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Petition to Austin Police Department, City of Austin, Texas, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

HELP! I am schizophrenic in need of a hospital not a jail. Save me.

  My sister Tania Silva was diagnosed with schizophrenia; it came suddenly with no warning signs, she didn't ask for it. She was always the daughter and student to look up to; In Middle School she was awarded for having the highest grades of all of her class generation. She was about to finish her studies as a nurse with excellent grades too Mexico. After arriving to United States and register at International High School, she attended school for only one week before the mental illness made its break out for the first time. She lasted close to three months being translated from one hospital to another, hearing non-existent voices, living through visions, without sleep. Truly believing that her saliva would cure all illness of the world. Fearing, screaming of terror, using all of her clothes backwards. Thinking that she is a butterfly attempting to jump from the second floor balcony.It never went easy. However, with the help of her family, Nami, hospitals, her doctors, police officers, the Any Baby Can Program, all of her teachers, and friends she came out afloat.She continued her studies but this time with the double of effort and dedication. In order to give you an idea of her mental barriers, she was not able to subtract, add or to even read a whole paragraph. In Lanier High School, she went under a special program where she was able to only  complete two credits in whole school year. Nonetheless, with great effort she finished high school being part of the top 10% best of her graduating class. She now plans to be a veterinary and is studying in College. But the ghost of the schizophrenia is still there with her and will not go away. It can only be controlled. On July 17, 2018, she found herself lost. At 3:00 a.m. without the ability to sleep she walks down the streets. She is not even able to use her phone to call for help. She talks to lady at 7:00 a.m. and asks her for help to find her home. But she doesn't remember her street address. The lady calls the police asking for help but what Tania receives instead is shoves, hits, horrible treatments, shouts. A police officer abruptly grabs a puppy that was on her hands, and since she refuses to give the puppy away, they use violence and force against her. They handcuff her, and take her to jail while the only thing she asked for was help, a hospital, a home. She receives all of the opposite. She is currently in hold to be taken to ICE.   Please, could you help her? NO, TO DEPORTATION NO, TO JAIL. YES, TO HOSPITAL YES, TO MEDICAL TREATMENT.      

pamela silva
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Petition to Council of the European Union, UK Parliament, European Parliament, President of the United States, European Commission, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Theresa May MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Justin Trudeau, Lord Nazir Ahmed

Ban beef and all leather products from India

We, on behalf of Council for Protection of Civil Rights, UK, urge you to demand Government of India to bring an immediate end to mob-lynching and give justice to the victims by punishing the culprits and giving compensation to the family of each victim. We sincerely urge immediate ban on beef import from India and import of all leather products from beef by the United Kingdom, European Union, United States of America, Canada and all civilised nations of the world. Cows are held sacred by Hindu community in North India but big business houses involved in the beef trade are instigating hatred against the minority community in the name of beef, and they continue to make huge profits by exporting beef. We have to show our resentment on genocide and hate crimes being committed in India by the right wing fascist party and its allied terror organisations. We urge issuance of urgent travel advisory against travel to India in light of lynching on suspicion of eating beef and carrying beef.We demand a total ban on right wing terror organisations from collecting donations in USA, European Union, Canada and Great Britain.In already reported cases, more than twenty Muslims have been killed in various parts of the country. Most of them were killed for allegedly eating or storing beef. Some of them have been killed by rumours that they were transporting cows to slaughter houses or for being potential cow-thieves. In none of these cases, the culprits have been brought to book. More alarmingly, in most of the cases, the victims themselves have been implicated in false charges and continually harassed. To cite just one example, Muhammed Akhlaq was lynched in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh on 28th September 2015 for allegedly storing beef. Rather than bringing the culprits to the book, what unfolded in later months at Dadri was more horrifying. A case was filed against the family for allegedly killing a calf, and the family was continuously harassed. They had to finally flee the village and now are living in Delhi.What is more troubling about recent mob-lynching incidents is that these killings are not just about the cow. On 23rd June, a 16-year-old Hafiz Junaid was lynched by a mob in the train while he and his friends were travelling from Delhi to Ballbgarh, Haryana after Eid-shopping. They were attacked by a mob calling communal slurs, pulling their beard and throwing down their skull-caps. What is more horrifying is that neither the co-passengers nor even those on the platforms admitted to seeing anything. In another terrifying incident, Muhammed Salman was shot at by the local police just outside his house. The police have not been able to give any satisfactory explanation for the shooting so far.Here we are attaching a list of people who have been lynched so far; some names might still be missing as they were not reported by mainstream media. 1. 2 June 2014: Mohsin Sadiq Shaikh, 24 years, beaten to death in Pune.2. 5 March 2015: Syed Sarif Uddin Khan, lynched by the mob for alleged rape in Dimapur, Nagaland.3. 30 May 2015: Abdul Ghaffar Qureshi, 60 years, a government contractor for cow-carcass disposal lynched in Rajasthan. 4. 28 September 2015: Mohammad Akhlaq, 50 years, lynched in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh5. 9 October 2015: Zahid Rasool Bhatt, 16, died in a bomb attack on his truck in Udhampur.6. 16 October 2015: Noman Akhtar, 28 years, lynched in Himachal Pradesh for transporting cows.7. 2 November 2015: Mohammed Hamsad Ali, 55, lynched by villagers in Manipur over allegations of calf-theft8. 19 February 2016: Muslim cops thrashed and forced to chant `Jai Bhawani' in Latur, Maharashtra9. 18 March 2016: Suspected "cattle traders" Mohammad. Majloom, 35 years, and Inayatullah Khan, 12, hanged in Latehar, Jharkhand.10. 1 April 2017: Pehlu Khan died of injuries after being attacked in Alwar, Rajasthan11. 15 April 2017: Suspected cattle traders Abu Hanifa and Riazuddin Ali Killed for allegedly stealing cattle in Assam12. 2 May 2017: Ghulam Mohammad, 45 years old, killed for allegedly "helping" an inter-faith couple in Bulandshahr13. 6 May 2017: Salman Abdul, 25 years, beaten and run over by a vehicle at Bhopal.14. May 2017: assault on Muslim youths in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh.15. 22 May 2017: Munna Ansari, 39 years, lynched in Jharkhand on "child lifter" rumour16. 26 May 2017: Two traders thrashed in Malegaon, Maharashtra for allegedly storing beef.17. 7 June 2017: Muslim man attacked in Dhanbad, Jharkhand on suspicion he was taking beef to an Iftaar.18. 12 June 2017: Tamil Nadu animal husbandry dept. officials transporting cattle in trucks attacked in Barmer.19. 16 June 2017: Zaffar Hussein lynched in Pratapgarh Rajasthan for trying to protect women.20. 23 June 2017: Hafiz Junaid lynched, 3 thrashed over beef rumours in Ballabhgarh, Haryana.21. 23 June 2017: Nasirul Haq, Mohammed Samiruddin, Mohammed Nasir lynched by a mob in West Bengal, 23 June22. 23 June 2017. Mohammad Salman, 25 years, shot dead by local police outside his house.23. 27 June 2017: Usman Ansari, thrashed and his house set on fire when a dead cow was found outside his house. 24. 29 June 2017: Aleemuddin (also known as Asghar Ansari) lynched by a mob affiliated to Hindu right-wing on the allegation of carrying beef in his car in broad daylight in BJP ruled state, Jharkhand. This gory list is growing every day and brutal lynchings in the name of cow protection show no sign of stopping. Also look at the story done by journalist Asad Ashraf, where Bajrang Dal Members are confessing to killing Pehlu Khan in Rajasthan. These groups are enjoying political patronage from right-wing BJP government of India. We are alarmed at the insecurity and threat to Muslims' lives in various parts of the country through lynch-mobs. The organisations like these should be put on the list of terrorist organisations. We urge you to put pressure on Government of India take meaningful steps to bring in stringent laws to rein mob-lynching and give justice to the victims. We demand that the culprits behind this targeted violence be immediately brought to book and be given severe punishments. Peaceful demonstrations in India have not been effective in getting the government in combatting and controlling violence and hate crimes. These hate crimes and a climate of fear are considered politically beneficial to the ruling party and if steps are not taken in time to control, it may result in a full-scale genocide of Muslim minority of India. These aims can be achieved by immediately banning all beef and beef-related products from India and also all related leather products.    

Council for Protection of Civil Rights, U.K.
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Petition to home office

Don't break up our family

I am an Australian citizen an I met my wife Lisa (British Citizen) in Australia when she was travelling, We fell in love but due to her visa expiring I couldn't bare to let her go so I left Australia and came over to the UK with her. We eventually got married in the UK and not long after found out we were having a baby. I travelled back and fourth from Australia and the UK during the pregnancy which was very hard on both of us. Our son Ellis was born in July 2016 after a complicated birth in which Lisa needed an emergency caesarean and Ellis needed to be resuscitated several times and had a stay in the neonatal unit. We shortly after applied for Further Leave to Remain on the grounds of compassionate circumstances, Nearly a year later we got the refusal letter for my visa and the home office deeming there weren't compassionate enough circumstances as my wife's family were here and could support her and my son (which they can't because they have medical issues) and she could leave her job and claim benefits to support her and my son, which is just backwards thinking to me, if they were to grant me a visa I would be able to work, pay taxes, support my family and she would not be reliant of benefits. Since I have been here I have not been able to work to support my family and have been at home with our son full time which has been great to get that bond with him but has left it up to my wife who has had to go back to work when our son was 7 months old to support us as we where struggling financially with visa, solicitor, barrister and appeal costs, this has also had a detrimental effect on her relationship with our son as she already had post natal depression after giving birth to our son after a traumatic labour. We have since found out that we are expecting our second child in March 2019 which is amazing but also adds a whole lot more complications to our situation. After we received our refusal we appealed the decision and received a court date in March 2018, the build up to this was very stressful as you can imagine, We attended the court date only to be told the home office did not come prepared for our case so the court was adjourned until August 2018. We are so scared that our family is going to be torn apart and my wife is going to be on her own again with our 2 year old son and pregnant. Our son also has autism which is a developmental disorder that makes him very anxious and have many meltdowns where he can't cope with daily tasks so this can be very hard to cope with. All we have ever wanted since we have been together in these 3 years is to be happy and be able to go on with our daily life without the stress of not knowing if our family is going to be able to stay together. Please support our family by supporting our page and in pur fight to keep our family together.

Ryan Grosvenor
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Petition to H.E. MR. ANTONIO GUTERRES, Adama Dieng, Farhan Haq Deputy Spokesman for the Secretary-General haqf>at, Cyril Ramaphosa


PETITION TO THE SECRETARY-GENERAL OF THE UN, H.E. MR. ANTONIO GUTERRES TO END FARM MURDERS IN SOUTH AFRICA 26 October 2017 His Excellency, Mr Antonio Guterres, my name is Louis Michael Green and I am a pastor and a concerned citizen from Kraaifontein, Cape Town, South Africa. I am appealing to you to use your influence in the UN and throughout the world to help us in South Africa to end the scourge of farm killings in our country. We must end farm murders in South Africa before it is too late. Farmers throughout South Africa produce our fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat and without them, our nation will starve. At first, when I started this petition, I had one signature, my own. I was aiming for 100,000 signatures for this petition when I started but as a result of the fantastic response, i.e. 115,000 signatures in 6 days, I have decided to increase the target to 200,000 supporters. The huge response to my petition to STOP FARM MURDERS is an indication of the urgency of the matter and the public outcry in South Africa. At first, I intended to take the petition to the State President, Mr. Jacob Zuma, and our Minister of Police, but after much prayer and thinking, and after receiving hundreds of messages from farmers, family members who lost loved ones and many petitioners, I have decided to take our petition directly to you at THE UNITED NATIONS IN NEW YORK, the USA, and ask for an audience with you, the SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE UNITED NATIONS, H.E. Mr Antonio Guterrez. Many of my petitioners believe it would be a waste of our time to take the petition to the State President, Mr Jacob Zuma, because he has done nothing about the farm murders since his election and he continues to do nothing. It would be a similar waste of time to take the petition to the Minister of Police, Mr. Fikile Mbalula, because he has been critical of the mass action on Black Monday, 30th of October, 2017, and he has not released the specific statistics of farm attacks and murders. We have great confidence in you as the Secretary-General of the United Nations, that you will be able to place our petition on the international agenda. If it is possible to have an independent commission of inquiry from the Commissioner of Human Rights violations into the FARM MURDERS in South Africa, we would also greatly appreciate this. We would, in the meantime, also petition our own government to demand an independent commission of inquiry into farm murders to investigate the root causes of such murders and a response from the present government (from the Ministry of Police) on what will be done to stop these murders with immediate effect. We will, however, not hand over the names of the 125,000 petitioners to the state for fear that the petitioners would be intimidated. However, we could say in our petition to our government that we refer to the 125,000 petitioners as verified by the Secretary-General of the United Nations and that the record is kept at the UN that would verify the veracity of the amount of our petitioners. I was encouraged when I saw what a young South African, Talitha Basson was doing when she mobilized thousands of farmers almost on her own using Facebook to mobilize them to united action in a march to Cape Town on 30th of October, 2017.  We are mindful that all murders everywhere in South Africa are reprehensible and should be stopped. Every murder, irrespective where it happens, is regrettable. However, the murder of farmers in our country does not only impact the loss of life but also has a snowball effect of robbing our nation of its food security. I am planning to follow the correct Parliamentary procedures to get this letter and the petition to the Speaker of Parliament, so I will seek out the help of an M.P. who bears the same burden, to also submit our petition to our own Parliament in South Africa. This matter has been debated in Parliament on several occasions without any effect. This is the reason why I felt we should appeal to international organs, like the UN. Perhaps, our government will give this matter its most urgent attention when our petition reaches your office and if it can be arranged our South African delegation coming to see you in New York would love an opportunity to discuss our report with the dossier containing our claims of human rights abuses with the UNHCR. I and all my petitioners trust God for a positive outcome to all our endeavours. Be Blessed Kind Regards Senior Suffragan Bishop Louis Michael Green A concerned South African Citizen Affiliated to The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, South Africa

Bishop Louis Michael Green
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