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Petition to Ms A. Palaszczuk

Keeping the Roses Alive - Public register for Perpetrators of Domestic Violence

The first I heard about Domestic Violence (DV) publicly in the community was with the "To Violence Against Women, Australia Says No" campaign. I didn't realise exactly what DV was until I found myself in a DV situation at age 37 and knew if I didn't escape it, I would die there. I have 2 young children who were also subject to horrific family violence with DV. The man who physically, verbally, mentally, emotionally and sexually abused me and two small children for nearly 3 years, is a repeat perpetrator. His previous partner had also endured his abuse. When we first met, as also told to me by his previous partner, he was lovely. He was romantic, seemed kind, and talked about wanting to settle down. He convinced me after a short time into the relationship that I would be a be a wonderful mother and it would be a shame if I didn't have children. He had said to me that at my age, it might be difficult and that I shouldn't leave the decision much longer or it might be too late. Also telling me, we were so right together, it was meant to be and we were happy. I certainly had enjoyed being swept off my feet by what I saw as a gorgeous and kind man. About 4 months into my pregnancy, things began to change. I wrote to him begging him to stop being verbally abusive towards me and I couldn't understand what had changed. Two weeks before my first baby was born he lashed out in a horrible display of rage and I was left in shock and fear. His previous partner had also endured his horrible and very frequent violence. She recalls, among many other incidents, the day he punched her in the face.  His previous partner and I had a very long conversation after I took her two children and my two children and fled the house during a physically violent episode during which he had roughly pulled my two year old baby away from me and held him up off the ground by one arm. My two year old little boy was crying and screaming. I was screaming in horror and fear as he was flung about by this man while he was roaring and shouting abuse. He grabbed me by my face and hair and was pushing and pulling me to throw me to the ground. I was holding my 11 month old baby at the time and desperately trying to stay on my feet. There are many more events just like this one, the violence continued on a DAY to DAY basis. I believed him when he said "I probably will kill you one day". I still fear for my life and the lives of my two little boys. Had I been aware of his violence, I definitely would not have entered into a relationship with him. I went for help to the Domestic Violence Centre and a worker there informed me, perpetrators of DV carefully select their 'victims' and then will display perfect behavior until the 'victim' is committed either by pregnancy, marriage or purchase of property together. This man blames his behaviour on his 'partners' and a diagnosis of ADHD. He does not take any responsibility for his violent behaviours. We now live under the protection of a Domestic Violence Order. I am hoping with this petition, that perpetrators of Domestic and Family Violence who have been named as the respondent on a DVPO (Domestic Violence Protection Order) or who are known to the police for family or domestic violence can be named on an Australia wide, public register. I believe the register will assist our community by saving women (or men in some cases) from entering into relationships without knowing the violent tendencies of the other party. In addition, being named in a public register will hold the perpetrators accountable for their own behaviours and actions. I consider myself to be very fortunate. I somehow escaped. It wasn't easy, with threats to my life and threats against my children. And on the flip side, the emotional blackmail of not helping him, also a reason I stayed as long as I did. This public register of DVPO's could save another woman's life. Save another woman from getting involved because as explained to me by a psychologist, the behaviours escalate. The first time he punched a woman in the face. The second time he also threatened to kill. The third time, he probably will.      

Rose Gardener
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Petition to Martin Foley

Remove my attacker from his government funded housing. I'm not safe in my own home!

Dear Mr Foley, I am writing to you about the intolerable and terrifying position I find myself in. In 2013, I beat the odds and purchased my first home. Excitement quickly turned to fear, when I realised that my beloved home shares a wall with a DHHS property that contains a seemingly violent, mentally unstable man. After over a year of sleepless nights, due to disturbances, vandalism and arson (all of which were reported to police by multiple members of the community), my neighbour physically assaulted me. Unprovoked. DHHS's response? Go back and let it happen again so we can establish a pattern of violent behaviour. Yes. Much to my disbelief, after over a year of begging them to help their own client, I was quite literally asked to subject myself to more physical violence. I don't really need to point out that this is an utter disgrace, do I? Would you expect the women in your life to live with the undeniable danger that I do? My home has been vacant since May of 2016. The mortgage still has to be paid, but my home is uninhabitable. Police are powerless. My assailant simply denies any allegations made against him. CCTV is well beyond my already overstretched budget and I am yet to find an affordable way to get this terrifying issue to court. The man in question is quite obviously in dire need of mental health assistance and a much higher level of care and supervision. Under DHHS policy, it seems he is allowed to refuse such assistance, but can still be provided with a home and commit assault, arson, illegal occupation of private land, vandalism and disturbance of the peace. Have you ever had to try to sleep, wondering if you'll burn alive before you wake? Or walk to your car in fear of being stabbed or beaten? Or wondered how many consecutive nights of lengthy noise disturbances you can endure before you are no longer able to perform your job? I have. Every day. With no foreseeable end in sight. These are not the thoughts of an alarmist. These concerns were then and continue now to be very real. Just yesterday, I visited my home to find the front window smashed and a fresh coat of spray paint menacingly adorning the property. DHHS policies have facilitated the placement of a dangerously unwell man into the community. It is unacceptable that a more appropriate level of care is not provided for him. It is utterly abhorrent that I am expected to live in fear next door to my attacker. It seems no one can help me because our current laws and government policies dictate that this situation is perfectly acceptable. Acceptable it most certainly is not. It's inhumane.

Megan Grant
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Petition to The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull PM


I contracted Meningitis as an infant, which left me a Cerebral Palsy Quadriplegia. For years I've been expose to sexually, psychologically and financially abuse by my own family members. I had to endure sexual abuse from the age of seven years old by a close male family member which was suppose to babysit my younger siblings and me. The abuse continued for three years. When I was eighteen years another male family member(who was a direct descendant from me) started to sexual harass me by coming into the bathroom while I was bathing myself. My family used to tell me I'll never leave my family house, because I was too profound disabled and it was my duty to take care of them. When I eventually got married, my former husband and I would have arguments and he used to emotional abuse me by telling me he'll leave me in bed and walk out of our house and never return. He also used to refuse to give me anything to drink or eat when we had arguments. Throughout the centuries, violence, including domestic and sexual abuses against disabled individuals have been covered up and swept under the carpet. The Right to Freedom from all Forms of Violence, Women With Disability Australia (WWDA) stated: · Women with disabilities are 40% more likely to be the victims of domestic violence, than women without disabilities, and more than 70% of women with disabilities have been victims of violent sexual encounters at some time in their lives. · Women and girls with disability who live in institutional and residential settings are highly susceptible to violence (particularly sexual violence) from numerous perpetrators and frequently experience sustained and multiple episodes.  Disabled People’s Organisations Australia(DPO) composed a Civil Society Statement and coordinated with 163 society organisations and 383 individuals whom endorsed the Civil Society Statement, urged the Hon Malcolm Turnbull to establish a Royal Commission into Violence against People with Disability. People With A Disability Australia(PWDA) stated: A Royal Commission is the only mechanism that can provide a comprehensive, independent, and just response to all forms of violence and abuse against people with disability. People with disability in Australia deserve nothing less. A Royal Commission into Violence and Abuse of People with Disability will have legal powers to: · enable people with disability to tell their story and give evidence in a safe and supported way, without fear of retribution or reprisal; Honourable Malcolm Turnbull, don't disabled individuals like myself deserved justice like everyone else? 

Chanelle S
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