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Petition to Sacramento City Unified School District, Phil Serna, Chair, Bina Lefkovitz, Trustee Area 2 (covers East Sacramento)

Change public school name to Daniel Blue and remove Kit Carson

Right a wrong. Please sign this petition to honor Mr. Daniel Blue. Daniel Blue History* Daniel Blue was a prominent resident of Sacramento, California.  He had been enslaved in Kentucky and arrived in Sacramento in 1849 a free man. *Please see Daniel Blue's very important and long-overlooked contributions to Sacramento in the hyperlink above. His direct descendant Les Robinson is co-petitioner, born and raised in Sacramento. Why Kit Carson's name and legacy must be removed from Kit Carson International Academy, Sacramento California. New Perspectives of the West, PBS "Most of his military actions, however, were directed against the Navajo Indians, many of whom had refused to be confined upon a distant reservation set up by the government. Beginning in 1863 Carson waged a brutal economic war against the Navajo, marching through the heart of their territory to destroy their crops, orchards and livestock. When Utes, Pueblos, Hopis, and Zunis, who for centuries had been prey to Navajo raiders, took advantage of their traditional enemy's weakness by following the Americans onto the warpath, the Navajo were unable to defend themselves. In 1864 most surrendered to Carson, who forced nearly 8,000 Navajo men, women and children to take what came to be called the "Long Walk" of 300 miles from Arizona to Fort Sumner, New Mexico, where they remained in disease-ridden confinement until 1868."  

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Petition to Jay A. York, Cam Ward, Kay Ivey, Steve Marshall

Help Free a Good & Innocent Man - Wrongfully Incarcerated by Mobile County Court & DA

On January 5, 2012, Leonard Coleman received a life sentence in Mobile, Alabama for a crime another man confessed to committing. Together, I believe we are ready to start asking the hard questions and put our Judges and District Attorneys on trial. How does a hardworking, family-oriented, single father, with no prior convictions, end up being found guilty for a crime with which he had no involvement? In fact, Leonard’s next-door neighbor testified in court to speaking with him for hours during the time the crime took place. Leonard was such a non-threat to society that, prior to being wrongfully convicted, he was issued a TWIC card by the TSA, which requires passing a national background check. Mobile County's inadequate initial investigation process failed Leonard Coleman, mostly because bias existed from the beginning. One of the detectives who interrogated Leonard used to date the victim. Leonard recalls him saying that he would make sure the charges stuck and that he would become another Black statistic. Perhaps, because of this, Leonard was the only suspect ever pursued and a false case was purposefully built solely around him, although there were no fingerprint, nor ballistics matches to warrant being held for the crime. The Court's own response to Leonard's appeal highlights this atrocity by saying, “McSpadden testified that he tested all of the Petitioner's firearms and he was unable to identify any of them as the weapon that killed the victim.” The truth is that no one witnessed the event, other than a vulnerable and innocent 4-year-old child, who suffered a speech and developmental disability called echolalia. The condition had been diagnosed by a speech pathologist - a graduate of the University of Alabama. Trial transcripts of her testimony have her on record saying that the child demonstrated red flags for autism. Because he would often parrot what others said, authorities coached him into giving a false statement against Leonard (see article link below). Testimonies from his family at trial revealed that he could not yet dial phone numbers by himself, but that it sounded like someone took the phone from him and hung it up during the crime window. The Mobile County District Attorney, Ashley Rich, likely knew the child's statements were unreliable, as she covered herself by presenting a motion to declare the witness unavailable, which was subsequently granted. The trial transcript reads, according to DA Ashley Rich, “we attempted to solicit testimony from him at the grand jury but were unable to lay the proper predicate as to whether or not he understood the difference between right and wrong due to his young tender years.” To take matters a step further, the fact that Leonard was even wrongfully convicted on out-of-court statements is a violation of our 6th Amendment rights. Even more alarming is that, towards the end of Leonard's trial, the presiding Judge stated, "I was trying to be a good judge so there wouldn't be errors on appeal and I know several other things just like that and I'm going to zip up my lip." In October of 2020, Leonard’s uncle came across two gentlemen in a barber shop, I believe by divine intervention. These men, close friends of the true offender, were saddened to learn that Leonard was wrongfully incarcerated, because they both knew who actually committed the crime in question. On October 26, 2020, they put their official testimonies on file, with M and M Investigations, stating in detail how, shortly before taking his own life, the perpetrator confessed to them how he was able to execute the crime and use the child to frame Leonard. A few months later, a third witness came forward to corroborate their stores – recalling how she heard the perpetrator threaten the victim, “B****, I am going to make sure you die too.” This evidence was filed with the Mobile County Circuit Court, under District Attorney Ashley Rich, on April 20, 2021. Yet, regrettably, the Assistant DA filed a motion on 8/10/2021 to have my husband’s evidence dismissed as hearsay. We are beyond-blessed that Judge York has continued to remain objective, resulting in a denial of the State’s motion and an evidentiary hearing, which will take place in July 2022. In a few short months, Leonard’s fate will finally be decided. We are praying Judge York agrees with the facts, evidence, and that justice for Leonard (holding the right person accountable) also means justice for the beloved victim. The dark side of our system is that Leonard, an African American man, was found guilty in a Southern State, by a White Judge, White District Attorney, and an all-White (11/12) jury. If we think about it, he never stood a chance. Not to mention, Leonard’s case is not the only wrongful conviction specifically associated with Mobile, Alabama. Internet research shows that Bryan Douglas Cannon, Raymond Shane Greene, Dennis Morgan Hicks, Scott Jones, and Rodney Stanberry are also claiming false convictions by the Mobile County Circuit Court, or District Attorney Ashley Rich. Unfortunately, this information is not surprising, as articles have been published questioning the practices of Rich. In 2017, the Mobile Lagniappe featured a 2010-2015 study by Harvard University’s Fair Punishment Project, which called Mobile County out as a death penalty outlier. It elaborated that Ashley Rich presided over at least 7/8 of those cases. However, the questionable and prejudiced behavior does not end with the notorious Mobile County DA. Four years after Leonard’s wrongful conviction, Judge Rusty Johnston, who oversaw Leonard’s trial, posted the following statement in an online blog: “The Black Lives Matter narrative is a lie, is not true, is a fraud and we must confront this lie every time we hear it…” We are grateful for every signature and ask that you stand in solidarity with us by sharing this petition with as many people as you can. Continue on the journey with us by following us @JusticeforLeonardColeman on Instagram. Additionally, if my husband's story has touched your heart, please consider reaching out to the Governor of Alabama at and the Mobile County DA’s Office in regards to this clear human rights violation. Mobile County District Attorney: (251) 574-8400, P.O. Box 2841, Mobile, AL 36652 District Attorney Ashley Rich: (251) 574-5000 Assistant DA Chris McDonough: (251) 574-3404 Presiding Judge: Jay A. York Article Links re: Mobile County & DA Ashley Rich: Podcasts: Wicked Wisdom - Episode 60:  Mrs. Coleman’s Story - Husband, Leonard Coleman The Law And Justice Podcast - Justice For Leonard Coleman Lunchtime W/ Ana - Leonard Coleman case Change The Narrative with JD Fuller - #FREELEONARDCOLEMAN

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Petition to Sussex County Commonwealth Attorney, Governor of Virginia, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia

Terrence Richardson and Ferrone Claiborne have been wrongfully incarcerated for 20+ years

                               The Story of  #NotGuiltyServingLife · On the morning of April 25, 1998, at roughly 11:00 AM, Officer Gibson was shot in the abdomen in the woods behind the Waverly Village apartment complex in Waverly, Virginia. · Before he died, Officer Gibson gave distinct descriptions of his assailants, specifically that “one of them had dreadlocks” · Two witnesses were immediately known to police; a 10-year-old girl who was playing nearby with her 5-year-old cousin and a 15-year-old girl who called 911 after hearing the gunshot. · One of the two witnesses gave a written statement describing a man with “dreadlocks running from the scene” and identified a person in a lineup that WAS NOT Terrence and Ferrone. · Terrence was 27 years old at the time of the shooting, is short in stature with a slender build and closely cropped cornrows, braided towards the back of his head. Ferrone was 22 years old at the time of the shooting, tall, with a slender build and a bald haircut. Clearly, neither Terrence nor Ferrone matched the description of either assailant as described by Officer Gibson. · Despite the detailed description of the suspects given by Officer Gibson, Investigators undertook what can only be described as a round-up of many young black men in the area. · Black males in Waverly, Virginia were gathered and interrogated until they provided the Investigators with any random name or submitted to a lie detector test. · It is still unclear why Investigators chose to ignore the witness identification, but on April 26, 1998, Terrence was arrested and charged with the capital murder of Officer Gibson. Two days later, on April 28, 1998, Ferrone was also arrested and charged with the capital murder of Officer Gibson. · In what can only be described as unheard of, both Terrence and Ferrone, two black men accused of killing a white police officer in the line of duty, were granted bail, and would later bond out of jail. · Initially, Terrence and Ferrone pled not guilty to the charges lodged against them, but on December 8, 1999, in fear of the death penalty and at the urgency of inadequate Attorney’s, they accepted unprecedented plea deals for anyone suspected of killing a police officer. · Both men made it clear on record that they maintained their innocence, but accepted plea deals in fear of being put to death. Terrence pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and Ferrone pled guilty to accessory after the fact of involuntary manslaughter. · On March 8, 2000. Terrence was sentenced to ten years in the state penitentiary with five years suspended, to be followed by two years on probation. Ferrone was sentenced to 12 months in custody, which equated to time served and he was released. · Both men thought their nightmare journey was over, until less than a year later when they were indicted by the FBI for the same murder of Officer Gibson, as well as several fabricated drug charges. · Terrence and Ferrone were charged with selling hundreds of Kilos of cocaine; yet, there were no drugs, proceeds from drugs, proof of drug deals, fancy cars, jewelry, drug paraphernalia, absolutely nothing to support these charges besides testimony from several drug dealers who testified in exchange for their own freedom.   · The Jury found Terrence and Ferrone not guilty of the murder of Officer Gibson, but based solely on the testimony of witnesses, they found them guilty of one drug count. · The drug conviction would have resulted in a maximum penalty of 20 years. However, the Court enhanced the sentence of Terrence and Ferrone to Life in prison based in large part to the state court guilty pleas. · The Court relied on the decision in United States v. Watts, 519 U.S. 148, 156 (1997), which permits the Court to make a finding of guilt by a preponderance of the evidence, even if found not guilty. Life After Justice (LAJ) a 501c(3) public charity(tax ID #01064823) that litigates, advocates and provides mental health support to men and women wrongfully convicted; brings this petition on behalf of Terrence and Ferrone’s fight for justice. Terrence and Ferrone have adamantly maintained their innocence since day one. We need 1 Million signatures to urge the Sussex County Commonwealth Attorney, Governor of Virginia and United States Attorney to do the following: 1.   Withdraw the State Court guilty pleas, and/or 2.   Grant Clemency, and/or 3.   Exonerate Terrence and Ferrone. The Court of Law has failed them, so The Court of Public Outcry must save them!

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