullying in schools. Requires the governing body of a school corporation to: (1) require a school corporation to prioritize the safety of a victim of an act of bullying; (2) require a school corporation to report an act of bullying to the parents of the victim within three business days and the parents of an alleged perpetrator within five business days after the incident is reported; (3) require a school corporation to determine the severity of an incident of bullying and whether the incident may warrant transfer of the victim or the alleged perpetrator to another school in theschool corporation; (4) require a school corporation to approve the transfer of a victim or the alleged perpetrator of an act of bullying to another school in the school corporation under certain circumstances; and (5) allow certain parents to review audiovisual materials that contain graphic sexual or violent content used in a bullying prevention or suicide prevention program. PLEASE, I beg of you, let’s not put another one of our children to rest too soon.  Tell the Indiana general assembly that the schools NEED stronger bullying prevention/interventions in place.  Let’s blow this petition up and show them this is an Indiana statewide and national issue.  

Becky Claypool
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Petition to Louisiana State House

Pass a Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights in Louisiana

In Louisiana, civil rights are not guaranteed to sexual assault survivors. Instead, they are left to navigate a confusing system alone. In the wake of COVID-19, sexual assault reports have only increased. The 1.3 million survivors in Louisiana need these civil rights protections now more than ever before. Passing a Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights in Louisiana will help survivors receive the resources, assistance, and protections they need to begin healing. That’s why I hope you’ll join me in calling on Louisiana to pass a Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights that will guarantee comprehensive, common-sense civil rights for survivors: Key Rights: The right to a sexual assault evidence collection (SAEC) kit tracking system. The right to access your own medical record related to a rape kit examination. The right to not have your rape kit destroyed before either 20 years or the statute of limitations has passed (whichever is longer). The right to be notified of your civil rights related to a sexual assault. The right to a copy of your police report. This is a crisis for the 1.3 million survivors across Louisiana, and it's time for our legislators to do something about it. Legislators in Louisiana must pass the Survivors’ Bill of Rights and provide survivors the comprehensive, common-sense rights they deserve. Sign this petition, then learn more at our website -- and if you have a few extra minutes, share this petition on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.   

Cadence Dobias
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Petition to


JUSTICE FOR CHIRISTIAN AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW. THINGS WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER. This picture letter is a response from the county and uses the terms "VIGOROUSLY DEFEND." I say against who? A 6-year-old who was wrongfully removed. I was not removed; the child was removed. You will be vigorously defending grown folks concerning a 6-year-old little boy who was snatched out of his mother's hands, not me. I am Christian's mother as well as his advocate and will be for any other INJUSTICE DONE if ordained to partake. My son was removed on November 23rd, 2022, without a shred of evidence on him and spent over 2 1/2 months exposed to the Gwinnett County Georgia foster care system. REGARDLESS IT WAS NOT THIS CHILD IN THE PICTURES. Knowing the wrong that had taken place, WAS UNLAWFUL, at trial on February 7th, 2023, Kelly Kautz former Mayor of Snellville Georgia turned Guardian knowingly presented in open court pictures that was not my 6-year-old son while everyone looked on and said nothing. When this attempt did not work, the judge returned my son to me that very day.  I have since filed complaints as well as other documents to anyone who will listen to this foolishness going on in this system. The judge has since removed himself. The same way my adopted 6-year-old son and I walked in the courtroom TOGETHER on November 23rd, 2022, to attend a hearing that was continued, NOT CONCERNING MY 6-YEAR-OLD AND HE STILL WAS TAKEN, is the same way we walked out of court on February 7th, 2023, TOGETHER. DO NOT BE INTIMADATED WHEN YOU SEE A WRONG DONE. 1. 14TH Amendment apply to human beings born in the United States regardless of age, and rights have been violated. 2. "Section 1983 Litigation" refers to lawsuits brought under Section 1983 (Civil action for deprivation of rights) of Title 42 of the United States Code (42 U.S.C. § 1983). Section 1983 provides an individual the right to sue state government employees and others acting "under color of state law" for civil rights violations. Section 1983 does not provide civil rights; it is a means to enforce civil rights that already exist. 3. Georgia Code § 23-2-5. Misrepresentation of a material fact, made willfully to deceive or recklessly without knowledge and acted on by the opposite party or made innocently and mistakenly and acted on by the opposite party, constitutes legal fraud. There are other section codes, prior cases that stands as precedent of those who stood for what was right and not tuck tail and ran leaving the innocent helpless. 4. 2020 Georgia Code Title 36-Local Government Chapter 1-General Provisions §36-1-4. *What can potentially pull a state employee from under the Sovereign Immunity protection* "Acts done within scope of authority and without willfulness, fraud, or malice". This was a deliberate act by Kelly Kautz seen by many and therefore should be given NO PROTECTION. CHANGE TO MAKE IT BETTER FOR THE CHILDREN SAKE. As human beings sharing this planet, the only ones who can change things to make them better is we ourselves, working together even if it is just a signature that stands in agreement and says, "Yes, this needs to change". Where children are impacted by decisions of others be it the parents or the system chosen to protect them, there should be comradery in making sure what is best for the children is put at the forefront. These efforts should not just be in words, but also in deeds on all parties involved, as I was willing even from the beginning in May of 2022. I was never given the opportunity. It is the children that suffers the most. The children. Some parents can walk away and go on with their lives adding more trauma, but the system that should help the entire family itself acts as the mafia toward these families and is protected under the Sovereign Immunity, hopefully until now. (The breaking down of the family is assisted by systems chosen to help the family). IF AN INDIVIDUAL HAS BEEN WRONGED REGARDLESS OF WHO OR WHAT SYSTEM WRONGED THEM AS MY EVIDENCE SHOWS, FOR MY VERY WITNESSES ARE THOSE WHO WERE IN THE COURTROOM THAT DAY INCLUDING THE JUDGE, THE TRANSCRIPTS OF THE PROCEEDINGS ALONG WITH GEORGIA CODES AND OTHER RULES CONDEMING THIS ACT THAT TOOK PLACE ON AN INNOCENT CHILD. in this case, we are talking about a 6-year-old little boy who has never ever been apart from his mother, his adopted mother, I picked him up from the hospital as a newborn. The very system that supposed to help my child and have his best interest at heart, performed a gross act against him and his born freedom right.  WHY WOULD AN ATTORNEY SEND SUCH A LETTER USING WORDS SUCH AS "VIGOROUSLY DEFEND?" THIS WAS NOT A HIDDEN ACT BUT A BOLD ONE OUT IN THE OPEN IN A COURT OF LAW! THIS ACT WAS DONE FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF KEEPING AN INNOCENT CHILD IN A SYSTEM, THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO IN THE FIRST PLACE. THIS ACT WAS DONE OUT IN THE OPEN BY THE INDIVIDUAL THEMSELVES. In Georgia, the ability to bring a lawsuit against a government office or one of its employees is limited, and some instances entirely prohibited because of the Georgia Sovereign Immunity Law. This is known as “immunity.” IN SOME CASES, SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY CAN BE USED TO SCARE AN INDIVIDUAL FROM PURSUING AN INJUSTICE DONE TO THEMSELVES OR ASSIST OTHERS WHERE WRONG HAS BEEN DONE, (NOT THIS MOTHER). I HAVE FOUND MOST ATTORNEYS ARE AFRAID TO TOUCH THESE KIND OF CASES EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW CHILDREN ARE INVOLVED AND A WRONG HAS BEEN DONE-COWARDS, I CALL THEM. I WILL DO IT MYSELF IF I HAVE TO! It is important to know that the burden of proving a waiver of immunity in any particular case rests with the person seeking damages against the state office or employee—as was determined by the landmark case Cosby v. Lewis, 308 Ga. App. 668 (2011). THE ACT WAS DONE IN THE OPEN IN MY SON CASE. THIS SYSTEM CAN BE MADE BETTER: 1.) Leave the Department of Human Services if you do not have the best interests of children as well as the parents at heart in deeds not just in words ESPECIALLY WITHOUT ANY PRIOR HISTORY WITH CPS OR ANY OTHER AGENCIES and in my case WAS ALLOWED TO CONTINUE RAISING MY CHILDREN FOR OVER 7 MONTHS WITH NO SUPERVISION OR PROTECTION ORDER IN PLACE. *I am literally watching what I have built over 6 years with my adopted sibling group bond, day by day be chipped away at. On top of that I deal with an individual who pull acts such as the above on my child. My 8-year-old were taken to a mental hospital 2 hours away without being notified far away from any family and communication with his mother. (ENOUGH! THIS SYSTEM NEEDS TO CHANGE) *. 2. Enforcement of policies (Especially visitations) closely watched by a committee having no dealing with the Departments of Human Services. A mix panel of parents as well as law enforcement and higher members of senate. (The OCA from my own experience has failed). (ENOUGH! THIS SYSTEM NEEDS TO CHANGE). 3. An attorney quitting 5 minutes before a hearing dealing with children without following Georgia rule 4.3. pertaining to withdrawals, should be prohibited to practice any longer in the Juvenile Justice System for the act prolongs a child continual exposure to the foster care system and done with no regard to the children involved for the Georgia rule 4.3 was not followed. Imagine if the child should not be in the system in the first place. (ENOUGH! THIS SYSTEM NEEDS TO CHANGE). 4. The continuing harassment of parents and the mishandling of cases where important issues are involved such as jurisdiction and venue issues should be handled from the start, especially in my case and should not simply be ignored. I am working on what I will call a "Holding Home" This home will be for extreme cases where these sorts of issues are involved, so the home will be very limited in attendance. The child need not enter into the foster care system being placed from home-to-home with open opportunity to be abused and attending many schools when it turns out it was not necessary, and the home is short term until that specific special issue is fixed. Living out this experience personally, why has it now been over 10 months since this case began and had to involves 3 counties when should have been handled from the start? The damage has been done to my children who had been never separated from each other and myself in 6 years since I fostered then adopted them. This sibling group was my first placement after becoming a foster parent for Henry County Georgia. This is the very county that had me arrested on September 8th, 2022, after putting my children on the school bus that morning (the video is on my YouTube Channel "God Ordain works"). This arrest was from one ever in life allegation on one child back in May of 2022 where the children was never removed from me. The bond is being broken down and was important to be maintained even more in this case because, as a single parent I adopted my sibling group at the ages of 0, 1 and 2 now 6, 7 and 8 without one allegation or dependency issues with documents, videos and more to show this was just a disciplining back in May of 2022. All was and still is being ignored including initially my children were never removed in over 7 months. NO case plan given, NO protection for the children, NO services in place from DHS, NO criminal history or past dealing with CPS of no kind. This issue could have been handled 10 months ago in May of 2022, this is March of 2023, and has been unsubstantiated by Gwinnett County themselves back in December of 2022. The Gwinnett County CPS went back to May of 2022 and found no evidence. Yet this case continues on, and the children continues to suffer. Failures such as this should not be under the "Sovereign Immunity" for children are directly affected by the failures. (ENOUGH! THIS SYSTEM NEEDS TO CHANGE). 5. The allowing of those "Under the Color of Law" to practice unethical behavior inside the courtroom should never go unnoticed and unpunished as it would have if I did not stand up and speak out. How many parents have not spoken out concerning their own injustice out of fear? To many I assume to count. The difference in my case is I am speaking out. I have always believed that things made wrong, can be made right if there is willingness on all parts. (ENOUGH! THIS SYSTEM NEEDS TO CHANGE). 6. If a state worker having knowledge of a procedure is not being followed regardless in their own state or county, yet says nothing and turns a blind eye, especially in the case of children, that State worker should be held liable as the ones committing the breakage. 7. If a parent such as in my case reach out for help under any circumstances, and those with the power to help refuses to assist regardless of the state or county, and especially in my case the asking was on behalf of my 8-year-old child who was in need and I was limited because now after continuing to raise my children even after the one ever in life allegations, my hands were tied due to bond restrictions yet my children still were not removed. I separated myself and sent two to stay with a friend in another county. My 6-year-old remained with me having no order on him. My 8-year-old was in a bond restriction as the witness to his own discipling. The charge is only on my 7-year-old daughter who had 3 (YES) 3 ISOLATED MARKING WITH NO SURROUDING MARKINGS AS WOULD BE WITH CONSTANT STROKES. So, I could not fully attend to the need of my 8-year-old child as I had for over 6 years prior with tons of documents as proof. I only needed one of these agencies to assist in getting my 8-year-old in a program that had already accepted him. (THE RECORDINGS OF THESE REFUSAL ARE SICKENING OF THESE PEOPLE THAT SHOULD HAVE HELPED MY SON). My 8-year-old would have been safe and his needs continuing to be cared for as my friend was tending to, but for his behavior (ADHD, ADD, ODD) would not allow him to remain in her home.  These agencies also did a disservice to those communities showing their lack of compassion for children who has these disorders. It hurts to re-live this part of my story as I am still in the mist of even more broken policies and is as a run-away train. Now over 10 months later since my begging for help they admitted my 8-year-old into a mental hospital 2 hours away. These acts should require immediate action that those individuals be relieved of their positions. I HAVE RECORDINGS OF THESE INDIVIDUALS WHO REFUSED TO ASSIST AND THE RECORDINGS ARE SICKENING. (ENOUGH! THIS SYSTEM NEEDS TO CHANGE). There is so much more I am putting together as recommended solutions to issues I am experiencing personally myself. It was ordained that I go within the system to see as I was a foster now adoptive parent myself rendering services from the outside. There are no words for the children of parents whose intention were only to direct a behavior such as in my case with no harsh and cruel intentions but did sustain a few markings, all markings do not equate abuse with no need over 4 months from the allegation an arrest without an opportunity to follow a case plan seeing the children never were removed and there was no history of no sort. For the love of God's sake, I could have returned the children regardless of the adoption and faced whatever consequence for now having been the legal parent. The children are being treated unjustly with no regard to policies set in place. This behavior stems from the sovereign immunity. It gives the corrupt man time to play knowing his actions has no consequences. Until now. The Sovereign Immunity Law further supports the action of individuals because this system uses scare tactics on parents. When did the CPS become the Mafia? (ENOUGH OF THIS FOOLISHNESS! THIS SYSTEM NEEDS TO CHANGE). TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT FOR GENERATIONS TO COME. Some are given in sacrifice for the betterment of others, it was our turn as we prayed together each night for over 6 years, "God we pray for those in foster care you bless them with good homes".            

lena Holt
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Petition to

No Texas Tech purpose built student housing named after known Confederates!

I'm writing to you all today to address a new off campus (unaffiliated) student housing community that is in the development phase, with goals to open leasing to Tech students by 2025. The developers are planning to name the complex Saltus after Thomas Saltus Lubbock. I understand this is our city's namesake, but it was named such in the 1800s. He was a prominent confederate leader who does not reflect the values of our great university and its students today.  I know that at the end of the day, Texas Tech doesn't make the call on what unaffiliated apartment communities name themselves, but as alumni we have the responsibility to stand up for our POC students and faculty. This naming is unacceptable, and the university should reach out to the developers and strongly encourage them that Confederate Glorifying is NOT tolerated at Texas Tech. Should they refuse, the property should be banned from participating in university partnerships, the annual off campus housing fairs, and not able to use the Texas Tech name on websites and other marketing collateral.  I have hope that a stance will be taken. Texas Tech is near and dear to my heart and as a minority female I want to see MY university, MY home be a haven for other minority and otherwise disadvantaged and vulnerable students. Let's get this right. Let's show the McGraths (an unethical family of pretentious SEC graduates, might I add) that they can't bring Confederate Glorifying to our great University.   Here is a bit of additional information for reference. If you would like to be involved in putting a stop to this or perhaps have university connections, feel free to message me.  Remember the words from our very own school song “Strive for Honor”. We have the opportunity to do so right NOW. I look forward to hearing what we are going to do to stop this PR nightmare from tarnishing the Red Raider legacy. Thank you for your time.  <3 Kimberly Miller

Kimberly Miller
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