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Petition to Nancy Backus, Auburn City Council, Jeff Nelson, police department, Chief of Police Auburn Police Department

Hold Auburn Police Department for Accountability & Justice for the Murder of Jesse Sarey

Officer Jeff Nelson's killings and history two families bonded over the murder of their sons second victim killed by Officer Nelson I want to make sure people know that Elaine is the Foster mom of Jesse Sarey, I met Elaine Simons at the CHOP protest. She came up and shared Jesse's story amongst hundreds of people. The fact that she fostered Jesse for only 6 months but is standing up for Jesse solely by herself made me want to help her anyway I could. I'm helping her write this petition, this is co written by her and I but is under my account. I will be updating and going through the petition with Elaine.  Jesse Sarey was my foster son when he was 11 years old. Up to the time of his untimely death he was living homeless in Kent, WA and struggling with Mental Health Issues. He was one of four brothers. His younger brother lived with me for 9 years and aged out of the foster care system. He was a funny and sweet young man who was loved by his mother and brothers and over 27 cousins. He loved Naruto and break dancing. After six months of living with me Jesse started having some mental health issues and had to go live in an adolescent residentail program. His family came to America during the Khmer Regime from Cambodia to escape being killed. The elders are heartbroken that life in America has been such a difficult journey for the children born here. Jesse is a by product of the school to prison pipe line and foster care system. I have been an art teacher in KC Youth Detention and ran an homeless youth and young adult program in Seattle. I also know two impacted families who have lost loved ones, one was the girlfriend and the other a sister who I both taught. He never had the opportunity to get off the streets and turn his life around he died at the young age of 26 years old. On May 31st, 2019 my foster son Jesse Sarey was having a mental health issue in Auburn, WA  at a near by Walgreens he then walked across the street to the Sunshine Groceries and had calmed down. The police were called to the scene. At no time was a Mental Health Response Team sent to de escalate the situation. When Officer Jeff Nelson arrived on the scene, Jesse was sitting in front of the ice machine chewing on ice as it was a hot day. Officer Nelson asked Jesse to stand up and that he was being arrested for disorderly conduct. Jesse questioned this and they ended up in an physical altercation. The witness stated that Jesse was asking why he was being arrested and the police officer was pushing the limits of Jesse's patience. During the physical altercation the police officer stated that Jesse reached for his gun, when in reality when Jesse hand touched the gun he pulled back realizing his mistake. The officer then pulled out his gun turned to the witness with the gun aimed at him and then turned and shot Jesse in the stomach. Jesse fell to the ground next to the ice machine and 4 seconds later he was shot execution style in the head. There was no need for the kill shot. As a Jewish woman I have been getting a lot of push back why is Jesse Sarey case important and that there are lots of black mothers who have lost their children to police violence. This impacts me immensely as I have been around people who have lost their love ones from police brutality. When Jesse was killed his biological family called me and asked me to meet with the family. We gathered at the mothers sister's home and they asked me to take a role in the advocacy and seeking justice for Jesse. Jesse is important due to the fact I believe that Officer Nelson thought he would get away with killing another person of color and a homeless person and no one would care.  OFFICER JEFF NELSON HAS MURDERED 2 OTHER PEOPLE BEFORE HE KILLED MY SON. HE KILLED THE SECOND VICTIM THE SAME WAY AS HE DID JESSE. YET THIS MAN IS STILL IN THE FORCE. Nelson shot and killed an Auburn citizen Brian Scaman during a traffic stop. Like Isaiah & Jesse, Nelson shot Mr. Scaman in the head. Nelson has had 65 excessive force complaints lodged against him. On a force with 57 patrol officers and at least 115 officers total, he has committed three of the entire force’s five officer-involved shootings since 2011. Its only a matter of time that Officer Jeff Nelson will kill again. I am relentless in seeking justice for Jesse. People are going to challenge that Jesse asked for this to happen due to his mental health background and run in with the justice system. That should have no bearing for an unjustified killing of yet another unarmed person of color. If we bought this into this narrative then it is giving permission for police to be the judge, jury and executioner of people they encounter on the streets. What we need to focus on is NOT THE VICTIMS BACKGROUND as it should have no bearing on what led up to the shooting. Demands: 1). Drop all law suits that are prohibiting the inquest process so families of loved ones can have answers and accountability including; Auburn, Renton, Kent, Federal Way and the King County Sheriffs Office. 2). Firing, Arrest and Charged of Officer Jeff Nelson for the Murder of Jesse Sarey. Not only will this case be the first in 30 years to charge a police officer in Washington state for murder it will also open the doors for other cases throughout America seeking accountability and justice for their love ones. It wiil also set precedence for all the hundreds of cases that deserve the same type of justice. 3). Defund the Auburn Police Department by 50%. 4.) Solidarity for the other families who love ones have been killed by Auburn and opening their Police cases. Enosa EJ Strickland, Isaiah Obet, Renee Davis and the 1st victim name killed by Jeff Nelson. Any one else killed by Auburn Police. 5. Police should wear Dash cams. 6. Restorative Justice Approach to education in the police academy where they need to come face to face with families impacted by police violence to create a culture of empathy. On going professional development and classes on verbal and physical de escalation, Mental health issues and harm reduction and substance abuse. API Murdered by Police coming together in United Front with Black Lives Matter.

Simran Chhetri
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Petition to Federal Bureau of Investigation, Ron DeSantis, Debbie Mayfield

FBI Investigation into the Beating Death of Gregory Lloyd Edwards in Sheriff Custody.

On December 9th 2018, 38 year-old black Army combat medic Gregory Edwards died in Brevard County Sheriff custody. He was an unarmed black man, a father, a husband and a decorated veteran. Suffering from combat-connected PTSD, he had an episode at a local Walmart where he became erratic and was arrested. At the time of his arrest, his wife (9 months pregnant with their second child and a military veteran herself) explained he was having a PTSD episode and needed medical assistance. Instead of getting much needed medical help, he was taken back to the jail and beaten, tased, maced, and left alone, restrained in the 'devil's chair' until unresponsive, and put on life support. He was pronounced dead the next day. The Sheriff refused to release the video of what happened to Gregory Edwards, citing 'security concerns' . Our local investigative newspaper, FL Today sued Wayne Ivey to release the video, stating his 'bad boys' style Facebook videos, like 'Behind The Bars' clearly shows the jail in great detail, including the holding cell in which Gregory suffocated in, covered in pepper spray and his own mucus under a spithood. Florida Today won their case against the Sheriff, and the video was released today, November 13th, 2020. The full 2-hour video can be found here. (Along with several articles breaking down the video). I have to warn you, it is hard to watch. It also raises so many questions: - Why was a combat veteran in a PTSD break left alone in a locked room for 37 minutes? - Why did only one deputy escort him out of holding initially while he was visibly agitated, without handcuffing him, and without assistance? -  Why was Gregory Edwards left alone in the 'devil's restraint chair' over 16 minutes to suffocate in pepper spray and mucus under a spithood? - Why were the taser barbs left in his back? (After being tased 6 times in 90 seconds) - Why was there no medical assistance when he arrived, or while he was restrained in the 'devil's restraint chair', and why didn't anyone perform CPR? (Protocol requires continuous monitoring for blood flow issue/breathing) - Why won't the Sheriff recognize Gregory's PTSD? Not a single statement has he discussed this illness, and this is alarming considering we are a military community full of combat veterans. This video has only raised more questions than it answered. Here is what we do know. Sheriff Wayne Ivey refused to release this video, but the Judge ruled there is a compelling need for public access to know the truth. On the eve of its release, he attacked the free press on his Facebook page and blocked all commenters who disagreed with him. He commended his deputies for how they handled Gregory Edwards, although it is well documented that they broke at minimum 14 of their own protocols, which would have saved Gregory's life. He has been referred to as a caged animal, and his PTSD has never been recognized by the Sheriff, and felt he 'got what he had coming'. So, what will signing this petition do? For starters, we would like the FBI to investigate this case, as current protocols in Brevard County changed under Ivey's rule allow this Sheriff's department to investigate themselves, and our FDLE only conducted a review of his internal assessment (on himself). This combat veteran deserves a complete and thorough third party investigation for civil rights violations, malfeasance, incompetency and a depraved indifference to his health while in their care. We also need to address the family's suffering and all veterans with PTSD who feel less safe today in Brevard County. Please sign, please share and lets get justice for Gregory Edwards, so another resident or veteran suffering PTSD does not have to die in our Brevard County Jail. #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForGregoryEdwards 

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