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Petition to The Town Of Collingwood

Protect the Wildlife in Collingwood - Coyotes at Risk

We need your help to stop the Coyotes from being killed and educating people on coexisting with wildlife.  Please sign if you DO NOT WANT TO SEE THE COYOTES KILLED IN COLLINGWOOD  How can you help? Sign the petition. I moved to Collingwood for the love of the outdoors and nature.  I love looking out my window and seeing rabbits, squirrels, and birds coexisting.  I live in a neighbourhood with coyotes and see them on a regular basis and therefore I take extra precautions with my animals at night.  Coyotes DO NOT pose a threat to humans.    Non-Lethal wildlife coexistence programs proves to be success across North America. Fact: A study in Chicago – and another in Canada – indicated that less than two per cent of their food source was domestic animals (and it was undetermined whether the scat analysis included carrion – animals that had already died). Fact: Only 2 fatal coyote attacks have been confirmed by experts in the entire history of human race (1981 and 2009) Fact: 1 to 2 Fatal dog attacks in Canada per year Can we relocate them, or keep them out?Though we – residents – see the city as separate from nature, it has a thriving ecosystem that includes not only ravines and parks but streets, backyards, industrial parks and construction sites. Relocating (or killing) coyotes is not recommended, difficult to accomplish and only a band-aid solution. Relocation is a problem as well since wherever the coyote is relocated will already have established coyotes in the area, and territoriality can make survival very unlikely.   Trapping a coyote and euthanizing it does not address the inherent issues in a community that create conflict such as feeding, improper garbage disposal and dogs off leash. Removing a coyote opens up the landscape for another coyote or two to move in filling nature’s vacancy. Much like birds, squirrels, raccoons and other animals, they have found a permanent home in urban areas. Coyotes are beneficial to the eco-system as well.  They are considered a keystone species and provide essential services such as mother Nature’s cleanup crew (carrion) and regulate rodent populations.  Attempting to remove one coyote from an area can also separate a family unit, which can lead to a lack of critical education for young pups (as both male and female coyotes raise their pups together) and sadly even starvation. Solution: Coexistence Helpful coexistence tips Never feed wildlife. Our best approach for safe and harmonious coexistence is to avoid conditioning them with food. We need to keep them wild and wary of people. This is the best way to protect our pets and ourselves. The few documented cases of coyote-inflicted wounds on humans occurred as a result of humans feeding a coyote. Keep pet food and water bowls indoors. Pet food will attract coyotes to your yard. Partner with local TNSR organizations that promote feed and remove programs for feral cats. Keep trash cans covered. Pick ripened fruit, and clean all rotted fallen fruit from the ground. Do not allow a large amount of wild bird seed to remain on your lawn. Bird seeds attracts birds, rabbits, squirrels and rodents, which are prey for coyotes. Supervise your pets and keep them under strict control. Adhering to leash by-laws, accompanying pets on walks, and not allowing them to roam is in the best interests of your pets. Our pets are at risk of many environmental dangers when they are not under our control: owls, eagles, hawks, foxes and coyotes can all prey on smaller pets. Cats are safest indoors or in secure outdoor play enclosures. Domestic dogs can be considered competition for food items at locations where humans are feeding coyotes, and coyotes may prey on small domestic animals for food or to eliminate a threat to their territory or pups. Keep chickens, rabbits and other small animals in covered enclosures, constructed with heavy mesh wire. Coyotes, raccoons and weasels can break through chicken coop wire. Neuter your pets. Although a rare occurrence, coyotes may mate with domesticated dogs. Do not approach coyotes, their dens or their pups, even if it appears the parents have abandoned them. Coyotes will do their best to avoid human contact, but may attack humans when provoked, sick or injured. Teach children about wildlife and how to safely respond to a coyote (or dog) nearby. Respect, compassion and education are common sense tools that nurture safe and healthy human and wildlife families Please reach out to Coyote Watch Canada for more information  

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Petition to Brick City Rescue


Sarah Dugan is a foster who has been working with Brick City Rescue, Inc., 501 (c) (3) domestic animal rescue, FEIN # 82-2472466, located in Lincoln Park, New Jersey, for the past 6 weeks. She has been the sole medical foster for a brutally abused bait dog named Hope that turned up in Newark, New Jersey, terrified, shaking and covered in lacerations and blood. The video of Hope shaking and trembling in fear has caught a lot of social media attention and her story has quickly spread across North America like rapid fire.  "I've watched her face her fears; the dark, the wind, being outside, the car etc. and slowly but surely she has overcome them! She has truly taught me the definition of strength and persistence. To be able to trust again after the trauma she has endured is remarkable and over the past six weeks I've been blessed with the opportunity to watch her continuously tackle new obstacles" says Hope's foster Mom, Sarah. From the moment Hope stepped into Sarah's home, she has documented their entire journey together and all of their online followers have witnessed the phenomenal transformation on Instagram @hope_our_hero. Perhaps the most incredible thing that followers have witnessed is the bond that Sarah and Hope have created together. Fellow Animal Rescuer and Activist from Canada, Chala Speciale, describes their bond as "something she has never witnessed before between a human and an animal!"  Sarah Dugan was originally signed through Brick City Rescue to provide foster care to Hope on February 27, 2018. However, once the two formed this unbreakable bond and Hope began slowly learning how to trust and open up to Sarah, she decided that she wanted to submit an adoption application to the rescue. In a statement to Brick City Rescue Sarah had mentioned that she does not feel she has the proper leadership skills required to properly train Hope but took it upon herself to prove to the rescue how much she loves this dog and wants to legally adopt her by inquiring into the services of Dog Behaviorist, Janice Wolfe who is known as New Jersey's Dog Whisperer. Janice agreed to help Sarah work with Hope and help her be the best leader for Hope and give her everything she needs as far as training goes. Janice had created a perfect plan for Hope's training program and had even personally reached out to Brick City Rescue herself. She has also generously offered her services for free and also offered if need be to bring Hope to either her New Jersey or Missouri farm to work with Hope until she is ready to be adopted. Janice has also agreed to adopt Hope personally or co-adopt her with Sarah to ensure Hope is given the proper training environment to maximize her growth. Janice goes on to say "I believe in speaking with Sarah and communicating with her extensively over the last couple of days, that she is the one who can bring this dog full circle".  The rescue has not responded to Janice's correspondence. Despite these efforts, Brick City Rescue has decided to remove Hope from Sarah's care. Hope's online community of over 1200 followers are up in arms over the decision, heart broken, frantically trying to pull together to help Sarah fight for Hope. In Hope's last Instagram videos with her foster Mom you can see the two of them falling apart while spending their last night together. Through tears, you can hear Sarah sob the words "I'm so proud of you. You're so strong. You're my baby" while Hope consoles her.  Hope's followers have been emailing, calling and messaging Brick City Rescue around the clock in an attempt to help them understand the bond that Hope and Sarah truly have. In a direct message to Brick City Rescue sent on April 17th, 2018 Chala Speciale tells them that they are making a mistake by solely focusing on Hope's behavioral training i.e. crate training, learning boundaries, being reactive to other dogs, etc. and not on the fact that Hope is finally starting to heal (physically and mentally) and acting like a dog for the first time in her life. "Removing her from the only human she has ever trusted and loved is not the smart move here. The moment Hope is separated from Sarah, they are going to see to a whole new array of issues surface that go way past just behavioral training, for example, emotional and psychological issues, depression, separation anxiety, etc. They aren't going about this the right way. They keep saying they have Hope's best interests in mind but I don't believe it." Chala has a three-year-old rescue very similar to Hope in almost every way, she was abused and is terrified of males, leash reactive etc. "I could never imagine having her taken from me to go to behavioral training because she would break down mentally, she would deteriorate. The only way she could be trained would be in the environment where she feels safe and loved. A broken dog is like a broken person, no amount of training or therapy can just snap them out of their past. It is all about the love they are given and trust that is built every single day. Without that, you have nothing. A dog will shut down. I have seen it and experienced firsthand in rescue."  On April 18th at approximately 3:00 p.m., Brick City Rescue picked up Hope from Sarah's home while she was at work. Sarah has cooperated with Brick City Rescue and given them access to her home to take Hope while she was at work. This entire experience has been extremely emotionally draining on both hope and Sarah. Going forward, Sarah Dugan, Chala Speciale and hundreds of supporters and animal activists, are doing everything in their power to take Hope and Sarah's story to the masses. Followers and fans of Hope and Sarah want their questions answered by Brick City Rescue. They want to know why Hope was taken out of a perfectly loving environment. "We just want transparency, every post, every comment, every message about Hope is deleted and blocked by them. They are keeping stuff from us and we want to know what it is and why" says Chala. While the rescue is deleting all of their comments and messages on Instagram, Hope's fans and followers are fighting on to reunite Hope with her Mom, the only person she has ever loved, Sarah.  Follow Hope's Journey on Instagram @hope_our_hero Join Our Group Chat On Facebook: Watch Hope's Rescue Video:

Hope Our Hero
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Petition to The Yukon Government Premier, Sandy Silver


Why this is important! The 1,000‐Mile Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race is cruel and inhumane. Animals continue to suffer horribly and die in agony in this barbaric event. They need help! I am asking the Government of the Yukon to stop funding and supporting the deadly 1,000‐mile Yukon Quest sled dog race because it fosters the suffering, exploitation, abuse, and deaths of the defenseless animals involved and forces them to be warehoused in large dog yards where they often live unattended on a four‐foot chain twenty‐four hours a day, seven days a week. The Yukon Quest sled dog race has a high mortality rate including one dog who recently died racing in minus -52 below temperatures on February 10th 2018 when he choked to death on his own vomit. This is a common cause of death in 1,000-mile sled dog races. In 2007 three dogs perished during the race and in the past three years at least one dog has died per race. Even one dead dog is one too many. By funding and supporting this cruel event in which animals die and are treated inhumanely the Yukon Government sends a message to our children that the heartless abuse of a defenseless animal is ok as long as we refer to it as a 'sport'. I am asking the Yukon Government to honour the Malamute that stands proudly on the Yukon Coat of Arms and cease all funding and support for this barbaric event. Please Sign & Share this petition to help the sled dogs! "Because I am a Sled Dog"

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Petition to Justin Trudeau


WE RAISE OUR PAWS TO BRING FORTH URGENCY TO END THE CANADA COMMERCIAL SEAL HUNT --- UNITED WE STAND FOR LIFE!    As members of Canadian society, and an animal rights not-for-profit incorporation, we have always believed that Canada has represented itself as a progressive nation -- but such progression should not include sacrificing and inhumanely killing innocent life for making profit or products.    I am speaking and bringing to your attention of Canada's Commercial Seal Hunt, or "Harvest" as even the Federal Fisheries Department has claimed it to be - a definition basically stating that this slaughter and treatment to be mere hunting and collection of commodities that can be used for humanity's own personal & profit making gain such as fur, seal oil (health supplements) and aphrodisiacs etc.   It is truly a blemish upon the country, when its Government and Fisheries Department continues to defend the nature of such a dying industry, calling it humane and sustainable, and putting forth funding towards the inhumane and cruel suffering and death of innocent life ---- where the majority of innocent seals (by the hundreds of thousands) are either shot or clubbed in the head by instruments so that the pelt of such life is not damaged, and that the life suffering and dying are approximately 95 - 98% are 3 weeks to 3 months old.     According to the Federal Fisheries Department Website -- The Three-Step Process, which also applies to harvesters with personal use licences is: Striking - The Seal Harvesters must shoot or strike animals on top of the cranium with either a firearm, club or "hakapik" - a multipurpose hunting tool -- wooden club with a hammer head (used to crush seal's skull) and a hook (used to drag carcass away) on the end. Checking - the harvesters must palpate both sides of the cranium (left and right) following striking, ensuring that the skull has been crushed -- this ensures the seal is irreversibly unconscious or dead. Bleeding - The harvester must bleed the animal by severing the two axillary arteries located beneath the front flippers and must allow the minimum of one minute to pass before skinning the animal -- bleeding ensure the seal is dead. The much awareness and outrage of not only individuals, but organizations and celebrity endorsements as well has made a huge impact against the commercial seal hunt --- even bringing upon bans from other countries against the imports of seal products have caused a collapse in sales.    But even with such impacts, the Canadian Government  still funds this industry, and has even increased quotas, despite the decline and collapse in such a market.    We are truly appreciative and thankful to all those who have contributed and supported the efforts in raising awareness and impacts against this issue - Please continue the fight and urge the Canadian Government to finally abandon its efforts to save the commercial seal hunt. Spread and Sign The Petition Today! Raise Ur Paw

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