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Petition to Nancy Pelosi, Tammy Duckworth, Brad Schneider

Ban Downloadable/Plastic Guns and Bullets

In August of 2018, a United States Federal Judge blocked Cody Wilson and his organization, Defense Distributed from releasing their 3D printed gun blueprints. However, the judge did provide Wilson with other options, such as mailing USB drives with the information on them. In addition, Defense Distributed illegally released the blueprints to the public, days before they were scheduled to be granted permission.  In addition to Defense Distributed, Deterrence Dispense has become active. Unlike Defense Distributed, Deterrence Dispense has no leader, no address, and no known members. They also use peer to peer (P2P) sharing to share CAD files. Because there is no central server location, Deterrence Dispense is extremely hard to shut down. They are 100% anonymous. This makes is exceptionally difficult to take legal action against the group or shut them down. Now, we not only have loosely regulated CAD files for 3D printed guns but there are unregulated files from this new group circulating.  3D printed guns are dangerous because they can be made on demand and can bypass security checkpoints undetected. Also, they have no serial number making the guns untraceable. Kids, felons, terrorists, abusers and mentally ill people could all get their hands on an unlimited amount of guns, without a single background check. A new startup has also appeared on multiple news stations because of their frightening and absurd goal. They want to give blueprints for 3D printable bullet proof vest penetrating bullets to the public at no cost. Not only is this dangerous for citizens of the United States but this organization going under the name, Atlas Arms is also anti government and encourages the bullets to be used to murder police officers.  Safe Nation demands that a bill is passed, stating that all gun and bullet blueprints are illegal to be sold or given for free in the United States. If you agree, take a minute to sign the petition because every signature counts!  Safe Nation is a student led organization fighting to end gun violence. It was founded in July, 2018 and has been fighting 3D printable guns since. Text @GUNFREE to 810-10 to subscribe to text message updates! REGISTER TO VOTE! Text @FUTURE to 644-33! Follow our social media channels to support us and to help campaign! @oursafenation on Instagram and Twitter  Visit our website! Contact me with questions or comments! 224 358 3388 *PLEASE READ UPDATES BELOW FOR CURRENT NEWS AND GOALS*

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Petition to U.S. Senate, Dan Brown, Kathy J. Byron, Lee Ware, Mike Cunningham, Timothy Hugo, Bill Eigel, Jason Holsman, Daniel Marshall, III, Jacob W Hummel, Robert B. Bell, Israel D. O'Quinn, Jamilah Nasheed, Bob Onder, Ron Richard, David E. Yancey, John Joseph Rizzo, Caleb Rowden, Margaret B. Ransone, Dave Schatz, Scott Sifton, Wayne Wallingford, Michael J. Webert, Paul Wieland, Tony O. Wilt, Christopher T. Head, Jeion A. Ward, Mark L. Keam, Eileen Filler-Corn, Kaye Kory, Joseph C. Lindsey, Lamont Bagby, David J. Toscano, Steve E. Heretick, Michael P. Mullin, Jeffrey M. Bourne, President of the United States, Maria Chappelle-Nadal, U.S. House of Representatives

Stop Forcing Mail-Order Pharmacy as the Only Option of Coverage

Patients' lives depend on choice. **Since starting the petition, I have realized that there are many issues other than temperatures with forced mail-order pharmacy.  Mail-order pharmacy is very loosely regulated. There are life-threatening delays, lack of face-to-face relationship with pharmacists for people with chronic conditions, and rapid closures of our independent pharmacies; although, a recent study showed people prefer independent pharmacy (2018, Gill).    *************Our Story************* Our son, received a life-saving liver transplant at the age of 2 from a 3-year-old little girl. His life depends on the potency and effectiveness of chemotherapy/immune suppression medications every 12 hours to prevent his body's immune system from fighting off his transplanted liver. In the past mail-order delivered his liquid oral medications in nothing but a plastic envelope on a 102-degree day on a hot enclosed not temperature controlled UPS truck. Shortly after, he went into liver rejection which could have resulted in complete liver failure or death. I speculated that the medication could have been too weak after the delivery of medications in high heat. I vowed to never again risk his life with mail-order pharmacy. Recently, we were mandated/forced to only use mail-order pharmacy in order to receive coverage for his life-saving medications.  The package arrived in only a bag on a hot day without an ice pack. The hot non-temperature controlled enclosed delivery truck can reach temperatures up to 170 degrees. His labs elevated again afterward. My son wants to know, "Why would they do that?" I contacted the manufacturer, who performs the testing stated that both of my son's medications should be discarded and considered less potent once stored above 86 degrees as higher temperatures and freezing could both result in lower potency. Liquid medication is the most harmed by the mishandling of medications outside of the manufactures temperature storage guidelines.  I contacted the mail-order pharmacy who refused to replace or take back the medication. They said the law & USP Pharmacopoeia allows them to ship up to 104 degrees, although the manufacturer states it is not proven safe at these temperatures. However, I have received communication from USP Pharmacopoeia who writes guidelines for storage, and they also said that the mail order pharmacy should follow the manufacturer's guidelines of 59-86 degrees for storage. Again, the trucks reach up to 170 degrees which is much hotter than 104.  I contacted the FDA, who states that the mail order pharmacy should be using the manufacturer's guidelines that have been proven safe..However, since the mail-order pharmacies are regulated loosely by the State Board of Pharmacy, not the FDA. There was nothing that the FDA could do.  I made over 30 calls to the insurance company begging for them to please let us pick my son's medications up at the local pharmacy at which they are filled. My son's physician wrote a note/appeal as his transplant team has stated that they have tried to voice their concerns about this issue with their pediatric/child patients and no one is listening! The insurance company still denied the doctor's appeal for us to pick up my son's medications in the safest way. It was not until the Media became evolved that the insurance company budged.  I felt helpless and have united with many other pharmacists, physicians, patients, mothers and fathers, and caregivers who feel the same way. Helpless. Mail-order of prescription drugs should be a choice, not the only option of coverage.  Mail-order pharmacies may appear to save money, but when my son ended up in the hospital after taking medications that could have been compromised by having lower potency, the cost of the rejection was thousands of dollars. If his liver would have fully failed, the cost of his liver transplant for just 5 days (he was in the hospital for 5 weeks) was over $1,000,000. The lax regulation and oversight may save money on prescription drug plans but may come at an increased cost to the health plan itself. Also, keep in mind the endless waste of medications that automatically are sent regardless of whether or not patients need them. Also, people with chronic, complex conditions, should always have the option of face to face interaction with a pharmacist who knows their complex needs and medical history. The pharmacist and patient relationship are crucial to the successful outcome of the patient's overall health. Taking this away is harmful to patients and be more costly to our already stressed healthcare system.   Only allowing mail-order pharmacy for coverage is unethical and irresponsible. I share stories on my social media sites every day of patients who are suffering from lack of choice.  We need your help to make mandatory mail-order an option, not a mandate.  YOUR URGENT SUPPORT WILL SAVE LIVES! THANK YOU!! WE APPRECIATE ALL OF THE SUPPORTERS, CAREGIVERS, & PATIENTS.  Thank you,  Loretta Boesing, Founder of Unite for Safe Medications You may make a tax-deductible contribution to support our advocacy here Email: Facebook Page: Issues with Mail Order Pharmacy @justamomwholovesherson Twitter: @BoesingLoretta The greatest way that you can help is by sharing this petition & gathering 2-3 people in your community who are having issues and speak to your legislatures.                  Reference: Gill, Lisa L. “Consumers Still Prefer Independent Pharmacies, CR's Ratings Show.” Product Reviews and Ratings - Consumer Reports, 7 Dec. 2018,

Loretta Boesing
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Petition to Federal Bureau of Investigation, Community East Hospital Indianapolis Indiana, United States Department of Health and Human Services

Stop community east hospital and community network doctors from neglecting patients

Bring awareness to hospitals who are not treating patients correctly share your stories! Thank you! For any confusion I signed up for medical insurance in September 2014 but was not approved until March 2015 I fell January 23 2015 and was denied services over the health care laws in effect as well that played a role in the treatment I received. if it ask to donate you don’t have to please share and if this happened to you else where please leave comments and show what places are not treating people fairly I have quite a bit of paperwork and lot with attorneys so I’ll be gathering more information as I go through this process thank you! I broke both my legs January 23 2015 and community east hospital told me nothing was wrong I was left first with one severed heel for over 20 hours before they performed surgery and took me over 4 hours to convince them my other heel was severed as well. I was put into isolation for my entire stay where I was not fed for 3 days and finally when I was released 6 days later. I kept seeing their doctors who said everything was in my head and kept trying to feed me depression pills saying I was delusional and everything was n my head. Additional to the fact I was under their care for 4 months in casts on both legs that smelled so awfully bad I kept requesting they changed them as they was bothering me extremely bad they refused to change the cast on both my legs the entire time under there care. I finally personally removed my own cast after 4 months when I couldn’t take the smell and irritation no more when my skin was coming off underneath my cast. I asked numerous times to clean my legs and remove and put on new cast and check everything and was advised it was not necessary. I spent 4 months in a wheelchair totally unable to walk I personally taught myself everything all over again without the help of community health network while they were to concerned about medical insurance in which I filed 3 months prior to my fall and I was approved 3 months after my fall. Which is a lot of the reason they treated me like a criminal all while knowing what they were doing the entire time. I will say my stay and the care I received was the most deplorable conditions and treatment I ever received in my life and I hope no one else ever goes through what I have encountered with there doctors. After leaving the care of community network I tried eskenazi hospital who also was saying it was in my head after finally switching to IU health network I got a team of doctors to help me. I have now had over 20 surgeries since leaving the care of community hospital and they still want me to pay them 25000$ knowing they did not feed me did not help me through anything my gull bladder had grown into my liver my heart rate was abnormal lots due to the medication they tried to put me on trying to push pills. I told them from day one I don’t want pills let me go back work if I can just help me they said your okay you don’t fall 26 feet land on pavement and say someone with 2 broken legs are okay I have told them several times I am not paying any bills through them when they neglected me first pumping lots of drugs in me immediately after my fall then saying it was meth which I have never seen or touched meth in my life there for that was a lie and I had to prove it to everyone even disability court and I’m legally disabled. Since leaving there care I found out both my knees ankles my hip and shoulder was torn and my shoulder been dislocated they said my spine was okay which is another lie I have 3 herniated disc 6 intrusion and a cyst between my s1 and s2 every time I let them know they neglected me they laugh well I have scripts and a tote full of medication still from the way they handled my situation by the time I got the help I needed I couldn’t walk had braces up both my legs I was prescribed 180 oxy 20s 90 morphine 30s 180 gabapentine 600 90 tizazidine and 6 or more other medication all while they were accusing me of drug abuse as I sit today with several scripts I am doing this today because they don’t clear my bills where your charging me bills when u neglected me as a patient almost killed me with medication and think treating people the way u do is okay and it’s not okay. I start process for back surgery next week I had surgery on my right hip Jan 2019 right knee May 2019 left knee June 2019 and shoulder July 19 2019. I had my gull bladder removed from my liver in 2016 I believe my intestines blood was found I had kidney surgery 2017 I believe I had 4 endoscopy 4 colonoscopy 1 pill cam 1 heart catheter plus lots other procedure done I finally on my own found a doctor who founded orthopedic surgery practices from IU North and he also is n eskenazi so I see him at IU North hospital and I have surgery at both his offices iu and eskenazi. Had I not found surgeons on my own I still wouldn’t be walking today or as far as I am reality is I probably would of eventually died I had infection in my legs my arm my hip and I still fall because of my back. I feel I will eventually be able to work full time again thanks to the wonderful staff at dr ertle’s office helping me get everything back together having him tell me my shoulder been dislocated for over 5 years goes to show community east was not concerned about my health care. I will never recommend this hospital to anyone who leaves a patient in icu isolation with only 4 to 6 rooms and doesn’t feed them for 3 days with 2 broken legs and says I’m sorry I forgot and leaves again. This hospital I’m sure is liable for patients on pills patients deaths and patients who today are still disabled because of there negligence and not doing what’s best for the patients. I myself gave them 4 years to clear my bills off because they did not help me they left me injured to the point I would step and fall down and put in my disability report I didn’t try hard enough when they was requesting me to do jumping jacks and other strenuous exercise with 2 torn knee caps 2 torn ankles 1 torn hip and 1 torn shoulder how can a person do anything with injuries this severe. Leaving my gull bladder in 9 months until it grew into my liver wasn’t helping my situation either by the time it was removed it was bigger than my hand and purple and I was having breathing difficulties. So I will not pay these people and I am going to press the issue far as I can if they don’t want to resolve there issues then I’ll be happy to share my story with the media and show 3000 plus documents I have of medical malpractice and maybe it will protect someone else from being treated unfairly and treated the way I was treated. Before my fall I worked everyday of my life and all they wanted to tell me was you will never walk again and everything was in my head finally getting answers nothing is in my head they neglected me and committed a severe case of medical malpractice leaving me injured and wouldn’t listen to me as a patient wanted to make up stuff and say this is what’s wrong. I seen one their doctors terry iWoski and he couldn’t talk to me without his eyes rolling in the back of his head he was so high on medication. I quit seeing him when he tried telling me everything was in my head I needed Prozac. Reality was I had a lot wrong that has taken several surgeries to fix the issues I keep pushing towards being better and able to work again but this hospital is terrible and hopefully my story and what I went through will help someone else and for there bill they can keep it u neglected me I ain’t paying u a dollar and I will post my story everywhere including the news if they don’t want to do the right thing and fix what they done and how they treated me they need to be held liable. I’m grateful for the state and for the doctors helping me today hopefully over the course of the next 4 years I can be back to where I was before my fall and I will be able to do the things I did before I fell. I hope anyone else has these issues don’t give up and switch practices find doctors on your own save all your documents all your scripts and prepare for a long lengthy battle against these crooked people I will never refer anyone or go back to community I learned a valuable lesson with this as well u can not trust all doctors because they don’t care about your health they are getting paid and going home normally this hopefully will help others facing a similar situation as I have been forced to face. And for the doctors who has stepped up to help me dr ertle and dr riff and the state and there doctors who agreed I was severely injured like to say thanks because I’m walking without braces and I’m doing better but I start process for back surgery this week.  For anyone considering community hospital network steer clear unless u trust your life with people who don’t care what happens to you or your future they purposely tried to keep me from getting the help I needed from the state saying it all was in my head. If you need help go to IU North in Carmel Indiana and have them help u get set up be honest talk to them and they will help you. This has changed my life forever I’ll be in pain forever because how long it took me to get the help I needed but I’m grateful I am not wearing braces up to my knees getting my movements back and life is steadily becoming normal as it will be again. I hope no one ever goes through what I have with this network of crooked doctors only there for there own benefit. Hopefully this will help others who face a similar situation. Mind you I have photos of every surgery all the tears the extremely large gull bladder and all the injuries I have sustained. I did have 1 good doctor that is in the Network but works on her own Tracy Warner foot podiatrist that has helped me get the necessary help and said i was injured and couldn’t believe how they treated me I still see her today. She literally is the only doctor from the network that knew something was wrong listen to me and said I need helped and is the one who said it’s in my spine.. without her knowledge I wouldn’t of been able to seek medical attention on my own for these injuries she has been a critical role in helping me throughout this process of people not wanting to help she got me braces and where I least wasn’t falling 24 7. For that I will tell her thank you for everything she has done for me. She is a wonderful doctor who has a patients best interest in situations like mine. I know the odds break both legs and the injuries I sustained is rare but when it happens they need to listen and do the right thing someone doesn’t go to hospital and doctors over 75 to 100 times for no reason that’s just plain non sense and not okay.. I fixed a few dates and surgeries after IU North called me and validated some of my procedures today while pre op for start of back injections to start process for back surgery and fix my back so I don’t fall and I will be 1 step closer to being normal as I can again.. Surgeons who are helping me still today and helped me through this process when I explain everything to them put forth effort to fix everything for me. Dr Ertle Iu North and Eskenazi- orthopedics Dr Riff Methodist IU now in Chicago- orthopedics  Tracy Warner Community Network- Podiatrist  Dr Holmes IU North-Spine IU Methodist Urology - Dr Kessler Gull bladder follow up, kidneys, pancreatitis, stomach, colon-colitis  Dr Bruggers Northside ENT - prosthetic ear drum, mastoidectomy downwall Braces and Stability equipments Aoi and IU North , Dr Ertle, Dr Riff And Tracy Warner  ankle supports,shoe supports, Cain’s, walkers, wheel chairs, crutch’s, afo support braces, sling, cast, compression supports, back braces, plus other supports to stabilize areas that were affected  Hardware inside me now 3 clips in my stomach, 3 pins in my side, 1 screw in my foot, prosthetic ear drum right ear that’s without the rest of the future surgeries I still need.. Thank You! 

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Petition to NJ Transit/Coach USA and World Wide Public Transportation, Office of the Attorney General of New Jersey Gurbir Grewel

Stop reckless, aggressive, and rude bus drivers from carelessly taking young innocent lives like Deshon Johnson.

Hello, My name is Naomi Johnson, Deshon Johnson's mother, and I am looking to pass a bill honoring my son Deshon Johnson to make a positive change for other victims everywhere. I want the bill to focus on preventing tragic deaths. I know the bill will not be a remedy to bring back loved ones, but I would like it to implement safety awareness and jail time for the bus drivers. I want a memorial at the location where Deshon's life ended or a street adopted and named in Deshon's honor. I am heartbroken every day thinking about how tragic Deshon’s death was. On the morning of July 18th, 2012 there is footage of Deshon Johnson patiently arriving at the seven eleven at 10:30 am and waiting for the bus till the bus arrived at 10:48 am.  Deshon was patiently waiting at the bus stop to go to work. Once Deshon notices the bus time arrival he had gotten up to signal the bus to stop. Instead of the bus driver stopping to pick up his passengers he continues to speed through the green light and around the sharp corner. Deshon flagged the bus to stop again, but the bus kept on going speeding around the corner and the bus never stopped to pick him up. So, Deshon ran a few steps down from the bus stop on the corner of Bay Ave and Broad Street.  My son banged on the front door while he was at the corner of the handicapped sidewalk. The Community Coach bus driver run over my child twice knocking him down. Romaine was driver driving NJ Transit bus when he dragged Deshon 50 to 100 feet to his death. There needs to be a law that allows overseeing company like Community Coach that is based in Scotland to hold these bus drivers accountable for these countless death. It is hard to get in contact with Coach to make a complaint.  Deshon was not the only person that was killed by a bus driver, and no arrest or charges have been brought against the driver to this day.  On January 23, 2012, a Coach USA bus driver took 21-year-old Christie Noble-Ross life who is a neighbor that lived on the same floor across the hall from Deshon Johnson. While Christie Nobel was on her way dropping her son off to daycare. The bus came around the corner of Main and South Harrison streets in East Orange killing her on impact.  These cases by the Essex County Prosecutor Detective are dismissed and labeled as an accident without further investigation and this needs to stop. When a bus is speeding on residential roads above the speed limit, and turning around the corner at a fast speed it should not be considered an accident. That is negligence and murder. The prosecutors never pull up the drivers' record to see if he had other fatality/fractions. or his cell phone records to see if he was distracted.   Needless to say, the driver had a prior accident before killing my son and after killing my son. The driver had to take up defensive driving course before killing my son. The drivers also have to break in entry charges. These prior incidents speak the value of the driver misbehaved personality traits.  I live every day with the lawyer showing me a picture of my son's remains over the road and with the detail description about how my son's brain was in the bus wheel by retired judge Lawrence evil inhuman behavior to mentally break me down.  He shows no type of humanity about my son get killed, instead, he was trying to blame my son for his death. I live with these images torrent me for the rest of my life.   Please help us bring justice for Deshon Johnson and bring an end to the abuse of the NJ Transit and Coach USA bus drivers putting our lives at risk every day just to catch a bus.   In November 2012 the Johnson's Family civil lawyer Brad hired a criminal lawyer to be a liaison between the Prosecutor's office and the family to pass on new information. Needless to say, the lawyer failed to do his job, took our money and Deshon's killer walked away a free man and his case were closed in Feb. 2013.  The criminal lawyer Saluti was referred to us to work as an extension of the prosecutor's office.  Now the bus driver is back to work supporting his family but Deshon is unable to go back to his job to support (me) his disable mother. This legalizes murder needs to stop!!! Please see the video    

Naomi Johnson
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