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Justice for the descendants of holodomor victims

 The horrible act of forced famine happened in Ukraine in 1932-1933 and it was recognized as as a Genocide of Ukrainian Nation. But it was not genocide of Ukrainian Nation. The truth is that Holodomor was a part or an outcome of a bigger crime called Dekulakization committed by a Soviet government against private farmers. The purpose of Dekulakization was to create Soviet collective farms by force and as a result people died because of  actions of their poor neighbors who were their employees but joined Communist Party. The poor united and robbed the rich, murdered the adults, sent them to Siberia or imprisoned and left their children to starve and freeze outside their homes which then became homes of the communists. Today the descendants of those criminals are in every branch of the Ukrainian government and some of them even became wealthy oligarhs while many of the descendants of the victims are scattered around the world as immigrants and demand justice.  DekulakizationHolodomor  So the descendants of Holodomor and Dekulakization victims who lost the private property and private property of their parents deserve to get it back and to receive the benefits for themselves and their children for all generations for the rest of their lives. Those benefits shall be given to all descendants of Holodomor and Dekulakization victims and their children for all generations worldwide. Benefits similar to SNAP benefits in US shall include free food, free housing, free transportation and free higher education, no taxation on land, income, businesses, or any other kind of taxation plus restoration of their private property rights if they can describe what was stolen from them by Soviets.  We the Children of Holodomor and Dekulakization victims demand justice!  We don't wan't to just to be remembered like there was some fake genocide against us because there would be no genocide if were poor Ukrainians. P.S. The point of this petition is not to denounce or degrade any recognitions of Holodomor as act of genocide but to seek justice for the victims and their children.  And perhaps I wouldn't care if I wasn't one of them. My Great Grandfather Bilous Andrii and his wife were imprisoned, their farm of 61 acres of land were taken away by force, 9 of their children have died from starvation because local commies took everything away by force and shipped to Moscow. They've took away their horses, cattle, grain, corn and potato. And only my grandma and one of her sisters have barely survived. My poor grandma. Once she had eaten poisonous mushrooms and fell in a coma for 72 hours. I've heard her story more than enough to remember it for the rest of her life and trust me she never said that that horror happened to her because she was Ukrainian.

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UK and US: Stop aiding the Saudi-led Coalition in carrying out a genocide in Yemen!

The US-Saudi airstrikes must stop NOW! The transport borders must open IMMEDIATELY! Stop the media lies about a civil war that never existed! There are no such things as Iran-backed Shia rebels in Yemen! The Houthis are Zaydis and are a branch of Sunni-Islam! EVERY SINGLE YEMENI HOUSEHOLD own at least one weapon/rifle. EVERY Yemeni is armed. So saying the Houthis are a group of militias is ironic. The ones called Houthis don't even have the name Houthi. They belong to other families. The ultimate ignorance of people online, specially from the West, have no clue what they are reading about.. They are being fed lies and stupidity from US-controlled media. 90% of the victims in this aggression were plain civilians sitting or sleeping in their homes when the airstrikes hit them.The reason many ignored this is because they general news readers presume it's a civil law, which it never was! Thousands of troops from over 15 countries, including Black Water and, landed in Southern Yemen with their tanks and planes to fight...the 20k Houthi rebels? This doesn't make any sense. If that was the case, how come EVERY FRIDAY over a million people march in Sana'a, the capital, to condemn the US-Saudi aggression?  This US-UK-Saudi coalition thinks bombing the Yemeni people will make them kneel down before oppressors, but this is easier said than done. No war in history have succeeded in doing that. We are in the 3rd year of this barbaric aggression, but no goals were achieved by the international coalition. November 5th numbers: 908,400 suspected cholera cases and 2,192 associated deaths (World Health Organisation). Roughly, the number is estimated to 1 million cases of cholera at the end of this year. In November, a serious Diphtheria outbreak were reported in Yemen and is multiplying every week, adding to the seriousness of the siege on Yemen. There is also currently a severe clean water deficiency in Yemen, thus making Cholera more at home in those unclean waters, therefore resulting in more cases of illness for every new day that passes. Sana’a-based Taha Yaseen, from the Mwatana Organisation for Human Rights, said obstacles that stand in the way of controlling and containing cholera today in Yemen, include, but are not limited to, the ongoing war. “During [the war] almost all health facilities and healthcare services reached a point of thorough collapse and thus are unable to respond to the increasing need to address fatal diseases and civilian victims. Many hospitals [have] shut down and many others were hit either by air or ground strikes, occupied by militias or used as military barracks,” he said. When children stand to either die of starvation or a cholera outbreak, political discourse somewhat lose their appeal. Why argue a future that is being robbed away from Yemen’s children’s chest? As world nations watch on idle, stuck in those hateful binary narratives their thirst for geopolitical control commanded they abide by, it is a people, and a civilisation stretching back centuries we are forfeiting … Yemen is dying under layers of million abominations and all we have offered are miserable whispers of condemnation. Sources:- Living in Yemen on the Edge 

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