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Petition to President of the United States, Mitch McConnell, Daniel Donovan, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Trey Gowdy, Kevin McCarthy, Maxine Waters, Eleanor Norton, Paul Cook, Elijah Cummings, Darrell Issa, Don Young, Louie Gohmert, Lucille Roybal-Allard, Theodore Yoho, Tulsi Gabbard, Adam Schiff, Fred Upton, Eliot Engel, Barbara Lee, Nydia Velazquez, John Garamendi, Joe Courtney, Steny Hoyer, Luis Gutierrez, Eric Swalwell, Mike Honda, Jackie Speier, Keith Ellison, Scott Peters, Sheila Jackson Lee

Ban Child Sex Dolls

Right now, teachers, coaches, babysitters, and neighbors, in every town in America, can purchase lifelike, anatomically correct dolls designed to simulate sex with a child. And it’s perfectly legal. These sick dolls are being imported into the United States and other countries. British police have seized more than 100 already in the UK, and authorities have found that the people buying them usually have child pornography too. Sign this petition to ban the sale and distribution of child sex dolls! These child sex dolls can normalize a pedophile’s behaviors, emboldening them to harm children, as is often the case with those who view child pornography. According to the CDC, 1 in 5 children are sexually abused. One child is too many. Our elected officials need to protect children. That’s why Congressman Dan Donovan from New York is introducing legislation that will ban the distribution and sale of dolls that encourage child abuse. Show your support for this legislation by signing this petition, and help protect America’s children!

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Petition to Angus King, Susan Collins, Chellie Pingree, Paul LePage, Janet T. Mills, Sen. Scott Cyrway, Sen. Mark Dion

Attorney General Janet T. Mills: Prosecute Justin DiPietro, Courtney Roberts, and Elisha DiPietro in Connection with the Death of Ayla Reynolds.

Background On the morning of December 17, 2011, Justin DiPietro reported his 20-month old daughter Ayla Reynolds missing. After spending the day with Ayla December 16, Justin claimed he put her to bed at 8 p.m., and she was gone when he woke up in the morning. Ayla had lived in Justin’s home just 59 days. Ayla Reynolds photos linkAyla Reynolds news archives Two other adults, his sister Elisha DiPietro and his girlfriend Courtney Roberts, were in the house that night.  Justin and Courtney claimed to have slept in his basement bedroom, while Elisha claimed to have slept in her own bedroom, with her own daughter, across the hall from the bedroom Ayla normally shared with Elisha’s daughter. They insisted it was a normal night, and none of them saw or heard anything. The Investigation Investigators concluded Ayla was not kidnapped and she did not leave the house on her own accord.  They determined that foul play befell her in the house. They announced they did not expect to find Ayla alive. Some of the critical evidence included Ayla’s blood in various rooms in the house both upstairs and downstairs.  Unofficial crime scene linkThe case for Ayla blood evidence link That blood was found in baby Ayla’s bedroom on a doll; it was found in the family living room on the sofa; downstairs, where Justin and Courtney alleged to have slept unaware there was a fist-size stain of Ayla’s blood on the sheets and mattress, her blood was splattered on the wall next to the bed and on the floor. There was also blood in a pair of Justin’s shoes near the bed.  A blue plastic tote contained a sheet investigators said was used to clean up some of Ayla’s blood. Some of the blood found in the house contained saliva, indicating projectile vomiting and/or blunt force trauma. Two vehicles were parked in the DiPietro driveway. The closest to the road belonged to Courtney. The other vehicle belonged to Justin. Inside Justin’s vehicle, police found Ayla’s car seat stained with her blood. Ayla’s vomit was also present in Justin’s car. Police have searched for Ayla’s body but have yet to locate it. Justin, Courtney, and Elisha all deny knowledge of Ayla’s whereabouts. The Search for Ayla Justin DiPietro’s false report of a missing baby set off the most extensive and expensive missing child investigation in Maine’s history, costing the citizens more than $500,000.  Justice delayed is justice denied - William E. Gladstone Despite the passage of six years, there have been no arrests in the death of Ayla Reynolds or its cover-up. Trista Reynolds, Ayla’s mother, and her family, suffer with each day that passes and justice for Ayla is not forthcoming.  Please sign and share our petition seeking justice for Ayla now.

Answers for Ayla
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Petition to American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways

Airlines: consider breast pump/milk as a medical device

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on August 1, 2017. Like many American moms, I returned to work after 6 weeks leave (and my job requires air travel). I did not want to compromise my job or breastfeeding my daughter, so I wanted to do my best to make both work! I quickly realized with American Airlines and Southwest that this would be difficult because a breast pump and milk is not viewed as "medically necessary" by these companies. I want this petition to change their minds and allow breastfeeding moms to bring on their medical device in addition to their carry on and personal item...because being a working, breastfeeding mom away from her baby is difficult as is. It is distasteful to profit from a breastfeeding mother because we are not traveling with our babies. Here are some facts about the legitimate MEDICAL benefits of breast milk: Breast milk boosts the baby's immune system, fighting various infections. Breast milk reduces the risk of disease for the baby later in life. Breast milk can be used to treat many ailments (skin rash/cuts, cradle cap, eye infections..) Breastfeeding can reduce the mother's risk of getting ovarian and breast cancer.  Breastfeeding lowers the risk of SIDS. If a mother is unable to pump or breastfeed, she risks becoming engorged which can lead to mastitis. Mastitis can cause symptoms such as an ill feeling, fever of 101+, pain/burning sensation in breast. Please sign this petition to encourage airlines to include breast pumps & breast milk in their list of medical devices not counted as a passenger's 2 item limit. And for the airlines that claim to recognize breast pumps as medical devices, please do regular sensitivity trainings so your employees no longer misinform mothers carrying these devices. Thank you for supporting new mom's ambitions to breastfeed and have a career/travel!

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Petition to District Attorney, Layla H. Zon

Charge Cortney Bell for her role in the Murder of her 2 week old baby girl, Caliyah McNabb

We are the Founders of The Happy Heart Foundation, a national organization that works tirelessly to prevent child abuse and neglect among many other efforts to ensure children are safe and have happy hearts as a birth right. I became aware of the case of Caliyah McNabb when it garnered a great deal of outrage and media coverage. Her story reached the globe and at least hundreds of thousands and thousands in a small community who were in shock and grief for the heinous murder of a tiny and innocent baby, her life matters. She is one of 1,500 or more children who will die this year alone in America from child abuse and neglect. We want to see a change and implore you to listen and see the great need to charge this woman for her actions, otherwise, she is subject to harming others, if not more children.  September 23, 2017, 2 week old Caliyah McNabb was born prematurely, just a sweet bundle of love and purity she found her way home from the comfort and safety of the hospital to the home where she would be viciously killed by those who were supposed to love her and protect her. Caliyah went home at just over 5 pounds, small and perfect. It wouldn't be long before baby Caliyah was reported missing from her bedroom in the Eagle Mobile Home Park of Covington, Ga late Saturday morning October 7, 2017 according to the Newton County Sheriff’s Office. She was found dead Sunday in woods behind the family’s home, October 8, 2017. She was found wrapped in a blanket, then put in a bag and thrown out. On Wednesday of the following week, October 11, 2017, Christopher Michael McNabb, 27, of Covington, Georgia, was charged with malice murder, felony murder, aggravated battery and concealing a death. He is the biological father of Caliyah.   On the night Caliyah went missing, the only people in the tiny single unit trailer of approximately 1,000 square feet were Chris McNabb, Cortney Bell, the mother, and their other biological child, Clarysa McNabb age, 2. Caliyah McNabb was very likely crying and that angered the selfish, drug addicted McNabb and he bashed her skull with an object or perhaps smashed her against an object, killing her. Reports indicate this act may have been premeditated and it stands to reason, this murder was well thought out and that maybe Caliyah was asleep or was involuntarily twitching her little arms and legs as babies do when she was beaten to death. The act itself is unconscionable but another maybe more disturbing factor, no one heard anything? We, the people do not believe that to be true. Cortney heard, she had to have been awakened by the cries of her own baby before she was attacked, or by the father's commotion in a fueled fit of rage while attacking the baby or shortly thereafter. After McNabb killed his daughter, Cortney Bell wasn't aroused by him putting her in a bag and walking out the front door just inches from the sofa she alleges to have been asleep on, she didn't hear a single sound waking her until 10:00 am in a tiny dilapidated trailer made with thin prefabricated materials? A baby battered just feet away with an object causing what was described by the M.E. as a "disfiguring skull fracture" and Cortney Bell her own mother, didn't hear or see anything? We do not feel this reasonable or possible at all and it is just ridiculous to think that not only did she not hear anything but that she laid her premature infant down and didn't check on her for 5 hours, she wasn't alarmed or worried at all about her baby not crying out for food before that time? Cortney failed her children. Cortney had already been accused the week prior of abandoning her children at the home of her cousin. She neglected her 2 daughters and was a well-known and admitted methamphetamine user and yet, was able to maintain custody and then lie to police about her involvement in the death of her 2 week old? This is outrageous! The Happy Heart Foundation requests your inquisition into this egregious failure and demand respectfully madam that you bring charges against Cortney Bell for her role in the murder and hiding of her baby's body.   Please, Ms. Zon review Georgia criminal law code § 16-5-70. Cruelty to children we believe you have cause to charge and arrest Ms. Bell under section (c) and section (2) Furthermore, there is reasonable evidence to support charging Cortney Bell under criminal law § 16-5-72. Reckless abandonment under section (a) for abandoning her children 4 days prior to the murder of Caliyah McNabb with her cousin as reported on the 911 call by Cortney Bell's father, Tim Bell.   By not charging Cortney Bell making her responsible for the murder of her daughter, she becomes a direct threat to society. She becomes a threat to children she may have in the future and children she encounters in her life, she has shown a complete lack of empathy and disregard for human life, that doesn't make her a killer but it does speak volumes about her capacity to kill and hide the killing of her baby for a man. Cortney will kill again, the fact is, without these charges she is free to continue to use and abuse not only drugs but the community and more children. It is our duty, your fiduciary duty madam to protect and advocate for the children in Newton County, or we fear your desk will be covered with more cases like Caliyah McNabb's. These travesties cease when outstanding people like yourself say NO and fight using our justice to system to prosecute these monsters. Children are becoming less afraid of the monsters in their closets and more afraid of their parents who become these monsters. We do not just implore you Ms. Zon but beg you and petition you to do everything in your power to end this. To stand up for Caliyah, who was born only to die before her tiny hands uncurled or her small and fragile face could even smile. CHARGE CORTNEY BELL FOR HER ROLE IN THE MURDER OF HER DAUGHTER, 2 WEEK OLD CALIYAH CLAIRE MCNABB.  Sincerely, The Happy Heart Foundation Pending 501(c)(3) status with the IRS

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