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Stop Aggressive Dogs - Rest in Peace Aysia

On April 23rd 2017, two pit bulls broke into my backyard and attacked my 5 year old Yorkie (Aysia) and 4 year old Chorkie (Cyris). My wife and sister in law ran out to attempt to free my Yorkie from one of the pit bulls mouth as he ran around the yard holding her by the neck of her lifeless body. Cyris was able to escape after being bit numerous times. The pit that had Aysia took a shovel to the head and dropped my deceased baby and ran off. The other was injured by the shovel when it was struck in the arm. My wife rushed the Chorkie to the emergency vet for recovery and by the time I arrived home, cops had arrived. I told them to retrieve my baby girl Yorkie, when they did, the injured pit bull attempted to attack so the officer had to disable it. I was given my Yorkie to hold one last time as her body was still warm and soft but was motionless. My Chorkie is currently recovering 3 bite wounds, 2 broken teeth, and is on 5 types of medicine. These aggressive dogs broke a plank to enter my backyard. It was reported that the pit bull that was put down, had attacked and severely injured a dog in my neighbors yard one week prior. Why was this dog still in a household? Why was this dog not taken away? Why weren't we informed to be on alert if the dog was still in its household? I want to create a movement to keep any aggressive dog off the streets and either in their rightful homes or at the pound. All aggressive dog breeds should be registered to ACS, any that are bred and not registered are to be considered illegal and are subject to removal with fines to the ownership. If these registered animals are to remain in a household, they should be placed on high restriction, proper notification provided to the neighboring homes and communities, complete friendly behavior training programs, maintain a frequent visit for evaluation by ACS, and only allowed outside with supervision. Failure to abide by rules like these and the animal should be taken away. You may argue that, situations like these are probable to happen often, but what if my 2 year old niece had been outside... All it takes is one time for it to happen, mine was the second and now I wake up to an empty food bowl, dog bed, and a hole in my heart where my best friend used to be, because of someone else's negligence and inability to maintain proper behavior of an animal with record of aggression, my household will never be the same.

Stephen Aparicio
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Petition to Danny Leeper, Steve Kelley, Pat Edwards, George Spicer, Justin Taylor

End Dog Chaining in Nassau County, Florida

“Be humane, don’t chain.  Use some sense and build a fence.” In Nassau County, Florida it is legal to chain a puppy to a tree and leave him there until he dies. The only requirements are food, water and shelter.  No toys, no playtime, no love. There is County Commissioner meeting open to the public scheduled at 6:00 PM on Monday, May 8, 2017 in the general assembly hall (Commissioners Chambers) at 96135 Nassau Place, Yulee, Florida that will pertain to ordinance. The language to protect animals in the Nassau County Animal/Fowl ordinance has not been updated since October 1, 2003.  Technology and a better understanding of animal behavior have made it necessary to update Nassau County's animal ordinance to protect our PETS, PEOPLE and TAXPAYERS. PROTECT PETS: Chained (tethered) dogs are often neglected, isolated and lonely. They are subject to extreme weather conditions. They are preyed on by mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.  They are often infested with hookworms, roundworms and heartworm. Improper tethering can cause the tether to become tangled resulting in injury or death. Tethered dogs are more likely to be attacked by stray dogs and animals carrying the rabies virus. Dogs in fenced yards or suitable outdoor enclosures are better protected from attack.   PROTECT PEOPLE: Animal researchers tell us that tethering dogs makes them aggressive because they are in a constant defensive attack mode. According to a study by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, tethered dogs are five times more likely to attack children. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) stated, "Never tether or chain your dog because this can contribute to aggressive behavior." Dogs in fenced yards or suitable outdoor enclosures are less likely to attack children and animals.  PROTECT TAXPAYERS: Tethered dogs often break free of their tether.  In January/February of 2017, Nassau County Animal Services collected ninety-five (95) dogs running at large.  Of those, twenty-eight were claimed by their owners leaving sixty-seven (67) in the shelter.  These do not include dogs collected by Nassau Humane Society.  Nassau County Taxpayer’s pay for the dog’s veterinary treatment including neutering, vaccinations, micro-chipping, worming, heartworm treatment, not to mention re-homing costs.  The cost of irresponsible pet ownership costs hundreds of dollars per dog. Dogs in fenced yards or suitable outdoor enclosures are less likely to run at large. County officials have submitted a proposal to add language to the current ordinance to limit, but not prohibit unattended tethering. The new language allows tethering “not to exceed twelve (12) hours” and will not apply to dogs kept on lands zoned open rural, or used as bona fide farm operations. Similar language has been introduced in other Florida counties and failed to end 24/7/365 tethering.  Tethering time limits are almost impossible to enforce and they don't protect PETS, PEOPLE and TAXPAYERS. Why should rural dogs be tethered 24/7/365? We need to let our commissioners know that this is NOT acceptable language and we want them to prohibit ALL unattended tethering. CLICK THIS LINK TO REGISTER TO RECEIVE UP-TO-THE-MINUTE EMAIL UPDATES ON THIS IMPORTANT ORDINANCE: unchainmyheart If you want to get dogs off chains in Nassau County: 1.Sign this petition and sign up for updates at unchainmyheart 2.Attend the meeting on May 8th and let Commissioners know that as a resident of Nassau County you want to remove loopholes from the animal ordinance and prohibit ALL unattended tethering in Nassau County, Florida. Wear a RED shirt/blouse/dress to show your support. 3.Email this petition to your friends and share it with your social media contacts. 4.Contact Nassau County Commissioners with the message below. Dear Commissioner: I live in Nassau County and I want you to pass an ordinance that prohibits ALL unattended dog tethering in Nassau County. “Be humane, don’t chain.  Use some sense and build a fence.” Thank you. your name your address, city, state, zip code  District 1:  Danny Leeper  904.430.3868 District 2:  Steve Kelley 904.556.0241 District 3: Pat Edwards 904.335.0260 District 4: George Spicer 904.568.3409 District 5: Justin Taylor 904.625.5624      

Dr. David Fashingbauer
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Petition to Alonso Ledezma

Please Allow Backyard Chickens in San Jacinto, CA

My name is Lisa Vollmer and I live in San Jacinto, CA  92583. In May of 2015,  we moved to San Jacinto from Temecula, CA to get out of the city and into a more rural area.  After looking at homes all around Hemet and San Jacinto, we decided upon our current home, due to the fact that it already had a chicken coop/run in the backyard. Today, we had a visit from animal control, in regards to our hens.  We have 2 hens that moved here with us last May, from Temecula, CA.  They are 2 1/2 years old, and we have had them since they hatched.  We were told, that we have one week to "re-home" our 2 girls (Rosie & Cinnamon).  We believe this to be unfair!  We purchased our home here because it was surrounded by animals.  In LESS THAN 1-2 miles of our home, there are bison (across the street), ostrich, goats, sheep, chickens, pigs and zebras... all in which we can see while driving by.  Our 2 girls, are apart of our family.  They provide us with 2 eggs a day, they eat bugs and weeds from the backyard, and they provide fertilizer for our gardens and fruit trees, entertainment, companionship, and they de-stresses my husband and I.   And now, because we live about 6 houses from a Hemet zip code, we have to give up our 2 girls?? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RIVERSIDE COUNTYAmended Effective:  (Ord. 348.3928) The keeping or raising of not more than four (4) mature female crowing fowl (chickens only) on lots or parcels between 7,200 square feet and 39,999 square feet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hemet's new chicken ordinance7,200 square feet to one acre: Four hens, no roosters. The ordinance, which received final approval Tuesday, Aug. 19, will allow most people living on lots of at least 7,200 square feet to raise chickens at home. The change was made as urban backyard chicken farming grows in popularity. Councilwoman Shellie Milne was the main proponent of the changes. “It’s really part of the San Jacinto Valley’s history,” she said. “We’re a farming community.” -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  BENEFITS OF BACKYARD CHICKENS: Their eggs contain two to three times more omega-3 fatty acids and one-third the cholesterol - along with food safety Create a Self-Sustaining Life, just like vegetable gardening Composting - Chickens also serve as great composters and reduces kitchen scraps/waste (On October 1, 2016, there is a Backyard Composting workshop, along with vermicomposting and building your own worm bin classes at the San Jacinto Community Center.. ewwww)   Natural Fertilizer -You can then add the chicken’s waste to your compost pile and use it on your garden as a fertilizer.  Natural Pest Control - chickens will happily pluck up any unwanted insects and pests in your yard.Roosters are NOT needed for a hen to produce eggs Encourages kids to go outside (away from tv, cell phones, and the internet) it teaches them science, responsibility, where food comes from, about nature and respect for animals.  Chickens make social and even affectionate pets. Chickens are also known to be very friendly, reduce stress and provide emotion support.  (Chickens are now becoming and providing emotion support "Therapy Chickens" for nursing homes, the elderly, people with anxiety and depression, military troops with ptsd, Coops for Troops program, etc...)  There are several published/printed magazines and books regarding backyard chickens  (backyard poultry magazine, backyard chicken magazine  Chickens In Your Backyard, Choosing and Keeping Chickens, Tending A Small-Scale Flock For Pleasure, The Chicken Health Handbook, Chickens In Your Backyard, Living with Chickens: Everything You Need to Know to Raise Your Own Backyard Flock, Keeping Pet Chickens: You don't need much space to Enjoy the Bounty of Fresh Eggs from Your Own Small Flock of Happy Hens, Keep Chickens! Tending Small Flocks in Cities, Suburbs, and Other Small Spaces, etc...) plus the hundreds of online resources on backyard flocks (The chicken chick, Fresh eggs daily, Coop Dreams, etc...) Size of area that chickens need.  So for 4 chickens that free range, you should have a coop/run area that measures about: 4 by 4 feet (16 square ft)  For chickens that will be inside the run all the time (never free ranging), you need to bump that number up to 8-10 square feet per bird. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have started this petition in hopes to get an ordinance change for San Jacinto, CA.  San Jacinto should have the same backyard chicken ordinance as our sister city Hemet, CA. (min. 7200 sq ft, 4 hens, no roosters) If you would like to join our fight, for the right to have or keep a small backyard flock, please sign the petition and share with everyone you know. Every signature is important and will make a difference!  

Lisa Vollmer
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