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Petition to Lake Macquarie City Council

Stop the destruction of native woodland for a subdivision in Garden Suburb

Urban Growth NSW has submitted a development application (DA/1284/2013) into Lake Macquarie City council to destroy over 10ha s of a 37ha native woodland area for a residential subdivision. The large area that this subdivision sits amongst is documented as being suitable habitat for 19 Threatened Bird species, 7 Threatened Mammal species, 5 migratory bird species. 1 x known threatened flora (Tetratheca junce ) and suitable habitat for 2 other flora (Cryptostylis hunteriana), ( Diuris praecox).  Nine of these are regionally significant species / communities of flora and fauna. The Powerful Owl is just one but the most likely to be affected the most. The continued fragmentation of good quality forest and woodlands by subdivisions, roads and industrial areas around the Newcastle  and Lake Macquarie areas is placing all of them at risk. The continued loss of nesting trees and foraging area is pushing them into small pockets where they are competing for food and fighting for territory.  The destruction of 19ha of Native bushland around the John Hunter Hospital for the continuation of the Newcastle inner City bypass Rankin Park to Jesmond is further evidence of loss of habitat and fragmentation near by. The Environmental impact document states on page 31 under the heading of Threatened species of Fauna below table 4.4 it talks about how 8 threatened fauna species will be affected, Including the Powerful Owl which is active in the area.                                                                                                     The Subdivision and the extension of the Newcastle inner city bypass plus whatever else that is being planned is a demonstration of silo mentality. There seems to be no one body considering all these projects across multiple council areas and the effects on the environment.  The accumulative affect of all the land clearing is creating isolated pockets where the native animals have to face high risk to access other areas. This continued pressure and impact to our Native wildlife is saddening.  Focusing in on the Powerful Owl the Loss of Six nesting trees in Garden Suburb plus the loss Nesting trees and fragmentation in New Lambton Heights will more than likely cause the Owl to leave these areas.  On page 32, 4.2.2 it talks about the impacts the construction and once operating of the road will have on the environment The environmental report for the link road extension does not take into account what is planned to happen in Garden Suburb and vice versa the cumulative affect is much greater due to the closeness of the two areas.  The Garden suburb Powerful owl study counts the area to be lost next to John Hunter as an area for them to move too.    Not anymore Its too late to stop the Link road but it is not to late to stop the destruction of this land in Garden Suburb. This project for housing is not of high state significance for providing extra housing but it is significant for maintaining Habitat for our native wild life. Make this a reserve and provide trails through to allow people to enjoy without the destruction.  Please help us by signing this petition.Thank You so muchPicture from Lake Macquarie council Interim Large Forest Owl Planning and Management guidelines 2014.

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Petition to Moonee Valley City Council, Cr Samantha Byrne, Heritage Victoria


Another historical building and gardens is under threat of development. North Park Estate is a 130 year old Essendon Landmark.  Situated at 69 Woodland St Essendon, the beautiful mansion & its magnificent gardens are now under threat of subdivision, development and sale with a current permit application that is sitting with Heritage Victoria and The Moonee Valley City Council. We must preserve OUR HISTORY so that the Australian Community can benefit from it. A submission to divide the property into 4 lots has been made to Heritage Victoria.  The main building, although not being demolished, will be sold off as one lot. The building of 25 townhouses that are 3 stories high plus basement, along with an office and apartment block will carve up the surrounding gardens and obscure this magnificent property. Built in 1888 and set on the highest point in Essendon, it was once owned by Alexander McCracken (First President of the VFL, First Secretary of Essendon Football Club, and brewer who joined forces with 5 others to found Carlton & United Breweries).  North Park was later owned by Daniel Whittle Harvey Patterson (director & chairman of BHP).  Currently it is owned by the St Columban Mission Society.  The building and its surrounding gardens are recognised on the Victorian Heritage Register as being of architectural, historic & aesthetic importance to the State of Victoria.. 120 trees (some of significance) are to be cut down to make way for the development.  These trees are home to an abundance of local protected wildlife including Ring tail Possums & Fruit Bats along with a plethora of birds. We want to see to see the whole of North Park Estate remain in its current state,becoming a public treasure for all to enjoy.  The possibilities are plentiful... an Art Hub, Community Gardens, Library, Wedding Venue, playground/park etc (think Ripponlea or Abbotsford Convent)  People travel the world to view historical buildings.  Lets have some here in our country for us to benefit from.We do not want to see this valuable asset diminished. Our request is for the Australian Community to rally as one and object to the proposed plans of development.  By signing this petition YOU also want to see this significant treasure be made available for community use and not subdivided and developed.  Sign today and SAVE NORTH PARK!  Lastly... please help us reach our petition goal by sharing this to everyone you know. Spread the word... and help us be heard. Click on any of these links for further information and to see the proposed plans...  Website...  or on our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM Pages.  

Save North Park
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