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Petition to Beverly Powell, Texas State House, Greg Abbott, Betsy Price, Jamie Masters, Arlington NAACP, Fort Worth NAACP, Senator Beverly Powell, Ken Paxton, Lindsey Stewart, Jalah Lawrence, Tricia Kimble

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Brianna's Rights were wrongfully terminated. The state argues that Brianna didn't complete the service plan required, that Brianna did not have a healthy attachment to Journi, and that here mental health needs make her incapable of raising a child. Throughout this case Brianna has maintained full time employment, Stable housing and retained attorneys to assist her in fighting her case. Brianna has the right to become emotional in her fight to regain the custody of her daughter, yet in doing that she is being labeled unstable. Brianna has the right to fight for her daughter and not be harassed, labeled and have criminal charges placed again her.  During the time of removal from August 1, 2019- August 27, 2019 Brianna and Journi were harassed, bullied and attacked and no one came to their aid. Not campus police, not State representatives that Brianna reached out to and neither did the campus support Brianna. Brianna and Journi were torn apart and no one has been held accountable.  During the trial there were no witnesses to support Brianna's innocence because her court appointed attorney did not fight for Brianna to regain custody of Journi. Brianna lost and Journi has remained in the care of the state where she has had bruising, meltdowns, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and trauma all caused while in the care of OCOK in Tarrant County.  Enough is enough! Call to Action: -Brianna needs an experienced Appeal Attorney that specializes in Wrongful terminations and human trafficking.  -Brianna needs immediate intervention by a National organization to step in and show that the 67 pages in the memorandum opinion are not based on facts. This would need to be someone equipped to review and analyze files. - Follow this Link: Read the Public appeal, Donate and Stand in solidarity with Brianna Baucum. -Funds can also be sent to Brianna's cash app $briannabaucum2 Please also show up when there are events in Dallas. Journi will be home in 2022

Journi Will be home 2022 #bringjournihome
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Petition to Martha Lee Walters, Oregon State Senate, Tina Kotek

Justice for Richard Meyers, man and beloved dog killed by police for traffic violation

⚠️Click here for video audio of the aftermath of officers firing on unarmed Meyers **GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING** watch at your own discretion ⚠️ Click here to read the Statesman Journal article on this case. In the early morning hours of February 7th, 2022, Richard Meyers, and his beloved dog Zeeva, were shot and killed by officers in Salem Oregon at Northgate Park. Neither Richard, nor his dog exited the vehicle during the encounter.In dash camera footage filmed from a Marion county police vehicle, and shared by the Salem reporter on YouTube, an officer can be heard saying to another “it should be an air pistol” (This piece of audio airs around 5:05 into the footage linked above). Salem PD was aware of Richard’s pellet gun, due to previous encounters between him and Salem police, one of which occurred just 24 hours before his death.  According to a press release from Salem police department, Officer Griffin McDowell initiated a traffic stop after running Meyers license plates and discovering he had no car insurance. According to McDowell, he attempted to pull Meyers over, but claims the driver eluded the stop. McDowell decided to ”not purse” but instead decided to keep his overhead emergency lights off and follow Meyers. McDowell admitted later, to having “observed Meyers driving normally and with the flow of traffic” at this point, but decided to continue following Meyers without his lights on. He followed the victim to the parking lot of Northgate Park, where the two made contact prior to the interaction that happened in the field of the same park, that left Richard and Zeeva Dead. The events that took place during that contact are unclear, due to McDowell's dash camera allegedly not recording during that time, as well as a lack of footage from Meyers personal dash camera that was confiscated immediately after he was killed. City officers in Salem did not have body cameras at the time of the incident, and it took an entire year after the incident for Salem officers to finally implement use of them.  According to Salem PD, Meyers drove into the field of Northgate Park while McDowell tailed him closely. McDowell claims to have opened fire on Meyers after “believing” he saw a gun raised in his direction (there is no footage or evidence of any kind to confirm this claim) going as far as shooting through his own windshield into Richard Meyers’ windshield. At one point the officer exited his vehicle, and proceeded to keep firing on meyers. Other officers that McDowell had called for backup came in, and opened additional fire on Meyers and his vehicle.  After shooting a total of 22 rounds at him and his vehicle, police officers on scene then refused to render aid to Meyers for 3-4 minutes, after officers confirmed Meyers’ hands were CLEAR, minutes went by before he was given aid. Meyers can be heard  communicating to officers that he was unable to put both hands up, or exit his car, meyers can be heard saying he was dying and couldn’t breathe. Police told the press that Meyers was non compliant, the dash camera footage available shows otherwise. Before rendering aid to Meyers, police on scene also handcuffed him, despite having a broken arm that had been shot through, and had multiple gun shot wounds.    Officers involved in the incident & their time on the force at the time of the homicide:  Chad Treichler (1 year, 8 months) Griffin McDowell (5 years, 7 months) Jonathan McNichols (1 year, 6 months) David Baker (8 years, 11 months)- A witness in this case due to how close he was to the incident, Baker fatally shot and killed a man in 2014 Police transparency is crucial if Salem police hope to maintain any shred of public trust from the communities they are supposed to be protecting & serving. There needs to be accountability on behalf of officers in this case, and others like it. We don’t want to hear “the dash cam only records in weird 30 second increments” We don’t want to hear “the officers did their best with the situation they were put in” when clearly they didn’t. Police officers should be trained and able to detain a suspect without shooting them.  It’s time we demand police in our communities receive proper training in dealing with those in a mental health crisis, and in deescalating intense situations in which they are called to handle.  If they cannot handle these situations, then I ask…why are they the ones we call? It’s time to call Salem Police chief Trevor Womak and let him know that his officers are out of line in treating our community members in this manner, and that we DEMAND they get body cameras for EVERY officer to wear during EVERY interaction with any other person(s), and that his police department receive better training in de-escalating intense situations, as they are often called for, yet fail to do.  Click here to help end qualified immunity in the US It’s time to demand transparency and justice. No human being deserves to be treated this way.

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  A thorough study, and analysis in identifying triggers in Black people specifically when they have interactions with the police in general.    From the young age of 5 a Black child begins to start to show signs of stress because of the police environment that this country and society see as normal the Black child grows up if he can without being murdered by the police before the age of 18.  Only a Black person can relate to the stress levels that we feel when we see lights or hear sirens. There have been reports of Black people with escalated heart rates from increased heart palpitations. Also, nervousness and shaking as the murders of our town kind play over and over again in our heads by those that are staring them down with their hands on their guns.  This will be the first attempt to gain momentum in auguring an official diagnosis of Post. Traumatic. Police. Disorder (PTPD) from the Amerikkkan  medical association. So that we those of us the Black people that have these issues may receive proper medical care and benefits for their continued suffering just as those that are Vets in this country.  If not why must we those Black people continue to suffer the abuses physically and mentally from a system of law that is intent on ignoring our issues and worse our pain. If you are a Black person that is Native to the land that our ancestors have Bled and died for then you must sign this petition as it pertains and relates directly to you and your family. As a Black person we are the only ones that can speak of the extremely high levels of anxiety that we are feeling when it comes to us having to interact with those so-called officers that we have seen kill so many of our kind without a second thought for the Black Life of the people that they are murdering. Below I have attached a brief survey for Black people ONLY that has had any interaction with law enforcement and I urge you to fill this out because this info will be used to further gain momentum on establishing an official diagnosis for the mental stress and anxiety that we are feeling as Black people in this country because of the constant violence that is happening to our kind by law enforcement on a daily occurrence throughout this country. Post Traumatic Police Disorder  Please donate to support Post Traumatic Police Disorder        

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Justice for Catherine Milledge!

Hello, My name is Catherine Milledge. On Thursday June 2nd, 2022 at approximately 3:45pm, My 7-year-old daughter and I were driving to see my sister in Florida. A Georgia State Trooper by the Name of Scott Rigby pulled me over, alleging that he was unable to see my license plate. I had a state issued temporary tag, which was taped on the inside of my back window (as per Georgia state law). I explained to Officer Scott Rigby that’s where I was told to put the temporary tag and he replied "Well, you were told wrong".  I then asked officer Scott Rigby why was I being pulled over ? He replied, "Give me your Id." I obliged with his request and gave him my ID. He came back and said “you can make a phone call to have someone come get you guys, but per GA law I am supposed to arrest you and impound your vehicle but I don’t want to do that with your daughter present”. I immediately became anxious, nervous, and scared. I opened my car door to comply with what he said about calling someone to pick up my daughter. (Keep in mind I was 2 hours away from home from my nearest family members) I didn't want my 7-year-old daughter to hear the conversation, so I got out of my vehicle to make the phone call, for someone to pick us up.  At this point State Trooper Scott Rigby came up to me while I was on the phone attempting to comply with his demand, and he said aggressively “You Need to get back in the car”. I tried to explain to him that I was trying to get someone to pick up my daughter, like he requested. He replied "no you’re going to get back in your vehicle or I am going to take you to jail for obstruction, do you want me to arrest you ?”. I then replied “For  what”? He then said “get back in your vehicle”. I again tried to explain that I was making the phone call for someone to pick us and I didn’t want my daughter to hear. Officer Scott Rigby totally disregarded what I was trying to explain and he then grabbed my arm and began pulling me towards his Patrol Car. I screamed to the person on the other end of the phone “Tony , Tony, the cop is grabbing me for no reason, I didn’t do anything wrong, Tony call my mom, Tony call my mom”.All of this occurred while Officer Scott Rigby aggressively and without probable cause is trying to arrest me. I shouted in agony pleading to officer Scott Rigby "Wait, my leg, please my leg, I just had surgery". Officer Scott Rigby then proceeded to slam me on the ground and put his knee on my shoulder. By this time my 7-year-old daughter got out of the car and started screaming hysterically and crying to State Trooper Officer Rigby, “Mommy, my mommy, don’t hurt my mommy”. My Daughter then tried to save me from Officer Scott Rigby assaulting me. This went on for about 10-15 minutes and Not too long after that several other state and tifton city patrol cars showed up on the scene. At this point Scott Rigby Told me to get up off the ground. I then replied “I can’t”.Trooper Scott Rigby Then asked “Why not, what happened ”? and I replied “You know what happened, you just slammed me to the ground”. Him and another officer then put their hand out for me to pull myself up. Once I got up on my feet, they put me in State Trooper Rigby's cruiser. I cried out, saying “My knee and my shoulder is hurt”. Keep in mind that I had two sets of handcuffs on me the entire time. While I was sitting in the back of the patrol cruiser My daughter then attempted to call my mother, from her tablet. One of the officers who happened to be a sheriff of Tifton County police took my phone, car, wallet, Id , and my daughter's tablet. So unfortunately my mother couldn’t be reached.  At this point , I received no ticket or citation for anything. Once the ambulance got there, the EMT asked officer Scott Rigby if I was under arrest, because if in fact I was under arrest then, the arresting officer would have to escort me to the hospital. State Trooper Scott Rigby (who is the officer that slammed me on the ground causing my left shoulder to dislocate) Replied to the EMT “No she is not under arrest”. Then Officer Scott Rigby looked at me and said “But when you leave the hospital you need to turn yourself in because your license is suspended and you’re being charged with obstruction”. After Trooper Scott Rigby said that he then gave me back my wallet, my daughter's tablet, and my phone. The EMT’s on the scene said if there are no officers waiting for me at the hospital when I arrive , then I am not under arrest. Then at that point , it would be left up to me whether I choose to leave the hospital and turn myself in or not. My mother was finally notified and told what had just occurred. My mother then came to the hospital to pick up myself and my 7 year old daughter. Not too long after we were able to locate my car at a local impound lot nearby, I was told I had to pay $275.00 to retrieve my vehicle.     The trauma inflicted on Catherine milledge by officer Scott Rigby from what should’ve been a regular, pandemonium free , simple routined traffic stop. Turned out to be far much more , and caused her not only to have a dislocated shoulder, and a re-torn MCL; But also she now has to deal with her daughter suffering from What seems to possibly be a case of PTSD all stemming from the actions of officer Scott Rigby. If you would like to help Catherine milledge in any way please visit www.change.Org and read over Catherine’s petition where she outlines the turn of events. Sign it and spread the word. Also if you’d like to Donate to this cause to ensure that Catherine gets the legal help she needs then please visit her Go fund me link below. This is a matter of justice and accountability,  and if you “The People” believe in that Then I have faith that You’ll do what is right.

Catherine Milledge
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