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Petition to John Creuzot

Police Allowed Diamond Ross to Die

‘I can’t breathe, sir’ Diamond Ross was limp as two Dallas police officers dragged her, face first, into a holding cell and lay her on the floor. Video from the city jail shows the officers picked her up off the floor and sat her in a wheelchair, unconscious and dying, where they left her for 12 minutes while they attended to other duties. No one gave her medical attention until paramedics arrived and rushed her to Baylor University Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead of a drug overdose the following day. Ross, 34, died following an Aug. 18, 2018, arrest stemming from a domestic disturbance. Officers, who said she fought them while high on PCP, took her into custody on outstanding warrants. Now, nearly two years after her death, her family has filed a federal lawsuit against the Dallas Police Department, the city’s fire department and two officers, Corporal Larry Moody and former Officer William Ortega, alleging that their negligence violated Ross’ civil rights. No paramedics have been named in the suit, though the document names “John or Jane Does” working for the police department, Dallas Fire-Rescue and the Dallas City Marshal’s Office. Ross’ mother, Ethelyn Ross, told WFAA in Dallas late last year that her daughter was treated like she was “less than human.” “Nobody should be treated like that. Nobody,” Ethelyn Ross told the news station. “I was crushed. My heart was crushed.” Diamond Ross’ death did not garner public attention until November 2019, more than a year after she died, when police officials released the jail footage, body camera footage and footage from the patrol car in which Ross was driven to the jail. The footage from the patrol car shows Ross pleading for water and medical help, telling officers she cannot breathe. In footage obtained last fall by WFAA, Ross is clearly unconscious when she is removed from a patrol car outside the jail. In additional footage given to the news station, Moody admits Ross may have been dead or dying when they dragged her inside. “I think her last heartbeat was when we got her out of the car,” Moody says as he sits in a patrol car, speaking to supervisors. Ross’ death is gaining more attention amid the protests across the country following the May 25 death of George Floyd, who was killed while in Minneapolis police custody. Four former officers have been charged in connection with Floyd’s death. ** Both police officers and the Dallas Police Department are responsible for not giving Ms. Ross the proper health treatment, leaving them at fault. No one has been held accountable for the murder or the systemic failures that allowed Diamond to be mistreated. We, and those who sign this petition call for: Both Sgt. Larry Moody and Officer William Ortega to be charged with Diamonds death. There has been limited discipline against Sgt. Moody while officer Ortega quit but it is not enough. Every day that a police officer is given qualified immunity the lives of our black women are at higher risk of being seen as less than. To take further action, visit the Reyets app, where you can stay updated on Diamonds story and many others, while helping them receive justice. Get involved in the #Justice4Diamond, #EndQualifiedImmunity, and #SayHerName Movement by clicking the link below:   

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Petition to City and County of San Francisco, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, Supervisor Rafael Mandelman

Save Black and LGBTQ History in Dolores Heights #blacklivesmatter #LBGTQ

The Board of Supervisors under Supervisor Rafael Mandelman's leadership voted on Dec 1, 2020 at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Meeting to allow for yet another mega mansion to be built at 617 Sanchez Street and destroy the beautiful Dolores Heights historic neighborhood.   Although mandated by law, the project blatantly ignores Racial and Social Equity, as well as  discrimination against the Black community.In 1913, African American Harvey Scott and his family moved into 617 Sanchez Street. From 1917 – 1952,  617 Sanchez was owned by the Scott family, who raised two daughters in this house. The Scotts were the first and only African American family in the entire area to own a home and lived here for 39 years. Public Views from the street which are protected for the San Francisco Citizens will be no more.  Instead of looking at the beautiful City, neighbors and people walking by will be seeing not one but two gray cement blocks side by side.The property is located in the LGBTQ Cultural District, set up by supervisor Mandelman to protect this historic and cultural neighborhood. Senior citizen John Fusco, an openly gay man and small business owner, who served his country in the Coast Guard, lived in this house for over 43 years.  He could walk up the steep hill until his last year at 85, when he was married to a "mystery" woman and died 9 months after his marriage. The lady sold the house to an LLC to disguise the real owners, with the goal to tear down the home and build the mega mansion.   This senior citizen abuse along with the Planning Department pushing the paper-work for builders needs to STOP.  How can the same progressive Supervisors who create laws to protect our City ignore their own legislation including Slope Protection Ordinances that are applied only in rich neighborhoods such as Telegraph Hill and cater to big money and corporations to sell out their own neighborhoods? We want our elected officials to work for the people of San Francisco, not for big builders and the super rich who want to tear down historic parts of the City and sell out our neighborhoods to the highest bidder.   Please sign this petition and tell your friends.  Thank you!  #blacklivesmatter #LGBTQ

Save Dolores Heights
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