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Petition to Michael Medline, Thrifty Foods

Eliminate live lobster tanks from your local Grocery stores!

This petition calls on major grocery chains including Sobeys Inc and those within its management (Thrifty Foods and Price Chopper) to end the use of live lobster tanks in stores across Canada.  Studies show that lobsters have more complex emotions/behaviours and awareness than first thought. The fact that they are solitary creatures and forced into tanks with dozens of other lobsters is stressful and unethical. These tanks have been around since my childhood, and thus have been normalized, but, when you think about it - a) we take these solitary creatures out of their natural environment, b) transport them for long periods of time, and c) store them in crowded tanks in stores for ‘a month or longer’ to then be boiled alive (staff are not allowed to ‘kill’ them before boiling them, and despite popular belief, they do not die immediately.) I understand that eliminating live lobster tanks is not a small undertaking but, it is possible! John Mackey, the reputable CEO of Whole Foods, a 16-billion dollar grocery store, immediately ceased selling live lobsters in-store, after a 7-month internal investigation, given that their findings did not satisfy their requirements for the ethical treatment of these crustaceans. They now will only sell frozen raw and cooked products from suppliers with strict guidelines for the humane treatment of lobster. At this time, their main supplier is Clearwater seafood out of Nova Scotia!  To be clear, the goal here is not to eliminate jobs or to reduce lobster fishing, as I know many families rely on this source of income, simply to fine tune the process to effectively reduce unnecessary animal suffering for our personal nutrition. I have begun conversations with Sobeys’ sustainable team and, in an effort to show public support in this endeavour, I am asking that you:  1) Please sign and forward this petition to as many people as you can or 2) Contact your local grocery store manager and/or 3) Express your concerns on site when shopping. Thank you for your support! 

Andrea Mcanany
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Petition to Shannon Phillips, Liz Breakey, Jerry Arshinoff, Constituency Office, Andre Corbould, Rob Simieritsch, Kelly Williams, Jason Caswell, Matt Besko, Ron Bjorge, Travis Ripley, Katherine Ganley, Rachel Notley, Justin Trudeau


For at least the last 3 weeks a young black bear has been wandering in a farmer’s field south of Calgary, along Trans Canada Highway and Highway 22.  This bear has sustained an injury, and will not put weight on its left hind leg.   The Cochrane Ecological and Wildlife Society has offered to help this bear who is needlessly suffering.  They have the facilities to rehabilitate and house this black bear.  The Provincial Wildlife Act does state that the Minister may, in writing and in the prescribed form, transfer the Crown’s property in wildlife on terms and conditions that the Minister considers appropriate and that are specified in the transfer instrument.  As the Minister you have the right to transfer ownership of this bear from the Province to the Cochrane Ecological and Wildlife Society.  I put it to you that it is your moral duty to allow the citizens capable of alleviating this bear's pain to exercise their right to answer to their own moral compasses. A spokesman for the Government stated that “The best thing to do is let it recover naturally”.  This representative does not have a degree in veterinary medicine, nor a related degree or diploma that would make him a subject matter expert.  It would be impossible, even for a veterinarian, to diagnose an animal and provide a prognosis based on visual inspection from a great distance.  This bear, at the very least, deserves an assessment of the injury.  The bear should not have to live the next several months in pain and possibly succumb to infection, or starvation, when it may well be easily corrected.   Wildlife suffers daily from illness and injury due to human contact, be it our sprawling construction, our vehicles through their habitat, both on our highways and with our off road vehicles.  It behooves us, then, to also step in to benefit injured wildlife. As an Albertan and a Canadian, I pride myself in helping others which includes all animals.  We live in a society in which we have the means to help this bear.  Our society can not stand by and watch this bear suffer and possibly die a prolonged death.  Mahatma Gandhi eloquently stated “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” I ask that Honourable Minister of Environment and Parks, Shannon Phillips, issue a temporary permit to allow this black bear a chance at rehabilitation and treatment of its injuries. Thank you so much for signing my petition.  Please share. 

Lisa Madsen
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Petition to Justin Trudeau


WE RAISE OUR PAWS TO BRING FORTH URGENCY TO END THE CANADA COMMERCIAL SEAL HUNT --- UNITED WE STAND FOR LIFE!    As members of Canadian society, and an animal rights not-for-profit incorporation, we have always believed that Canada has represented itself as a progressive nation -- but such progression should not include sacrificing and inhumanely killing innocent life for making profit or products.    I am speaking and bringing to your attention of Canada's Commercial Seal Hunt, or "Harvest" as even the Federal Fisheries Department has claimed it to be - a definition basically stating that this slaughter and treatment to be mere hunting and collection of commodities that can be used for humanity's own personal & profit making gain such as fur, seal oil (health supplements) and aphrodisiacs etc.   It is truly a blemish upon the country, when its Government and Fisheries Department continues to defend the nature of such a dying industry, calling it humane and sustainable, and putting forth funding towards the inhumane and cruel suffering and death of innocent life ---- where the majority of innocent seals (by the hundreds of thousands) are either shot or clubbed in the head by instruments so that the pelt of such life is not damaged, and that the life suffering and dying are approximately 95 - 98% are 3 weeks to 3 months old.     According to the Federal Fisheries Department Website -- The Three-Step Process, which also applies to harvesters with personal use licences is: Striking - The Seal Harvesters must shoot or strike animals on top of the cranium with either a firearm, club or "hakapik" - a multipurpose hunting tool -- wooden club with a hammer head (used to crush seal's skull) and a hook (used to drag carcass away) on the end. Checking - the harvesters must palpate both sides of the cranium (left and right) following striking, ensuring that the skull has been crushed -- this ensures the seal is irreversibly unconscious or dead. Bleeding - The harvester must bleed the animal by severing the two axillary arteries located beneath the front flippers and must allow the minimum of one minute to pass before skinning the animal -- bleeding ensure the seal is dead. The much awareness and outrage of not only individuals, but organizations and celebrity endorsements as well has made a huge impact against the commercial seal hunt --- even bringing upon bans from other countries against the imports of seal products have caused a collapse in sales.    But even with such impacts, the Canadian Government  still funds this industry, and has even increased quotas, despite the decline and collapse in such a market.    We are truly appreciative and thankful to all those who have contributed and supported the efforts in raising awareness and impacts against this issue - Please continue the fight and urge the Canadian Government to finally abandon its efforts to save the commercial seal hunt. Spread and Sign The Petition Today! Raise Ur Paw

Raise UR Paw
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