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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

Let’s ‘disconnect’ our digital devices and ‘reconnect’ with each other.

Technology has provided us powerful tools and platforms that have enabled people to connect and communicate as never before. But these same tools that have enriched our lives have also coarsened our lives. Cyber-bullying, the distribution of “fake news”, trolling, and general incivility have infected so many of our online interactions. We have seen our privacy and productivity eroded. Our technology has led to accidents and tragedy. We need to promote a healthier relationship to our tech devices and more civil social interaction with each other. We need a nationally-recognized day to BREAK the connection with our digital devices and MAKE the connection with the family and communities that surround us. Here’s why: Several recent studies have shown that excessive social media use can make it difficult to foster meaningful relationships offline. The average American spends almost 11 hours each day attached to some screen or device. We’re so focused on what’s happening online (and giving strangers access to our lives) that we’re distracted from the people right around us. We need to get serious about tackling this imbalance in our lives. An easy way to demonstrate our seriousness in bringing more awareness to this issue is to designate one Saturday each year as our national “Disconnect to Reconnect” day. It would be a day where people all over the country voluntarily put down their digital device(s) and turn towards their families, friends, and neighbors within their own communities. If you agree that we can all use a digital time-out, taking a break from social media to take an opportunity to be more present in our families and communities -- sign and share this petition. Together, we can build a more connected nation -- one person, one neighborhood, and one community at a time.
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Petition to Kelli Linville, April Barker, Gene Knutson, Daniel Hammill, Whatcom County Council, Bellingham City Council, Michael Lilliquist, Pinky Vargas, Terry Bornemann, Roxanne Murphy

Bellingham Publicly Owned Fiber Optic Network

Publicly Owned Fiber Optic Internet As other cities embrace high-speed fiber broadband, Bellingham is getting left far behind. Our city has underutilized public fiber resources and several local Internet Service Providers eager to deploy high speed broadband, like they have in Mount Vernon, yet this is held back by rules and regulations that have not kept pace with technology. Fiber would: Create an opportunity for a public access component to make ultra high speed internet broadly accessible in public spaces, provide higher quality low-income connections to those in need, and guarantee a level of internet access to all. Give Bellingham a strong standing among Washington cities, and create valuable infrastructure that we could continue to build on in the long-term. Create jobs: Fiber would draw companies to the city, provide jobs for construction and maintenance, create new internet service providers and other innovative businesses that are made possible by ultra-fast broadband. Reduce Our Impact on the Environment: Fiber would reduce the need for travel to take place for meetings. It is also very durable and usually requires less maintenance than old infrastructure wiring, like copper wiring.   Increase property values: Wiring for fiber-optics has been shown to increase property value approximately 1% Provide a network our government could leverage to deliver data from current and future ‘smart grid’ sensors including those used for parking management, resource monitoring, air quality, muni and other needs. Over the long term smarter management could save the city money and increase our tax base without increasing taxes by reducing unemployment and creating good jobs.

Jon Humphrey
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Petition to Everyone that used social media's and dating sites and dating apps, Facebook

Facebook messenger and Facebook and other social media's and dating sites and dating apps

I am doing this petition because Facebook messenger and Facebook   And Other social media's  needs  to be fixed and updated asap before someone gets hurts and dies so badly someone needs to fixed those problems and troubles and issues and difficulties  with those social media's asap and I want the world �� To be in peace with each other and get   Along With each other and I want everyone to be a peace  activist  like john Lennon and  Bob Marley  And everyone in the world like them Hi my name is Russell sean Berkowitz nice too meet you and I have a problems and troubles and difficulties and issues with the pages features on Facebook and Facebook messenger it is saying that pages you requested was not found please take care of those issues and problems and troubles difficulties on Facebook And Facebook messenger and please take this in action and right now and asap and right away and please let me know as soon as possible and asap right away and right now and thank really very so much Russell Sean Berkowitz  and Hi my name is Russell Sean Berkowitz that my notifications are coming up when they are no notifications coming up when I click on this symbol �� On top bar line and please take this in SERIOUSLY ACTION ASAP RIGHT AWAY and please let me know ASAP RIGHT AWAY thank you very really so much Russell Sean Berkowitz and P.S. Below is a screenshots of the broken features please fixs this troubles and problems that you have with Facebook and social media and There is no sound and in the video was frozen and getting stuck on Facebook messager and Facebook and The reason why is because Facebook and Facebook messager needs to be fixes and updates and changes seriously all of it because I'm reporting problems A lot of times and you guys and girls are not doing anything so please takes this Seriously actions asap right away Hi nice to meet you my name is Russell Berkowitz and I have a suggestion for Facebook and Facebook messenger that you should have a background checks and verify the person in the picture and and verify the person before the use Facebook and Facebook messenger and backgrounds checks for people that use Facebook messenger and Facebook and that you should have a verify pictures and verify and the people that use Facebook messenger and Facebook and people that sign up Facebook messenger and Facebook and please take this in seriously action right away and please let me know as soon as possible and please let me asap right away thank you so much Russell Berkowitz Hi my name is Russell Berkowitz that the people are not online when they are online someone told me Russell Berkowtz and my brother Brian Berkowitz that the people are not really online and they are offline and eveytime that the people do not answer me Russell Berkowitz and my brother Brian Berkowitz everytime that we try to talk to people they do not answer Everytime we are on Facebook messenger and on facebook they should a busy thing when they are not busy and when they are ready to talk everybody so please this in Seriously action and please let me know asap and please let me know as soon as possible and right away please p.s because me Russell Berkowitz and my brother Brian Berkowitz are losing our friends on Facebook and Facebook messenger and blocked everytime on Facebook messenger and Facebook so you are going to lose customers because of your problems and troubles and on Facebook messenger and on Facebook thank you so much Russell Berkowitz and DO NOT ACCEPT A FRIEND REQUEST FROM A CHRISOPHER DAVIES AND JESSICA DAVIES THEY ARE HACKERS. TELL EVERY 1 ON YOUR LIST BECAUSE IF SOMEBODY ON YOUR LIST ADDS HIM, HE'LL BE ON YOUR LIST TOO. HE'LL FIGURE OUT UR COMPUTER'S ID AND ADDRESS , SO COPY & PASTE THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE EVEN IF U DON'T CARE. Please alsoTell all contacts from your list not to accept a video called the "Dance of the Pope". It is a virus that formats your mobile. Beware it is very dangerous. They announced it today on the radio. Fwd this msg to as many as you can! And this is no photo yet I have to think about one for this Patricia and P.s. And dating apps and dating sites 

Russell Berkowitz
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Petition to Twitter, Inc

Vote Yes to a Co-op with Your Users

WE'VE MOVED! Come see our new site at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Twitter is under threat of being sold, and selling out its users. For a lot of us Twitter is the fastest, easiest way to know and share what’s going on around us – it sparks conversations, spreads information, and energizes movements. But Wall Street thinks the company is a failure because it’s not raking in enough profit for shareholders. That means that Twitter is up for sale, and there is a real risk that the new owner may ruin our beloved platform with a narrow pursuit of profit or political gains. We want the company to share its future with those whose participation make it so valuable: its users. There’s a growing movement urging Twitter to work with users to find a way to buy it, and to turn it into a cooperatively owned platform. We can foster innovation from the community and create a better, more user-friendly business model. The Associated Press, REI, and the Green Bay Packers all demonstrate the profitability and popularity of democratic ownership models. In April and May, shareholders will vote on our proposal for Twitter to research the benefits of converting into some kind of co-op. Sign our petition urging Twitter to say YES to a co-op. YES gives shareholders analysis and insights into the value of an exit to democratic user ownership. No means we'll never know :( It's time we expand our imaginations in order to create a more open, inclusive, and people-centered Internet. Join us! 1. Send @Twitter a tweet 2. Sign this petition 3. Smile :) Questions? Please email You can sign the petition in other languages, too: Spanish/ español German/ deutsche Italian/ italiano French/ française Arabic/ عربى Hebrew/ עִברִית Chinese traditional/ 中文 Chinese simplified/ 中文

Maira Sutton #WeAreTwitter
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