Police Brutality

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Restrictions against the use of guns by police officers

Police officers have been unlawfully using their power of being police officers and excessively using their guns with bad intentions to harm the citizens of the United States of America severely. Police officers are too quick to assume and discriminate against the citizens, usually people of color and it has been a big issue that we haven't found a solution to. They need to be held accountable for what they are and continue to do every day. People of color are only living their lives but police officers see that as a crime, they see it as a good reason to attack them. Many people have had their lives stolen from them because of these police officers' actions. Officers may see this as them doing their job but in reality, they are doing the opposite of their job. They aren't protecting the people of their country, they are harming them. They are abusing their own reputation, many don't feel safe around police anymore. We need to do something to stop them from attacking people of color.    If we are able to get enough signatures, we can bring this topic to Chief Wilson (chief in Maryland). He will be able to consider doing something about this issue and he could even create better policies for officers to follow when on duty that will be safer. If this isn't brought to a chief's attention we will continue to protest and fight against these actions that cost thousands of people their lives. They don't deserve what these officers have done to them and what they will continue to do if we don't do anything to stop them. We may not be able to get something to change right away if we don't get this brought to the chief's attention but we will fight to make sure that officers are no longer able to attack innocent people.    We found out from Everytown that police officers murder over 1,000 people with a gun in America every year. We also found that black people are 3x more likely to be shot by police than white people. Over 96% of deaths caused by police were by a gun. We need to lower that number as much as possible. We need to make sure that innocent people stop getting attacked because of their race. 

Genesis Melendez
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