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Bring Gundam Vs. To Xbox One!

Hello everyone, I'm a life long Gundam fan and a huge gamer, I've been looking for support to help bring the soon to be released Gundam Vs. game to Xbox one since I believe it would be a big hit. I've made a page on that I'll place at the bottom of the page so you can upvote to help get it attention by Microsoft and possibly get the game ported! So I ask everyone that's both a xbox gamer and a Gundam fan to please take the time and upvote it, make our voices heard! Now, If you guys aren't familiar with Gundam and the Vs. series let me fill you in. Gundam is an anime metaseries that has been going on since 1979. Along with the many anime series, there have been many video games created about said series.. but the most famous of them all is the Vs. series. The Vs. series started out in arcades and have been port home consoles like the PS2, Gamecube, and PS3. The last game was released in the Aracade was Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON which has not been ported to consoles. The last game released in America was Extreme Vs. Force which was released on PSVita and was not a port of the arcade games and was more single-player focused. The other week at TGS, Bandai announced that a new Next Gen Gundam Vs. was coming to PS4. The Vs. series is known for its competitive and easily grasped fighting gameplay. The game runs on a 2v2 fighting system, but there's also free mode where you can 1v1 your friends or you can practice with your friends against AI. The game also features the classic arcade mode where you can play through stages against many AI battles. I was able to get a bunch of my friends to play Gundam Extreme vs Full Boost and they learned how to enjoy and play the game in a matter of hours. There are over 100 units to use in the latest game and each have their own unique play styles. I'll post some video links below to show gameplay of the older game and the trailer for the new game coming to console later this year. If you want this game to come to Xbox, we need to ask for it.. ask the people at Microsoft and Bandai and especially the Bandai community managers on Twitter. I, and countless other fans would hate for Xbox to miss out on this awesome fighting game. Maxi Boost ON and Tekken 7 are currently Japans top most played arcade games and since we are getting Tekken 7 we should also be able to get Gundam Vs. Thanks for your time everyone, and I hope you choose to help us out! Link to Gundam Versus(2017): Link to 2v2 Gameplay of MAXI BOOST ON: Link to Arcade game mode gameplay: People can vote on the user voice page here: Links to Bandai Namco twitter pages:

Thomas Baldino
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Petition to Electronic Arts, EA Games

New game mode for EA SPORTS' FIFA Owner Mode

 In my perspective it would be quite interesting to see a career mode in which you may completely own a football club, this new game-mode could potentially include features such as:1. The possibility of being the owner of an already established football club or creating, and therefore owning, one from scratch. In the latter case, players would be generated as a youth squad, however they would have scaled attributes when compared to the league in order to avoid being overwhelmed.2. Having an option to create and/or modify the clubs' uniform, stadium and logo. This could be done by allowing the player to select the club's colors and selecting the location of advertisements and sponsors throughout the stadium and uniforms.3. Implement prerecorded stadium and club names so that announcers can comment about the game in a realistic and immersive fashion.4. Manage activities outside the football field. In other words, adding the option for the player to arrange sponsors, obtain sources of finance and manage public relations.5. Allowing the player to either hire or dismiss the club's coaches. Nevertheless the player would still act as one.6. Arrange meaningful events such as commemorative matches or special matches (such as a fundraiser or awareness event). 7. In my country (Mexico) it is posible to acquire other teams as a form of club growth, if this strategy is not frowned upon in other countries it may also be implemented.8. Create a sense of prestige for the club throughout history depending on results yielded each season. In other words, allowing the player to create Spain's next Real Madrid or the next Bayern Munchen in Germany, etc. Therefore, these 8 points represent the premise of the "owner career". It may be argued that this idea is too complex, however, it was inspired by Madden 25's similar game-mode . I sincerely believe that with proper adjustments this game-mode could really benefit FIFA.

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Petition to SQUARE ENIX, Crystal Dynamics, Ron Rosenberg Co-Head of Crystal Dynamics, Scot Amos Co-Head of Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix - Chief Executive Officer Yosuke Matsuda, Square Enix - Honorary Chairman Yasuhiro Fukushima, Square Enix - CEO, Square Enix Europe Phil Rogers, Eidos Montréal - Head of Studio, David Anfossi, Eidos Montréal - Chief Technology Officer, Julien Bouvrais, Eidos Montréal

Remaster Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver For Next Gen Consoles And PC.

Out of all the games my parents and I played together in my child hood, this game brings back the good times we had together. The story, characters, weapons, boss battles, and everything in between really marks what a game is. This game never told you what to do, it didn't hold your hand and try to help you like most games today! It was all about remembering where you last went, and what door did I just come from? This game had some of the best puzzles for you to work with. Flipping blocks, pulling levers, moving blocks, and fighting enemies while doing so just to move to the next stage. Everything about this game, was just a master piece! The whole reason we keep asking you guys for another Legacy of Kain, is because the story it told, and to finally see another story after what Defiance left us... you left us on a cliff hanger! I think if we get a remaster, it will invite new people who have never played it, and to give to the original fans nostalgia. We have been waiting 13 years for something new, for a reboot, and nothing has happened. If you do decide to do this, you honestly have no idea how many people you will stun and shock, and completely make happy! I think a remake, or reboot will definitely help with this situation to see where it takes you. 

Austin Clifton
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