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Petition to Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas, Dr. Adrian Susin Ambud (acting director of vet services Malaysia(DVS))

Malaysian dogs deserve better stop the culling!

 *update* *Attention supporters* turns out there is another party involved in the culling of innocent dogs in Sarawak; the department of VETERINARY services aka DVS. These people are supposed to love animals which is why they even took on a profession becoming a vet to help animals, but now is very evident they are the advisers for the murder of thousands of animals. Millions of RM (Malaysian currency) were spent to buy vaccinations to vaccinate these strays personally by them, and now they have thrown out all those efforts and trust between the dog just so they can take the easy way out and kill when they could have advised Chief Minister Douglas to implement a vaccination and spaying/neutering program. On their website it even states one of their core values is to be "kind and caring-compassion, love, pity etc for a suffering person/ ANIMAL".  Yet here they are; the devil's advocate behind all the killings. This Animal Welfare Act is implemented in many parts of Malaysia except Sarawak which has only agreed to include 90% of the act- which is part of the problem that Chief Minister Douglas needs to address. However, we now need to turn out attention to the director of the DVS; Dr. Adrian Susin Ambud and urge him to stop this cruelty and to also ask for transparency as to where they've disposed the thousands of innocent dead bodies they once helped just 6 months ago. We see right through you Dr. Adrian and we will STOP THIS.  If you support this cause and want to help out and put an end to it even faster and you have social media please @borneopost #kuchingdogculling on Twitter and @ the Malaysian government and make your voice heard! Stand up for the poor voiceless defenseless animals that are getting murdered. Make them hear us and know we will not stand for such cruelty. Videos and pictures : There is a mass dog culling happening in Sarawak, Kuching, Malaysia. Thousands of defenseless innocent dogs will be beaten, dragged and killed from Jan 3-Jan 7 each day from 3pm-10pm. This was sprung onto the public with no notice the day before the event was stated to take place- many locals were not even aware of this and had no time to shelter their dogs and thus they were murdered.  The government is stating it's due to the rabies outbreak that happened last year which is why they have initiated this horrendous act. However, it doesn't make any sense as thousands of stray dogs were vaccinated last year against rabies so the ones that did have the virus would have died within 2 weeks, along with the cull they had also done which killed thousands of dogs. Malaysian animals deserve better and this is not the way to go. A spotlight needs to be shed on this terrible event -this is the second mass culling that the government has initiated in less than a year with people using guns and poison last summer. A conference was taken place after that first culling where there was an agreement of no future cullings - which is evident now that they LIED. Dogs are either dying on the streets from an overdose of the tranquilizer or tranquilized then thrown into trucks to be transported to a facility where they are awaiting their death. The public had been notified that if the dogs were claimed within 48 hours they would be released, however when many locals dropped by they were all refused and said they could claim the dead bodies after they had been killed. The authorities are killing ALL dogs on the streets whether they are strays or household pets with collars and tags. The animals that were vaccinated last year all have a mark on their heads and have particular collars that show they have been vaccinated yet the authorities are still killing every single one of them. Few good hearted locals are doing the best they can by sheltering as many dogs as possible but this needs to be broadcasted to the world to show the monstrous actions of Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas and how there are better ways to reduce stray populations with spaying,neutering, vaccinations and hefty penalties including jail time for animal abuse and abandonment.     

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Petition to Justin Trudeau


WE RAISE OUR PAWS TO BRING FORTH URGENCY TO END THE CANADA COMMERCIAL SEAL HUNT --- UNITED WE STAND FOR LIFE!    As members of Canadian society, and an animal rights not-for-profit incorporation, we have always believed that Canada has represented itself as a progressive nation -- but such progression should not include sacrificing and inhumanely killing innocent life for making profit or products.    I am speaking and bringing to your attention of Canada's Commercial Seal Hunt, or "Harvest" as even the Federal Fisheries Department has claimed it to be - a definition basically stating that this slaughter and treatment to be mere hunting and collection of commodities that can be used for humanity's own personal & profit making gain such as fur, seal oil (health supplements) and aphrodisiacs etc.   It is truly a blemish upon the country, when its Government and Fisheries Department continues to defend the nature of such a dying industry, calling it humane and sustainable, and putting forth funding towards the inhumane and cruel suffering and death of innocent life ---- where the majority of innocent seals (by the hundreds of thousands) are either shot or clubbed in the head by instruments so that the pelt of such life is not damaged, and that the life suffering and dying are approximately 95 - 98% are 3 weeks to 3 months old.     According to the Federal Fisheries Department Website -- The Three-Step Process, which also applies to harvesters with personal use licences is: Striking - The Seal Harvesters must shoot or strike animals on top of the cranium with either a firearm, club or "hakapik" - a multipurpose hunting tool -- wooden club with a hammer head (used to crush seal's skull) and a hook (used to drag carcass away) on the end. Checking - the harvesters must palpate both sides of the cranium (left and right) following striking, ensuring that the skull has been crushed -- this ensures the seal is irreversibly unconscious or dead. Bleeding - The harvester must bleed the animal by severing the two axillary arteries located beneath the front flippers and must allow the minimum of one minute to pass before skinning the animal -- bleeding ensure the seal is dead. The much awareness and outrage of not only individuals, but organizations and celebrity endorsements as well has made a huge impact against the commercial seal hunt --- even bringing upon bans from other countries against the imports of seal products have caused a collapse in sales.    But even with such impacts, the Canadian Government  still funds this industry, and has even increased quotas, despite the decline and collapse in such a market.    We are truly appreciative and thankful to all those who have contributed and supported the efforts in raising awareness and impacts against this issue - Please continue the fight and urge the Canadian Government to finally abandon its efforts to save the commercial seal hunt. Spread and Sign The Petition Today! Raise Ur Paw

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Petition to Michael Medline, Thrifty Foods

Eliminate live lobster tanks from your local Grocery stores!

This petition calls on major grocery chains including Sobeys Inc and those within its management (Thrifty Foods and Price Chopper) to end the use of live lobster tanks in stores across Canada.  Studies show that lobsters have more complex emotions/behaviours and awareness than first thought. The fact that they are solitary creatures and forced into tanks with dozens of other lobsters is stressful and unethical. These tanks have been around since my childhood, and thus have been normalized, but, when you think about it - a) we take these solitary creatures out of their natural environment, b) transport them for long periods of time, and c) store them in crowded tanks in stores for ‘a month or longer’ to then be boiled alive (staff are not allowed to ‘kill’ them before boiling them, and despite popular belief, they do not die immediately.) I understand that eliminating live lobster tanks is not a small undertaking but, it is possible! John Mackey, the reputable CEO of Whole Foods, a 16-billion dollar grocery store, immediately ceased selling live lobsters in-store, after a 7-month internal investigation, given that their findings did not satisfy their requirements for the ethical treatment of these crustaceans. They now will only sell frozen raw and cooked products from suppliers with strict guidelines for the humane treatment of lobster. At this time, their main supplier is Clearwater seafood out of Nova Scotia!  To be clear, the goal here is not to eliminate jobs or to reduce lobster fishing, as I know many families rely on this source of income, simply to fine tune the process to effectively reduce unnecessary animal suffering for our personal nutrition. I have begun conversations with Sobeys’ sustainable team and, in an effort to show public support in this endeavour, I am asking that you:  1) Please sign and forward this petition to as many people as you can or 2) Contact your local grocery store manager and/or 3) Express your concerns on site when shopping. Thank you for your support! 

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Petition to Marc Demers, Paolo Galati, Christine Yoakim, Stephane Boyer, Daniel Hebert, Sandra Desmeules, Michel Poissant, David de Cotis, Jocelyne Frederic-Gauthier, Vesilios Karidogiannis, Aline Dib, Ray Khalil, Nicolas Borne, Gilbert Dumas, Virginie Dufour, Isabelle Tassoni, Sandra El-Helou, Aglaia Revelakis, Yannick Langlois, Claude Larochelle, Eric Morasse


English will follow ARRÊTEZ LA STÉRILISATION OBLIGATOIRE DES ANIMAUX DOMESTIQUES À LAVAL, QUÉBEC! À compter du 1er janvier 2018, tous les chiens et chats âgés de 6 mois et plus à Laval (Québec) doivent être stérilisés. Les raisons: réduire la surpopulation et le nombre d'euthanasie des animaux indésirables. La ville ne se soucie pas que les chats et les chiens sont des «êtres sensibles» - peuvent ressentir et avoir des besoins biologiques. L'an dernier (en 2016), le gouvernement du Québec a adopté le projet de loi en les reconnaissant comme tels. Mais Laval, bien que promouvant activement les adoptions sur son territoire, ne reconnaît toujours pas que les animaux domestiques devraient être respectés et qu'ils ont des droits. Qu'en est-il d'une personne retraitée vivant d'un revenu fixe? Qu'en est-il de tous les gardiens responsables qui ont eu leurs compagnons pendant des années et leurs animaux sont bien élevés? Qu'en est-il des gardiens qui utilisent les chiens pour des compétences spécifiques, comme la chasse ou la recherche d'objets? Ils devront maintenant débourser de l'argent, soit pour la stérilisation, soit pour obtenir une exception vétérinaire. Mais, il semble, qu'une telle exception ne peut être émise que s'il existe une condition médicale sous-jacente, interdisant la stérilisation. Tous nos chiens et chats en bonne santé n'ont aucune chance et doivent maintenant être mutilés. Il y a un problème ici - la loi n'est pas juste pour les deux: les citoyens et les animaux de compagnie. La ville n'a pas présenté de statistiques montrant le nombre d'interventions policières en raison de l'agression de chien. Aussi, contrairement à la croyance largement répandue que les animaux stérilisés vivront mieux, en meilleure santé et plus longtemps, les effets de la stérilisation sont dangereux pour la santé des animaux domestiques et peuvent augmenter nos factures médicales. La ville a consulté quelques professionnels avant d'adopter cette loi autoritaire mais aucun d'entre eux n'était un représentant de l'agence de protection des animaux et aucune consultation publique n'a eu lieu. Veuillez signer la pétition pour demander à la ville de Laval à reconsidérer. Il existe d'autres moyens, plus humains, de résoudre le problème. Starting on Jan. 1st, 2018 all dogs and cats aged 6 months and more in Laval, Quebec have to be sterilized. The reasons: to reduce overpopulation and number of euthanasia of unwanted animals. The city does not care that the cats and dogs are “sentient beings” - can feel and have biological needs. Only last year (in 2016) Quebec government passed the bill recognizing them as such. But Laval, although actively promoting adoptions on their territory, still does not recognize that pets should be respected and that they have rights. What about a retired person living on a fixed income?  What about all the responsible owners who have had their companions for years and their pets are well-behaved? What about the owners who use the dogs for specific skills, like hunting or finding objects? They will now have to dish out money, either for the sterilization or to obtain veterinarian exception. But it looks like such exception can only be issued if there is an underlying medical condition prohibiting sterilization. All our healthy dogs and cats have no chance and now have to be mutilated. There is a problem here - not only that the law is not fair to the citizens but also to the pets. The city did not present any statistics showing the number of police intervention due dog aggression but wants to implement one-size-fits-all solution. Also, opposite to wide-spread believe that sterilized pets will live better, healthier and longer lives, the effects of sterilization are hazardous to pets’ health and can increase our medical bills. The city consulted a few professionals before passing this authoritarian law but none of them were representatives of animal protection agency and no public consultation took place. Please sign the petition to ask the city of Laval to reconsider. There are other, more humane ways to address the problem.    

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