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Petition to SQUARE ENIX, Crystal Dynamics, Ron Rosenberg Co-Head of Crystal Dynamics, Scot Amos Co-Head of Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix - Chief Executive Officer Yosuke Matsuda, Square Enix - Honorary Chairman Yasuhiro Fukushima, Square Enix - CEO, Square Enix Europe Phil Rogers, Eidos Montréal - Head of Studio, David Anfossi, Eidos Montréal - Chief Technology Officer, Julien Bouvrais, Eidos Montréal

Remaster Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver For Next Gen Consoles And PC.

Out of all the games my parents and I played together in my child hood, this game brings back the good times we had together. The story, characters, weapons, boss battles, and everything in between really marks what a game is. This game never told you what to do, it didn't hold your hand and try to help you like most games today! It was all about remembering where you last went, and what door did I just come from? This game had some of the best puzzles for you to work with. Flipping blocks, pulling levers, moving blocks, and fighting enemies while doing so just to move to the next stage. Everything about this game, was just a master piece! The whole reason we keep asking you guys for another Legacy of Kain, is because the story it told, and to finally see another story after what Defiance left us... you left us on a cliff hanger! I think if we get a remaster, it will invite new people who have never played it, and to give to the original fans nostalgia. We have been waiting 13 years for something new, for a reboot, and nothing has happened. If you do decide to do this, you honestly have no idea how many people you will stun and shock, and completely make happy! I think a remake, or reboot will definitely help with this situation to see where it takes you. 

Austin Clifton
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Petition to Arc System Works, Aksys Games

Support BlazBlue Central Fiction to Bring The Dub Back

Few Months ago Aksys Games announced that BlazBlue Central Fiction Won't be Dub in 2016, few weeks Latter of that month, Christopher Snelgrove Created a Petition for the English Dub for BlazBlue Central Fiction to bring it back, but at Last in this Month at Dec when it Hits, 6,000 That Petition was Closed Down Because Arc System Work did not See The Petition, and have not announced to give the Dub back... yet. so i'm remaking the Petition to Bring Back the Dub for BlazBlue Central Fiction to be Release in 2017, and Hopefully this will work to get Arc System Work see it in Twitter, Facebook, or What even Site they can see it. Also if this Petition dose not work, we can always Wait 6-8 Months Latter for the Dub to be Released as Aksys Games Said on their Twitter account. This Petition is Also for the Fan of BlazBlue who Still Have Hope for The dub to Be released for BlazBlue Central Fiction. Now Let Show Arc System Works and Aksys Games That We still have Hope, Do Care, and Wanted The Dub to be Back for BlazBlue, and No Matter How Long it Takes. And Hopefully... the English Dub will be in DLC or Patch when it comes out.... Where to contact them?: Facebook: Twitter: @aksysgame @ArcSystemWorksU 

Bruno Zillin
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