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Stop Police Violence Against Metro Passengers

I have good news. WMATA settled with Diamond Rust on June 4, 2019. You may recall media coverage on Diamond's brutal beating and arrest here. I was elated to achieve a good result for Diamond but disappointed by the news that I received about two weeks later. On June 22, 2019, WMATA police struck again. This time an officer repeatedly tased an innocent man who was simply inquiring about the safety of a young child that WMATA officers had detained inside the U Street Metro station. Cell phone video of the incident went viral. This man, Tapiwa Musonza, a 28 year old graduate of Howard University, told his story for the first time yesterday to NBC4. Tapiwa was brutally assaulted by police and charged with Obstruction of Justice, Resisting Arrest and Assaulting a Police Officer. He was held for 3 days without ever being permitted to make a phone call. He was not advised of his charges until hours after he was taken to a holding cell. Officers never read him his Miranda rights. The traumatic injuries he sustained are so severe he had to withdraw from his coursework at MIT.   I filed suit on September 17, 2019 against the officers involved for the assault and battery of Mr. Musonza and for violations of Mr. Musonza's civil rights, among other claims. Unfortunately, the WMATA Compact prevents me from suing WMATA in it's own name. Surely, we have a long road ahead before it is determined if Mr. Musonza will get to tell his story to a jury of his peers, but if he does get that far, he faces the prospect of winning only a nominal verdict against the individual officers as opposed to a noteworthy verdict against WMATA.  This must change.  WMATA is cloaked with sovereign immunity in civil rights cases and because of this protection, there is no true accountability for WMATA officers and no incentive for WMATA to engage with communities of color on a meaningful level. We will continue to hear more of the same. An unruly officer violates a rider's civil rights and keeps his or her job, meanwhile the rider's life is permanently destroyed. And the story continues. Please help us CHANGE THE STORY by signing on to tell our political leaders to amend the WMATA Compact and end sovereign immunity.

Yaida Ford
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Petition to Comptroller Scott M. Stringer, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Melissa Mark-Viverito, Andrew S. Gounardes

Hold NYPD Accountable for Brooklyn Physician

Greetings, A Brooklyn, NY Physician, lucky enough to have immigrated to USA at age 8 from the Arab Middle East. Assaulted by an older man in community who lied and had connections to NYPD. As a result,  I was abused and violated by NYPD several times. It took 14+ months to have all charges withdrawn by the Brooklyn ADA with the help of the Honorable Eric Gonzalez, Brooklyn District Attorney. The NYC Comptroller's Office was served with multiple Notices of Intent to sue in civil court, 4 of which were acknowledged and accepted, 1 was fully ignored. This very likely caused the Prosecution to drag on the case for so long, never once ready to proceed with trial. Naturally, proceeding with the actual civil claims vs NYPD would have been ill advised unless my name was first cleared. Finally, I was fully exonerated after many ADA requests for adjournments and a violation of my right to a speedy trial. Unfortunately, this occurred only after I was stabbed  by the man who initiated this legal mess in 10/14/2017. He was arrested minutes after his 2nd assault, and I was directed by the 62nd PCT to drop by to have photographic documentation of my numerous penetrating injuries and lacerations. On 8/31/2018, as I was speaking to the officers that earlier aided me and arrested the man who stabbed me, an officer I'd never before met, loudly and aggressively instigated an incident that resulted in 14 officers heartlessly assailing my already injured body. I have audio recorded from the profane verbal assault and command to exit the precinct (legal to record audio in precinct, but not video). Also in my possession is  clear video and audio evidence of the officers, including the ones who had arrested the man who stabbed me, cuffing me in precinct, and hoisting me above their heads. They proceeded to take me outside, where I was slammed from 6 feet onto the hard concrete, face first. At this point, my left eye was brutally kicked with steel toe boots, fracturing my eye socket. The evidence unequivocally shows 14 uniformed officers stomp, kick, knee, punch, tase, verbally hurl racial and sexual slurs at me. One "fine officer" recommends, " Just choke him out, he's too strong." They tried but failed to do so. This ordeal lasted 6 minutes 32 seconds, and I haven't bothered counting the number of blows that rained upon me. I was falsely arrested, and I can be heard screaming, why did you do this, "what probable cause?" I struggled but managed to clearly speak,  with mucous and blood in my mouth, nose, and sinuses. No answer from the cops who committed an assault so brutal, 3rd time, that the stabbing paled in severity. Nevertheless, I was arrested and charged with poorly thought out charges, such as "trespassing in my PCT," "making loud noise (as I screamed in protest of being beaten nearly into unconsciousness); "Resisting arrest," which was a clear lie, since I allowed the marauding officer to cuff me and with the aid of his accomplices, forcefully take me out of the precinct. Thankfully, the Honorable Judge vociferously criticized the ADA's inability to move to trial in a 14 month period. Finally, all charges from the first 4 arrests were dismissed by the Judge. Sternly, the very Honorable Judge, warned the prosecution sternly, "to either produce some witnesses and evidence," or withdraw charges. With reservation, he granted one last adjournment. At the next court appearance, the prosecutor quickly withdrew all remaining charges against me, and I was exonerated. This meant that my Physician Licensure would be safe from permanent revocation. At this stage, I submitted another Notice of Intent to Sue due to the thrashing and clear civil rights violations and violation of due process, stemming from 8/31/2018. The Comptroller's office initially accepted my claim as valid and informed me via USPS Certified mail. Five days later, I received a "Letter of Disallowance" for the same claim. The Comptroller's Office stated that the 30 day period allowed for serving the notice had elapsed. Further stated was that the preceding l acceptance of my claim was errant. I tried several times via certified USPS mail to explain the legal basis of my request to extend any of the time constraints that were alleged to have elapsed. I was ignored twice, until finally serving the same formal request plus copies of all my past claim receipts via Certified USPS Mail, with a signature of receipt and a guarantee of delivery. Now, the Comptroller's Office responded, addressing only the last claim, and answering in the same, unsatisfactory manner as before, never providing a true legal explanation. Further, they fully failed to address the earlier cases, explicitly enumerated in my letter. In that letter, I included contact information for FBI Agents in Criminal Division, who had taken a formal statement in person, lasting nearly 4 hours, and numerous telephone calls. I also made it clear that in the spirit of Justice, I would be seeking remedy in Federal Court, if I could not simply be heard in my day of court. Today, I remain unemployed due to a documented and likely permanent neurologic injury resulting from the very first arrest on 10/14/17 (complete loss of sensation in both arms, hands, and shoulders). I also have numerous fractured bones in my hands, which were stomped on by the 62ND PCT in August 2018. My civil rights have been violated several times, as well as the right of due process, and speedy trial rights. I will never be intimidated and ignored into quiet passivity. I would be a traitor to my fellow Americans, specifically my fellow  New Yorkers. Finally, I wish to sincerely thank the many fine people who supported my campaign for justice, whether it was by signing this petition or providing free legal assistance. I will not let you down. This petition will be shared NYC Mayor, NYC Comptroller, NYS Senator Gounardes,  and NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito. The first  several pages of signatures will be attached. Demand Justice for Dr. Nabil Abdulghani. @AbdulghaniMD @BrooklynDA @NYCLU @DOJ @NYCComptroller @NYCMayorsOffice @NYCMayor @ACLU @NYULAW @CIVILRIGHTS Truly Yours,   JULY 30, 2019 Nabil Abdulghani, MD

Nabil Abdulghani, MD
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