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Petition to Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpe, Antioch City Council, Antioch Chief of Police

Justice for Angelo Quinto

We are community members, leaders, and organizations who care deeply for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and we are grieving and outraged about the murder of Angelo Quinto by Antioch police. On December 23, 2020, Angelo, a 30-year-old Filipino American veteran and Antioch resident, needed support during a mental health crisis. His family called 911. When Antioch police arrived, police grabbed him from his mother’s embrace and Angelo pleaded for his life, literally telling the officers, “Please don’t kill me.” They continued to handcuff him and KNEELED ON HIS NECK FOR OVER FIVE MINUTES until he lost consciousness and his mouth and face were covered in his own blood. They brought him to the hospital and within three days, Angelo passed away. What happened to Angelo Quinto was a grave injustice and far from an isolated event. At least 25% of fatal encounters with law enforcement involve a person with mental illnesses. Mental health crises require a mental health emergency response. Angelo Quinto should have been provided the professional help from the appropriate city agency to manage his crisis. Instead, the Quinto family lost their loved one at the hands of Antioch City police officers. This incident has far-reaching consequences for public safety and dire implications for mental health emergencies in Antioch, in California, and across the nation. We demand the following: 1. End Knee-to-Neck Restraint/Carotid Hold used on George Floyd & Angelo Quinto 2. Hold Officers Accountable for Excessive Use of Force 3. Require Antioch Police Department to Wear Body Cameras and Use Dash Cameras  4. Invest in Mental Health Response Teams   5.  Cut the police budget by an amount commensurate with the work they will no longer perform For more details, the following community letter outlines the demands in detail:    

Justice for Angelo Quinto
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Petition to Tim Walz, Keith Ellison, Judge Peter Cahill

Demand a free and fair trial.

GEORGE FLOYD should still be alive today. Demand Justice. Derek Chauvin will stand trial for the murder of George Floyd in March. The 3 other officers on the scene that day will stand trial in August. Chauvin has been charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter and faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted.  We demand a free and fair trial. We demand the Minneapolis Police Officers involved in the murder of George Floyd be held responsible.  We are calling on Governor Tim Walz, Keith Ellison, of Minnesota Attorney General and Judge Peter Cahill to ensure a fair trial. George Floyd was a star athlete in high school, and among the first of his siblings to attend college. He became a fixture in the early days of Houston’s hip-hop scene, performing as a rapper known as “Big Floyd.” Like all of us, he had some ups and downs in his life, but in adulthood, Mr. Floyd became committed to his Christian faith, becoming an active church volunteer and a mentor to troubled youth in his community. Thank you for reading this petition. Please sign and share to help get justice for George Floyd and to prevent more cases of police brutality. Support and Follow us on Instagram: @justiceforgeorge and Twitter: @gfmfoundation, and Facebook: The George Floyd Memorial Foundation for case updates. To further contribute to our work, please consider donating to our cause today:  

The George Floyd Memorial Foundation
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Petition to ACLU

Charge Westerville police officer #480 and his wife

Douglas and Cathleen Staysniak have abused various children under their care. They should not be allowed to care for kids due to their past history of accusations made against them. The Ohio Attorney General has completed two investigations into Douglas and Cathleen Staysniak.  They did not decide to hold these two accountable. Cops are rarely prosecuted. The victim has spent 7 years building a paper trail in order to help a younger child in their care escape the abuse. Genoa Township police officer Molly Blevins, a friend of the family’s, was called to investigate physical abuse claims in 2015. She spoke with the victim very briefly before speaking with Douglas and Cathleen for a few hours. She accepted bribes from Cathleen. After, she called the victim to come speak at the kitchen table. She threatened the middle school aged victim with arresting her if she didn’t repeat what she said so she could manipulate a report. The victim tried to refuse through tears but was forced to repeat over and over that she was not a victim. Blevins made her repeat it until she said it without crying. Blevins later asked the victim in a recorded interview in around 2016 if Douglas had sexually assaulted her. The victim wanted to say she had but due to Blevins terrorizing her said no because she didn’t want hurt worse. Douglas and Cathleen continued their violence. The victim escaped the family at 18. She has been speaking up about the abuse since 2019 Douglas is an alcoholic and Cathleen has struggled with pill addiction.  Due to constant threats of harming and killing from Douglas, the victim needed to be somewhere safe before reporting. She is still actively working to help the other young girl in their care escape the abuse.

Mya S
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