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Petition to Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt Secretary of State for Health, Theresa May MP

Automatically become a UK Organ & Tissue Donor with the option to Opt Out

My name is Lucy Ryan and was incredibly lucky to receive a life saving heart transplant 23 years ago aged 2 years-old.  I am also fortunate enough to have a lot of fellow transplantees as friends due to someone somewhere being generous, selfless and brave enough to donate either their own organs & tissue, or those of a relative at an unimaginably difficult time.  But heartbreakingly I have lost friends along the way who waited for a transplant they never received. 96% of the UK population have expressed a desire to donate their organs yet only 33% are signed up to the current Opt-in system.  (The Opt-in system is where to become an organ and/or tissue donor those of us living in Scotland, Ireland and England must make the effort to sign up to the organ donor register.)  This is all well and good, but despite it being so simple and fast to sign-up by for example spending two minutes online, many of us still have not “opted-in”! This is even with all the amazing work charities and organisations do to raise awareness of the need for more donors.  I know from my own experience it is often something we keep meaning to do, but it never quite reaches the top of the “To-do” list! In the past few years I have been becoming increasingly frustrated with the growing organ donation crisis and  decided it was about time I took some action.  I researched the best way to try to improve the situation and consequently I passionately believe the introduction of the “Soft Opt-out” system in all of the UK (alike Wales did in December 2015) is what we need (Scotland & Northern Ireland have already proposed the same idea).  Once the system is reformed we will wonder why on earth it took us so long to do it like banning smoking in restaurants! The Soft Opt-Out system would be a massive leap forward, because everyone is automatically signed up as an organ & tissue donor unless they decide to “opt-out”. Also, if no objection was registered during their life their relatives are consulted at the time of death, and if there is still no objection raised it is only then any organs and tissue would be used for donation. II believe the majority of those whom do not wish to become organ donors are far more likely to make the effort to opt out, than the 63% of the current UK population who would like to become organ donors but have not yet "opted-in". By becoming a donor you can save almost as many lives as cats apparently have, and that is not including the fantastic life enhancing effects donating your tissue and corneas can have on recipients.   3 people die Every day waiting for a transplant—Let’s all Opt in to Opt out and end the donor crisis! Thank you for taking the time to consider my proposal and hopefully sign up. With your support we can make this happen. Yours Sincerely Lucy Ryan

Lucy Ryan
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Petition to Richard Wilson

Reinstate full access to the Harpsden playing field for local residents

Please sign this petition to urge Richard Wilson, Chairman of the John Hodges Trust For Harpsden Hall, to live up to the Trust’s primary duty and reinstate the use of Harpsden playing field for the local inhabitants. The playing field in Harpsden, at the bottom of Drawback Hill, which has been used by local residents and sports clubs alike for decades, has now become closed to local residents because the Trust has given exclusive access to AFC Henley. Local inhabitants have now been locked out from September to April, except for the small areas outside of the marked up football pitch. A tiny strip. And yet, one of the Trust’s primary duties is  “the provision and maintenance of playing fields for use by the inhabitants”. The Trust Chairman, Richard Wilson, says that giving AFC exclusive rights of access satisfies this duty –  we disagree. Many of you will have played on this field with your children and/or as children. You may have used, and continue to use this field for many recreational purposes. All that has now been officially stopped. The signs are about to go up around the field telling you to “KEEP OFF THE PITCH”. AFC’s Chairman, Trevor Howell, has already been patrolling the field, ejecting local residents. AFC themselves have two main sites – one by Tesco and now, as tenants, our Harpsden playing field – a field which is and has always been intended, by the terms of the Trust, for the use of inhabitants of Harpsden and surrounding areas. They are both locked up and unavailable for general recreation, exercise and fun outside of the AFC training and match fixtures. You can help to change this by supporting the call to reinstate free access to the whole Harpsden playing field for the whole year. The teams AFC use the field for are the U16 and U18 boys. This is a very narrow group of people – you have to be a boy, you have to be 16-18 years old and you have to be an AFC Henley player. Hardly representative of the makeup of the local population, their gender and interests. There is no objection to AFC or any other club using the field, but not exclusively. The field has been used by the local inhabitants for informal recreation together with sporting clubs for many, many years, all throughout the year. No club has ever exercised exclusive rights – they have been happy to share as have the residents of the local area to have clubs use the field. Nobody even thought about it being any other way. Did Richard Wilson, Chairman of the Trust ask the local inhabitants if it was OK to rent the field out under such exclusive conditions?  No! He, as Chairman, is therefore failing in his primary duty because the Trust is only permitted to rent out the playing field if it is not used by local inhabitants. Well, we do use it and want to continue to do so – the whole field – the whole year through. Please sign our petition. Act now to reinstate full access, or lose it. Map courtesy of Google  

David Brough
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