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Stop Julian Assange being evicted and arrested by British Police.

Julian Assange is the creator of the website WikiLeaks, this website is a place in where whistle blowers and other government officials commonly expose corruption inside their administration. What got this website famous was when Julian published a video named "Collateral Murder", this video contained a video of a US Army Squadron located in Iraq,  firing missiles and machine guys at innocent citizens from a helicopter, while firing these weapons, the squad also killed two journalists for the news site Reuters, the news site tried to get the video under the freedom of information act but they failed to get the video sent. Two young children were almost killed with many others but left with only serious injuries. Julian Assange is currently living inside the Ecuadorian Embassy located in the United Kingdom, today it was exposed that the United Kingdom and the Ecuadorian Embassy are trying to get him evicted with a serious agreement, when he is evicted he will instantly be arrested by British Police. Mr Assange has been inside the Embassy for 6 years now, and his health is getting bad, he is not fit for a jail cell. Julian is the knight in the fight for freedom online, he does not deserve to be arrested, and he is scared that the American Government will almost force the British government to send him there for trial due to the documents he put online. After reading you may now ask, what is the real reason I should sign this petition to protect this man? That reason is that if you want to not be watched online by your government, every link and every message you send to be watched, let this man free and let him keep fighting for free speech.

Calder Claydon
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Prevent Elitism: Stop Universities Charging Students Just To Apply

This includes stopping application fees and other charges before student finance loans are provided.   I recently applied for an MA at UCL. I was shocked to discover I needed to pay £75 to apply. No other university has charged me to apply (that is, Kingston University, Nottingham University and Derby University). Luckily, I was able to find the funds. Others might not be able to.  Why should people be excluded from education on the basis of finances? Coming from the North of England, I am unsure if living in London is even affordable to me in the first place - especially since I am so far in debt already from my current undergraduate degree. Why are students being punished financially to educate themselves to add value to industries and the economy? Why does UCL feel the need to incur extra costs? There are already so many problems of exclusion from education and therefore career opportunities based on geographical location, personal finances, gender, race and so on and so on. I do not feel this is necessary.  Is 9 grand a year for an undergraduate degree not enough already? In this case, it was an MA I applied for which would cost around 6 grand a year... are they trying to make up the cost? Other universities seem to manage without adding the extra cost.  Unfortunately, the MA I am applying to is for Publishing - which is already a very exclusive industry to the southern white middle class. I call for publishers, business professionals of all kinds, students, and other universities to speak out against this admin fee. It may seem like a small issue to some of us, but not to many struggling with financial difficulty.  Cheers for reading. Let me know your thoughts on the matter.

Finola Billings
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