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Petition to Home Depot

Home Depot: Stop selling dangerous chemicals

A weekend home improvement project shouldn’t result in a dangerous exposure to chemicals. You can walk into any Home Depot and buy paint strippers containing two highly toxic chemicals—methylene chloride (also known as DCM) and N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP).  Short-term exposure to DCM can be deadly. According to OSHA, paint strippers containing DCM have been linked to more than 50 deaths nationwide since the 1980’s — usually during tasks like refinishing bathtubs in poorly ventilated spaces. Long-term exposure to DCM has been linked to liver toxicity, liver cancer, and lung cancer. A chemical this dangerous shouldn’t be available in home improvement stores.  Some companies market NMP as a safer alternative to DCM. But the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has warned that NMP exposure puts women of childbearing age and pregnant women at risk of harm to their fetuses. NMP has been linked to miscarriage, fetal death, decreased birth weight, and other fetal developmental effects. The EPA recently proposed major restrictions on these chemicals in paint strippers under a new chemical safety law. But that process could take years and there’s just no good reason for retailers like Home Depot to continue selling products containing these chemicals — especially when safer alternatives are readily available. Retailers like The Home Depot have a track-record of proactive leadership in restricting the sale of other toxic chemicals, such as phthalates in flooring materials. The Home Depot has an excellent opportunity to build on that track record by also phasing out the sale of paint strippers containing DCM and NMP. Please sign and share this petition to encourage retailers like The Home Depot to protect our families from these dangerous chemicals. Help us tell The Home Depot to stop selling DCM and NMP-filled paint thinners today.

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Federal Drug Administration

Change the way Antidepressants are prescribed.

If you look at the world today, antidepressants are being passed out like candy.  We see and hear in the news broadcasts that many of the individuals of these mass shootings had some sort of mental issue. These psycho-stimulants and/or antidepressants may work wonders for some but what about the others?  What about the millions of individuals who have adverse effects that cause them harm like long and short term memory loss, tremors, uncontrollable spending, a hate for society, and even suicide?  What about some of you reading this that have tried 2, 3, 5, maybe 10 or more antidepressants or Psycho-stimulants before they found the one that works but now you have irreversible damage from the other meds you tried before? My story: I simply went to my doctor for my annual blood work review.  I told him about the stress I was feeling at work and that I had taken a 'free' mental test online.  This test indicated that it was possible that I had a mild case of depression.  My doctor prescribed me an antidepressant (SSRI) along with Valium to take when I had anxiety.  This was in November of 2017.  I didn't know I had an issue until or an adverse effect until Aug 2017 when I started seeing unrecognizable charges through my PayPal account.  All I will say is the amounts are extreme. The more I tried to remember back to the previous months, I can't.  I don't remember my birthday, most of the summer; I get confused while reading, dizzy, vomit daily, and the list goes on. Please don't take this as a 'poor me' because it's not.  I'm one of millions of individuals who have had adverse effect to these medications.  I read stories of families who lost a family member due to suicide or attempted suicide.  I have friends who suffer from PTSD who have been on so many different medications and they still don't work for them.  Look, I know that the brain is very complex but we do have technology out there that can possibly help.  No, nothing is 100% but if there is a glimmer of hope to stop the majority of the people from suffering from most of these black box side effects. I believe we need the following changes: Give M.D’s and D.O.’s the ability to refer Therapists, Psychiatrists or any medical profession of your liking: I don’t know about your state but here in PA, when I noticed I had an issue and I was bottoming out, my M.D. could only write down a list of Psychiatrists, I had to make the appointment. I called 10 different people from the list and never received a call back from any of them! Give the M.D.’s and D.O.’s the proper authority to refer a professional so we can get help faster! Limit what M.D.’s and D.O’s can prescribe and when they do prescribe these medications: Look, I love my M.D. but I believe that they should have limits placed on them on what they can prescribe (dosage wise) until they can refer the patient to another professional that specialized in the area of treatment that is needed.  Provide information about the side effects and the possible adverse side effects that can occur: We all know that know that the FDA places the old ‘black box’ warnings on these medications.  The prescribing medical professional should communicate the possible side/adverse effects of the medications.  In my case, if I had known what to look for, had the information to pass on to my loved ones, they would have seen that I was having issues and I could have alerted the doctor in a timely manner. Again, my heart goes out to people who are reading this and wished their doctor warned them of the adverse effects of the medication (educated them on the product) so they could watch their child or parent more closely for adverse effects.  Maybe their loved ones would still be here today! Genetic/DNA Testing: When I realized what was going on, my anger was through the roof. I questioned my Therapist why don’t these big pharma companies study people who have adverse effects compared to having a positive experience?  She then informed me that there is such a test!  They can look at an individual’s DNA and determine the possibilities of side effects. Genesite is one of many that can look at your DNA and determine the possibilities of side effects caused by these antidepressants/psycho stimulants. I do not endorse nor I'm I affiliated with this company in any way, shape, or form.  But could this be a part of the puzzle to help millions of people find the right treatment the first time?  I believe that it surely could not hurt! I think these tests should become part of the process of prescribing antidepressants/psycho stimulants so we can take a real look at our genetic makeup and insurance companies should recognize these types of tests. The website is if you which to see how it works. Stop Direct-to-Consumer Ads: New Zealand and the United States are the only two countries that allow DTC Ads!  According to a survey online, 74% of physicians believe that DTC prescription drug ads overemphasize the benefits of the drug which misinforms the patients. They spend more time on the so called ‘benefits’ of their drug than telling the public about the actual studies and findings of ALL the REAL side effects. As an example of the relax DTC laws, Vioxx was advertised from 1999 to 2004 for arthritis and pain relief.  It was withdrawn from the market for causing strokes and heart attacks, suspected of causing the death in 4,540 mortalities from Jan 1, 1999 to Jun 30, 2005. Bextra, Quaalude, Cylert, Darvon, and Zelnorm are just a few examples of other products taken off the market for safety concerns AFTER it was advertised to the public. 81% of doctors surveyed in 2013 say that DTC prescription drug ads promote drug over-utilization. As an example, it was found that meds that treat ADHD were prescribed around 25% times more in the USA than in the UK which do not allow DTC ads.  Pharmaceutical industry tripled spending on marketing psychotropic drugs, including a 500% increase in DTC ads.  The use of psychotropic drugs increased 22% from 2001 - 2010 which results in one out of five adults taking at least one psychotropic drug! Source:   Ending Statement: I don't want to suffer anymore and I'm sure there are millions of others whose lives have been torn apart by this issue as well.  Technology is there and it should be used!  I hope this petition finds those who believe in a better way of life. I want change, we need this change. I want to save a loved one’s life, and together we can do this!  Please share this request and let’s make it go viral and make this change become reality.  This is my story which will be different from many others.  I encourage you all to act and tell us your story.  Start a petition, let them know what we need changed.   Thank you

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Petition to Michael Doyle, Michael Dell, John Anderson, Dave Majernik, David Seitz, Dave Vento, Paul Dern

Plum Borough residents want Fracking restricted from Rural Residential Zones.

Citizens 4 Plum is a citizen’s group working to ensure that unconventional gas development does not negatively impact the safety, and quality of life for people in Plum Borough. The following is a petition to the Councilmen of Plum Borough respectfully requesting that council discard the Conventional Use of Oil and Gas Compressor Station, Oil and Gas Processing Plant, and Oil and Gas Well/Pad aka unconventional gas drilling or fracking within the Rural Residential Zone. High-volume hydraulic fracturing is known to be a heavy industrial process, in fact it is defined as such in the applications that were submitted to Plum Borough by Huntley and Huntley Energy Exploration LLC. Unconventional gas drilling within the Rural Residential zone is an impermissible use of the Borough’s zoning power. It’s also an irrational scheme that allows a single type of industrial use in an otherwise non-industrial zone. Unconventional gas drilling will convert most of the Rural Residential zone into an industrial zone which upends the investment-backed expectations of the people who live and moved into Plum Borough. Unconventional gas drilling within the Rural Residential zone violates citizens constitutional rights under Article 1, Section 27 of the Pennsylvania Constitution because it fails to ensure that citizens will not suffer harm to their constitutionally protected interests. What we’re asking council to do is to simply protect our constitutional rights by NOT allowing this one industry to perform a heavy industrial process outside of an industrial zone. We are aware that the borough must allow for the reasonable development of natural gas. We hear you when you say that you cannot control HOW the industry conducts business, only WHERE. We are asking you to control where, we’re not asking you to change any language in the performance standards, which the industry has commented are arbitrary. We as a community recognize that any protection to our constitutional and environmental rights is a step in the right direction.

Citizens 4 Plum
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Petition to Donald Trump, Jerry Brown

Sewage leaks; Mexico is financially responsible. Stop the funding of a Campground in TRV.

Tijuana River Valley for the last 6 decades have continuously fallen victim to the Sewage from the Mexican Sewage collection and treatment facilities. The "leaks" have caused continuous heath risks to beach-goers, valley residents are flooded due to the excessive trash and debris which flows downriver from Tijuana. Over the decades the U.S, has funded repairs and construction requesting Mexico to fund a certain portion. The historical trend of Mexico's economy is the value of the Peso declines as the U.S requests financial support. Mexico also is not communicating with the IBWC regarding any leaks into the Tijuana River. The Sewage is to be pumped off shore away from the beaches. As a resident the odor is repulsive, nauseating, headache inducing, some children have been sick as a result of the sewage leaks.  We must hold Mexico accountable. We demand an apology from the Baja California Govenor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid.  To read more about the sewage leaks and the history and impacts.,amp.html***UPDATE November 11th, 2017***SB507 was introduced and lobbied a lot this summer. The Assemblyman T. Gloria even posted a video/commercial asking for constituents to support SB507. We were never advised of a campground which would be added into the writing AFTER the loobing was complete. We were all misinformed and misled. We now demand not only Mexico be held responsible for the spills, but County Supervisor Cox who wishes to have a 1,800 acre Campground in the Tijuana River Valley needs to reassess his dreams. We need to ensure all contaminated soil is free of any contaminates, the waste and tires need to be removed, before a campground can be built. Let's ask Supervisor Cox and other elected officials to demand the money be reallocated to help CLEANING UP, Building or Maintaining Infrastructures, Building retention ponds in case there is a spill. SB507 initially read in February 2017 - "This bill would instead authorize the money granted to the County of San Diego to be available for the development, rehabilitation, protection, and restoration, including studies, of natural lands in the Tijuana River Valley."SB507 now reads "This bill would instead authorize the money granted to the County of San Diego to be available for the development, improvement, rehabilitation, protection, and restoration of natural and park lands in the Tijuana River Valley, for specified studies of the land, as provided, and for the development of a campground, as provided. By changing the purposes of an existing appropriation, this bill would create an appropriation.We believe we were misled on how SB507 funds was going to be distributed to fund the restoration of natural lands in the Tijuana River Valley. We are now angry residents who demand this funding be changed to support the iniital reading of the Bill. Here is the time line of SB507.February 16, 2017 - Introduced by Ben Hueso AMENDED IN SENATE MAY 16, 2017AMENDED IN SENATE MAY 22, 2017AMENDED IN SENATE JUNE 19, 2017Assemblyman Todd Gloria's Commerical - August 22nd 2017AMENDED IN ASSEMBLY AUGUST 22, 2017 - this is where the campground is Added INTO the Bill. PASSED IN ASSEMBLY SEPTEMBER 07, 2017PASSED IN SENATE SEPTEMBER 14, 2017ENROLLED SEPTEMBER 19, 2017Approved by Governor October 06, 2017. Filed with Secretary of State October 06, 2017.We have since formed a group sharing our "Citizens Rage" you can find it (and join) at on twitter @CASewage. Thank you for taking the time to read and sign our petition.R/Citizens Against SewageFounder and all Members

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