Marvel: Hire Christopher Nolan As Director Of A MCU film

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Christopher Nolan is known for directing the Dark Knight trilogy, Memento, Inception, Interstellar and Dunkirk. Due to his track history of his films being universally praised by fans and critics alike, he has earned a place among the most acclaimed and influential filmmakers of our time.

Christopher Nolan has stated he won't direct a fourth Dark Knight film or another superhero film because he feels that chapter of his life is over for now. But if he were to direct a trilogy set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this would pave the way for more DC directors to direct Marvel films.

Personal story
Nolan would do an excellent job at directing Wolverine or Moon Knight. Logan had a much more violent, grittier tone due to its R rating and its departures from traditional superhero films. A series of R or PG-13 Rated films focusing on either or another character under his direction would be amazing.