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Petition to Advance the Rights of Widows in the United States and Worldwide

In the United States, widows are expected to control most of the $30 trillion in wealth of the baby boomer generation by 2030 -- a potential wealth transfer that approaches the annual GDP of the United States¹; yet American WIDOWS remain mostly invisible in the eyes of policy makers and the law. Every day, widows continue to fight for their rightful estates, social security benefits, bereavement leave, and access to healthcare.  Internationally, over 300 million widows endure systematic disinheritance of their rightful property, eviction, discrimination at the hands of laws and culture, and violent traditional cleansing rights that plunge them, and 600 million children, into vicious underworlds of poverty, human trafficking, child marriage, and violence.  And Covid-19 is a #WidowMaker. It’s time we begin to recognize the needs of widows, and their families, in the United States and beyond. It’s time to #MakeWidowsMatter.  We propose these important widow/widower recognitions: 1) Create a new office entitled The Office on Widowed Persons (OWP) within the Administration for Children & Families (ACF), a division of the US Department of Health & Human Services (H&HS).  The purpose of OWP would be to protect and assist widows and widowers in the United States. 2) Increase the number of bereavement days to be equal to the current allowable days for childbirth leave provided under Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). 3) Increase the current one-time survivor death benefit payment from $255 to $1,500. 4) Provide free healthcare (Medicare-like disability) for widows for a term of two to three years from the death of a spouse. 5) Introduce legislation ensuring the protection and monitoring of widows’ rights is prioritized in the future issuance of foreign aid. 6) Require the U.S. Department of State to include widows in its international human rights reporting requirements and to create programs to facilitate their economic and legal empowerment. 7) Call for the U.S. to propose a resolution in the United Nations General Assembly to protect rights and security of widows in the US and globally. 8) Call for the U.S. to propose a resolution in the United Nations Security Council to protect rights and security of widows in conflict and post conflict contexts. 9) Recognize International Widows' Day June 23 to coincide with the United Nations  10) Designate U.S. National Widows' Week of Awareness - Annually, the week after Father’s Day. Father’s Day was inspired by a widower, and this is one way to honor mothers who act in place of fathers. 11) Designate U.S. National Widowers Week of Awareness - Recognized annually, the week after Mother’s Day. Mother’s day was inspired by a widow, and this is one way to honor fathers who act in place of mothers.'s_Day  Mr. President, Madam Vice-President, and members of Congress, the United States of America would be the first and only country to take such important steps towards the needs of this group of citizens. Let's lead the charge for these audacious and necessary changes. Modern Widows Club, Global Fund for Widows, and our joint community of global supporters and partners are fully behind these important proposals to improve widowed persons’ lives worldwide.  #ModernWidowsClub #GlobalFundForWidows #OneMillionWidows #WidowAdvocacy #WidowRights #MakeWidowsMatter #CovidIsaWidowMaker Citation: ¹ McKinsey & Company Financial "Women as the next wave of growth in U.S. wealth management" July, 29, 2020.

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Urban Outfitters, JCPenney, C&A #PayUp for orders, save lives

October 2nd, 2020 -  Dear #PayUp Supporters, After getting the attention of fashion brands all over the world, the #PayUp petition has resulted in an incredible $22 billion being unlocked for garment workers. Over 21 brands committed to pay their bills for orders cancelled as a result of Covid-19, saving the lives of millions of mostly women makers who faced food and housing insecurity at the outbreak of the pandemic. We most certainly consider this campaign a victory! As a result of #PayUp’s success, we’ve launched, a movement to reform fashion through 7 actionable labor rights goals, including canceling starvation wages, keeping workers safe, and utilizing enforceable contracts that put workers first. Over the next year, we’ll be pressuring 40 of fashion’s most influential brands and retailers to meet these demands, tracking their progress along the way. We ask that you please make your way over to read more about our demands, and most importantly, sign our new petition. We hope that you will join us for this next phase of #PayUp — the fight for a better future of fashion has only just begun! In Solidarity, The #PayUp Team --- Unless fashion brands like Urban Outfitters, JCPenney, C&A and others #PayUp, millions of mostly women garment makers will go hungry and be forced onto the streets. COVID-19 has ravaged garment makers around the globe with a majority of fashion brands cancelling orders after a constriction in retail sales during the months of March and April. The result of this has caused millions of garment makers to be left unpaid for work they had already completed. With no access to savings, healthcare, or severance, these makers face critical food and housing insecurity. As one supplier stated, "If coronavirus doesn't kill my workers, then starvation will."  Remake’s #PayUp campaign has seen many victories. Thus far, 21 brands have committed to pay in full for orders completed and in production and an estimated $1 billion dollars have been unlocked in Bangladesh and an estimated $22 billion globally, accounting for approximately one-half of the $40 billion worth of wages owed to garment workers at the start of COVID-19. However, there is still more work to be done. Brands like The Children's Place, Arcadia, and Urban Outfitters are still refusing to #PayUp. With some brands, we’ve seen shareholder payouts occur while workers go unpaid, and we also know that certain brands are deleting #PayUp comments on their social media accounts as a way to try and shut down the conversation. To be removed from the #PayUp petition, brands must promise to pay suppliers for all orders that were cancelled or paused as a result of coronavirus. Furthermore, brands must agree to pay for these cancelled and in-production orders in full (without asking suppliers for discounts) and in a timely manner (without extending payment terms unless financing options can be provided).  18 BRANDS THAT NEED TO #PAYUP: Arcadia (Burton Menswear London, Topshop, etc.) Balmain Bestseller C&A Edinburgh Woolen Mill (Bonmarché, Peacocks) Fashion Nova Forever 21 JCPenney Kohl's Li & Fung/Global Brands Group Mothercare Oscar de la Renta Ross Stores Sears The Children's Place TJX (T.J. Maxx, Marshalls) URBN (Urban Outfitters, Free People, Anthropologie) Walmart/Asda/George 21 BRANDS THAT HAVE COMMITTED TO PAY IN FULL FOR ORDERS COMPLETED AND IN PRODUCTION: adidas ASOS Gap (Old Navy, Athleta, Banana Republic) H&M  Inditex (Zara) Kiabi Levi Strauss & Co. LPP (Reserved, Cropp, House, etc.) Lululemon Marks & Spencer Moschino Next Nike Primark PVH (Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, etc.) Ralph Lauren Target (USA) Tesco Under Armour UNIQLO VF Corporation (Timberland, The North Face, Vans, Dickies, etc.) *We will continue to monitor these brands and their payments to suppliers.* *You can find more detailed brand response information on Remake's update page.* WE WILL CONTINUE TO UPDATE THIS PETITION AS MORE INFORMATION BECOMES AVAILABLE (Last Updated: October 2, 2020)
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