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Petition to Marta, CITY OF ATLANTA, GDOT, The ATL

Please allow eBikes and eScooters to ride safely on the Atlanta Beltline

City of Atlanta: Please allow eBikes and eScooters on the Atlanta Beltline by implementing a new set of rules based on courtesy, sound and vehicle speed. Where space allows, please provide a separate path for bikes and scooters while completing the full rail loop. More details: Today the Beltine is forbidden from eBikes and eScooters, though the rules are not being enforced. Atlanta police are awaiting guidance from the city. Thousands of shared eBikes will arrive in the year ahead. The sooner rules are adjusted to allow more sidewalks to be shared safely, the fewer injuries we'll have from eBikes and eScooters in our roadways. And the better health will have through exercise and reduced exposure to exhaust toxins.We are recommending that the current restriction on electric mobility vehicles be replaced with the following new rules applying to the Beltline and city sidewalks:1. Riders shall use slow speeds when near pedestrians. 2. Riders are encouraged to use their voice when approaching from behind, saying "on the left" or "on the right" to inform walkers of their approach.3. Extremely quiet vehicles should add a low decibel sound to alert walkers.4. Loud vehicles are not allowed.5. Carbon burning vehicles are not allowed.6. Vehicles wider than two seats are not allowed.We also recommend that Atlanta's new shared mobility ordinance include requirements that mobile apps provide a way to report bad driving and poor parking to the operator (Bird, Lime, Jump, etc.) based on the tracked location of the rider at the time of the incident report, or by scanning the ID of the shared mobility vehicle after the rider parks.Where space allows, please provide a separate path for bikes and scooters The Atlanta Beltline is the most wonderful escape in the city, but it can also be stressful as children and dogs dart between bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters and skaters.Where space is available (without compromising the rail plans), please add a second pathway - so bikes, scooters and skaters can travel safely, quickly and separately from pedestrians and dogs on leashes, while avoiding the surrounding busy streets. Casual, courteous riding would still be permitted on the walkway.The walkway could be slightly narrower on new sections. The bike path could then reside on the other side of the grassy transit route. This would allow riders to avoid crossing in front of people boarding transit on the walkway side. Please avoid placing the bike path immediately adjacent to the walking path. The Beltline ranges from 32 to 60 feet wide. The Berne Street underpass south of Glenwood Park is over 45 feet wide.The following dimensions accommodate the Atlanta streetcar tracks, which are standard gauge (4 ft 8 1⁄2 inches inner faces) with exterior face width of 5’ (62" including 2.75" rails). Beltline path and rail dimensions could be: 10’ Walkway16’ Transit (Two lanes of train track over grass)10’ Bike pathView dimensions for dual-path rail layout - Grass is indicated in green. The bridge at Hill Street is 32 feet wide, allowing for two rail lanes, plus two 7' wide pathways on either side. We now have the means to create a smart rail corridor where multiple modes share the space safely. Overhead wires are no longer necessary thanks to batteries. Smart transit with safety drivers now stops automatically when people cross its path.Thank you for helping the Beltline reach its full potential. Please share with your friends, dog lovers, scooter enthusiasts, bike riders, skaters, runners, the whole

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Petition to Nat Gale, Monica Rodriguez

Change La Tuna Canyon Road To Prevent More Deaths and Serious Injuries

On Saturday, December 9th, 52 year old father of 3 and avid cyclist, Keith Jackson, was on a family ride with his daughter-in-law, Rene and son, Chris. At around 2:15 PM, with Chris and Rene watching, a black SUV (possibly a Mazda) swerved across lanes and struck Keith from behind, sending him flying through the air. The driver quickly sped away, leaving Keith lying in the road, badly injured and clinging to life. Luckily, paramedics arrived quickly and were able to get him to a local hospital where he remains in critical but stable condition. La Tuna Canyon Road has been known for decades for its high speeds and dangerous drivers. There has been an average of one person killed on this 5 mile stretch of road every year since 2013 and, according to the Los Angeles Vision Zero website, a total of 15 injured in the last year alone. Drivers often illegally use the center “left-turn” lane as a passing lane. The LAPD who patrol La Tuna refer to this as the “Chicken Lane” due to the game of “Chicken” that ensues when two drivers engage in this illegal activity at the same time from opposite directions. This occurs along La Tuna’s narrow, curving roads at speeds exceeding 60 MPH, even in sections where there is an elementary school. Hundreds of cyclists use the road as a source of exercise on the weekend despite the dangers. La Tuna is also one of the few remaining equestrian communities in Los Angeles. The dangerous conditions on La Tuna Canyon road have done years of harm to this equestrian community. La Tuna Canyon Road was slated for safety improvements to reduce illegal driving and protect law-abiding drivers, cyclists, equestrians and pedestrians. These long overdue improvements were put on hold by LA DOT. Changes that take all of these issues into account must be made. Had these changes been implemented, Keith might never have been hit. Each passing day that these changes are not implemented is a game of Russian Roulette for those who live in, pass through, or come to enjoy the canyon. It is time to cut through the red-tape and take vitally needed actions to rein in the illegal drivers and make La Tuna Canyon Road safe for children, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles, equestrians and cars alike. We are respectfully asking that Councilmember Monica Rodriguez and LA DOT immediately implement these vitally needed safety improvements to La Tuna Canyon Road and, in turn, help save lives.

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