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Petition to ROBERT MOOSSY, Jonathan M. Smith, US Justice Department

Investigate my husbands unexplained death

More than 6 months ago, my husband was arrested in a dispute over a 2 dollar bus ticket and taken to Prince George’s County Detention Center. That was the last time I saw him alive. The officers responsible for causing his death were also in charge of investigating it, and I have no confidence in the objectivity or truthfulness of their findings. Since 2008, there have been at least three unexplained deaths of inmates at this detention center. That's why I need the Department of Justice to investigate and help find justice for my husband. My name is Regina Shields, Samuel Shields’ widow.  I am writing this petition not only to find justice for my husband but also to perhaps stop a growing trend of police abuse within the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.  Growing up in and around DC my entire life, I have seen and heard so many stories of police brutality and killings, but never would I have thought it would happen to someone  I loved.  Now, my husband too, is a statistic. And while I wait for justice, more people are at risk of becoming victims. The police say that my husband became disruptive in custody, went into medical distress, and was taken to the hospital where he died. But a witness who says she was at the jail that afternoon says six officers jumped on him and began beating him into submission when he refused to put on his jumpsuit. She says she heard his screams until he couldn’t scream anymore and saw his lifeless body rushed away. More than half a year has passed,  and I have yet to receive any concrete answers concerning the cause of my husband’s death. Nor do I believe the Prince George County Jail or Police Department investigated my husband’s death objectively. No one should be arrested for a petty crime and end up dead. I lost my best friend to police brutality. No one should ever be treated the way he was, beaten and killed as if he weren’t human.  I’m doing this for him, because he deserves Justice and I know he would have done the same for me.   Far too often we hear this story, and far too often those connected to the brutality are charged with investigating it.  The only way we can stop this pattern of unaccountability and guarantee justice is by ensuring that outside, objective legal agencies, take up the investigations in these instances.  That is why the Justice Department needs to take this case and help bring closure to me and my family. Please join me and help me find closure. Sign, and tell Robert Moossy of the US Justice Department, Civil Rights Division to investigate my husbands death.

Regina Shields
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Petition to Comptroller Scott M. Stringer, Mayor De Blasio

Hold NYPD Accountable for Brooklyn Physician

My name is Nabil Abdulghani, MD, an immigrant and to my chosen country at age 8. Due to the convoluted mess caused by hostile local NYPD, I must abbreviate my unfortunate legal situation that is preventing my practicing as a physician in Brooklyn, and which has made my life close to unbearable. I am afraid to say, that I find myself trapped in the limbo of the criminal justice system for the last 13 months, on fallacious allegations, for which all charges were finally dropped after nearly 11 months, with my accuser invariably absent and uncooperative with the ADA.  Mr. “X” is a robust 60+ year-old  man known to me just as a friendly face from my neighborhood. Unfortunately, on October 14, 2017, while we were exchanging pleasantries in a Bensonhurst Park, this man felt that a “Mexican” was reaching over the bench to “steal.”    In an attempt to calm Mr. X down, who was now picking up tree branches and throwing them at every day laborer he deemed “Mexican,” I calmly advised him that he ought to stop his assault, as there were many police around. As a result, MR. X now lashed out at me physically...”you don’t know my temper he stated, as he stood from a bench and tried to punch me in the face ( I’m 5’8”), calling me a “filthy Mexican.” “You wait here,” he tells me, and I think perhaps he is calling the police, so I took a seat in the park and waited 3-5 minutes.  This unstable man soon returned with an  aluminum Yankee baseball bat in hand. He attempted to strike my face  7-10 , but thankfully, he struck me with a glancing blow beneath my chest, as I moved back. Unable to land a solid head-shot, Mr X became  livid. The crafty Me X handed the bat to a neighbor (who took it away) and called the police. Keep in mind,  Mr X denied ever being touched or harmed  by myself in the police report. I simply could not risk harming this sick man on ethical grounds and because a criminal conviction would cause my medical licensure to be revoked permanently. Four or so marked NYPD cruisers from the 62 nd PCT soon arrived. I fully cooperated and did not resist. Nevertheless, as I was being placed in the cruiser, the police had some difficulty making me fit into the tight rear cage (I’m quite broad shouldered). Angrily, the uniformed officers became aggressive, one PO opened the opposing rear door and tugged on my left arm as several of his colleagues pulled and shoved my head and neck from the door I was entering through. This would eventually cause complete sensory deficit in both arms and hands. There were several witnesses who approached the police in front of me and tried to tell the NYPD that I was the victim of a baseball bat assault, but the NYPD simply directed them away and never recorded this as evidence. As a result of this violent Mr X and his false allegations, I was arrested and charged with several baseless misdemeanors. These lies, along with NYPD mishandling the call, my next 11 months would be spent in King’s County Criminal Court, the prosecution invariably requesting endless adjournments, given that my assailant refused to cooperate with the ADA. My constitutional right to a speedy trial and the NYS “speedy trial statute of limitations” were denied me (90 days allotted to the Prosecutor to declare readiness to proceed). The NYPD also forced myself, an M.D., who is familiar with the relavent medical laws, was forcefully taken to hospital to undergo several X-ray based tests, including full body CT and numerous xrays, sedatives forced upon me...all as I vociferously refused any care whatsoever, exercising my civil right to medical autonomy, which was heinously ignored as I lay shackled to a gurney in the ER, in the most excruciating pain.   After spending 2 nights in central booking, I was arraigned by a Judge and a 6 month order of protection in my assailant’s favor was issued. I photographed all injuries resulting from both the NYPD and Mr X, and obtained several witness affidavits. In the days following my release Internal Affairs contacted me in writing “to investigate the injuries I incurred while in NYPD custody. Sadly, Internal Affairs is not the noble watchers most people believe them to be. While cordial and pleasant, no investigation was done. Thankfully, the FBI began to investigate the 62nd pct. Nearing six months after my arraignment, the order of protection was set to expire. Mr X maliciously fabricated a story that I was harassing him. I concluded  NYPD recognized his lie, as no officers even came to me. Several days later and 3-4 days prior to the expiry of the order of protection, I was arrested in the court house, immediately after an adjournment. I was fully rebooked and processed by a 62nd pct Detective, who was actually kind to me. I now had an additional charge of violation of court order.  After another 50 hours or so in jail, I saw a Judge who released me. I nearly fainted when I read  the official hard copy of this arrest. written next to violation of court order, it stated clearly, “non arrestable charge.” Yet another injustice courtesy of the 62nd precinct.   In the weeks after I was released, there was a 2-day period, during which I received 50-60 threatening calls. Soon after, Mr X and friend attempted to knock out my security camera with a BB gun, but managed only to put a hole in the window behind the camera. I reported these incidents to the 62nd PCT, which mysteriously did not even investigate. On August 31, 2018,  as I returned from a Grocer and anxiously rushed home, I passed by Mr X’s home, necessary since we live a single block from each other. Perhaps 5 feet from Joan home, MR. X exits to take his trash out. Instantly, he began swearing and threatening, and suddenly began to slash and stab at me in the back, as I was trying to cross the street in traffic. To assess the threat and to confirm I was in fact being stabbed, I turned to face my assailant, who was apparently holding a sharpened metallic rod or broom stick, broken off and having sharp jagged edges. He struck my hands, arms, neck, and chest, as I simply attempted to protect my face and eyes. He also managed to penetrate by thrusting the sharp implement into my upper abdomen, exposing the deep fatty layer, which bulged out. I ran across the street and towards my home once traffic allowed. I called the police as I was running home, and they advised me not to move given the possibility of serious bleeding. I waited only after being on the corner of my corner street, and saw my assailant now apparently leaving his house in a bike, weapon in hand. EMS was first on scene and assessed me and advised ER. I refused medical attentio, as most of my injuries were non penetrating, and mainly because my elderly mother was due to come home, and I could not risk scaring her or exposing her to attack.   The 62nd pct sent 2 cruisers, with a a pleasant Sergeant, and 4 other POs. They obtained a description of my Mr X,  and I pointed the direction to which he fled after quickly going inside to grab his bike. 5 minutes later, MR. X was apprehended and arrested after identified him. The police officers that made the arrest informed me to come by the 62nd pct later in the day, so my injuries can be photographed. 3 or so hours later, I packed my blood soaked tee shirt a pad and pen into a toiletry bag and went to “our” precinct. I was greeted by one of the officers who made the arrest earlier. and spoke to several POs as I presented myself for photos, all POs thus far cooperative. Suddenly, an officer I had never before seen begins to yell at me...”leave the bag on the floor and leave my precinct!” I calmly and naïvely tried to explain my presence, at which point he assaults me, and is quickly joined by 13 or so plain clothed officers, even the 4 who earlier arrested the man who stabbed me. I was quickly cuffed and shackles, and hoisted overhead to take me outside (here, I have a recording that clearly records the interaction from the friendly welcome to the heartless attack on an already stabbed and aching Brooklynite). I can be heard yelling “stop being crazy, I was stabbed,” “and I told to shut the F up,”’as even the very officers who earlier made the arrest now joined their friend in his assault.  Outside, I am slammed from a height at least 5-6 feet face flat into the concrete, and black steel toe boots began to kick me, the first one directly to my left eye, which closed my eye with a large hematoma immediately. You can hear me protest about my eye, admittedly adding, “you kicked me in the eye,” at which point my voice becomes nasal and congested and comgested by mucous. “What the hell did you find in the bag... tell me... what was in the bag, you asshole? Papers, pen and phone!.” Because I would not be silent, Elbows, kicks, knees, all rained upon me as I lay face flat in to the bloodied concrete. My pants were pulled down to my knees, as members of my community watched helplessly. Again, naïvely, and to demonstrate the brutality with which I was treated, I stated that I apologized to any lady officers for using “foul language.” A blonde haired female officer retorted so heartlessly, “don’t worry, my dick is bigger than yours!” The same “lady” said, “light him up,” and an attempt to tase me was made. Then another of Bensonhurst’s finest, instructs his mates, “just choke him,” but this too failed. Later, Internal Affairs would claim my claims were not substantiated by a silent overhead camera, which would have shown a group of POs piled atop me. When I presented audio that clearly substantiated my heartless beating, Internal Affairs broke off all contact with me. I also emailed video obtained from onlookers, but Internal Affairs continues to ignore me to this day. Again, I was forced against my will to a local  Hospital, likely for damage control, punishment, and in hopes of obtaining a psychiatric evaluation that would justify their crime. In this ER, my hands cuffed behind me so tightly as to cause some gangrenous contusions and lacerations, with yet more nerve injury.  My hands, as can be seen in the photos documenting  my injuries incurred at the hands of the 62nd pct. 20 or so hours later, I was  seen by the Judge and release with no bail with 5 newly invented misdemeanor charges -1. Resisting arrest, 2. Obstruction, 3. Loud Noise, 4. Trespassing. No mention of why I was at the precinct, and the fact that my toiletry bag was used as an excuse.  On December 10, 2018, I said my prayers and went to court. This particular Judge clearly was fair and nearly dismissed all charges against me. This wonderful Judge asked the Assistant DA why they were still not ready to proceed. The same answer was given- the officer could not be reached to arrange his appearance   for the fifth time. Clearly displeased with the answer, the Judge began was just about to dismiss all charges. He chose to grant one more adjournment, scheduled  January 21, 2019.  He did dismiss and seal a residual order of protection against me, so I can actually leave home without six security cameras in my hat, my buttons, my glasses, etc. The week prior to December 10, 2018 court, I had sent a certified letter to the Brooklyn DA, the Honorable Eric Gonzalez, as well as several emails of the same letter. I took to Twitter to campaign for justice in an attempt to convince the Honorable Brooklyn DA to simply review my case. Many people supported me in my efforts, but the Honorable DA never acknowledged my desperate pleas. Simply as a token gesture, I would have been satisfied with a simple response. I am as certain as can be that if the instigating PO will never cooperate and perjure himself as the video of his dishonrable deed will show who commited a crime that sad August evening in Bensonhurst. Very Truly,   Nabil Abdulghani, MD Twitter @AbdulghaniMD  

Nabil Abdulghani, MD
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