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Petition to Sheboygan County Sheriff Todd Priebe, Cory Roeseler

Stop the suffering for the many dogs at the Kinship Companion Kennels

The dogs at Kinship Companion Kennels are in desperate need of help.  The "kennel" operates without a Wisconsin Kennel license.  The dogs are large dogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs and Golden Retrievers.  The 100+ dogs are kept in a building without windows. The dogs live in dark, cramped living conditions. Dogs are crowded in small crates.  The dogs are matted, urine soaked, and covered in feces.  They are not exercised or given human contact.  Dogs that have come out of this situation are severely underweight and riddled with numerous health conditions.  The dogs are not feed regularly or supplied fresh water daily.  The dogs at Kinship Companion Kennels are in desperate need of  food, clean uncrowded living conditions, and veterinary care.  Can you be their voice?  Many people have been asking for the state and local authorities to investigate the situation. All seem  to look the other way and hope that an upcoming foreclosure will resolve the situation.   Ask Sheboygan County Sheriff Todd Priebe to immediately inspect the premises with a licensed veterinarian (other than  Veterinarian Dianne Dommer who is a friend of the owner of Kinship Companion). There are loving homes willing and waiting to help get these dogs the care they so desperately need. (Above photos are actual photos taken at Kinship Companion Kennels)

Sheboygan Animal Rescue
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Petition to Ambassador Young-Jin Choi 주미 한국대사관 최영진 대사 (Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to USA), Minister Byung-Se Yun 외교통상부 윤병세 장관 (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade), President Young-Ho Oh 대한무역투자진흥공사 오영호 사장 (President of Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA, Minister Seong-Kyu Yun 환경부 윤성규 장관, 인재근 민주당 국회의원, Minister Young Jin 보건 복지부 진 영 장관, Jae-Cheol Jeong 정재철 새누리당 상임고문, Mayor Won-Soon Park 서울특별시 박원순 시장, Mr. Jae-In Moon 민주당 문재인 국회의원, Speaker Chang-Hee Kang 강창희 대한민국 국회의장, Mr. Han-Gil Kim 김한길 민주당 당대표, 이미경 민주당 국회의원, 박영선 민주당 국회의원, Young-Kyun Shin 신영균 새누리당 상임고문 (Senior Advisor of Saenuri Party - S. Korea), Minister Jeong-Bok Yoo 행정안전부 유정복 장관 (Minister of Public Administration and Security), Oh-Yeon Na 나오연 새누리당 상임고문 (Senior Advisor of Saenuri Party - S. Korea), Su-Han Kim 김수한 새누리당 상임고문 (Senior Advisor of Saenuri Party - S. Korea), Young-Hwan Kim 김용환 새누리당 상임고문 (Senior Advisor of Saenuri Party - S. Korea), Chairperson Sam-Yeol Koo 국가브랜드위원회 구삼열 위원장 (Chairperson of Presidential Council on Nation Branding), 박혜자 민주당 국회의원, 김영주 민주당 국회의원, Mr. Woo-Yea Hwang 황우여 새누리당 당대표, Governor Keun-Min Woo 제주특별자치도 우근민 도지사, Minister Sang-Jick Yoon 산업통상자원부 윤상직 장관, President Geun-Hye Park 대한민국 박근혜 대통령, Minister Jin-Ryong Yoo 문화체육관광부 유진룡 장관, Director Jin-Yung Woo 해외문화홍보원 우진영 원장, Minister Yoon-Sun Cho 여성가족부 조윤선 장관, President Jung-Haeng Kim 2018 평창 동계 오림픽 위원회 김정행 회장, Minister Kihl-Jae Ryoo 통일부 류길재 장관, Minister Kwan-Jin Kim 국방부 김관진 장관, Minister Ha-Nam Phang 고용노동부 방하남 장관, Prime Minister Hong-Won Chung 정홍원 국무총리, Minister Seoung-Hwan Suh 국토교통부 서승환 장관, Minister Nam-Soo Seo 교육부 서남수 장관, Minister Kwon Jae-Jin 법무부 권재진 장관, Deputy Prime Minister Oh-Seok Hyun 현오석 국무총리겸 기획재정부 장관, Minister Seung Chung 식품의약품안전처 정승 처장, Minister Dong-Phil Lee 농림수산식품부 이동필 장관, Secretary General Ki-Moon Ban 국제 연합 반기문 사무총장 (Secretary General of United Nations)

UNSG António Guterres & UN orgs: Sanction S. Korea for horrific cruelty of dog meat trade!

United Nations Secretary General  António Guterres and UN organizations: Sanction S. Korea for horrific cruelty of dog meat trade! Please watch this video: The $2 billion dollar-a-year South Korean dog and cat meat industry, which extinguishes the lives of approximately two and a half million dogs a year for meat or gaesoju, a dog wine or broth, and thousands of despised and doomed cats for so-called “health” tonics or goyangyeesoju, and soup, operates in a sordid and illicit world where farmers and butchers kill with frightening impunity in the most abominable fashion. Dogs are killed with high-voltage electrocution, which takes anywhere from thirty seconds to three minutes, hanged, and even beaten to death at the request of customers who believe the meat more tender and tastier the greater the suffering (one of the most pernicious of myths), and that the so-called medicinal properties are enhanced. They are most often killed within sight of their cage mates. They are then thrown into a tub of boiling water, often still alive, and then into a rotating drum for the removal of their fur, and finally blow torched. At Moran Market, South Korea’s largest open air-market for dog meat, dog carcasses are on display next to the cages of live dogs. Cats are often bludgeoned and thrown into boiling water while still alive. At the farms, dogs are fed germ-infested, rotting, and fermented human leftovers, a health risk to both the dogs and those who eat them. In South Korea, dogs and cats’ lives are short and ferociously heartless until they tremble no more at the hands of their slaughterers as cage mates look on. According to the Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA)'s comprehensive study on S. Korean dog meat industry,  "Using electric rods did not instantly kill the dog. First contact to electric rod did paralyze the dog but dogs were still conscious. In most cases, two to three contacts with electric rod will finally make the dog motionless. Duration of electrocution differed by slaughter houses. First contact is within two seconds, and follow-on contact required longer contacts. At some slaughterhouses with poor electricity system, the dog did not lose consciousness after using electric shock. Rather it tried to bite off the electric rod. It is one cruel episode that proved electrocution does not instantly kill the animal.  According to our research, electric shock is followed by plucking, where whole process took two to five minutes. Dogs can hardly be dead in such a short period of time. In such cases, dogs are paralyzed but still conscious to suffer from the pain of plucking and die."  Here the plucking or removal of fur is done by throwing the dog often paralyzed and unable to move but still conscious into the boiling water and then into the rotating drum that removes the fur.  This is a terrifying and excruciating experience beyond imagination. Sometimes unconscious but still alive dogs are blow torched to remove fur.  You can see an evidence of this cruelty from this video of raid by a Korean TV broadcast company and an animal rights group in Korea called Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE): Please also take a look at this video that shows the dogs being transported to Seongnam Moran market (the largest dog meat market in the country) during the pitch darkness of the night, taken one by one out of the cages where they were packed unable to move for many hours, electrocuted and thrown into boiling water.  Some of these dogs thrown into the boiling water could be still alive and able to feel the excruciating pain and terror of being boiled alive.  Click "CC" for English caption.  (At 6:17 this scene starts).  According to the CARE's report from their year long undercover investigation last October (visiting total of 82 locations of dog meat farms, markets, slaughterhouses,..) of dog meat industry, FAQ #7, "Electric shock brings extreme pain, and dogs often remain conscious throughout repeated applications.  It is known that in some cases, dogs stay perfectly conscious even when they are put in boiling water or hair removal machines." Cruelty happens at all stages at South Korean dog meat industry.  Here are few videos showing the cruelty during the transport and at the market: In addition to the unspeakable cruelty perpetrated dog meat trade is also a serious threat to human health.  Dog farms are hotbed for infectious diseases.  Since there is no disease control these dogs suffer from diseases from highly infectious and transmittable bacteria, virus, ectoparasites, endoparasites, and fungi.  Out of 165 dogs bred at a dog farm in Seoul area, 83 dogs(50.3%) were infected with endoparasites and 23 dogs(20.2%) were infected with heartworm.  Puppies suffer from malnutrition because they are fed rotting food waste (infested with pests such as rats, cockroaches, flies..) after being weaned.  In order to hide from the law and civil complaints, most dog farms are located in remote areas where sun is scarce causing vitamin D (necessary for bone growth) deficiency.  Locked in cages for months, dogs are bored and stressed from being packed with other dogs and constant stench. Stress hormone weakens their immune system and they become susceptible to hormonal diseases such as hyperadrenocorticism. Antibiotics, antidiarrheal and steroid are used to control measles, parvovirus, various respiratory and digestive diseases but abuse of drugs led to tolerance against antibiotics and relevant innate problems.  In some cases, 10 times the normal doses were being administered by the farmers themselves without the supervision of veterinarian. Large dose of heavy metal that accumulated in the organs and caused internal body malfunction is detected in dog meat.  Heavy metal is assumed to have been accumulated from eating leftover food waste and low-end feed (remains from slaughter houses).   Many serious and often life threatening diseases can be attributable to this  unsanitary and inhumane dog meat industry and they include animal bites and scratches, Bubonic Plague, Camphylobacter, Cutaneous larval migrans, Giardiasis, Lyme Disease, Psittacosis, Rabies, Salmonellosis, Shigellosis, Visceral Larva Migrans, Anthrax, Bebesiosis, Brucellosis, Colibacilosis,...  Read the extensive research report by KARA (Korea Animal Rights Advocates) South Korea’s Dangerous Health Food – Inconvenient Truth About Dog Meat 1 of 2 with English Caption: South Korea’s Dangerous Health Food – Inconvenient Truth About Dog Meat 2 of 2 with English Caption: There is no appropriate animal-protection legislation to prevent the animal cruelty currently taking place in South Korea. As someone who believes strongly that animals should not be treated in this way, I request that UN organizations investigate and address this issue immediately.  Please sanction South Korean government until they strengthen the Animal Protection Law to prevent animal cruelty and to introduce basic animal-protection regulations. It must also provide penalties for violations and ensure that mistreated animals can be legally seized from abusers and given immediate refuge.  I request that UN organizations insist South Korean Government to create an enforceable law to ban the torture, killing, sale, and consumption of dogs and cats.  Please don’t let the South Korean government get away with this outrageous cruelty to companion animals. Thank you for your attention and kind consideration. ------------------------------------------ For more actions you can take please visit:  

John Kim
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Petition to Department of Environmental Conservation, United States Congress, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Ban Exposure and Killing (Hunting) of Animals to Kids Under 12

The time has arrived to review and revise the policy to allow the murder of animals in the forest to children under 12 in the guise of "hunting."  Nor should children under 12 ever be exposed to the dismemberment of animals killed in hunting. "Since the 1970"s, research has consistently reported childhood cruelty to animals as the first warning sign of later delinquency, violence, and criminal behavior. In fact, nearly all violent crime perpetrators have a history of animal cruelty in their profiles. Albert deSalvo, the Boston Strangler found guilty of killing 13 women, shot arrows through dogs and cats he trapped as a child. Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold boasted about mutilating animals for fun." J. Johnston, Psychology Today. "One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a child is to kill and torture an animal and get away with it." Margaret Meade, Anthropologist.   "Identifying cases of animal abuse as soon as possible enhances the safety and well-being of children, animals, other family members and the community. Assess the seriousness of the situation: talk to the child and friends, teachers and classmates to try to uncover the child’s motivations. The incident could be exploratory, pathological, delinquent or criminal in nature or in response to mental health issues or reaction to trauma.  The child should be held accountable for the actions and made to appreciate empathy for the animal’s feelings. In more serious incidents, counseling, other professional intervention, referrals to other social services agencies, or the filing of criminal charges may be warranted. A child’s revelation of other family violence may require reporting to child protection officials, and to animal care & control officials for removal of the animals."  National Link Coalition studying the connection between animal abuse and human abuse. _______________________________________________ The state agencies that have regulated hunting such as Department of Environmental Protection are allegedly in bed with insurance companies to propagate false notions of "control" and "management" of nature in their devious bid to reduce their liabilities.  In our opinion, these entities seek to brainwash and program small children to enjoy killing animals at a young age with "young hunter programs" etc.  The age for hunting is lower and lower from state to state with many states not even possessing a hunter age limit.  And even though toddlers are not permitted to hunt, the hunters of legal age in the family bring home their kill for their toddlers to take pictures with and help dismember in an effort to prepare them to "live off the land" as they euphemistically describe the hunting culture. The FBI has recently determined that killing animals is a gateway activity to harming vulnerable adults and felonies in each state must be reported to the FBI for permanent record.   We therefore progressively request that no child under the age of 12 should ever be exposed to the killing of any animal including fish.  Children are desensitized to death and suffering.  Children are incapable of understanding the finality of death.  That just as sexual relations is an adult issue that minors should not be exposed to - neither should the dismemberment or "dressing" of a carcass killed by another family member be permitted in front a child.  This should be deemed child abuse and any family doing so should be reported to Child Protective Services.   End legalized animal abuse by children, and violence in this country will accordingly decrease.      

Kate Riviello
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Petition to Michele Santoro, Dolores SwirinYao, Joseph Sorbera, Leslie Campbell, Sally Wood, Andrew Frey, Pamela Laudenslager, Jennifer Goodwin, Shian Simms, Ray Cushmore

Save Bideawee at Westhampton, NY

Dear Ms. Swirin-Ya and the Bideawee Board of Directors,  I adopted my dog Cami, a Shepherd Husky mix, in June of 2016. Cami had been brought up from Alabama with siblings and was found to have a heart condition once she had undergone anesthesia during her spay. Thank goodness for your doctors in the Westhampton Animal Hospital who pulled her out in time. She was rushed to the NYC Bideawee hospital for a different type of anesthesia so she could be spayed and put on expensive medication. For 8 months she sat unadopted, but she attended many of Bideawee’s events at wineries, puppy paintings and the like in the Hamptons and Long Island areas. Your trainer, Mr. Michael Rueb, used Cami to teach other dog trainers how to work with their furry clients and even utilized her in socializing with new dogs that entered the Bideawee facility, he had told me. Mr. Rueb gushed about how smart and delightful she was to train. Even famous singer, Gloria Gaynor, posted on Twitter about Cami, a few weeks before I adopted her. Cami was cleared of her heart condition at the time I adopted her. Ms. Gloria Gaynor's Twitter Post in Support of Bideawee and Cami Each time Cami and I visit the animal hospital in Westhampton, every two or three months, she enjoys the stroll up the hill to visit her favorite volunteers. These visits are such a treat for Cami, she pulls me in excitement towards the doors when she picks up the scent of the familiar smells and hears the loving voices of your staff. My story of Cami is only one of the many beautiful adoption stories your organization and Westhampton location has created. Many of my family members and friends have adopted their furry children from Bideawee and anyone I speak to has heard the name before. It feels almost apocalyptic to hear that the land at Bideawee’s Westhampton location has gone up for sale without a word. The fate of the adoption center, pet cemetery and even the animal hospital on site is unknown. What more could an animal lover such as yourselves ask for in one location? You offer so many services that are truly invaluable and appreciated by the Long Island community that it would break hearts to see it fade into absolution. If you truly believe in Bideawee’s mission of being the “Greater New York’s leader in rescuing, caring for, and placing homeless cats and dogs with people who love them”, then do not take this facility away from the community, families and volunteers who have put their hearts, blood, sweat and tears into this location for so many years. There are so few shelters left on Long Island that put the care and consideration into each animal that walks or is carried through the doors of the Westhampton location. Your staff takes their time to make sure the right animal goes home with the right person, they watch carefully through the glass playroom windows to observe the behaviors of both potential family members as they did with me and Cami. I’ve been to local animal shelters where the dogs are shoved two into a crate, the smell of urine and feces permeates the air and new pet parents are calling to complain that their furry babies have worms or kennel cough. This is not the case at the Westhampton Bideawee location. Animals are not only walked around the campus for extended amounts of time but are brought into mini dogs parks to play and socialize with both dogs at the shelter and the human volunteers. You can even see the gentle actions and hear the passion in the voices of the knowledgeable staff at the animal hospital who also look after the shelter pets in addition to alma mater animals and community member's furry children. As you know, Bideawee never turns animals away and does what it can to provide and protect them. We, the community of Long Island and the state of New York are asking you to do the same for us. Please continue to provide and protect the animals which we cannot in your Suffolk County location. Please allow homeless, unwanted or neglected animals to have a second chance in your caring, clean and warm facility at the Westhampton location. Do not shut the doors, do not sell the Bideawee location to any investor that has no qualms about turning it into a shopping center or cold and indistinguishable condominiums. Ms. Swirin-Ya's bio on the Bideawee website states her to be “an avid animal lover who understands the importance of the bond between people and pets.” We couldn’t agree more with your personal values and ask that you allow us to find other ways to assist you in keeping the doors of the Westhampton location open should the issue be monetarily based. We are petitioning against the sale, potential closing/uncertain future of our beloved Westhampton Bideawee Animal Shelter, cemetery and animal hospital.  Thank you, The Long Island and New York State Communities

Michele Santoro
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