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Petition to Lucia Athens, City of Austin, Texas, Amy Petri

Save Springdale Farms!

Springdale Farms is a 5-acre urban farm nestled in the ever-changing, ever-growing 78702 neighborhood of Austin, TX. It is one of the last few precious gems of the neighborhood. The long time owners and farmers of the land had to sell the property due to failing health and an investment company bought it. For now, the investment company is allowing the on-site restaurant/food truck, Eden East, care for the farm and run the day-to-day business. But as we all know, it is only a matter of time before the farm will be destroyed to make way for a new condo, apartment, or hotel. Thus, I want to call upon our friends at the Austin Department of Sustainability to help save the farm before it's too late! If you've never been to Springdale Farms, I highly encourage you to go for a visit. Not only are the people who care for the land wonderful, the farm and land itself are magical. Huge trees, thriving plants, bountiful vegetables, buzzing bees, clucking chickens...The best part is that the farm is open to the public and in fact, encourages Austinites to come wander around the farm, visit the chickens, talk to the plants, share in Mother Earth's bounty, and even partake in a community meal. It is a hidden oasis in the midst of a growing metropolitan. As Austin continues to grow and change, it is so important to preserve Austin's personality and uniqueness. Springdale Farms embodies everything that is amazing about Austin's soul. If we don't do something to help save it, Springdale Farms will fall victim to the results of growth, greed, and gentrification like the hundreds of other longstanding Austin businesses and properties. My hope in starting this petition is to call upon the City of Austin and the Department of Sustainability to save and preserve the magic of Springdale Farms. As a passionate local, I'm willing to do all I can to help save it. Not only does the Farm mean so much to the local community, but it also personally means a lot to me. Not only am I a frequent visitor of the farm, but I also recently got engaged there. Thus, it holds a special place in my heart. I can't imagine the future of Austin without the farm in it, and I would always regret it if I didn't do all I could to help save this amazing farm. Lets all come together to show how much we love Springdale Farms and all the other urban farms around the country!

Sara Steinbeck
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Petition to LOCAL GOVERNMENT, developers, Architects

'Mall-Sprawl' For An Awesome Urban Future!

Humans multiply. We tend to grow in number, and as our numbers grow, so must also the buildings and cities that house and sustain us. However, the field of urban planning teaches that if we do not pay close attention to expanding our facilities properly, then the problems we face as a society can also multiply. These days, there are many professionals paying attention to the surmounting problems that poorly designed cities face, as well as the prosperity that good city planning can bring. Urban planners know of many great solutions, but setting those solutions in local planning law is ultimately up to the will of the people. The bottom line: massive change is possible when citizens declare what they want in solidarity. This petition presents an opportunity for citizens to declare in solidarity that they desire the following solution implemented in their region. The solution that follows could be categorized as ‘Eco-Sprawl’. As the name suggests, ‘eco-sprawl’ is a way for human settlements to grow and expand without such process being considered unsustainable (or the cause of significant future problems). The solution proposed here is for cities to commit to designing neighborhoods that consist of one giant, sprawling mall. The average building would probably stand about eight floors high with basement level parking and storage, a 1st floor mall, 2nd floor office and flex space, 3rd through 7th+ floors featuring a mix of affordable and luxury residences, and a top floor and roof featuring community amenities. By designing neighborhoods and cities around the 'sprawling mall' principle, every resident may have immediate access and views to an active market on one side of their building plus access/views to a spacious, amenity-filled park on the other side. As you can see in the picture above and imagine, this sprawling mall/park/mixed-use development concept would make for a pedestrian-friendly paradise. Nevertheless, this pattern of settlement could also be brilliant for automobiles and public transit systems since smart planning law protecting natural/agricultural land can direct the development of these 'mall-sprawl' neighborhoods in a linear path (such as along already existing roadways) making transportation from one end of the community to the other very efficient. To make these neighborhoods even better, they could also be designed as the most educational home-environments imaginable by including components listed in the following petition: Sign To Promote Educational Neighborhoods and UBI. For all inquiries, please direct message Nathaniel Ryan Hernandez via LinkedIn.

Nathaniel Ryan Hernandez
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