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Reduce Emissions from Gas Powered Lawn Equipment

I live in North Idaho and see businesses having team members walk the streets with gas-powered leaf blowers every fall. These leaf blowers, while helpful in clearing leaves from sidewalks, are incredibly detrimental to the environment. Gas-powered leaf blowers kick out nearly 300 times the hydrocarbons of a pickup truck and 93 times the hydrocarbons of a sedan¹. They produce an alarming amount of carbon monoxide and nitrous oxides as well. These machines create so much pollution, that one two-stroke leaf blower that has been used for about 30 minutes of yard work produces the same amount of hydrocarbons of a pickup truck that is driven 3,900 miles straight¹. Not only do these machines pose a serious threat with the number of emissions they give out, but they also stir up large amounts of dust into the air². "Leaf blowers push 300 to 700 cubic feet of air per minute at 150 to 280 MPH. The resulting dust can contain PM2.5 and PM10 particles including pollen and mold, animal feces, heavy metals, and chemicals from herbicides and pesticides."² Basically, leaf blowers are causing harmful substances to swirl in the air, posing a health hazard to Idahoans via unsafe air quality. Gas-powered leaf blowers are hazardous on several fronts, they have high levels of emissions and leave a large carbon footprint as well as pollute the air with potentially hazardous materials. On top of those factors, "ozone is created when heat and sunlight react with nitrogen oxides and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are emitted from combustion engines, including lawn equipment." Cities with heavy use of gas-powered lawn equipment, like "St. Louis [are] among the top-ranked areas for ozone and particle pollution. In fact, according to the Clean Air Partnership, summertime ozone levels have exceeded federal-based health standards every year since the passage of the Clean Air Act. Therefore, small actions, like seeking alternatives to the standard use of lawn equipment, can go a long way in improving regional air quality and human health."³We have laws restricting emissions in vehicles and yet gas-powered leaf blowers and other lawn equipment have no regulations. There are several ways to go about solving this issue, I will not even begin to pretend to know which option is best. One option could be taxing the sale of gas-powered lawn tools, another would be to offer financial incentives to purchase electric tools and/or offer buybacks or vouchers to exchange gas tools for electric ones. We could require businesses to utilize only electric tools or offer businesses tax breaks for using electric ones. The best solution could be of these options, a mixture of them, either way, I feel it is time to take action on this topic. Idahoans deserve clean and healthy air, restricting or banning the use of gas-powered lawn equipment is an important investment in our future and a great step towards proper stewardship of our environment.Below are links for all quotes and statistics used above 1:,as%20much%20carbon%20monoxide%20and 2:,the%20amounts%20are%20even%20greater 3.

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Petition to Orinda City Council

Orinda City Council: Grant the Appeal on Oct 20

This petition seeks your support for our Appeal before the Orinda City Council of the Orinda Planning Commission Approval for a design review application for 14 Charles Hill Circle on August 11, 2020.  We are asking the Orinda City Council to GRANT our appeal and the application starts over for the applicant to reasonably reduce the design, reduce the engineering required for a massive project in a hillside and ridgeline zone with such significant detrimental impact to the hillside and neighbors.  The appeal would also allow time to correct errors and  omissions in the application as submitted. By signing this petition, you will show City Council your support for smart sustainable and resilient residential growth in Orinda and your support for residents who live, work and play in Orinda. The project is located off St. Stephens exit on Charles Hill Circle and prominent story poles can be viewed from Highway 24, BART, St. Stephens Bike Trail/Exit/Overpass, Saint Hill Road, El Nido Ranch Rd, Charles Hill Rd, Hidden Valley Rd, Tahos Rd and the Orindawoods tennis courts/veranda. With little notice and no direct outreach to neighbors, the Planning commission review of an application for a project at 14 Charles Hill Circle was scheduled in mid-August during a global pandemic that used Zoom as the review platform, ensuring even less comment and serious review of the impacts. The size of this project alone mandates a greater standard of care by all parties and especially the project applicant who owns 14 Charles Hill Circle and 16 Charles Hill Circle. Quick facts about the project: 1. Largest proposed project in Charles Hill vicinity where significant grading that would disturb at least 68% of the dirt on the lot is required 2. New 250 foot long site concrete retaining wall driveway with drilled concrete caged piers into bedrock proposed, to make matters worse asking for an additional encroachment and height variance to come within 30-32 ft of the nearest neighbor's private areas (forever unobstructed views) and creating in effect a fence structure up to 24 feet in height due to the slopes of the hillside from said neighbor's front door and all along the shared border 3. Located on an ending ridgeline which slopes on all sides (sand pile) 4. Destroys privacy to all downhill neighbors’ private backyards 5. Greatly diminishes the desired character and landscape of Orinda which is the main reason we choose to live here 6. All 5 planning commissioners expressed concern around privacy impacts and location of driveway when another location on the site is a viable option with less impact 7. After a further discovery process, the project does not qualify for a categorical exemption under CEQA, the Project does not comply with the Orinda General Plan, Orinda Hillside & Ridgeline Design Guidelines and the Residential Development Guidelines. 8. The project eliminates a 1950 original mid-century modern house from the housing stock of Orinda, and threatens the integrity of our own mid-century modern historically significant home designed by architect Paul Hamilton with landscape architecture by Lawrence Halprin. 9. Our Appeal date in front of City Council is scheduled for October 20, 2020, using the adopted Zoom platform We are not opposed to smart thoughtful improvements in our neighborhoods. We are opposed to complete disregard of our residential community. Enough issues have been raised by community members and neighbors to grant the appeal.  Please grant the appeal.   We will be there and we need your support.  THANK YOU! 12 Charles Hill Circle (Jeanne, Nathan and family) To contact your City Council Members: see this link. Planning Commission meeting packet can be found here:, with all the files as submitted including the geotechnical report.   For more information, contact  Thank you! Seeking those who love trees, Mid-century Modern enthusiasts, in addition to those in Orinda.  Other graphics from the petition can be found here. #savethetrees #midcenturymodern #Orinda #OrindaGeneralPlan #historicResource #historicPreservation #CEQA

The Paul Hamilton House in Orinda
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Petition to Hillsborough County Zoning Hearings

Save the Carrollwood Wetlands

Dickey Properties wants to tear down the Cypress Wetlands along Carrollwood Village Run, to put up a new medical building, parking lot and fast food restaurant. The wetlands deserve our protection. They are a natural habitat for trees, wildlife and birds. Over the past half-century, North America has lost more than a quarter of its entire bird population, or around 3 billion birds - according to a new estimate published in the journal Science by researchers who brought together information that has been collected on 529 bird species since 1970. "Wetlands are among the most productive ecosystems in the world, comparable to rain forests and coral reefs." - EPA Website Tearing down the wetland area in the neighborhood will increase traffic, pollution, noise from Dale Mabry Highway, as well as depreciate the community. In addition it increases the risk of flooding in an already flood-prone area. "Wetlands within and downstream of urban areas are particularly valuable, counteracting the greatly increased rate and volume of surface water runoff from pavement and buildings. The holding capacity of wetlands helps control floods. Wetlands store carbon within their plant communities and soil instead of releasing it to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. Thus wetlands help to moderate global climate conditions." - EPA Website If Dickey Properties gets their way, this will set a precedent and all other Cypress Dome Wetlands along Dale Mabry (and anywhere else in Hillsborough County with commercial value) will be at risk. Help us save these beautiful wetlands and ecosystem by signing your name to this petition! Thanks so much!

Concerned Citizens of Tampa
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Petition to Texas Parks and Wildlife, Greg Abbott, Ted Cruz, Robert Macdonald

Game Fish Status for Alligator Gar

Alligator Gar need our help! Now most of you are wondering as to what Alligator Gar even are. Alligator gar are the second largest freshwater fish in North America and are absolutely vital to life in rivers in Texas. Years of over fishing and bow fishing have taken their toll on these magnificent fish. Alligator Gar help keep the environment healthy by being apex predators which keep the food web in check. Alligator gar also help local tourism as well as the game fishing industry. Furthermore they are one of the few fish who eat the invasive Asian and European carp that are currently proliferating and destroying the natural balance of rivers in the United states. With this petition we seek to protect this magnificent species by classifying them as Game fish. Being assigned game fish status in Texas means that the fish cannot be targeted with methods other than hook and line. This would mean that bow-fishing for alligator gar in the state of Texas would no longer be legal. Bow-fishing is a method of fishing that uses specialized archery equipment to shoot and retrieve fish which does not allow capture and release of fish back into the wild. Giving the alligator gar game fish status would promote selective harvest since if they are caught with hook and line they can be released. In addition  granting the gar game fish status would allow gar to grow to a larger size on average due to lowered catch rates and increased protection which would not only help the local aquatic environment but also local fishing and tourism businesses as bigger Alligator gar would make their businesses look more attractive.  This petition also requests the state to consider a closed season for gar during their spawn, from April to June as this would allow the gar population to recover. Furthermore this petition also wishes for the state to consider a slot limit for the harvest of alligator gar which would allow the smaller gar the chance to reproduce and bigger gar to pass on their trophy genetics which in turn would help local sustainable fishing tourism businesses. In addition larger gar produce more offspring, thus leading to an increase in the stability of the alligator  gar population. We are also requesting the state to improve the processes by which fishermen get their license and to ensure that fishermen  familiarize themselves with state laws for game fish and non-game fish as well as the legal limits and harvest regulation of fish in their states in a manner the state deems fit. This would ensure that the fishing can remain sustainable for many years to come and have a minimal impact on the ecosystem. If you wish to see Texas be the greatest at Alligator Gar conservation for years to come please sign this petition! we hope that we can expand this project throughout the range of alligator gar in due time :)  for more info DM @aan_an_adventure on instagram 

Aanjaneya Chaturvedi
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