Europe's values are non-negotiable. Don’t accept blackmailing from Poland and Hungary!

Europe's values are non-negotiable. Don’t accept blackmailing from Poland and Hungary!

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The governments of Hungary and Poland are blocking the EU budget and the Corona recovery programme. Urgently needed aid money for the European economy and citizens amounting to € 750 billion can therefore not be paid out as planned at the beginning of 2021. The veto from Warsaw and Budapest threatens to worsen the economic hardship and plunge Europe into a severe crisis.

Hungary and Poland are abusing their veto to prevent the new rule of law mechanism. The European Union wants to make sure that only member states who respect the rule of law receive EU funds. Both Hungary and Poland have long been criticised for abolishing the separation of powers, for taking action against the free press or for suppressing minorities. 

This is blackmail against the European Union. We will not accept an ultimatum "solidarity or democracy". Especially at a time of greatest economic need for all Member States, we need both! 

We say: This has to stop! We are not just a community of money, but one of values. Our European values are non-negotiable! Anyone who violates the cornerstones of the European Union will face financial sanctions. This is what the European Parliament is calling for. This is what a clear majority in the Council of Member States is calling for. This is what a clear majority of Europeans is calling for.

Next Thursday (December 10th) the heads of state and governments of European Union member states are meeting to find a way out of the budget conflict at the European Council Summit. The German Presidency of the Council must make clear: Europe's values are non-negotiable.

We therefore call specifically on Chancellor Angela Merkel:

  • Do not accept the blackmailing attempts from Poland and Hungary! Further concessions to the governments in Warsaw and Budapest would render EU efforts to protect the rule of law useless. We must send the signal to all EU citizens: Europe defends its values - even when they are under fire.
  • Put the existing rule of law mechanism to a vote! The EU Parliament and Council have reached a workable compromise in lengthy negotiations to defend Europe's rule of law. This law has a clear majority in the European Parliament and the EU Council. If it is put to a vote now, Poland and Hungary will lose their leverage.
  • Get the EU budget and Corona recovery funds on the way without the participation of Poland and Hungary! Use the alternatives in the EU treaties. The signal to Viktor Orbán and Mateusz Morawiecki must be clear: We are not giving up European solidarity so that fundamental rights can be eroded in some Member States.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, don’t make a rotten compromise and be absolutely clear: we will not be blackmailed. Europe is not a cash machine for autocrats! Europe stands for solidarity, democracy, the rule of law and citizens' rights!

Daniel Freund, MEP Greens/EFA

Dr. Franziska Brantner, MP Greens (Germany)

Sven Giegold, MEP Greens/EFA

Guy Verhofstadt, MEP Renew

Dr. Sergey Lagodinsky, MEP Greens/EFA

Terry Reintke, MEP Greens/EFA

Rasmus Andresen, MEP Greens/EFA

Alexandra Geese, MEP Greens/EFA

Damian Boeselager, MEP Greens/EFA, Volt Europe

Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield, MEP Greens/EFA, Europe Ecologie

Dr. Sylwia Spurek, MEP Greens/EFA

Ramona Strugariu, MEP Renew

Mikulas Peksa, MEP Greens/EFA

Jamila Schäfer, Deputy Chairperson, German Green Party Bündnis90/Die Grünen

Radan Kanev, MEP EPP

Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar, MEP S&D

Moritz Körner, MEP Renew

Lara Wolters, MEP S&D

Tineke Strik, MEP Greens

Bernard Guetta, MEP Renew

Stelios Kouloglou, MEP GUE/NGL





Damien Careme, MEP Greens

Ernest Urtasun, MEP Greens

Claude Gruffat, MEP Greens

Monika Vana, MEP Greens

Erzsébet Schmuck, Co-Chair Hungarian Green Party

Máté Kanász-Nagy, Co-Chair Hungarian Green Party

Eleonora Evi, MEP Greens

Karen Melchior, MEP Renew

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