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Petition to Disney

Create a Disney Princess with Disabilities

Dear Disney, My name is Hannah Diviney and I’m a 21-year-old writer and disability advocate. I have Cerebral Palsy, a physical disability which affects my fine and gross motor skills. It means I use a wheelchair to navigate through the world. I’m writing you this message as a young woman who has always loved Disney films but never seen herself in them. Creating a disabled Princess (we know how influential those characters are) would give millions of children around the world the invaluable chance to see themselves having adventures, rich full lives and being the hero of their own stories. You’d be working to dispel the painful idea that many children subconsciously absorb life with a disability has to mean a life without joy, adventure, friendship or love. Beyond that, you’d also be providing a powerful reference point for non-disabled children to understand us and our lives. You would actively be creating a culture of tolerance, acceptance, empathy and understanding to replace fear, confusion and the seeds of bigotry that are often unconsciously sowed when we are confronted with something different that is hard to understand For decades now, you as a company have stood at the forefront of children’s lives by providing high quality emotionally intelligent entertainment full of valuable lessons and important tools to help all of us understand the world. As the first company to hopefully take this bold step, Disney would be a visionary leader in what I hope will become a powerful trend of better representation across the board. Walt Disney envisaged his empire as a place for children to dream and hope. These days, we know more than ever that hope is the most powerful thing we have. Children with disabilities don’t have that place of fantastical hopes and dreams. We’ve never seen the possibilities of our lives represented for us and the world. You have the chance to give us that magic Hannah Image: Alexsandro Palombo

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Petition to Mark Speakman, Gladys Berejiklian

Give people with cognitive disability a fair go in the justice system

“My name is Justen Thomas. I am a 43 year old Aboriginal man with an intellectual disability and epilepsy. I was homeless as a young person and I started to get fines for sleeping on trains. I was never able to pay my fines and it escalated to a big issue where I was getting locked up for fines. When I got arrested I didn’t understand the police or the court system and I ended up in prison many times. The cycle ended when I finally got the help and support I needed. Getting the right help turned my life around. I haven’t been in prison now since 2004 and I don’t intend to go back either. I got support from Youth Shopfront and then from IDRS (Intellectual Disability Rights Service). IDRS run the JAS (Justice Advocacy Service) which only has funding until June this year. IDRS also ran a very good diversion programme called the Cognitive Impairment Diversion Programme (CIDP).The funding for CIDP ended in June 2020. Please sign this petition and help me help people with cognitive disability who end up in the justice system get the help and support they need. We need long-term funding for effective programmes like JAS and CIDP. I recently gave evidence at the Disability Royal Commission Hearing on Justice. At the end of the hearing the Chair of the Commission, Ronald Sackville, said it is time to “end the cycle created by the criminalisation of disability”. He said, “the difficulty is to ensure that effective programmes are introduced, supported and properly funded – and not just in the short term.” I agree with Ronald Sackville. We need long-term funding for important programmes like JAS and CIDP. Let’s help people with a disability live to their potential instead of seeing them go to jail and locking them away. Please sign this petition to the Attorney General and the Premier. #JusticeMatters Read the letter being sent in your name to the Attorney General and the Premier here. Thank you for making a differenceJusten Thomas Find out more about our Justice Matters campaign on our website.

Council for Intellectual Disability
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