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Petition to Roblox

Make ROBLOX reform their game

Look, I know that the title is a bit unclear. But you have to understand that ROBLOX, as a whole, is getting worse and worse by the day. As more safe chat systems rush in, simple words like "the" and "well" are blocked out of use. Some groups are being shut down for copyright issues, yet they did nothing wrong and there are still many other groups that have done the same.  Recently, I was playing in a Papers, Please group, called Arstotzkaf. This group was falsely terminated. The remaining members were clueless and the leader was banned. The group is now having rebellious thoughts on ROBLOX and are sending several appeals and emails and messages and all that stuff to ROBLOX to unban their group.  Although this group's future is unknown, currently there is one more ROBLOX group that has a resemblance to Papers, Please and it has not been shut down, even hours after ours shut down. The whole point of what I am saying is that ROBLOX is now taking things WAY too seriously. There are many groups that use copyright, and they have not been taken down while we have not used copyright and we got took down.  There are profile names that have curse words but are switched around to get around ROBLOX security, there is rampant exploiting, and there are terrible updates that make things hard for us people in ROBLOX trying to just play a game. So why should I care, you ask. In truth, why should I care then? ROBLOX is a huge game with about 200 million players world wide. They are ALL being affected by this. And no, they are not all kids. In fact, most of them are older than 9 and about half of that amount are older than 18. If we succeed, a lot of things would change, which would bring massive relief to all of us playing ROBLOX. So what needs to change, you ask? Everything. ROBLOX needs to reform their safe chat system, and they need to reform their admins and mods. They need to be more responsive, and be more active with the community. Right now, the most active they get is barely ever joining games, and playing games in Twitch. Is that all you can do, ROBLOX? They need to reform their copyright admins, they need to uncensor their own links, and they need to allow for the population of players in ROBLOX to be able to play without having to worry if it is hashtags or not, because every person hates how you have to try and find every way to evade ROBLOX censorship. So that is my story. Where do we go from now? If we succeed, we will be able to bring joy to those 200 million players. And maybe one day, ROBLOX may become the "mall of video games". Edit 1: We can't even select our servers? Wow....

TheCake MuffinCrew
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Petition to Bethesda Game Studios

Save the Dark Brotherhood- or Arnbjorn at Least (Skyrim) (All Platforms)

In Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls VI, your family comes in the form of a band of assassins calling themselves the Dark Brotherhood. Unfortunately, your loving times together come to a sudden halt when the leader, Astrid, betrays her husband and her “siblings”, leading to the untimely death of all but three- the Listener (the Player), Nazir the suave Redguard, and the charming vampire child Babette. If a patch was released that allowed the player to save at least one character (Arnbjorn, whose attackers can be killed, but dies due to his death being scripted in the code), it would provide not only emotional relief for the players, but a sort of irony in that the assassin behind the death of so many would fight to save lives. Furthermore, it would just make sense. Arnbjorn may have been injured, but he’s also an extremely powerful werewolf. With the player, the almighty Dragonborn, at his side, it would be no stretch for him to live (and perhaps see his wife one last time before she dies). Veezara, the Argonian assassin, is capable of fighting off an entire wedding party in the plot to kill Vittoria Vici. These assassins are not to be trifled with, and they are family. Family is nothing without one another, and we should fight to save them. We chose to join them, not destroy them, and we  made them our home. Let us fight for their lives and protect them from Astrid’s betrayal. I don’t honestly expect this to even reach the devs’ eyes, let alone cause an actual update- I understand, after all, that such an update would require a lot of work. But should you come across it, I humbly request this detail be added to the game- that the Dark Brotherhood live on. At the very least, let us save Arnbjorn, if only to preserve his endearingly insulting nicknames.

Kitty C.
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Petition to Nintendo

Add Mona from Warioware to Super Mario Games

I want Mona from WarioWare to be part of Mario games Like Mario Kart, Mario Party, and other Mario Games, because she's pretty, sweet, and fun, most Nintendo Fans reasons that she needs to be part of Mario games, because she's Wario's love interest, and my own reason, because Mona isn't available in plush doll in which I wanted a plush doll of Mona so badly since I have Princess Daisy doll. when Mona should be part of Mario Games, she'll be Rosalina's Partner like Princess Daisy is Peach's Partner. Only thing if Mona is a Wario Character, cause she isn't famous, but I'll make her famous and hope she'll be in Mario Games. I made a petition for sweet Mona. Her first Appearance is in "WarioWare, Inc. Mega Microgame$ and then the WarioWare Series, but Mona hasn't appear in Super Mario Games or Super Smash Bros in her life. The first time Mona is a playable Character is the GameCube "WarioWare, Inc. Mega Party Game$" in 2003 which two players can play which character to beat the character and never had CPU (which means a character can move without the player) like Mario Party games do. she appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a Sticker in 2008 as well as Super Smash Bros Wii U as a Trophy in 2014, but not as a playable character. In 2015, Ashley is a first WarioWare Character in the first Mario Game "Super Mario Maker" as a costume, but Mona as well as other WarioWare Characters hasn't appear in Super Mario Maker yet, but Mona should be appear as a costume in the Game. However Mona's latest appearance in Rhythm Heaven Mix in 2015, but the last time she was a playable character is "Game & Wario" in 2013. On May 26th, 2016, Mona is one of WarioWare Characters were part Nintendo Badge Arcade as badges. Still need Mona as Playable character in more games, This is why me and other Mona fans need Mona in Mario Games. and we need Mona available as a plush doll (unless Nintendo makes WarioWare character plush dolls), as well as an Action figure, and an Amiibo. Don't give up hope to support Mona, Sign the petition to support her, Spread the words to your friends to sign this, and tell them the same! Thank you so much

David Strawn
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