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Petition to Gayle Brill-Mittler, Elsie Foster-Dublin, Philip George, Matthew Hersh, Stephany Kim, Susan Welkovits, Josh Fine

Taking on Racial Bias and Racial Profiling in Highland Park Policing

On March 15, 2018, a young, black Highland Park resident, returning home from visiting with his former classmates and teachers at Highland Park High School, noticed a photo opportunity - an empty intersection that would work perfectly for a school project. He took the photo, walked over to his home across the street, and entered through his front door. Within minutes, five police cars were parked in front of his home, an undercover detective questioning his mother at the door, others circling behind the house. A neighbor reports seeing the detective at the door draw his gun and return it to his holster just before the mother opened the door. The excessive police presence was the result of an undercover detective’s dispatch mischaracterizing the young man’s mundane movements as suspicious and misrepresenting him as “running through the backyard of the house.” Fortunately, his mother was home to defuse the terrifying encounter, so her son was neither arrested nor physically harmed. But the incident bears the marks of racial profiling and includes the kind of excessive police response that often ends in unnecessary arrest, injury, or death to the black and brown people who are targeted by police across the United States. This is not an isolated incident in Highland Park, either. Many residents of color have experienced racial profiling, and the Boro has a decades-old reputation in the region for being a place to avoid because of a history of unnecessary traffic stops that disproportionately target people of color. An analysis of nearly two years of data obtained from the Highland Park Police Department found that Black people accounted for 58% of use of force incidents with the police despite accounting for only 6% of the town population. We are a group of concerned residents who are demanding that the Highland Park Police Department, Mayor Gayle Brill-Mittler, and the Boro Council take action now towards ending racial bias and racial profiling in Highland Park so that all of its residents and passers-through may live without the fear that comes with being disparately policed. Specifically, we are calling for the HPPD and HP Boro Council to take the following steps: Hire an independent auditor with expertise in racial profiling and policing to perform a comprehensive audit of HPPD focused on identifying and assessing racial disparities and potential patterns of racial bias. The auditing firm should be selected through a transparent, community-responsive process. Initiate in-depth and sustained training in implicit racial bias and de-escalation strategies for current and prospective HPPD officers. Develop a plan for ongoing review and analysis of policing data that includes representation from the community and is focused on increased transparency and the identification of racial disparities and potential patterns of racial bias. Establish a complaint process that is clearly communicated and easily accessible to the community, including an anonymous option. Create an all-civilian oversight structure with an allocated budget. Evaluate the current roles and responsibilities of the Human Relations Commission. Adopt and implement a bias-free policing policy. We invite you to join us in our request that the Highland Park Police Department, Mayor Gayle Brill-Mittler, and the Boro Council take up these common-sense steps to ensure equitable policing in the Boro.

Bias-Free HP
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Petition to Todd Spitzer (Orange County Supervisor 3rd District), California Governor, Tony Rackauckas, Loretta Sanchez, Loretta Lynch, Kamala Harris, Barack Obama, DIane Feinstein, Alex Padilla

Exonerate Kenneth Clair: DNA Evidence Points to Someone Else.

On November 15, 1984, 5-year-old Jerrod Hessling witnessed the beating, rape, and stabbing death of his babysitter. When asked to describe the killer, he said, without hesitation, that it was a white male. Another child present during the murder saw a white man’s tattooed arm reach inside the house to open a sliding glass door. Yet somehow, the lawyers in the case determined that Kenneth Clair, a dark-skinned African-American homeless man who had been squatting next door, was the killer. When Jerrod saw him on the witness stand and insisted they had the wrong man, the prosecution chalked it up to youth and trauma and pursued the death penalty for Kenneth Clair. To this day, 31 years later, Mr. Clair sits on San Quentin’s death row, awaiting his execution date. [UPDATE: I was recently made aware that the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals secretly overturned Mr. Clair’s death sentence and changed it to life in prison without parole. This is mixed news -- his life is spared, but he no longer has the right to an attorney under habeas corpus laws, and he has not been granted a retrial. That means the exonerating DNA evidence will NOT be seen in court. We now have to focus our energy on asking Governor Jerry Brown and California State Attorney General Kamala Harris to investigate the case and exonerate Kenneth Clair for this crime he did not commit. It is Mr. Clair’s only remaining chance for justice. ] But that’s not the biggest bombshell in this case -- in 2008, forensic testing revealed that DNA found on the murder victim did not match Clair’s. DNA taken from a glove found at the scene also did not match. It matches another individual, but the Orange County District Attorney insists that “confidentiality is required” concerning this evidence, and for 7 years now, the identity of the person whose DNA does match the swab has remained a secret. In the interest of justice, we must call on the Orange County DA and California state lawmakers to demand that the DNA evidence be turned over to Kenneth Clair’s defense. Since his conviction, Clair has struggled with ineffective counsel. He wanted his lawyers to work at investigating the crime, rather than simply trying to free him from death row, but they never did. His plea for substitute counsel even made it to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2012, and he did eventually receive a switch of counsel. Finally, he is being represented by people who are dedicated to his exoneration. But their hands are tied without this crucial DNA evidence, and more of Clair’s precious life is wasting away in prison as they fight to obtain it. Please sign my petition: Obviously the Orange County District Attorneys office, with their current district attorney Tony Rackauckas will continue withholding exculpatory evidence from the defense. The only alternative is to both Mr. Rackauckas out of office. So our goal now is to fight this battle both by rallies and at the voting box. If you cannot vote, we still need your donations and also your time if you can volunteer. OUR MAIN MESSAGE IS THAT THE DNA IS NOT KENNETH CLAIR'S. WE DO NOT CARE IF THE DA'S OFFICE CONTINUES TO WITHHOLD THE RESULTS ANY MORE........  NOW OUR MISSION IS TO EXONERATE KENNETH CLAIR. "IF THE DNA SAYS NO .........YOU HAVE TO EXONERATE AND LET KENNETH CLAIR GO......."  

C. J. Ford
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Petition to Starbucks, Kevin Johnson, Howard Schultz

LIVE Stream, Invite Police & Inspire May 29th as National Racial-Bias Training Day

On the afternoon of Tuesday, May 29th, nearly 175,000 Starbucks employees from 8,000 stores and those working in the corporate office will go through training “designed to address implicit bias, promote conscious inclusion, prevent (racial and other) discrimination and ensure everyone inside a Starbucks store feels safe and welcome.”  What if this was a nation-wide LIVE stream for America to participate in?  What if America's CEOs followed the lead of Starbucks and May 29th was a National Racial-Bias Education Day?    Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson, after meeting with the Starbucks leadership team and listening to local community, has ensured a commitment to being a part of the solution. While we honor the leadership role CEO Kevin Johnson took to address the incident, we ask for more. We applaud this effort as a small part of the way to address the urgent problems witnessed on the 04.12.18 video of officers arresting two black men in a Philadelphia Starbucks for simply “waiting while black.” Black people are familiar with forms of surveillance and biased policing that’s historically unfair and under-addressed. It’s a common experience of black living; the extra scrutiny and prejudicial treatment of black lives. Sure, the Starbucks employee/s need training but also officers of the law were not able to decipher if this was an incident that warranted escalating to the point of arrest. If those same patrons were white, would there have been arrests? So who REALLY needs this important training more? What’s more damaging, not feeling safe in a Starbucks or not feeling safe when EVER engaging with America’s police? What if Starbucks is successful in achieving measurable outcomes from this unconscious and conscious bias training? Then what? This isn’t just a problem with Starbucks but a symptom of the larger, endemic problem of racial bias of retail profiling in many stores across America, inequality in the criminal justice system, unfair and impactful messages of bias in our school systems, media and marketing, and unfortunately, too often the case when engaging with the nation’s police officers.  Not only would police officers benefit from this training BUT ALL AMERICANS will too.  Why not call for a National Day of Racial-Bias Training?   “My responsibility is to look not only to that individual but look more broadly at the circumstances that set that up just to ensure that never happens again,” Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said.  We ask and argue, how can this never happen again without understanding that the broader overview of circumstances are beyond Starbucks stores?  We can’t separate the set of circumstances that “set that up” involved police.   We also can't ignore that these incidents happen daily for black & brown lives - not just in Starbucks but all over America.   Founder and executive chairman Howard Schulz noted, “The company’s founding values are based on humanity and inclusion.”  True humanity and inclusion can’t happen without the involvement and help of local law enforcement.  Inclusion would be providing an opportunity for ALL Americans to participate.  Again, what good is it (for black men in particular) being safe in Starbucks, if we are not safe on America’s streets? Starbucks – you can help address this. The training is already scheduled. LIVE Stream this training.  If Beyonce and Coachella can air a successful live stream in the middle of the night for many of us, this can be done.  Take the lead on challenging other CEOs on making May 29th a National Racial-Bias Training Day.  #NationalRacialBiasTrainingDay  Also, please commit to ensuring (some key) police officers are not only invited to your training and are in attendance but also engaged with the training’s outcomes. There are police forces across America that need this type of exercise. There are Americans across America that could benefit from this training.  And this could be the next solid step in Starbucks being a part of the larger, desperately needed solution. This petition was created by Anthony Antoine @activistfreak on Twitter & IG/ & Katrece Avery  - @chydol on Twitter 

Anthony Antoine
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