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Petition to Nintendo, The Pokemon Company

Keep the Pixelmon Mod Alive

Heart broken, the Pixelmon community read this announcement: It's Been a Gréat Ride With much sadness, but keeping all our fond memories, we must announce that Pixelmon is ending its development. We have had a great time making this mod and creating such a wonderful community but after a request from the Pokémon company we will be shutting our doors. I'm sorry for the disappointment this will cause but let's remember all the great times we had playing Pixelmon, discussing Pokémon, making awesome things inside this mod and everything else that we've done. All good things come to an end eventually and now is our time. However there are always more things to do, to be a part of and to enjoy. Keep going out there to find fun projects to be a part of and other great things to invest your time and enthusiasm into. Farewell,The Pixelmon Team Written by the lead of the ubiquitous Pixelmon Minecraft mod, these somber words have struck the hearts of every player, server owner and fan of Pokemon and Minecraft.We as a community want to show the Pokemon company how we feel. Pixelmon isn't just another Minecraft mod. It's been so much more than that. For myself, it's helped me reach out to those in need of support, of friendship, and creating communities, large and small, together. It's been about the love we all share for little, fictional monsters. I own a Pixelmon server, called "Cherish". Why is it called that, you might ask? It's called that because we literally cherish our community. We cherish the opportunity to meet so many people who all share the same geeky, lovable and often socially frowned upon love of Pokemon, but in Minecraft. Why have it in Minecraft? It lets us actually play in a Pokemon world. With every new update, we've seen the hard work the developers have put in, countless hours, and all the success they have done in bringing so many people together. I can honestly say, I am heartbroken over this, as are many of my staff, friends, players, and other server owners. We feel beaten down, discarded, and pushed around. We feel like something that was such a light of joy, has been stripped away. Please, for the good of an ever growing community and the love it holds, do not shut down Pixelmon. That's the whole purpose of Pokemon I thought? To let you be a child again? You, Satoshi Tajiri, started Pokemon because of a loved past time you had of collecting insects. Don't take this away from us. Please.

Daniel Phillips
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Petition to HAL Laboratory, Nintendo, Jack Black, danny devito, George Takei, Jodie Holmes, Mark Hamil

Kirby: Planet Robobot Revival! 星のカービィ ロボボプラネットリメイク!

 日本語  星のカービィ、ロボ・プラネットは素晴らしい試合だったし、戻ってくる必要がある。多くのカービーファンはこのゲームの続編を愛しています。 これは、2016年にリリースされた以前のRobobo planettoゲームからのアップデートであり、ナレーションされた対話とカットシーンを持つKirbyの最初のタイトルである可能性があります English Kirby: Planet Robobot was a smash hit!!! But this is one game we'd really love to see...  This would be an update from the previous Robobot game released in 2016, and may be Kirby's first title with narrated dialogue and cutscenes. Music wouldn't be too different, but remixed and might have new sci-fi songs. Most of the cutscenes or script would tell us more about Susie's family and what REALLY happened to her. The plot may partly be about Kirby rescuing a certain bird who was kidnapped by greedy Haltworkers using its body for scientific research. But Susie will learn to befriend Kirby after defeating her in an early boss fight, and might become his alliance. This game would be released for the Nintendo switch and, if pre-ordered, may come with a special item. There could also be Nintendo commercials and some merchandise before the game gets released, like official T-shirts or Kirby Cafe/other restaurant treats. Fans would be thrilled for this game, and I sure am. Nintendo, please let us have this. Pink and mechs just got cooler. PROPOSED VOICE ACTORS:  Susie: Jodie Holmes  Max Profitt Haltmann: Mark Hamil  Mr. Reynolds (haltworker): George Takei POSSIBLE VOICE ACTORS: Jack Black, Danny Devito        

Giga Drill
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Petition to Microsoft, Bandai Namco Entertainment America, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe, Bandai Namco Entertainment Australia, Microsoft

Bring Gundam Vs. To Xbox One!

Hello everyone, I'm a life long Gundam fan and a huge gamer, I've been looking for support to help bring the soon to be released Gundam Vs. game to Xbox one since I believe it would be a big hit. I've made a page on that I'll place at the bottom of the page so you can upvote to help get it attention by Microsoft and possibly get the game ported! So I ask everyone that's both a xbox gamer and a Gundam fan to please take the time and upvote it, make our voices heard! Now, If you guys aren't familiar with Gundam and the Vs. series let me fill you in. Gundam is an anime metaseries that has been going on since 1979. Along with the many anime series, there have been many video games created about said series.. but the most famous of them all is the Vs. series. The Vs. series started out in arcades and have been port home consoles like the PS2, Gamecube, and PS3. The last game was released in the Aracade was Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON which has not been ported to consoles. The last game released in America was Extreme Vs. Force which was released on PSVita and was not a port of the arcade games and was more single-player focused. The other week at TGS, Bandai announced that a new Next Gen Gundam Vs. was coming to PS4. The Vs. series is known for its competitive and easily grasped fighting gameplay. The game runs on a 2v2 fighting system, but there's also free mode where you can 1v1 your friends or you can practice with your friends against AI. The game also features the classic arcade mode where you can play through stages against many AI battles. I was able to get a bunch of my friends to play Gundam Extreme vs Full Boost and they learned how to enjoy and play the game in a matter of hours. There are over 100 units to use in the latest game and each have their own unique play styles. I'll post some video links below to show gameplay of the older game and the trailer for the new game coming to console later this year. If you want this game to come to Xbox, we need to ask for it.. ask the people at Microsoft and Bandai and especially the Bandai community managers on Twitter. I, and countless other fans would hate for Xbox to miss out on this awesome fighting game. Maxi Boost ON and Tekken 7 are currently Japans top most played arcade games and since we are getting Tekken 7 we should also be able to get Gundam Vs. Thanks for your time everyone, and I hope you choose to help us out! Link to Gundam Versus(2017): Link to 2v2 Gameplay of MAXI BOOST ON: Link to Arcade game mode gameplay: People can vote on the user voice page here: Links to Bandai Namco twitter pages:

Thomas Baldino
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