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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Christy Clark, Honourable Todd Stone, Mayor Jack Froese, Honourable Rich Coleman, MP Honourable Mark Warawa, Premier Christy Clark, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, MP Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, Honourable Claire Trevena, Honourable John Aldag, Patrina Arnason, David Davis, Charlie Fox, Bob Long, Angie Quaale, Kim Richter, Michelle Sparrow, Blair Whitmarsh

Stop the 216th interchange project until a Walnut Grove transportation plan is approved.

Keep Walnut Grove a peaceful place to live, please sign this petition to have the MOT and TOL engage our community with a transportation plan that manages the traffic on 216th St. from Hwy 1 to 96 Ave. within Walnut Grove. The BC Ministry of Transportation (MOT) and the Township of Langley (TOL) are planning a 4 lane interchange at HWY1 and 216th St with full on and off ramp capabilities. The new interchange is to support growth on the south side of Highway 1 in a new subdivision called Williams, currently in the planning stage with TOL. This highway interchange will drive unwanted semi truck and excessive car traffic into the pristine North Langley residential community of Walnut Grove. In Walnut Grove, 216th Street is lined with single family residential homes, two elementary schools, bike paths, and crosswalks.  Our young children should be kept safe from the planned 4 lanes of traffic. The excessive traffic will increase the hazards of walking and biking in the quiet residential Walnut Grove neighbourhood, as well as on 216th St, and will restrict popular cycling paths in Forest Hills. We expect a significant increase in noise pollution, air pollution, and a negative impact on our property values. The need to improve infrastructure in Langley is important, but it needs to be done with the best interests of each community affected. The TOL is doing a great job of engaging the public in the Williams planning exercise. However, the TOL has not developed a transportation plan from Hwy 1 to 96th Ave. An unapproved plan for 4 lanes, without noise abatement, from Hwy 1 to Telegraph Trail and a 4 way light at Telegraph Trail will be presented to TOL for budget approval, but no planning or consultation has occurred beyond this, particularly with the 2 elementary schools and residents in North Langley who are directly impacted by the overpass from HWY 1 to 96 Ave. The Walnut Grove Community has alternative recommendations to decrease the negative impact on our neighbourhood: Clearly show why Glover Road is not a feasible, or superior option for an Interchange instead of 216th Street. An existing plan to extend Labonte Ave to 216th St. will service Williams and this interchange will better service TWU, Fort Langley and Langley City. Decrease the planned 216th Street overpass to two lanes and guarantee this route north of HWY1 will not be a commercial truck route. Limit access to 216th St., North of Hwy 1. (Hwy 1 on and off ramps to service south of Hwy 1 only.). The TOL shall initiate a public consultation process to define the transportation plan from HWY1 to 96 Ave and ensure plans are COMPLETED AND FUNDED  BEFORE the 216th interchange is approved. This transportation plan shall include such analysis and discussions as traffic studies, traffic abatement plans, school safety planning, environmental impact analysis including noise and air pollution, eliminating semi truck traffic with the use of roundabouts, and limiting the width of the roads to reduce traffic as much as possible. Here is a video showing the traffic in 2045 on 216th North of Hwy 1, The traffic from 96th to Telegraph trail is not shown, but will have to pass through 2 elementary schools.  Additional information from the Mar 30 meeting at Alex Hope Elementary is here. Thanks for signing the petition and ensuring our community is engaged with a complete transportation plan before the interchange design is completed. For more information on the 216th St. Interchange and to share your feedback directly with the MOT:  

The Harfman Family
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Petition to Cornwall Council Planning Authority, Sarah Newton MP

Please Refuse Further Development on St Agnes Beacon!

I am petitioning you with a very heavy heart as we are  AGAIN fighting to protect our beloved Beacon in St Agnes from further development.  As many of you may be aware St Agnes Beacon was affected by a large gorse fire in June 2017 where "approximately six hectares" of beautiful wild countryside was destroyed. As this wasn't enough it is UNDER THREAT AGAIN by the same developer who wants to build more holiday homes. This is the same developer that we fought in 2015 as a local community and successfully stopped his proposed development of 9 additional holiday homes on St Agnes Beacon. It was a very emotional and we fought a very hard campaign. The previous development was refused by the local Parish Council, the planning department and then at appeal. We were delighted with the outcome, however I think we knew deep in our hearts this wouldn't be the end of it and we were right!  We have been fighting for over 20 years to stop unscrupulous exploitation of this beautiful area which is the subject of many designations: Area of Outstanding Natural BeautySite of Special Scientific InterestWorld Heritage Coast The developer has again put in an application on the same site. This time he wants 2 large holiday homes. These homes are twice the size of the existing units and again are on the small agricultural field on the lower slopes of the Beacon. I am therefore again asking for your support... You can view the application on the Cornwall Council Portal here: The reference for the development is here - PA17/05446 We need individual comments on the planning portal as well as signatures and we can provide a template letter if needed. Please can you sign this petition and help us get this stopped again. Sarah 

Sarah Burrows
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Petition to Portuguese Parliament, Tourism of Portugal and Lagos Municipality

Portuguese Parliament, Tourism of Portugal and Lagos Municipality: Save the Nightlife in Lagos

Exmo Senhor Presidente da Assembleia da Republica PortuguesaExmo Senhor Presidente do Turismo de Portugal Exmo Senhor Presidente do Turismo do Algarve Exmo Senhor Presidente da Camara Municipal de Lagos As a patron, and/or as a visitor to Lagos, and/or as a tourist, and/or as an investor intending to visit Lagos in the future, I do hereby inform you that I do NOT AGREE with any of the proposed changes described in Article 2, Article 3, Article 6 and Article 15 of the Lagos Council Edital No 242/2012 dated the 12 December 2012, which is in the phase of public consultation until 12 January 2013. Should the Lagos Council decide to proceed with the approval and implementation of the by-laws described in the above “Edital”, which has the potential to negatively affect the current nightlife experiences in Lagos, that I as a patron, and/or as a visitor and/or as a tourist, and/or as an investor expect, you are hereby notified that it will greatly affect my choice of Lagos and the Algarve as a tourism, and/or holiday, and/or business, and/or investment destination.In other words, I would most probably select another alternative location to enjoy my leisure, business or investment activities.In view thereof, I respectfully request that the proposal’ and/or changes proposed to the “status-quo” described in the said “Edital” be cancelled. THE LAGOS LOCAL GOVERMENT AGENCY, NAMELY THE CAMARA MUNICIPAL DE LAGOS IS LOOKING AT: 1. THE CREATION OF A SPECIAL CATEGORY (CATEGORY 5) UNDER ARTICLE 2 OF EDITAL 242/2012, WHICH COULD BE INTERPRETED AS BEING AN UFAIR AND ANTI-COMPETITIVE ACTION AGAINST OTHER OPERATORS AND BUSINESSES IN LAGOS. 2. THAT THE PROPOSED SOUND/NOISE MONITORING SYSTEM DESCRIBED UNDER ARTICLE 6 OF EDITAL 242/2012 MAY BE SEEN AS AN ATTEMPT TO BENEFIT UNSPECIFIED BUSINESS PROVIDERS. 3. THAT THE GROUNDS FOR JUSTIFICATION OF THE NEED FOR A SPECIAL NOISE/SOUND MONITORING SYSTEM IS AN UNCESSARY EXPENSE LEVIED ON THE LAGOS BUSINESS SECTOR AS NOISE/SOUND CONTROL IS ALREADY ADDRESSED UNDER NATIONAL NOISE/SOUND CONTROL LAWS. WHAT WE WANT We want the proposed changes to be cancelled. We appoint as our representative in the Algarve, ASMAA – The Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association and instruct its management to sit down with the government, in the joint function of being representatives of the public and of the affected businesses, so that real solutions can be reached instead of the proposed changes which I deem to be sort-sighted and anti-competitive policies. FACTS 1. Despite what some of the lesser forms of media would tell you about crime and violence in the Algarve, the facts are that Lagos has a fairly low violence and other related crime rate. 2. Taxis/cabs will become impossible to obtain, and many smaller bars will be put into bankruptcy if further restrictions on licenses are to go ahead. 3. In November 2005 London extended its drinking hours and lifted its lockout to battle the number of assaults and drunken behaviour; it worked and continues to be extended further. The London tests have found that binge drinking decreased overall because patrons could spread out their drinking over a longer period of time. 4. There is no proof that reducing the hours that a venue is opened will decrease violence, decrease drinking, or decrease public disturbances, in fact there’s strong evidence to the contrary as more people spill out onto the street at the same time looking for alternatives or to go home. 5. Nightlife in Lagos only starts at about 23h00 in the evening. And in the summer it starts at 24h00 because the sun goes down late. FINANCIAL RAMIFICATIONS Bartenders, security, venue owners/operators will all lose revenue as working hours decrease and there is less money to go around in a recessive saturated industry. In unsure economic times like today, it is unfair to cripple an industry that so many working families rely on for their income. Bars, Clubs and Restaurants are already highly regulated and scrutinised. With the proposed changes people will be more inclined to drink in the street or outside closed off venues, causing an increase in noise and public disturbances. CIVIL LIBERTIES Infringement on people’s rights to visit the venues of their choice! Restriction on what should be their choice is a blatant violation of their rights. The fact that these places can operate at a profit proves that there is a market for people who like to listen to music, mingle with others or have fun at all hours of the night. Lagos is a dynamic and well promoted tourism destination and not all people work 9-5. Tourist, visitors, residents, shift workers, hospitality workers and general night owl’s are being discriminated against. Workers’ rights: the government has failed to take into account the ramifications this will have on hospitality workers. Most of these people work hard all night so Lagos visitors and residents can socialise after a hard weeks work or during their visit to the Lagos council area. I must ask, if these same workers are not entitled to socialise with their co-workers and friends after they finish scrubbing our dishes, cleaning our glasses, serving us drinks and taking our orders SAFETY Increased Street traffic is a major outcome of these new laws. In the towns in other countries where these laws were introduced people naturally spilled out of the bars, restaurants and nightclubs and onto the street causing police to be overrun with violence and disorderly behaviour. People not able to get home – not enough taxis/cabs (not to mention associated issues with cab drivers being unwilling to take intoxicated passengers) will result in more people on the streets not able to find a way home People unable to exit a venue to get fresh air or food. Police will be unable to handle increase in street traffic/assaults – as their resources are already stretched. I have read and comprehend its contents and I subscribe to this petition.

ASMAA - Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association
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