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Help families of murdered children pass Curtis’s Law

I will never forget the day those policeman came to my door to tell my that my son Curtis was dead. Your world is immediately flipped upside down and the pain grips you like nothing else you can imagine. After the initial shock wears off, you want answers. As a parent, you need basic answers. Answers to questions like: Who is investigating my child’s case, and where are their belongings? As if the pain of losing my child wasn’t enough, I had to take on the additional stress and frustration of attempting to pry these very basic details out of the law enforcement agency investigating my son’s death. In Florida, law enforcement agencies are not required to release any information about on-going murder investigations to anyone. My son’s investigation has been on-going for almost 20 years now. I had to get a lawyer to simply find out who was working on my son’s case! I would later learn that my experience was not unique. Other parents were struggling through the same process. Those who can’t afford legal counsel often give up. This is why I am working with other parents of murdered children to create a law in Florida that would require law enforcement agencies to send a letter to the parent, legal guardian, or next-of-kin within 30 days of notifying them of their child’s death. The letter would include information about: Onsite police and paramedics, assigned investigators, coroner’s name, where child’s property and belongings are stored, and any available photos This would NOT be required if the child’s parent, legal guardian, or next-of-kin is a suspect or person-of-interest in the child’s murder investigation. When a family faces the unthinkable, all they want is some type of closure. They shouldn’t have to spend weeks or months, or even retain legal counsel to get the basic information about their child’s case that can help our families begin to heal. Please sign this petition today and help families like mine pass Curtis’s Law today.    

patricia ward
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Petition to Chairman Sixto S. Brillantes Jr., Commissioner Luie Tito F. Guia, Commissioner Christian Robert S. Lim, Commissioner Al A. Parreño, Commissioner Arthur D. Lim, Commissioner Elias R. Yusoph, Commissioner Lucenito N. Tagle

We call on the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to heed the demand to rescind Resolution 9922, and that any decision to this effect, be deferred until after the retirement of the three outgoing officials of Comelec.

AN  URGENT  CALL We heed an important message of His Holiness, Pope Francis, in his courtesy meeting with President Benigno S. Aquino III on January 15: “It is now, more than ever, necessary that political leaders be outstanding for honesty, integrity, and commitment to the common good.” The nation once again gears for the next elections in 2016 to choose our next leaders who will oversee government affairs consistent with the principles of transparency and accountability. May the next leaders take the challenge of Pope Francis to place the poor  and marginalized as the focus of the political leaders’ mission against corruption, scandalous social inequality, and widespread materialism. With these in mind we are greatly concerned with the COMELEC’s “holiday rush” Dec. 23  Resolutions  9922 by a 5-2  vote   awarding the favored reseller company, Smartmatic, a  Php300M  contract  for  the  diagnosis and minor repair services for 80,000 PCOS machines. The haste lacks prudence and the amount is far too high just to diagnose the machines. We are disturbed that many contracts have been awarded to the Venezuelan company, Smartmatic, since 2010 to automate Philippine national and local elections now amounting to billions of taxpayers’ money – despite undisputed findings by citizens’ election watchdogs, IT experts, and other concerned groups with regard to,  non-compliance  by  both  COMELEC  and  Smartmatic of election and procurement laws that compromised the transparency, security, accuracy, and trustworthiness of the automated election system. As   leaders  of  the  Catholic Church acting in support of the advocacy for clean elections,  and  for  transparent  and accountable government, we call on the Commission  on  Elections   (COMELEC)  to  heed the demand to rescind Resolution 9922, and that any decision to this effect, be deferred until after the retirement  of  the three outgoing officials of Comelec  led  by  Chairman  Brillantes on February 2 this year and the appointment of their replacements. Lack of time is no excuse for such undue haste. Past elections time tables were even shorter. Besides this “lack of time” is due to the COMELEC itself for not acting promptly as they were warned much earlier. We  call  on   COMELEC  to  uphold  the  rule  of  law  in  the  interest of  democracy and  God-given   people’s   sovereign   rights  of  suffrage  and  good  government. All the   safeguards  as  found  in  the  Automated  Election  Law should   be   complied  with. January 21, 2015 CBCP Signed copy may be downloaded at :

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Petition to Council of the European Union, European Commission, European Parliament, European Broadcasting Union, BBC, CNN, Washington Post, Federal Bureau of Investigation, NBC,, Stand Against Racism and Inequality, OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, Slovakia Ministry of Justice, Slovakia Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Stop Hate Crimes: Indian Man Physically Attacked and Wrongfully Accused in Slovakia

An Indian man is attacked on October 7th, 2017 by 3 white men, fights back in self-defense only after the threat to his life is escalated by kicks and punches, then is charged with First Degree Murder while his attackers go free. This happened in Bratislava, Slovakia next to the U.S. and German Embassies. Racially motivated attacks are not rare, and in this case, even though the Slovak judge and prosecution have the video footage and witness testimonies, the victim is still the one charged. The Slovak people are shielded from the truth.  The video shows one story < > but the news sells a different story. By supporting this petition, you will not only give hope to this man, but you will give hope to his family that he will finally be freed and come home. There is also hope that the Slovak courts will not continue to be swayed by racist public opinion and tabloids but lean toward true justice for victims of Hate Crimes. There is also hope that the attackers will be held accountable for the Hate Crime they committed against this man. I humbly urge you to support and share this petition to show this man and his family that they are not alone...that there is hope. Justice For TimothyContact: @justicefortimFacebook: Relief For The Family: #Justice4MrTimothy 

C for Change
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Petition to Jeff Sessions, Deirdre Fike, Chief of Police Charlie Beck, Jonathan Lucas, M.D, Sarah Isgur Flores, Chief of Police Sandra Spagnoli, District Attorney Jackie Lacey, President of the United States

Marilyn Monroe deserves to have her death certificate changed!

I am a private investigator conducting an investigation into the true facts surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe. My objective is to petition the correction of Marilyn's death certificate and requesting that the Attorney General open a criminal investigation surrounding her death. There was really never an investigation to start with.  I have always believed Marilyn Monroe was murdered along with most of the people in this world. If you look at all of the stories, books, testimonies, and even evidence then there is no reason that Marilyn Monroe’s death certificate should not be changed from probable suicide to murder. If not that, then at least accidental death.I feel that there should be a correction on Marilyn's death certificate and I am requesting that the Attorney General open the criminal investigation surrounding her death. There are two people alive who have never asked to give a statement for an investigation but were present when Marilyn Monroe took her last breath, and that is LAPD Sgt. Marvin D. Iannone who was later promoted to Chief of the Beverly Hills Police Department. Marvin Iannone dismissed the other officers from the scene the day Marilyn Monroe was found dead. Iannone was seen by several witnesses talking to Peter Lawford and assisting Lawford while cleaning up the cottage where the actual death took place. Iannone had been known to take care of Bobby Kennedy whenever Bobby came into town. How can we allow a man who pledged to protect and serve get away with actually taking part in a possible murder and/or more? And then there is Pat Newcomb (Wigan) who was supposed to have been Marilyn’s friend. Before the police could seal the house once Marilyn's body was taken away, the police noticed that Pat Newcomb kept looking through drawers and going into Marilyn’s bedroom. The police had to physically remove her. After the funeral, Pat Newcomb flew to the "Kennedy compound” at Hyannisport, Massachusetts. After that, Newcomb left the country and remained away for six months. During this period from August 1962 to February 1963, she visited Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Denmark, and Switzerland. When she returned to this country she was put on the government payroll as an information specialist  (motion pictures) for the U.S. Information Agency, 1776 Penn. Ave.  N.W., Washington, D.C. Don’t you think this is a little interesting? I do! Time is running out since Ms. Pat Newcomb is 87 years old and Mr. Iannone is 83 years old. Please help by making things right. It’s time for Marilyn Monroe to have her death cleared once and for all. And, for those who took part in her death to be criminally responsible for aiding and abetting in the death of Marilyn Monroe. It’s a disgrace that so many people have made millions of dollars out of the death of Marilyn.  The one thing that has never changed in over 53 years is the people involved, the time frame of events and the real manner of death.         

Ariel Investigations
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