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Petition to Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Secretary, U.S. House of Representatives

Permanently Stop Abusive VA Dog Experiments

UPDATE (March 2018): Following your efforts, U.S. Congress enacted a law to de-fund the VA's dog experiments for 2018 and placed dramatic restrictions on the practice. Read more here. We're still working to end this waste and abuse for good! --- As U.S. military veterans, family members, and active duty members, we’re sickened that the Department of Veterans Affairs (V.A.) has been using taxpayers’ money to purchase, breed, abuse and kill dogs in wasteful experiments. The VA’s painful and deadly experiments on dogs are a betrayal of these loyal animals who literally save soldiers’ lives on and off the battlefield. These projects also waste resources desperately needed to provide veterans with care and services.   According to news reports and the non-profit White Coat Waste Project, some of the V.A.’s current projects involve: giving mixed-breed puppies heart attacks (Richmond V.A.) cutting into beagle puppies’ brains (Milwaukee V.A.) damaging dogs’ spinal cords (Cleveland V.A.) With the support of 75% of taxpayers and a coalition of influential Democratic and Republican lawmakers, in March 2018 Congress enacted legislation that cuts funding for and drastically restricts future dog testing at the VA. Now, please join us in urging the VA Secretary to PERMANENTLY end this waste and abuse.   Dylan Miller, US Army Ret.William Barko, US Army Ret.John Blaha, USAF Ret.Stan Benton, USN Ret. and USAF Ret.Bruce Bryant, US Army Ret.Chris Burand, US Army Ret.Gary Cantara, USAF separated, honorable dischargeWilliam Coll, US Army Ret.Michael Donahue, USNWayne Hair, US Army Ret.Ed Hernandez, USMCWill HubbardJennifer Johnson, USN Ret.Dr. Isis Johnson-Brown, US Army Ret.Ken Phillips, US Army Ret.Robert Reed, USAF Ret.Diane Solomon, USN SpouseTyler Spires, US ArmyVirginia Joy Stovall, USN Ret.Lyn StrangstadDanell Tomasella, US Army Ret.Nancy Warner-BrownJennifer Wilsbacher, US Army Ret.Merrie Wilson, USAF Ret.

SGT Dylan Miller (Ret.) & White Coat Waste Project
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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Secretary David Shulkin

Dogs need your help! Tell Congress to stop cruel taxpayer-funded experiments.

UPDATE (March 2018): Following your efforts, U.S. Congress enacted a law to de-fund the VA's dog experiments for 2018 and placed dramatic restrictions on the practice. Read more here. We're still working to end this waste and abuse for good! --- An investigation by White Coat Waste Project revealed that more than 1,100 beagles, hounds and mixed-breed dogs—even puppies—are subjected to secretive, wasteful and cruel experiments inside government laboratories each year. As a physician, researcher and dog-lover –and someone who once reluctantly experimented on dogs—I know there’s no way to defend the government’s use of dogs for invasive and unnecessary experiments.  It’s also a betrayal of a 10,000 year old bond between dogs and humans built upon mutual affection and loyalty. The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and other major news outlets have been documenting how the Department of Veterans Affairs, Pentagon, National Institutes of Health, and other agencies spend taxpayers’ money to abuse dogs: Death by Sand Flies: Infected sand flies are strapped to beagles’ bare skin, causing painful ulcers. Forced Vomiting: Dogs are cut open, their nerves severed, and electrodes are implanted on their intestines. They're then forced to vomit repeatedly. Forced Heart Attacks: "Snares" are tightened around dogs’ coronary arteries to induce heart attacks before they're killed and dissected. American taxpayers are forced to pay millions of dollars for these studies with virtually no access to information about what’s being done or why and how much it costs. Is this how you want your money spent? Please sign our petition to end wasteful spending and increase transparency and accountability about taxpayer-funded experiments on dogs! Most agencies including the VA, DOD, FDA and CDC do not reveal details of how our taxpayer dollars are being used for experiments on dogs, but on one of the few projects for which spending data is available, NIH experimenters have used nearly $6 million of taxpayers' money since 2011 to give dogs heart attacks. Bipartisan Members of Congress also recognize the ethical, scientific and economic problems with these controversial experiments on dogs. They’re now working to help spare dogs from abuse and cut wasteful government spending. Please join us and encourage Members of Congress and the administration to end this wasteful government spending on flawed research.

Dr. Larry Hansen and the White Coat Waste Project
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Petition to Honorable Judge Amy Ignatius

70 Great Danes lives are at risk if Humane Society of the United States is granted custody

The future is at stake for the 70 Great Danes whose future is still uncertain and who are under the current care of HSUS employees. In the hands of HSUS employees, four dogs have already died (9 puppies were taken out of 24/7 care with the owners personal vet before they were two weeks old and put in a shelter. and 2 of those puppies died. They were still being bottle fed as Mother dog was recovering from mastitis). There were two adult Great Danes that died of bloat and the other dogs are still at risk. You could change the future for these dogs by acknowledging this plea to ask that the rest of the dogs (except those that have medical conditions or are old and have been granted to be released to the former owner), to be placed in the 50 homes that are screened and available now. These homes have the experience, knowledge and the means to take care of Great Danes. Great Danes have special needs related to their size, health,daily care and temperaments. These families will offer that to the dogs. If rehoming these dogs is not an option, I would suggest Best Friends Animal Sanctuary or another trusted Great Dane organization that has what it takes to PROPERLY care for these dogs and have the means to do this to be granted custody. In June of 2017, 84 of these majestic animals were seized from their home. Ten of them have been deemed "unadoptable" due to age and/or medical issues. We ask that they are given to the former owner who will see them through the rest of their lives. The remaining 70 lie in the hands of Honorable Judge Ignatius's final ruling. These Great Danes have been living in a warehouse, in a parking lot, confined to 5x10 kennels since they were seized in June of 2017. There are no windows and no area for them to get any kind of exercise or fresh air. Though HSUS is monitoring them daily, (with no night care),these empolyees have little or no experience with this breed and can't give them the specialized care they need. Many Great Dane rescues will not allow this breed dog toeven be adopted to people/families that don't have giant breed experience as they know that without this experience many of these dogs will end up back in shelters or worse. I can't stress how important experience is when dealing with Great Danes. By sending them to homes, shelters, etc with no prior experience, you would be compromising their health and well being. This is VICTIMIZING these dogs! The dogs are not at fault and shouldn't be treated as victims. The plan to have HSUS ship the remaining dogs to various parts of the country will cause them further undue stress on already stressed dogs. HSUS would then find foster homes for the remaining 70 dogs, which is a MASSIVE undertaking to find the proper foster homes. This is a waste of valuable time and could cause more deaths and possibly health issues. Again, they are becoming VICTIMS! We ask why they should be put through anymore than they have already endured. This can break the spirit of any animal, especially that of a Great Dane, which are known for their sensitivity, devotion and dependence on a stable family unit. Danes aren't a dog that can be put in a backyard where there's no interaction with humans on a daily basis. I can't stress this enough!  The screened families that have offered to do this are available NOW! We, how have signed this petition are pleading for you, Honorable Judge Ignatius, to place these dogs in homes where they will be taken care of and be able to live out their lives. They deserve HUMANE TREATMENT! To put them in future care of an organization or homes that are uneducated and equipped to handle this breed greatly compromises their fate for a future. Please consider this with utmost thoughts of the best interest of the dogs. We are most willing to help make this process and tremendous feat go as smoothly as possible. Picture taken by The Humane Society of the United States

Great Dane Watchdog
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