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Petition to Kelli Linville, April Barker, Gene Knutson, Daniel Hammill, Whatcom County Council, Bellingham City Council, Michael Lilliquist, Pinky Vargas, Terry Bornemann, Roxanne Murphy

Bellingham Publicly Owned Fiber Optic Network

Publicly Owned Fiber Optic Internet As other cities embrace high-speed fiber broadband, Bellingham is getting left far behind. Our city has underutilized public fiber resources and several local Internet Service Providers eager to deploy high speed broadband, like they have in Mount Vernon, yet this is held back by rules and regulations that have not kept pace with technology. Fiber would: Create an opportunity for a public access component to make ultra high speed internet broadly accessible in public spaces, provide higher quality low-income connections to those in need, and guarantee a level of internet access to all. Give Bellingham a strong standing among Washington cities, and create valuable infrastructure that we could continue to build on in the long-term. Create jobs: Fiber would draw companies to the city, provide jobs for construction and maintenance, create new internet service providers and other innovative businesses that are made possible by ultra-fast broadband. Reduce Our Impact on the Environment: Fiber would reduce the need for travel to take place for meetings. It is also very durable and usually requires less maintenance than old infrastructure wiring, like copper wiring.   Increase property values: Wiring for fiber-optics has been shown to increase property value approximately 1% Provide a network our government could leverage to deliver data from current and future ‘smart grid’ sensors including those used for parking management, resource monitoring, air quality, muni and other needs. Over the long term smarter management could save the city money and increase our tax base without increasing taxes by reducing unemployment and creating good jobs.

Jon Humphrey
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Petition to SONY, Google, Inc

Android Wear 2.0 on Sony SW3

The Sony Smartwatch 3 is an amazing smartwatch with incredible potential. Despite its age, it is still comparable to new watches and is still quite remarkable; however, it is clear Sony doesn't believe so. Despite its release date of October 2014, the devices specifications are up to par with today's Smartwatch standards. It has a Snapdragon 400 equivalent processor, 512 Mb of RAM, and it has NFC capabilities, which can be used with one of Android Wear's newest capabilities: Android Pay. Devices such as the Asus Zenwatch 2 and the Moto 360 2nd Generation have identical specifications; yet, the Sony Smartwatch 3 seems to be the one left out of the game. In some cases, the SW3 outshines the others with its GPS, WiFi, NFC, and IP68 capabilities. Sony made an outstanding watch and I hate to see how companies give up on devices after two years. While other devices may get slow and sluggish, the SW3 is still snappy, responsive, and can last me almost 2 full days of battery life running Marshmallow 6.0.1 on Android Wear 1.5. A forum has been made on XDA Developers (here) where people have also been voicing their opinion and I highly suggest you take a look at that too. So, to Sony, please don't give up on the Smartwatch 3. It's an amazing device and even if a new iteration of the device is announced, this one is still outstanding and should be treated as such. Give the Smartwatch 3 Android Wear 2.0.

Michael Murphy
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Petition to Township High School District 211

Eliminate iPads and District 211's harmful One-to-One Policy

In 2014, the Township High School District 211 Board of Education—located in Palatine, IL—approved the recommendation for the full implementation of the one-to-one program in the Fall 2014 school year. They manufactured statements such as, "The District’s mission calls on us to equip students with the necessary skills to be successful so that when each student graduates, each will possess the capabilities to compete in and contribute to the changing demands of the world." And, "The one-to-one program has provided the means to transform the teaching and learning environment so that our students have the opportunity to learn the skills needed to succeed in this digital world." According to the District, they are claiming that the implementation of this program will help us succeed in the ever-changing world, and that the skills we will acquire will help us suceed in the digital world. As a student who goes to one of these District schools, myself and many others would say that a digitally oriented curriculum does more harm and is counterproductive to its original intent. Students are often left distracted in class by their digital devices—teachers don't even know how to enforce rules with iPads, students take full advantage of the free distraction. Some have also become very lazy with this iPad, having applications such as Schoology and Notability essentially decrease the amount of work we have to do. Students are not doing their work. They are distracted in class all the time. They use these devices inappropriately and the District isn't doing ANYTHING about it. This technology has got to go. Whatever the District finds wrong with technology, their response leave students even more distracted. The District finds problems with these iPads all the time and they don't make a push to fix it, but I will.

Concerned Student
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Petition to Editas Medicine, Johns Hopkins, Nicole Dèglon, Monsanto, Donald Trump

A cure for Huntington's Disease

Huntington's Disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects the brain. It breaks down into three different categories of affliction: cognitive, emotional, and movement. Read my mission: When carrying the Huntington gene, your offspring have a 50% chance of being afflicted by the disease as well. Each child is 50% at risk for developing the disease. Each like flipping a coin. Get tested. Huntington’s causes involuntary jerking or writhing movements, slow or abnormal eye movements, difficulty with speech or swallowing, difficulty organizing, prioritizing, or focusing on tasks, perseveration, lack of awareness, depression, insomnia, fatigue and loss of energy, and many other debilitating symptoms. My prognosis: death by age 45 with my CAG count at 43. (CAG count is a measure of how many mutant Huntington's DNA strands I have.) -Mayo Clinic on Huntington's Disease: "Silence is consent." Use your amazing voice for something Good; we're loudest together. Why is America one of the very few countries NOT leading any gene therapy or research on genetic disorders? Why is it still illegal? I wasn't too happy to find out I was going to have to go to another country to fight for a cure for Huntington's. I was disappointed I couldn't do it in my own country and that I have to travel abroad to propel an initiative for a cure. -When will gene therapy come to the U.S.?   Why are Editas Medicine and Monsanto some of the only companies to hold an international patent and usage rights on CRISPR technology, and the revolutionary Cas9 viable cure technology? Seems a little counterproductive to me. It can only go so far with few companies limiting its use. Doctors worldwide need to be able to collaborate together, experimenting on new technologies improving them in unison, as one team. Not be held back and separated by a patent. -Read over the patent submitted February 6, 2017: -Here is Editas Medicine's website: -Monsanto will cure and modify our crops, what we eat, but not let us cure us?

Antonio Maltese
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