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Petition to World Peace Starts In America

Elect a Native American President and Mayor of Cocoa, Florida in 2024

Greeting America, Hey Ya! Hesci my name is Bryan Lamont iyinu-Ayamiwin ᐄᓅ ᐊᔨᒨᓐ (Purple Heart) Arrington of the Southern East Cree of the Cree Nation. As a dedicated citizen deeply invested in the future of our nation, I am stepping forward to run for the positions of President of the United States and Mayor of Cocoa, Florida in the 2024 Election. My commitment to improving our country is driven by my personal experiences and my desire to create meaningful change. A true Native American President is needed now more than ever! Join me as we strive towards creating an America that works for all. Sign this petition to support my candidacy.  Bryan A., a veteran and proud American citizen, has witnessed firsthand the challenges we face as a nation. He sees how power is concentrated in the hands of a few, manipulating society and creating undesirable conditions for many. As we step into a new age, he embraces the potential benefits it brings - financial freedom without control being one of them. Bryan A.'s campaign promises to address these issues head-on. His platform includes decriminalizing non-violent drug offenses (excluding fentanyl), improving safety and trust across our cities, implementing direct monetary payments to help citizens afford living costs while freezing rising expenses. The He also pledges to protect children with stricter laws. Children are our future; hence strict child protection laws will be enforced under my leadership providing them safe environments. Almost five children die every day from child abuse-related causes (Childhelp statistics). As a Native American candidate, I understand firsthand how crucial it is to protect our environment and natural resources while advancing agricultural practices. Our nation's infrastructure needs significant improvement; The American Society of Civil Engineers gave America’s infrastructure a D+ grade in their latest report card.  I pledge to decriminalize and pardon non-violent or non-hazardous drug offenders with exceptions on fentanyl. The U.S has the highest incarceration rate globally, with over 2.3 million people currently behind bars (NAACP). A significant proportion are non-violent drug offenders who deserve rehabilitation rather than punishment. I want to open a dispensary of my own and other ventures to open employment and creative opportunities for more willing and able people. According to data from The Sentencing Project, as of 2018 approximately 1 in every 3 adults in America has been arrested by age 23 - many for non-violent or minor offenses (The Sentencing Project). Bryan's policy would significantly reduce this number and give people an opportunity for rehabilitation rather than punishment. To improve safety across our cities, I will work tirelessly to foster trust between law enforcement agencies and communities they serve. Trust is essential for effective policing; according to Pew Research Center's survey (2016), only about one-third of Americans believe that police departments are doing an excellent job using appropriate force.I propose direct monthly monetary payments for American citizens struggling with living costs while freezing rising expenses. Nearly half (43%) of US households can't afford basics like food and housing (United Way ALICE Project report). Furthermore, his plan on providing direct monetary aid echoes similar successful policies implemented around the world that have shown positive results on poverty reduction such as Finland's Universal Basic Income experiment (OECD).The rebuilding cities will be prioritized under my administration ensuring adequate housing availability along with realistic job opportunities. This campaign is not just about my personal goals; it's about all Americans who believe in change and progress. It's time we had leadership that truly represents us – including our Native American communities which have been historically underrepresented at higher levels of government. Support Bryan A.'s bid for Presidency and Mayorship of Cocoa, Florida in the 2024 Election because it takes more than just one person; it takes all of us working together towards a better future. Sign this petition today! Register to vote at and Veterans and their families can register at for benefits at  P.S. Women are not whores or sluts like the industrial complexes of old and the populations itself has established as a terrible stereotype because of how women are treated through history. We all want the same things and we have to lookout for each other because some people want to destroy freedoms and cause harm those dark days are coming to an end. We need respect for women as they are the mothers of humanity. The men of our nation owe it to the women and mothers of from the millions of lives lost do to HIStory of male dominance and corruption. We will have safe freedom of expression for Straight and those of the LGBT+ community.  Our military will be capable for defend itself of any hateful or corrupted nation that wishes to disrupt peach on our homeland and will stand ready to provide aid or defense for our allies and other nations who do not have proper securities and it is my belief that No Nation should be deprived of safety and security and should not be prosecuted for their beliefs in the sense if humanitarian aid and laws. What do the people Want/Need America can Provide and Protect. You can also interact with me on social media (Twitter) @librakprollc and (Instagram) @rep_bryanarrington. More personal or private interactions can take place here and notice it’s 18+ NSFW CONTENT CAN/will be shown and HAVE FUN STAY SAFE AND MAKE MONEY! ��☮️���� Freedom Rings November 5th, 2024

Bryan Arrington
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Petition to Sussex County Commonwealth Attorney, Governor of Virginia, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia

Terrence Richardson and Ferrone Claiborne have been wrongfully incarcerated for 20+ years

                               The Story of  #NotGuiltyServingLife · On the morning of April 25, 1998, at roughly 11:00 AM, Officer Gibson was shot in the abdomen in the woods behind the Waverly Village apartment complex in Waverly, Virginia. · Before he died, Officer Gibson gave distinct descriptions of his assailants, specifically that “one of them had dreadlocks” · Two witnesses were immediately known to police; a 10-year-old girl who was playing nearby with her 5-year-old cousin and a 15-year-old girl who called 911 after hearing the gunshot. · One of the two witnesses gave a written statement describing a man with “dreadlocks running from the scene” and identified a person in a lineup that WAS NOT Terrence and Ferrone. · Terrence was 27 years old at the time of the shooting, is short in stature with a slender build and closely cropped cornrows, braided towards the back of his head. Ferrone was 22 years old at the time of the shooting, tall, with a slender build and a bald haircut. Clearly, neither Terrence nor Ferrone matched the description of either assailant as described by Officer Gibson. · Despite the detailed description of the suspects given by Officer Gibson, Investigators undertook what can only be described as a round-up of many young black men in the area. · Black males in Waverly, Virginia were gathered and interrogated until they provided the Investigators with any random name or submitted to a lie detector test. · It is still unclear why Investigators chose to ignore the witness identification, but on April 26, 1998, Terrence was arrested and charged with the capital murder of Officer Gibson. Two days later, on April 28, 1998, Ferrone was also arrested and charged with the capital murder of Officer Gibson. · In what can only be described as unheard of, both Terrence and Ferrone, two black men accused of killing a white police officer in the line of duty, were granted bail, and would later bond out of jail. · Initially, Terrence and Ferrone pled not guilty to the charges lodged against them, but on December 8, 1999, in fear of the death penalty and at the urgency of inadequate Attorney’s, they accepted unprecedented plea deals for anyone suspected of killing a police officer. · Both men made it clear on record that they maintained their innocence, but accepted plea deals in fear of being put to death. Terrence pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and Ferrone pled guilty to accessory after the fact of involuntary manslaughter. · On March 8, 2000. Terrence was sentenced to ten years in the state penitentiary with five years suspended, to be followed by two years on probation. Ferrone was sentenced to 12 months in custody, which equated to time served and he was released. · Both men thought their nightmare journey was over, until less than a year later when they were indicted by the FBI for the same murder of Officer Gibson, as well as several fabricated drug charges. · Terrence and Ferrone were charged with selling hundreds of Kilos of cocaine; yet, there were no drugs, proceeds from drugs, proof of drug deals, fancy cars, jewelry, drug paraphernalia, absolutely nothing to support these charges besides testimony from several drug dealers who testified in exchange for their own freedom.   · The Jury found Terrence and Ferrone not guilty of the murder of Officer Gibson, but based solely on the testimony of witnesses, they found them guilty of one drug count. · The drug conviction would have resulted in a maximum penalty of 20 years. However, the Court enhanced the sentence of Terrence and Ferrone to Life in prison based in large part to the state court guilty pleas. · The Court relied on the decision in United States v. Watts, 519 U.S. 148, 156 (1997), which permits the Court to make a finding of guilt by a preponderance of the evidence, even if found not guilty. Life After Justice (LAJ) a 501c(3) public charity(tax ID #01064823) that litigates, advocates and provides mental health support to men and women wrongfully convicted; brings this petition on behalf of Terrence and Ferrone’s fight for justice. Terrence and Ferrone have adamantly maintained their innocence since day one. We need 1 Million signatures to urge the Sussex County Commonwealth Attorney, Governor of Virginia and United States Attorney to do the following: 1.   Withdraw the State Court guilty pleas, and/or 2.   Grant Clemency, and/or 3.   Exonerate Terrence and Ferrone. The Court of Law has failed them, so The Court of Public Outcry must save them!

Life After Justice
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Petition to Beverly Powell, Texas State House, Greg Abbott, Betsy Price, Jamie Masters, Arlington NAACP, Fort Worth NAACP, Senator Beverly Powell, Ken Paxton, Lindsey Stewart, Jalah Lawrence, Tricia Kimble

The time to Act is NOW!

Brianna's Rights were wrongfully terminated. The state argues that Brianna didn't complete the service plan required, that Brianna did not have a healthy attachment to Journi, and that here mental health needs make her incapable of raising a child. Throughout this case Brianna has maintained full time employment, Stable housing and retained attorneys to assist her in fighting her case. Brianna has the right to become emotional in her fight to regain the custody of her daughter, yet in doing that she is being labeled unstable. Brianna has the right to fight for her daughter and not be harassed, labeled and have criminal charges placed again her.  During the time of removal from August 1, 2019- August 27, 2019 Brianna and Journi were harassed, bullied and attacked and no one came to their aid. Not campus police, not State representatives that Brianna reached out to and neither did the campus support Brianna. Brianna and Journi were torn apart and no one has been held accountable.  During the trial there were no witnesses to support Brianna's innocence because her court appointed attorney did not fight for Brianna to regain custody of Journi. Brianna lost and Journi has remained in the care of the state where she has had bruising, meltdowns, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and trauma all caused while in the care of OCOK in Tarrant County.  Enough is enough! Call to Action: -Brianna needs an experienced Appeal Attorney that specializes in Wrongful terminations and human trafficking.  -Brianna needs immediate intervention by a National organization to step in and show that the 67 pages in the memorandum opinion are not based on facts. This would need to be someone equipped to review and analyze files. - Follow this Link: Read the Public appeal, Donate and Stand in solidarity with Brianna Baucum. -Funds can also be sent to Brianna's cash app $briannabaucum2 Please also show up when there are events in Dallas. Journi will be home in 2022

Journi Will be home 2022 #bringjournihome
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Petition to Sarah Adams-Cornell, Peter Scheer, Rachel E. Barnes, Micha Green, William Brangham, HIPHOPDX , Ms. Carolyn Ross, HIP HOP CONGRESS, INC, Theodois Manning, Mayor Holt, JoBeth Hamon, Nikki Nice, Matt Hinkle, Barack Obama, Gov.Stitt , George Young, Bradley Carter, Barbara Peck, James Cooper, Todd Stone, Mark Stonecipher, Whitney Bryen, Paul Monies, Jennifer Palmer, Lionel Ramos, Kenton Ross, Mike Sherman, Ted , Sean Witt, Ainsley Martinez, Yasmeen Saadi, Jazz Wolfe, Maya Wiley, Shin Inouye, LDF

Honor Roll Student Joshua Christon Wrongfully Convicted By Rap Music #AVOICEOFTHEVOICELESS

Imagine your life being ripped away from you at the age of 18. You are a senior in high school as well as an honor roll student and preparing for graduation. Next you hear the sheriffs deputy pounding on your door, guns pointed at your chest, and then you're being handcuffed. Your lawyer tells you "You will be home and I believe you are innocent." Next you sit in the court room detached from reality trying to understand how can you fight for your rights. Unfortunately, you lack the finances, resources, and the knowledge of a lawyer. Twelve jurors SEE you, but do not HEAR you.The system that your parents told you to believe in is the same system that disregarded the law. They distorted the facts and created an image that was not you. Leaving you to feel as if you were alone fighting against INJUSTICE! This is not a movie or Netflix special. This is a true story of Joshua Christon's life.  My name is Joshua Christon and my charge is first degree murder. The nature of my crime took place in Oklahoma County, in the state of Oklahoma. It was four months after I turned 18 years old. I was an honor roll student waiting to graduate high school. I worked as a shift manager at Taco Bell while attending high school my Senior year.                                                                                                               Second point the victim’s, brother Albert Oakes, testified on the stand at the preliminary hearing that I did not kill his brother, but named my co-defendant Mr. Winford as the shooter. The preliminary hearing Judge bound me over for trial and the only reason was that the victim's brother saw me at the scene of the crime. Therefore, I shouldn't have been charged with first degree murder, but the District Attorney were upset that I chose not to become a state informant.                                                                                            There was no gun or any weapon found to belong to me, there was no camera that connected me to the crime, no DNA evidence, no fingerprints, or forensic evidence that connected me to the crime                                                                                                                        The District Attorney introduced misleading evidence regarding rap lyrics that were found in a plastic container in my bedroom. The District Attorney's used the rap lyrics to show my alleged mind-set, intent, and motive which they provided as their evidence to convict me(In- camera hearing TR.Pg. 7-58). However, the District Attorneys chose only certain rap lyrics and not all the genres of music that were found in the plastic container to convict me. The statement that was made to the Judge was the content that was in the plastic container contained only gangster lyrics is a contradiction. The District Attorneys, my lawyer, and the Judge failed to have all the context of all the music in the plastic container reviewed(In-camera hearing TR.Pg. 38. The rap lyric or music that was in the plastic container did not mention the name of the victim. It was music created before the crime that I am accused of occurred. The rap lyrics had nothing to do with the actual crime. The music was used as a smoke screen to create prejudicial discrimination and bias towards my first amendment rights. Which was a direct violation of my constitutional rights, and lead to a conviction.  Life Accomplishments After Being Incarcerated ·         Certified Paralegal/ Legal Assistant -Black Stone Institution ·         Certified & Ordained Minister -  P.M.I Associate Degree -- Calvary Christian College & Seminary  ·         Ordained Senior Pastor By Pastor Manning Sr. for the church called Divine Wisdom Worship Center Church of Lexington ·         President of Toastmasters of Lexical Toastmasters 2016-2017 and 2020-2021. ·         Toastmaster’s awards: Competent Communicator, Advance Communicator Bronze, Advance Communicator Silver, Advance Communicator Gold, Component Leadership, Advance Leadership Bronze, Advance Leadership Silver, and High Performance Leadership Award. ·           “First Evers” while incarcerated: Area K-1 Director for Toastmaster’s International in District 16 2016-2017 To receive a D.T.M. (Distinguished Toastmasters Award) which is the highest award in Toastmasters’ International achieved 2018. I helped c/o sponsored a toastmaster’s club called T.A.S.K. Toastmasters Club 6832817 achieved 2018.   ·         Certification of completion Thinking for a Change ·         Certification of completion Anger Management Course ·         Certification of completion Inside-Out (Victim Impact) ·         Multiple Certification of completion for Celebrate Recovery ·         Certification of completion T.A.S.K. (Teaching and Saving Kids) ·          T.I.B. (Teaching and Saving Kids Intervention Board Member) ·         A.A.C.G African American Culture Group Vice President of Membership Board Member 2019-2020 ·         C.M.A. Christian Men Association Chair Man- 2016-2017 and 2019-2020 ·         I have enrolled as a member with the N.A.A.C.P. & S.C.L.C. (Southern Christian Lutheran Conference) SPEAK UP FOR THE VOICELESS, WE NEED YOUR VOICE!   If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions please feel free to share it with us, we would love to hear them. PLEASE POST COMMENTS,SHARE THIS PETITION  & LET YOUR VOICE BE MADE KNOWN TODAY!                                                                                                  (All social or media outlets will be managed by the Christon Family)                                                                                               No one should have to be wrongfully incarcerated and spend years fighting to have their voice made known.  There is no reason why every citizens American should not be treated with equality that lack finances and resource to be handed down impartial judgments. Rap Music or music that people listen to or create should not be used against them due to bias agendas to convict in court. If, we fail to stand for our rights like our First Amendment Rights. We are giving up our voice to have any say so in our American democracy. “Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat to Justice Everywhere” Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” President John Quincy Adams Ask you signed this petition, please re-forward it to your contact list: family, friends, and associates. Also, the platform will re-forward it to more organizations by your donations if you are able to make the voluntary donations of a minimal of $2.00. Your support by sharing this petition on your social media outlets or word of mouth is greatly appreciated. We are truly grateful for YOUR VOICE and we will stand together as ONE VOICE for the Justice of Joshua Christon which is long overdue! Thank you. Justice 4 Joshua Christon #AVoiceofthevoicless    

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