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Petition to Muslims of Pakistan &the World

Boycott French products to make Financial dent in face of Blasphemy against Hzr​.​Muhammad ﷺ

In the light of the current events making a financial  dent in the French  economy would have more lasting impact on the facist behavior of this so called torch bearer of freedom of speech.  It is necessary to boycott French food products and perfumes and hit the French economy because they are ignoring the feelings of Muslims by publishing blasphemous cartoons. It is the best solution to defend Islam and our Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him),said a message posted by one user on various social networking sites.The messages on several websites include the names of popular French products available on local shelves that citizens should boycott. Light your candle... Play your part.... Boycott the following products... Louis Vuitton AXA Dior Crédit Agricole President Hennessy Auchan L'Oréal Moët et Chandon Chanel BNP Paribas Total SFR Renault Michelin Perrier Peugeot Carrefour Tefal Actimel Société Générale Citroën BIC Lactalis Group Le Crédit Lyonnais Evian Remy Martin Courvoisier Alcatel-Lucent Activia Martell Canal Plus Cif Axe Yves Rocher Nina Ricci Yves Saint Laurent Cartier Simply Market Dom Perignon Leroy Merlin Bonduelle E.Leclerc Hermes Paris Veuve Clicquot Ricard Badoit Air France -KLM Airbus Bugatti Kronenbourg 1664 Lacoste France Télécom Carte Noire Givenchy Pernod OMO Danone  Bouygues Telecom Garnier Fashion TV Miko Franprix Rowenta Moulinex Intermarché Vichy Baron Otard Cognacs Volvic Elf TV5 Monde Fischer beer Gauloises Krug Perfect 1864 Le Monde Camus Lancôme Monoprix Capgemini S.T. Dupont Boucheron Dragon Bleu Alsa Le Figaro Motul Sephora Chloé Cacharel Doux

Yasmin Usman
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Petition to Marion County Family Court, Morgan County Police, Morgan County DCS

Bring Dilli Home

I have full custody of my 7, now 8 year old son, Dillion Parson. On Oct 2nd, he went to his father's for a visit. His dad accidentally pocket dialed me and I overheard a conversation where he was saying he wanted to set me up and take  Dillion from me. I tried to go get my son. I was denied, with police and DCS saying it's a civil matter. With covid the dockets extremely full, and court has been reset 3 times now. His father has somehow been able to unenroll him and re-enroll him in school three times as well as set up therapy, without custody and only Indiana State Minimum Parenting Time Rights. I have not seen my child in 4 months. I rarely get to speak with him and went almost 2 months with zero contact. He has 2 brothers at home who miss him dearly as well. He has all his Christmas and birthday waiting for him at home and at his Nana's. Father has been largely absent and has history of domestic violence against us, as well as criminal, substance abuse, and homelessness. His girlfriend, whom my son is often alone with, has a frightening history as well and lost custody of her own children. Despite having no background, and never being asked to, I am taking independent drug screens and parenting classes just because. I have always been a stable, secure, loving mother. I've been there every day for all 3 of my children, until Dillion was ripped from me and everyone and everything he knows and loves, without just cause or reason. Please sign the petition in support of Dillion being brought home. This case will have a ripple effect and more children will be hurt if he continues to get away with this egregious abuse. My child has been alienated from his whole family which is a detrimental form of psycological child abuse. Even at his father's lowest he always had the option of being a father and now I've not been able to be a mother to my baby who's never been without me. BRING DILLI HOME!

Stacy Whyde
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