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Petition to Broward County School Board

Time to End the MASKerade

TIME TO END THE MASKerade! On April 14, 2021, the Florida Department of Education wrote a letter to the  Superintendents of all Florida School Districts recommending that they reconsider any required mask mandates for the upcoming school year. On May 3, 2021, Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Orders 21-101 and 21-102, which suspended the local emergency orders for Florida cities and counties. However, neither the Governor nor FLDOE have the power to end the mandated mask policy for Broward Schools.  Only the School Board of Broward County has the authority to change and update the health protocols and safety policies currently in place in the school system. As such, it is up to the citizens of Broward County, or more specifically the parents, students and teachers of BCPS, to use the collective power of their voices, to request that the School Board update their health protocol, as it pertains to masks and mask usage, such that MASKS ARE OPTIONAL and THE SOLE CHOICE of the individual. As the pandemic has evolved since March of 2020, statistical and scientific studies have shown all of the following to be true: - Schools have not proven to be a primary source of Covid spread. (Ref. 1 below) - Masks have not proven to be a consistent barrier at reducing the spread of Covid.  (Ref. 2 below) - School age children between the ages of 5-17 are very resilient to the effects of Covid with a survival rate near 100%.  (Ref. 3 below) - Long term, all-day, daily use of masks can lead to other health consequences, especially for developing bodies and minds. (Ref. 4 below) - Widespread availability of Covid vaccinations has allowed the community at large to protect its most vulnerable populations. It's time for us to start thinking about the physical health of our children and what's in the best interests of their bodies. It's time for us to start thinking about the mental health of our children and how masking has impacted their ability to express themselves and interact with others. It's time to start putting our children at the forefront of school policies.  It is our responsibility as adults to protect them, not their responsibility to protect us.  It's TIME TO END THE MASKerade! On May 18th, in two weeks, the Broward School board will hold its next regular board meeting.  At that time, we the parents, students and teachers of Broward County will formally request that BCPS review and adjust their mandatory mask policy to align with the Governor's and Florida Department of Education's recommendation that masks and mask usage be voluntary in the Broward County School System. Please sign, and pass on, this petition to any parent, student, teacher or interested party that want the option of CHOICE with respect to masks and mask usage in our school systems. Ref 1:  Ref 2: Ref 3: Ref 4:

Adam Herman
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Petition to International Olympic Committee


Please see the English version below 国際オリンピック委員会(IOC)に対し、2021年夏季開催予定の東京2020オリンピックの即時中止を求めます。 コロナとの戦いにおいて、オリンピックは障害 世界中がパンデミックに苦しむ中、世界は一丸となってコロナとの戦いに臨まなければなりません。しかし東京2020オリンピックは、その戦いに必要なリソースを人々から奪い去る障害以外の何物でもありません。 第四波、医療崩壊、人命危機 日本は現在、パンデミックの第四波に苦しんでいます。変異株による感染が急拡大し、各地で実質的医療崩壊が起きています。医療に携わる人々は想像を絶する状況に置かれ、通常であれば助かるいのちも助からない状況です。日本という国は今、人々に十分な医療を提供できない危機的状況にあるのです。 医療崩壊の中、看護師 500 名派遣要請など問題外 このような国難の中、大会組織委員会は日本看護協会に対しオリンピック用看護師 500 人の確保を要請しました。看護師をはじめ医療従事者が限界を超えた努力を強いられる中、病気や怪我を患う人々が十分な医療を受けられない中、このような残酷な要請を行うことは、オリンピックのリーダシップが「イベント第一、人命軽視」という非人道的な考えに基づき動いていることを露呈するものです。 2020オリンピックは「復興五輪」ではなく「破滅五輪」 このオリンピックは、コロナに打ち勝つ前から「コロナに打ち勝った証」とうたわれてきました。また「希望の光」を与える「復興五輪」ともうたわれています。しかし、このオリンピックは「破壊五輪」と呼ばれるにふさわしいものです。すべての人がいのちを守るべく、可能な限りの努力を行わない限り、そこには「復興」も「希望」もありません。この一年あまりで私達は世界各地のリーダーたちが同じ間違いを犯すのを何度も見てきました。経済やその他の目的のために人命を軽視した国々は、結局そのどれをも守ることができず、悲惨な状況に見舞われています。私達は、これ以上同じ間違いを繰り返すことはできません。これ以上いのちを危険に晒すことはできません。 日本の人々は IOC の「駒」ではない IOC のバッハ会長は最近のインタビューにて、日本の人々が長い歴史の中いかに忍耐強く大きな困難を乗り越えてきたかについて言及しました。しかし日本の人々が内に秘める忍耐強さは、IOC やその他の組織の利益のために使い捨てにされるべきものではありません。私達は、誰の「駒」でもありません。 大多数がオリンピックに反対 様々なアンケート調査からも伺えるように、日本では 7 割から 8 割という大多数がオリンピックに反対しています。また日本以外の国でも同様の調査結果が出ています。今こそリーダシップは、オリンピック憲章にある「人間の尊厳保持」および「連帯」の原則に立ち返り、暴走を止め、人々の声に耳を傾けてください。   WE MUST CANCEL THE TOKYO OLYMPICS TO SAVE LIVES This petition calls on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to immediately cancel the 2020 Tokyo Olympics scheduled for the summer of 2021. We must focus on the pandemic without the distraction of the Olympics With the coronavirus pandemic still sweeping across the world, our utmost focus should be on getting this battle under control and protecting the lives of people everywhere. The 2020 Olympics is an obstacle in achieving these goals, and a distraction that takes resources away from where they’re most needed. Japan is in the 4th wave, healthcare system is collapsing, people are dying  Japan is currently engulfed in the rapidly spreading wildfire of the fourth pandemic wave. The case numbers are soaring due to the more virulent strains. The healthcare system has practically collapsed in many areas, taking down with it the people who work in it. With the lack of medical resources, people with illnesses that are otherwise treatable under normal circumstances are becoming gravely ill, in many cases not making it through.  A collapsing healthcare system cannot spare 500 nurses for an athletic event In the midst of this crisis, the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games has made a request to the Japan Nursing Association for 500 nurses for the Olympic events. This cruel attempt to deprive the people of Japan of the already limited resources that are now being completely exhausted is tonedeaf at best, deadly at worst. This is just one of the many examples that reveal where the Olympic leadership puts their priorities - the suffering of the people does not matter, the lives of the people do not matter. As the saying goes, action speaks louder than words. The 2020 Olympics is the Olympics of denial and destruction, not of recovery This Olympics is being dubbed as “the proof of victory against the coronavirus” while there’s no concrete measures to stop the actual losing streak. It is also dubbed as the “Olympics of Recovery” that is supposed to give people a “beacon of hope”. However, it might as well be called the “Olympics of denial and destruction”. There is no “recovery” or “light” until we go all in to help save the lives and livelihood of people. We’ve seen time and time again in the past year leaders of various countries make the same mistake of putting people’s lives at risk for the sake of the economy and other interests, and failing miserably in all of these aspects. We cannot afford to make any more such mistakes at the expense of people’s lives. People of Japan are not disposable tools of the IOC As the IOC Chairman Bach was recently quoted in an interview, throughout history, people of Japan have faced immense difficulties, and each time demonstrated perseverance needed to overcome the hardships. Their perseverance, however, is now being taken advantage of to fulfill the interests of a few, including the IOC. We must not allow that to happen. We’re not tools of the IOC. This is the will of the people - cancel the Olympics Various polls consistently show 70-80% of those surveyed in Japan object to the Olympics being held this summer. Similar results have also been reported among other countries. It is time for the leadership to get off the runaway train and listen to the people, for the “preservation of human dignity” and “spirit of solidarity”, consistent with the Olympics’ principles.

Kumiko Jacobs
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Petition to Greg Abbott, Jared Patterson, Texas State House, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, Drew Springer, Stephanie Klick, Bobby Guerra, Steve Allison, Elizabeth "Liz" Campos, Garnet F. Coleman, Nicole Collier, Jacey Jetton, Tom Oliverson, Four Price, Reggie Smith, Erin Zwiener, Texas State Senate, Texas Governor, Alma A. Allen, Al Green, Joaquín Castro, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Lloyd Doggett, Kevin Brady, Henry Cuellar, Kay Granger, Judith Zaffirini, Dan Crenshaw, Michael Burgess, Randy Weber, Michael T. McCaul, Tony Tinderholt, Sheila Jackson Lee, Brian Babin, Roger Williams, Marc Veasey, John Carter, Filemon Vela, Charles Schwertner, Veronica Escobar

Help us pass Betty's Law

At 10:09am January 31, 2019 my 7 year old daughter Betty was pronounced dead at a local ER after frantic attempts were made to save her life.   The previous afternoon around 4:30pm she was discharged from Pediatric Urgent Care of Denton after having been seen.  That afternoon she was diagnosed with type A flu and her father and I were told her lungs were clear.  No X-Rays or Lab work was performed.  She was simply given some Motrin for her fever and sent home.  Betty was autistic and non-verbal except for a few small words.  She had no way to relay to us how she was feeling.  We heavily relied on medical professionals to diagnosis her due to her inability to speak.  That evening she perked up and showed some normal behaviors.  She had even awoken in the early morning hours of January 31st to run to my bedroom to snuggle and play her iPad.  I had put her to back to bed and she continued playing her iPad.  I believed she was getting better.  However, a couple hours after I had put her back to bed and fell back to sleep my husband had woke me asking me for help.  Betty had begun having some diarrhea and was tired.  We attributed that to the flu and her having awoke so early.  My husband took her mattress off her bed and placed it in the living room on the floor.  He was working in the living room that morning to keep an eye on her.  She lay there and watched her favorite show before letting out a yawn.  My husband told her that he was going to turn off the TV and play some classical music which she loved.  He turned on the music and walked into his office.  A couple minutes later he screams for me that something was wrong with Betty.  I ran into the living room and saw my daughter’s head slumped off the pillow with blood coming out of the side of her mouth.  He immediately grabbed her and took her to our truck and raced to the hospital.  I followed quickly behind in our other vehicle.  When I arrived at the hospital the vehicle my husband drove was still running and the doors open.  I raced inside and saw the panicked look on the faces of two women who were inside.  I told them my baby was there and I needed to get to her.  They quickly escorted me into the room where I saw my husband who glanced at me with terror.  I then scanned the room and saw several people surrounding my daughter.  They had to incubate her and were performing CPR.  Her legs were discolored and the reality of what was happening set in and I began screaming.  I was made to go next door and lay down as they worked on my daughter.  Several minutes later I heard the vitals machine flatline.  My husband came in and told me what I already knew.  Betty was gone.  I screamed that it was impossible.  She had just been playing her iPad just a few hours before.  That she was getting better!  This could not be!  But it was. Shortly thereafter I was able to see my daughter.  I walked in and saw her.  My beautiful baby girl, laying lifeless on the hospital bed with the incubation tube still in her mouth.  I wanted so desperately for it to be removed but was told they couldn’t remove anything because the coroner’s office would not allow it.  So I dropped to my knees beside her and placed my arms over her tiny 40 pound body.  And I wouldn’t leave until they made me.  When the coroner arrived we were made to feel as if we were the ones who may have harmed her.  But after the medical examiner examined her he knew she had no injuries.   A month later we received her autopsy report.  Betty had died from streptococcal pneumonia and had been septic as well as having type A flu.  She had nearly 1/3 cup of fluid in her left lung and the damage was so severe she had been hemorrhaging.  That is why the blood had been coming from her mouth.  She also had the beginning of pneumonia in her right lung.  Betty had been misdiagnosed at the urgent care.  The urgent care had an x-ray machine on site and the ability to take lab work.  Yet did neither.  We now know Betty had many different factors that would warrant further testing.  But the people who were there at the Urgent care were grossly negligent at diagnosing her.  They failed Betty and our family.  The person, Madeline Broemsen, who saw Betty we found out was an APN who never identified herself as such.  We never even saw a name for the woman who took Betty’s vitals or any of the other staff.  There was no supervising doctor on site.  In fact, the supervising doctor, Doctor Michael Cowan was on trip in a remote area of Cambodia when Betty was seen and the day she died.   Since Betty’s death her father and I have been working tirelessly with local politicians to create change.  We have been interviewed by several news outlets and the story has been picked up worldwide.   APN, Madeline Broemsen has had disciplinary action taken against her license by the Texas Nursing Board due to Betty's case. Currently there is a draft in place to go before the house in Texas to ensure that all medical professionals must wear a badge clearly stating their name and credentials or face having to pay a fine.  The bill is HB2596 and will when passed be called “Betty’s Law”.  We currently have the support Physicians for Patient Protection, The Texas Autism Society and the Governor’s Office to get this bill passed.  We are asking for you to sign and share to help strengthen our push to help patients and their caregivers have the knowledge of who is providing the patient care.    

Stacey Wattenbarger
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