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Petition to Telltale Games

TellTale, Make a Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2/ New Episodes and What We Want In Them

Hello there TellTale Games, as you can read from the title, this petition concerns your marvelous, fun game known as Minecraft: Story Mode. This marvelous game as we all know concluded its final season episode a little while back, leaving the large quantities of fans of this awesome game with one question, will there be a Season 2/ extensions of Season 1? Now, to be clear, we are not asking for you guys to tell us whether there will be one, because everybody loves a good surprise, but just to let you know that we really want one, and for you guys to please listen to us, your fans, and continue this marvelous series. This series has inspired many people, including myself, to be a better, more mature, brave, and courageous person, and to always give people a chance to prove themselves, when they seem like they cannot, fulfilling the beloved lesson, "Never judge a book by it's cover", and we are asking you to please continue the stories of Jesse and his friends, of valor and good, for those many adults, teens, and children waiting out there for a new Season, as you can notice from MineCon 2016. And to be clear again, we can wait a few years like people have with Batman and other games of yours, all we want is for you guys to make it, even without a small teaser, but it would be nice if you did. This game has created a whole new world for Minecraft, and many of us Minecraft: Story Mode fans think this of this game so greatly, we think of it as Minecraft's official story. As the title also says, there are some things that we are really asking for you guys to implement in the new game, and you may think, why is he speaking on behalf of many people, when he is just one person and can't magically just read minds, but this point of view of us comes from countless research, people speaking, and YouTube videos, which is enough to speak on behalf of many people, so treat this petition not as what I want, but what we, the majority of your countless fans want. These are the things we would want in the coveted Season 2/Season 1 Extension: 1. Keep the Existing Characters and Season 1 Ending Circumstances Believe it or not, many of us fans believe that you TellTale Games, will actually change the the character and or the Season 1 Ending Circumstances. Broken down, this means that you guys could change the beloved Jesse and his beloved friends for another set of characters, and change the events of the open-ended ending of the season 1 Ending, which is what a VAST MAJORITY of us Minecraft: Story Mode fans would really not like and would really not appreciate, and would a result in a vast loss of fans who fell in love with these characters and their personalities. We the fans would also not appreciate to change the circumstances of the ending, meaning that we would really like for us to continue from where we left, either at home, or chasing Ivor. These both things are very important matters that are very important to us, and we would really like for you guys to listen to us about both of these things, and the following things 2. Add A Love Factor to the Game Such As and Most Importantly Jetra, then Lukesse, and Others This along with #1 is the most extremely wanted thing in the entire game, what's that you ask? A love component! This is wanted so much in the game, that there is even an Official Jetra thread in the TellTale forums, signifying the want of this to us your fans. There are many instances where if you play as male Jesse, you have "moments" with Petra, such as when you save her, play around with her, trust her more than others, she trusts you more than others, you build with her together, she builds with you together, when you get annoyed when someone interrupts your conversation with her, when she gets annoyed for someone interrupting her conversation with you, the list goes on and on, and this paves the perfect way for a romantic relationship between male Jesse and Petra, and the same goes for female Jesse and Lukas, and other "ships" from other people. Now you may be asking why you would put a love component to Minecraft: Story Mode since Minecraft is intended for younger ages, but here's the thing, the ESRB rating for Minecraft: Story Mode is not Rated E, it is Rated E10+ meaning that it is intended for ages 10 and up, which is a whole other story, more in Europe where it is 12+. This is a whole other story because there are many TV shows, YouTube channels, YouTube videos, and other games, too many to name such as Little Kelly Minecraft, ItsFunneh, LDShadowLady, StacyPlays, and many other that already impose love in their games/shows, and placing it into Minecraft: Story Mode, would be no different, and you guys would be fulfilling a wish for us the majority of fans, and would generate more money, which I will discuss later. 3. Take as Long as You Need to, but Please Make It Good This is another very important want from your fans which is, please make it good, no matter how long you take. It can take you 1, 2, 3 or even 4 years, but please make the next and later Seasons of Minecraft: Story Mode the best you can since there have been many instances where other game companies just rush through a game, and the result is a very buggy, not smooth game, and/or with a terrible story, such games include Star Wars: BattleFront, No Man's Sky, etc. Something ALL of the fans of Minecraft: Story Mode would want is an excellent thought-out story, full of superb detail, character personalities, character animations, character voice-acting (not that it wasn't already excellent), lack of most bugs and glitches possible, and everything else that would make this game reach its full potential, for this, and all future Seasons. TellTale, I left this point for last that isn't a want, but something you guys would earn for fulfilling these extremely important wants and many others, which is a vast ocean of money. Now, I am not saying that you guys are greedy, for all the games you guys make, especially Minecraft: Story Mode, are excellent, but it is true that for making an excellent game where all of what the fans want is fulfilled, a lot of money is earned. And we, the fans, don't feel like you guys do these awesome games for money, which I highly likely suspect you don't, but if you do, it really does not seem like it. So as a result of you guys treating your fans in an excellent manner, a big reward arrives for you guys, and also elevates your great reputation. In conclusion TellTale, we would really appreciate and enjoy a Minecraft: Story Mode: Season 2/extension of Season 1. From all the points and writing you see above, you can see we really care about Minecraft: Story Mode and we would really adore many more future Seasons and Episodes to come, but it is all in your hands, to fulfill what your fans want, and rewarding you with many things. So much content has been created using your beloved game, Minecraft: Story Mode, and so much has been loved by it, that we feel like we still want to play it for a very long time. So once again, you don't have to tell us if you are making it and/or when it is going to be released, all we want is more excellent of your beloved game known as Minecraft: Story Mode and it's greatness and lessons given to us by it, so please fulfill this want and these wishes we would want with it, with the excellent beloved game, called Minecraft: Story Mode. Thank you all, God bless, and best of luck and wishes for you guys and your games, especially the awesome, excellent, and once again beloved, Minecraft: Story Mode.

Victor Jarquin
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Petition to Bethesda, id Software

Allow DOOM 4's singleplayer to be purchased standalone from multiplayer.

The DOOM 4 Multiplayer Beta received massive negative feedback from many players. Veteran Doom and PC players in particular. The reason being it was marketed as an arena shooter, a genre that id Software knows well from creating the Quake franchise. However, the beta showed us that the multiplayer was more akin to a mix between Halo and Call of Duty, with slightly faster movement speed. While some of us find it fun, we don't feel it's worth paying for. In fact, DOOM's appeal (The franchise DOOM, this is why you use numbers) has always been primarily the single player, so there already existed an audience that didn't care for multiplayer even before the beta was released. It's clear that two completely different development teams worked on the single player and multiplayer. Many big companies think that a game can't be successful if it doesn't have some sort of multiplayer, and thus it gets shoehorned into nearly every game. That isn't true. Plenty of us are willing to purchase a good single player game. While the game is still in beta, it's unlikely that the entire mechanics of the multiplayer will be turned around within months, and again, there's already an audience that doesn't care for the multiplayer, whether it is good or not. We, the players signing this petition, would appreciate the option to choose to buy the full game, or buy the single player independently. Otherwise, we have plenty of other games on our wishlists waiting to be purchased.

Braeden Curwick
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