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Peticion a Instagram - Restaurar cuenta de Natalia Alcocer

Esta petición esta dirigida a Instagram @instagram, @facebook y @Meta, con el propósito de exigir la reincorpracion de la cuenta original de Natalia Alcocer Carmelo aka "La Vikinga", conocida modelo, actriz y presentadora mexicana. En días recientes los “Instagramers” seguidores de Natalia Alcocer Carmelo, hemos sido afectados al encontrarnos con la repentina cancelación de la página/cuenta de Natalia en esta red social.   En esta petición, nosotros “los seguidores”, damos fe de que la Sra. Natalia Alcocer siempre ha sido un ejemplo de, positivismo, alta educación, buenos modales, de superación y lucha. Las publicaciones en la cuenta de Instagrma de "La Vikinga" servían para inspirar a muchas mujeres a quienes les podía faltar un ejemplo de superacion y un mapa hacia como mejorarnos.  Con su lema “Decido Ser Feliz” Natalia conseguía motivarnos a ser valientes, a perseguir nuestros sueños, y a ser mejores seres humanos.    Es de conocimiento popular, que en Instagram existen páginas de personas mal intencionadas, con una gran cantidad de seguidores, los cuales utilizan para reportar otras cuentas a las que consideran competencia y con esto cancelarlas de Instagram.  Es nuestro sentir de que Natalia Alcocer ha sido víctima de estos ataques premeditados y por este medio solicitamos a Instagram que investigue con profundidad los reportes y las razones por las que esta cuenta quedo cancelada. El contenido de la cuenta de Natalia Alcocer, nunca incumplió las “normas comunitarias” de Instagram y los seguidores de Natalia exigimos la restauracion de su cuenta.  Atentamente,  Seguidores de Natalia Alcocer This petition is addressed to the respective executive offices or departments at @instagram, @facebook and @Meta. The intention is to urge the before mentioned social media platforms, to initiate an investigation to reincorporate the original Instagram account of Natalia Alcocer Camelo aka "La Vikinga" (@nataliaalcoceroficial), a well-known Mexican model, actress, designer, and presenter. In recent days, "Instagramers" followers of Natalia Alcocer Camelo, were impacted by the sudden cancellation of Natalia's Instagram page/account and the constant non-nonsensical reports she began receiving on her other social media such as Facebook. As evidence, after the original account was closed, Natalia tried to communicate with us using a new account and to our surprise it was taken down as well days later. It is important to mention, that these reports or “attacks”, started increasing after Natalia decided to denounce and make public her own personal case of domestic violence using social media.  The aggressor is a person with social and political reach in Mexico, not a stranger to influence peddling, and is being investigated by the Mexican authorities. In addition, it is commonly known of the existence of malicious groups, with access to many “user accounts”, used to target, and report accounts they consider to be competitors or they simply wish to silence. These malevolent efforts many times result in the cancellation or deactivation of these targeted accounts, which have not violated any Community Standards. Today, it is evident, that Natalia Alcocer has been the victim of these premeditated attacks with the sole purpose of silencing her and pressuring her to submission by her aggressor, by repressing her right to FREE SPEECH by way of canceling her access to social media. In this petition, we "the followers" attest that Mrs. Natalia Alcocer has always been an example of positivism, high education, good manners, self-improvement, and struggle. The publications in the Instagram account of "La Vikinga" served to inspire many women who could lack an example of overcoming violence and a map to follow on how to improve ourselves. With her motto “I decide to be happy” Natalia managed to motivate us to be brave, to pursue our dreams, and to be better human beings. Therefore, we hereby, ask Instagram, facebook and Meta, to thoroughly investigate the matter with Natalia Alcocer Camelo social media accounts, the origins of these reports and the reasons why this account was closed. The content of Natalia Alcocer's account never violated the "community standards" of a Social Platform and Natalia's followers demand the restoration of her accounts. Sincerely, Followers of Natalia Alcocer                

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