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Petition to European Commission, Council of the European Union, European Ombudsman

Introduce the Joint Physical Custody Presumption in Europe

Women and men, mothers and fathers are made to complement each other, and more importantly, children need both parents. Millions European citizens, be they grandmothers or grandfathers, mothers or fathers, aunts or uncles, have suffered the loss of children they love and care deeply about, as a result of misguided laws and obsolete family court practices in many European countries. The lack of legislation to support and encourage the Shared Parenting (called also joint physical custody or joint custody with alternating residence) is an issue which knows no bounds. It affects families from all countries, regardless how poor or how wealthy they are. It affects annually millions of children in Europe, regardless their race, ethnicity or gender. The issue transcends all demographics and is widespread across Europe. Experience from “advanced” countries like Sweden, Denmark or Belgium shows that children benefit most from the active involvement of both parents regardless of their marital status. The government policies and laws must be structured in such a way as to maximize the opportunity of all parents to contribute to the social, emotional, intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual development of their children.  Across Europe, a growing number of children are being raised without the benefit of meaningful engagement with both parents and of their extended families. As contemporary research conclusively demonstrates, a child who effectively loses one of his or her parents through a custody decision is a child at risk for a number of negative personal and social outcomes. There is also a growing medical evidence that such “legal decisions” have long term negative impact on the health of the involved children. Research also proves that, although children want a relationship with both their parents regardless of marital status, healthy bonding with a non-residential parent is impossible without a substantial amount of time spent in that parent’ s physical presence.  In the context of the European Commission initiative to upgrade the Brussels II Legislation, Colibri (The European Platform for Joint Custody Co-Parenting & Childhood) asks for changes in the Family Law to be implemented across Europe. Such changes should ensure that regardless of the place where they live and what is their nationality, children of Europe will have the opportunity to remain fully engaged with both their parents into adulthood.  The people endorsing this statement know that not all children can have full access to both parents, and we know that not all parents are fit to raise their children. But we also know that far too many good, willing and fit parents are removed from their children’s lives by unfriendly family courts, obsolete policies and laws that undermine family integrity and autonomy.  Parental separation should not spell the end of a relationship between a child and one of its parents. Forced separation from one’s own flesh and blood in the absence of abuse is morally wrong and socially irresponsible. That is why we support equally shared parenting concept (joint physical custody) as the default arrangement for separating parents of minor children."  We invite European citizens, regardless their gender, to sign this petition. Go to to read more about Colibri’s position on this matter. Catalin Bogdan, VP (on behalf of Colibri Federation)  

Colibri Europe
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Petition to Pennsylvania State House, Donald Trump, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Frank Burns

To Get My Older Babies Home

I don't even know where to begin, I am not good with words and I cannot convince another soul any more than my own for the world that we live in today. I will start by telling you back in April of 2007 my firstborn son, Anton was taken from me. Taken by false accusations by CYS. Then in 2010 my firstborn daughter, by the name of Isis but we call her Izzy was taken. In short I had begged CYS for help so many times because I was being abused and I knew it. I begged them for help for my babies and I. They took a blind eye to it all and ended up taking my babies from me indefinitely yet I had everything they could have possibly ever needed. I had employment to further, a Soldier in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. I am currently still enlisted as I create this petition. I still have employment, a vehicle, a place to live, I can get clothing and whatever else they need still. Hell is quite an appropriate word for what I have faced all these years of relentless fighting for my babies, the sleepless nights, all to face another hell that my ex husband put me through and between the two entities I suffer mental anguish and a severe agony in my heart. This is where I am awful with words because there is so much to remember, so much to say but the end result is always this: I have only ever deserved to have my babies as they have deserved to have me as their mother. All I've wanted and needed was to have my babies. Not a day goes by that I don't think about them or bawl my eyes out just praying and hoping that they are okay, that they are being taken care of and just that I might one day see them again. They now have younger siblings that I have with my current husband. I tell them all the time about them and it's not fair to any of the children for them to be apart. Please help me bring my babies home where they belong! 

lisa lehman
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Petition to Letitia James (Public Advocate), Bill de Blasio, Michael Mulgrew, Carmen Fariña

Parental Leave and Breast Pumps for UFT Members and All City Union Workers

As a member of the United Federation of Teachers and expectant mother, I would like Michael Mulgrew and Bill De Blasio to extend De Blasio’s executive order, which went into effect on December 22, 2015, immediately to all UFT members and city union workers.  This order covers six weeks of paid leave at 100 percent of salary for parents who have or adopt a child or take one into foster care.  Parents who had to use days from their CAR (Cumulative Absence Reserve) should be given their days back retroactively, while parents who were docked pay (both summer and regular) due to a non paid parental leave should also be reimbursed retroactively. Lastly, this new benefit should be added to all workers without a decrease in pay or other benefits. Parenthood is a beautiful gift that should be honored by allowing all parents the right to care for their babies at home, especially in the first weeks of a baby's life. Currently, only pregnant mothers are able to use their acquired sick time in order to stay home with their newly born children because we label their pregnancy as a medical condition or illness that warrants 6 weeks for vaginal birth and 8 weeks for cesarean birth. This policy disregards non-birth parents and encourages birth mothers to have a c-section just to have more time home with their newborn.  Non-birth parents have no parental leave, regardless of the amount of time they have acquired through their years of service. All parents, regardless of whether they physically birthed a child should be granted paid leave. Also, parents should be able to take up to 12 weeks when combined with regular sick and vacation time. Parents should not have to take non-paid leave when they have the time accrued.   In addition to parental leave, the city should not be allowed to "opt out" of the Affordable Care Act's mandate that insurance companies cover the cost of breast pumps for all working mothers.  It is disgusting that an employer that makes women return to work 6 weeks after having a baby escapes their civil responsibility by being "grandfathered" into an insurance plan that does not cover the child and mother's health and right to breastfeed.   Micheal Mulgrew, Bill de Blasio and Carmen Farina need to negotiate a new amendment to our current contract that supports all parents' rights to care for their new born children and make sure they are as healthy as possible from having a loving caregiver to nutritious breast milk.  The current policy simply perpetuates sexism in our society by showing our children that men and non-birth parents do not need to care for new born children.  New York City workers and children deserve better.

Rosie Frascella
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Petition to President of the United States, Mitch McConnell, Daniel Donovan, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Trey Gowdy, Kevin McCarthy, Maxine Waters, Eleanor Norton, Paul Cook, Elijah Cummings, Darrell Issa, Don Young, Louie Gohmert, Lucille Roybal-Allard, Theodore Yoho, Tulsi Gabbard, Adam Schiff, Fred Upton, Eliot Engel, Barbara Lee, Nydia Velazquez, John Garamendi, Joe Courtney, Steny Hoyer, Luis Gutierrez, Eric Swalwell, Mike Honda, Jackie Speier, Keith Ellison, Scott Peters, Sheila Jackson Lee

Ban Child Sex Dolls

Right now, teachers, coaches, babysitters, and neighbors, in every town in America, can purchase lifelike, anatomically correct dolls designed to simulate sex with a child. And it’s perfectly legal. These sick dolls are being imported into the United States and other countries. British police have seized more than 100 already in the UK, and authorities have found that the people buying them usually have child pornography too. Sign this petition to ban the sale and distribution of child sex dolls! These child sex dolls can normalize a pedophile’s behaviors, emboldening them to harm children, as is often the case with those who view child pornography. According to the CDC, 1 in 5 children are sexually abused. One child is too many. Our elected officials need to protect children. That’s why Congressman Dan Donovan from New York is introducing legislation that will ban the distribution and sale of dolls that encourage child abuse. Show your support for this legislation by signing this petition, and help protect America’s children!

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