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Petition to LVMPD Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, CCAC Capt. John Pelletier

After I won 10-20-17 "Lechner vs. Sate of NV", LVMPD terrorize me more-DEFYING court order

Same officers still terrorizing Public Performers even after JUDGE ruled in our favor w/ proof of PEJURY! I came from Germany/Austria as an int'l student to Seattle. Years later, I started a party-planning business in Vegas 2012. Now, 6 years later I'm frantically liquidating assets just NOT TO BE HOMELESS due to unlawful Police Harassment! I became a U.S. Citizen to experience 'AMERICAN FREEDOM'. AND YES, I FEAR FOR MY LIFE MORE THAN EVER AS THAT SEEMS TO HAPPEN FREQUENTLY TO PPL SPEAKING UP ABOUT UNLAWFUL/CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR BY law officers/authorities. All that's left of the 500+ usual STRIP PERFORMERS, are maybe 10-20 PERFORMERS who have to have a 'lookout' so they can run & hide not to get falsely imprisoned/robbed of cash & gear/de-humanized by being stripped to underware or forced to sit in human urine by MetroPD. Every time somebody yells 'Metro!' (CCAC green shirts are the main abusers but there are some yellow/tan) we have to RUN like the People of Jewish origin had to run in 1939 Germany ...from SS and Gestapo officers - soo SCARY as we are law.abiding citizens with whom the courts/laws are siding & after FILING 4 IAB & 20 FBI complaints which rendered NO follow-ups, we simply do not know where to turn - much like ppl of Jewish Origin had no way to defend themselves. There should be no reason we have to be treated worse than TERRORISTS --- IT'S SICK&CRAZY!!!! CCAC cops dragged me through court for 4+ mo. for a simple 'obstruction of sidewalk' ticket. In the Sept. 28th. trial Judge Jensen of JC decided to thoroughly research the law & return a verdict on Oct. 20th. After all facts were presented (especially "MONROE VS. DIST. OF COLUMBIA") & the judge watched body-cams, he was appalled by what he saw & indicated that since these officers lied about other things, he commented on those as well, citing UNLAWFUL TOOLS these officers have been utilizing:"keep walking" - the claim that there is a 'recently passed ordinance' requiring us to "keep walking" = LIE"obstruction of sidewalk" - They must prove we interfere w/ up to 10 pedestrians/min. & we have to cause a SIGNIFICANT deterioration of the SIDEWALK in order to be guilty of 'obstruction'---NEVER!"permit/license required" - FALSE! As per our research w/ county commissioner office and Carson City law library ---THERE IS NEITHER SUCH A REQUIREMENT NOR SUCH AN AVAILABILITY (the 1st Amendment is ALL a performer needs)"zero tolerance" - the officers claim such an absurd law that we have no right to perform on the STRIP/H1 zone"cannot accept tips" - even LVMPD attorney Nick Crosby is on record acknowledging this is NOT TRUE After "Santopietro vs. Howell" LVMPD/courts/ county signed the MOU 'memorandum of understanding' which had COUNTY send training staff to LVMPD to demonstrate NOT to harass Public Performers, BUT NOW THEY terrorize performers more than ever!(much evidence&video corroboration available&luckily also incorporated into the movie 'what happened in vegas part 2'----coming out soon) WE KNOW THESE OFFICERS ACT IN CONTEMPT OF COURT ORDERS/VERDICTS/JUDGEMENTS, BUT WHEN WE PRESENT SUCH EVEDENCE, or show them our UNION ID's/Weingarten rights/ask for Union Rep. and/or their supervisor - They say "you have no such rights" "THAT MEANS NOTHING" & THEY THROW IT DOWN ON THE SIDEWALK they say "that JUDGE doesn't know what he's talking about"..."but BONEVENTURE does", who apparently is their 'designated judge' in a court which our Union describes as an UNLAWFUL TRIBUNAL & DEFACTO COURT which even lacks req'd U.S. Flags. WE NEED HELP DEFENDING OURSELVES AGAINST THIS ESCALATING POLICE-BRUTALITY/ABUSE/MALICIOUS PROSECUTION----LAST WEEK THEY HAD 80 COPS SHAKING US DOWN ---EVEN STATE TROOPERS/HIGHWAY PATROL!(reported by public performers) SOME OF WHOM INDICATED TO SOME PERFORMERS that THEY didn't agree with what was happening here--bbbbbbut they have orders! Commercial cops (CCAC station on Swenson&Sierra Vista which is paid for w/ commercial casino NOT PUBLIC funds & on their BOARD OF DIRECTORS sit the 'who is who' of public performer haters incl. head of Ceasars, topHat at Mandalay Bay, Steve Wynn, Ricky Barlow, the Mayor.....& some of them have been recently indicted of federal corruption charges or stepped down due to prolific sexual harassment accusations) NOW THEY NOT ONLY GIVE US MORE TICKETS BUT YANK OUR PHONES OUT OF OUR HANDS SO WE CANNOT FILM THEIR ATROCITIES. THEY FALSELY IMPRISON US & VIA 4TH AMEND. VIOLATIONS TAKE OUR GEAR ! One Drummer ZRAUS told us they took all his $$$ multiple times & just put it in their pocket saying 'BOYYY U DONE GOOD TODAY'...bonus time!) took as much as $207 from him in multiple instances & threw all his gear repeatedly. THEY HAVE UNLAWFULLY TAKEN $831 & $35k+ of my property (surveillance footage filmed IS currently processed by multiple filmmakers & journalists)THEY HAVE TACKLED SHOWGIRLS & dragged into a dark room(needless to say these showgirls feared for their lives & are too scared to perform again--witnesses avail.). Feb.3rd they just put us in CUFFS & took all our money and $5000 in costumes while we participated in a federally protected protest against this abuse(signs etc.).They(12+) just surrounded our team of 6 heroes & said 'we are under arrest for OBSTRUCTION'---a phantom offense which we just beat in court, and now instead of just giving us a 'citation' they put us in handcuffs AT THE END OF OUR FEB. 3RD, 2018 PROTEST WHICH WAS FEATURED ON FOX 5 NEWS. Then, as myself, Gerald Lechner, a 'triple-threat':performer/costume caterer/UnionActivist, am high on their "get rid of all public performers" target list, they extorted statements out of the ppl I rented a costume to. They told them (even the 2 who had warrants that they would tear up their 'infraction tickets' & 'not take them to jail' as long as they wrote info about me(all too scared to perform again///witnesses avail.) They took me on a 6 hour journey that left me fearing for my life (supposed to deliver a detainee in 1 hr to CCDC?) They drove me to an abandoned parking lot..I prayed they won't murder me, an imminent realistic fear as their brutality keeps escalating) The ONLY time we had protection from unlawful citations/false imprisonment is when Michael T. Moore (UnionPresident/GeneralCounsel/ESQ.) was present.   Michael T. Moore   Gerald Lechner

Gerald Lechner
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Petition to Andrew Warren

Drop All Charges Against Robert E Washington

View the video of this unjust arrest here. Warning: it may be triggering! Robert Washington, 33, was walking home from a convenience store to eat a sandwich one hot July evening. This should have been without incident. However, a Tampa Police Officer staked him out--and then followed him.  She pursued him and demanded his time and attention, to which he, within his rights, said No! Robert just wanted to go home and eat his sandwich in peace. However, the police officer could not take no for an answer. She continued to harass Robert--but Robert stood his ground and would not let her take up any more of his time. That's when she told him she needed to speak with him because "he was wearing a hoodie" and "looked like somebody".  As he attempted to enter his own home, he was attacked by several police officers, who brutally took him down and arrested him.  His charges?Resisting Arrest and Battery on a Law Enforcement OfficerHow do you get arrested for resisting arrest but have not committed any other crime? Why did the officer pursue him? According to documents provided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Tampa Police Department disparately arrests black civilians over white civilians. Tampa Police have a long history of using racial bias to make decisions when it comes to citing and arresting civilians. For example, the DOJ investigation in the biased biking while black report. Tampa's population is 26% black and 64% white. Despite this, in 2016, just one year before Robert's arrest, black people accounted for 54% of all arrest. This is a severe over representation! [Per FDLE's Uniform Crime Arrest Report in 2016: Tampa Police Department]. The same trend is apparent in the years 2013-2015 as well. For this reason, we stand with Robert and believe that he was racially profiled by the police and his rights were violated! State Attorney Andrew Warren: On the campaign trail, you claimed to be a champion of justice--to change the paradigm. Yet, your office is prosecuting this man for the crime of being black in America right under your nose. We are asking for your office to drop all charges against Robert Washington and hold racially profiling police officers responsible for their biases! -The Restorative Justice Coalition- View the video of this injustice right here (separated into four parts).  

Restorative Justice Coalition
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Petition to Trent Brignac

Drop the Charges Against Dequince Brown

On July 6, 2017 Dejuan Guillory and his girlfriend Dequince Brown were frog hunting in Mamou, Louisiana when they were accosted by Evangeline Parish Officer Holden LaFleur who had a previous complaint history involving police brutality and police misconduct. An altercation resulted which ended with Dejuan Guillory dead while begging for his life and later Dequince Brown arrested and charged with attempted murder of an officer for trying to stop Officer Holden LaFleur from killing Dejuan Guillory. Evangeline Parish was cited by the Department of Justice for their pattern and practice of arresting, charging, prosecuting, and jailing Blacks and poor people for minor offenses resulting in a modern day "Debtor's Prison" and routine history of systemic racism and discrimination. Arresting and charging Brown with murder is cruel and unusual punishment. She was preventing Holden from taking an innocent life. It was Holden who escalated the situation and lead to this deadly killing of this father of three Dejuan Guillory.  District Attorney Trent Brignac is well aware of the previous citations and history of Officer Holden LaFleur and the resulting funding of the killing and wrongful arrests of Evangeline Parish and Ville Platte citizens. We are calling on the Public to urge District Attorney Trent Brignac to drop the charges against Dequince Brown and hold Officer Holden LaFleur for the killing of Dejuan Guillory. Call, fax, email, or write a letter to District Attorney Trent Brignac, 1645 Nicholson Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70802-8143  Phone (225) 343-0171; Fax (225) 387-0237;  On November 2, 2017 at 9 AM Dequince Brown will be arraigned on charges of attempted murder of an officer. This is a total miscarriage of justice and a distraction from seeking justice for Dejuan Guillory.

Margaret Haule
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