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Petition to Hotel Longtime, Multicultural SA

Get Hotel Longtime to change its derogatory name & remove prostitution references

This is 2018. Unfortunately, it appears the trivialisation and mockery of the sexual exploitation of Asian women is still acceptable in some parts of the world. This leads to bias, discrimination, harassment (or worse) and damaging stereotypes. Recently, a new "Asian gastropub" opened in Adelaide, South Australia, with the name Hotel Longtime. There is no other believable explanation for naming an Asian-themed bar like this other than to reference the famous quote from the Kubrick movie Full Metal Jacket: "Me so horny, me love you long time". These words are uttered by a young Vietnamese prostitute to American soldiers in a movie set during the Vietnam War. (Similar quotes appear in other films/books on the topic). It was supposed to be a sad, dark commentary on the sexual exploitation of desperate and impoverished Asian women in a war-torn country, by western soldiers.  Unfortunately though, the quote was quickly taken out of context and used for tasteless jokes which actually oppress, demean, exoticise and disrespect Asian people and in particular Asian women. To add insult to injury, Hotel Longtime has also added a "Ping Pong Club Room" which one of the owners describes as a "gentleman's lodge". While ping pong itself is an innocuous sport, within the context of a bar with an Asian-prostitute-themed name, this again adds to the stereotypes of Asian strippers performing demeaning acts with ping pong balls for the entertainment of customers. Included in the decor are neon signs with love hearts and phrases such as "long time good time". How this ever was considered a good idea, or how it was approved in planning stages, is beyond me. Whether the restaurateurs (one of whom is of Asian heritage, which does not make it ok - we all make mistakes) are good people, have worked hard to build this, and cook delicious food is not the point.  They can still be and do all that, and not have such a distasteful, degrading name which perpetuates a harmful stereotype as a result of which Asian people, and particularly Asian women, suffer on a daily basis - be it through sexual/racial harassment and abuse, discrimination, unconscious bias and lack of understanding. This is not a personal witch-hunt, but rather an opportunity to educate and make positive social change. For the sake of respect for your fellow community members and those striving for equality, please sign this petition to ask the owners to change the name immediately, and retract any association of a "gentleman's lodge" to the ping pong element of the concept. Thank you.

Alice Whittington
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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull, Kelly O'Dwyer

Stand Up for Women's Equality and Safety By Addressing the Problem of Pornography

If our government is serious about tackling the epidemic of family violence, the high rates of sexual harassment and sexual assault, and the culture of lack of respect for women and girls it needs to address the problem of pornography. There is already research showing pornography is a significant factor contributing to sexist and misogynistic views and its links with violence against women and girls and sex trafficking. Organisations such as Fight the New Drug and Collective Shout highlight such research on their websites. Even the Gold Coast Centre Against Sexual Assault found that the biggest common denominator for the huge increase in intimate partner rape seen by the Centre in recent years was pornography consumption by the offender. I have also seen in the legal system too many cases of sex offenders being pornography consumers/addicts. Also, the US Court of Appeals acknowledged the connection between pornography and gendered violence back in 1985 adding that images of the subordination of women perpetuate subordination and also contributed to women’s economic inequality.  Mental health experts have warned we are gripped by an epidemic of pornography addiction amongst males including teenagers and have spoken of how men who previously had no conscious paedophilic interests are now seeking out child abuse material after viewing adult pornography for a period of time. We need our government to do the following:  1. Provide for laws against gender vilification, (which includes pornography as a form of hate speech since even the NSW Law Reform Commission has previously acknowledged pornography is a form of gendered hate speech). The absence of laws against gender vilification doesn’t make sense given we have laws against racial vilification federally and even have laws against religious vilification as well in Victoria and in some other states.   2. Re-visit implementing a full internet ban on pornography which has safeguards to only capture pornography. Iceland’s proposed full ban back in 2013 is a good starting point and monitoring the UK’s partial ban this year.   3. Invest heavily in community campaigns like we have for family violence, educating adults and children about the harms of pornography and where to get help. These actions are part of the necessary steps to create a society that thrives on a culture of respect for women and girls who are valued for who they are, and one which also cares about the mental health and wellbeing of women, children, and men.  

Michelle P
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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, Hon. Yvette D'Ath

TICA = Homelessness in Aus - Petition govt. for Royal Commission into TICA & Real Estates.

“TICA” = Homelessness to thousands of families, and thousands of people – TICA is the largest tenancy database in Aus. with 300 000 names and over 3 million records (Stats 2010), defames/blacklists people - with no court order necessary - and prevents them from obtaining accommodation.  It is the single leading cause creating homelessness in Australia… Petition our government to hold a Royal Commission into the businesses practices of TICA and Real estates! TICA is owned by Philip and Marina Nounnis who have made tens and millions of dollars, since 1992, from the grief being caused to thousands… The grief that can be lethal - even ‘just’ the threat of homelessness, can be lethal… People die because of homelessness (R.I.P. Shel) and people kill because of homelessness (R.I.P Rachael). The United Nation Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 25: “everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing and housing…”. Not so, according to Mr Philip Nounnis… “tenants do not deserve the right to impose their habits on innocent landlords by claiming that housing is a human right….” (ABC interview 2010). Mr Nounnis also boasted of a “New product called virtual manager, which allows landlords and agents to see when a tenant applies for another property”. This database is not about managing a property one has already leased out. This is about TICA taking information from application forms and automatically notifying past Real estates. It’s a “virtual stalker”. Does this constitute the criminal act of ‘stalking’? As one of the media articles on his TICA website titled “stalking Tenants” suggests? In legal procedures and affidavits, Mr Nounnis swears this database is a “searches database”. But an exhibit of this database shows “more info” and “Delete” options – options that are not part of a “searches” database. Does Mr Philip Nounnis deposing only of a “searches” database, and omitting any mention of his “virtual manager” in court proceedings and affidavit - constitute perjury? TICA is storing personal information on its databases which we do not allow our Govt. to keep, let alone sell to whoever is willing to pay…TICA is an unregulated business, as are Real estates in general. Accommodation is the ONLY unregulated industry of services and products that are essential for human life. Despite Real Estates always receiving the highest number of consumer complaints - have you ever heard of an RE agent having his/her license revoked? Or suffering any penalty whatsoever from our courts? Any fines? Any Anything? And remember, Politicians and the Judiciary are not tenants of their own homes, but the Landlords of other peoples’…Is it in their best interests to assert Tenants Rights? A campaign to educate our Judiciary on the leading cause of homelessness in Aus. is not too great a request… We can be sure of the ignorance and apathy of those in their taxpayer-funded ivory towers when they make such comments, as the QCAT Adjudicator expressed his belief that a person cannot be prevented from leaving a property unless “someone handcuffs you to the property”, or a District Court Judge suggesting that the homelessness caused by defamation on the TICA website can be resolved through “public housing”, or the Supreme Court Judge advising the resolution of homelessness: “You normally don’t get that through a Court, you get that through renting a property”, and “Courts don’t normally order people to provide accommodation to other people”. The bias and stereotyping of Tenants are entrenched… And it begins with accepting disputes between Tenants and Landlords should be resolved in small claims courts, as they are currently, where REs are usually making claims for a few hundred dollars. A Tenant’s claim may be a matter of life and death. A tenant’s allegations may be of criminality including Fraud (leasing a property which is/becomes inhabitable or with non-functioning attributes), Trespassing (No entry notice or false entry notices), Extortion (making demands for monies not owed with threats, example - blacklisting on TICA to prevent one from obtaining accommodation if money not paid), to serious invasions of Privacy and more….We need a government body to examine complaints made against TICA and Real estates…Dividing these complaints between small claims courts, consumer, corruption or privacy commissions and others, not only is more expensive than one central body but also ‘waters down’ the mass of claims (and the mass is massive!!!). A govt. body with a govt. maintained register (similar to TICA but in reverse, sounds like Justice, Yes?). When too many complaints or serious or criminal complaints are received about TICA or a Real estate. The Govt. needs to investigate and prosecute, and start by cancelling business licenses. They have no right to deal with members of the public… PUNISHING ONE REAL ESTATE IS A WARNING TO ALL REAL ESTATES. Legislation making TICA inform people of entries which have been made in their name, and only charging the cost it takes to do such, not the $5.45 per minute current cost of the phone line, being the ONLY way a non-member can contact them. Or charging $55 for every year included in an email when one requests the history on the website… Making a profit from a person by selling them the personal information being stored about themselves, it is as wrong as it sounds…. We need to petition the government to make legislation that protects Tenants. Legislation that prevents a Real estate from making any Blacklisting on the TICA website whilst matters are before a court/tribunal (an accepted practice in our legal process already, except in tenancy disputes), legislation that prevents RE’s from blacklisting when a tenant is still in their property... NO-ONE SHOULD BE LEFT OUT(SIDE).

janine Daniell
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