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Petition to The Hon. Steve McGhie MP, Daniel Andrews, Victorian Labor Party, The Hon. Michaela Settle MP, The Hon. Richard Wynne, MP, The Hon. Tim Smith MP, The Hon. David Davis MP, David Morris MP

Say NO to the Westgate tunnel toxic waste dumping in Maddingley, near rivers and farmland!

Very important update to this petition! Please read below. The Australian federal and state parliaments no longer accept online petitions, so whilst is a great platform for getting our message out into the community and gaining attention, unfortunately our politicians and elected members do not accept the signatures of online petitions. As such, for us to effectively petition the government, we MUST SUBMIT HAND SIGNED HARD-COPES.  We have created a paper petition based on this petition, and would appreciate it if everyone who comes to sign this petition can also sign the paper one and mail it to us, so that we can take this all the way to parliament.  The petition form can be downloaded from here:  Please print this form, carefully read and fill out the section of this petition titled "SIGNATORIES" by hand, but leave the “PRINCIPAL PETITIONER” part blank. Please have your family members, neighbours, and anyone else that is supportive of our cause sign this petition. Please ensure you only fill signatures within the spaces provided, do not add extra lines by hand as the form will not be accepted by the Petitions committee of Parliament. If more space is required for more signatures, please print out additional copies of the form. Please then post the petition to our committee at the following address: PO Box 1115 BACCHUS MARSH VIC 3340 We thank you for your ongoing support and with your help are confident we can protect our town, our people, our ecosystem and all of the farmland that feeds Victoria from the Werribee River! The Bacchus Marsh Community Coalition Team ======== Petition Text ======== To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria, The Petition of residents of the greater Bacchus Marsh region draws to the attention of the House the community concerns relating to the proposal to dump contaminated spoil from the Westgate Tunnel Project at the Maddingley Brown Coal site in Maddingley, Victoria.  An estimated 1.5 million cubic metres of spoil will be generated, with confirmation by the tunnel authority that it is contaminated with PFAS, and reports of asbestos. Parwan Creek flows through the site which then flows into the Werribee River, providing irrigation to farmland from Bacchus Marsh to Werribee. Any contamination of these waterways poses a significant contamination risk to the food bowl of Victoria. The site sits atop a windy hill, within 500m of Bacchus Marsh Grammar, 1km of Bacchus Marsh College, and 2km of the heart of Bacchus Marsh.  Fit-for-purpose facilities already exist which are ideal for and immediately ready to store and manage these types of contaminated spoil. Transurban’s poor due diligence during the initial stages of the project has put our communities at unacceptable risk.  We request the Minister for Planning does not make ministerial change to the Moorabool Planning Scheme.  Considering the aforementioned risks to the surrounding communities and ecosystem, the petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Assembly of Victoria reject all proposals by Transurban and Maddingley Brown Coal to dump any contaminated spoil within the Bacchus Marsh community, and instead work with Transurban to have the spoil sent to existing fit-for purpose facilities away from farmland, schools, waterways and vibrant, growing communities.

Bacchus Marsh Community Coalition
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Petition to The Hon Sussan Ley, Dr James Findlay, Hon. Leeanne Enoch, Mr. David Crisafulli, Mr. Patrick Condren, Hon. Scott Morrison, Hon. Anastacia Palaszczuk, Hon. Anthony Albanese, Hon. Jodi McKay, Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner, Hon. Debra Frecklington

Sussan Ley: Finally declare our precious koalas as endangered

The koala is one of the most iconic species in the world - and they are only found in Australia! Sadly, despite being globally adored, koalas are facing the threat of extinction. That’s why we need to declare koalas as endangered to protect this beautiful species, before it’s too late. Excessive tree-clearing and logging operations in QLD and NSW are major reasons why we’re losing these native marsupials. I am infuriated that property developers and the government can heartlessly choose to bulldoze threatened koala habitats for profits. We need to declare koalas as endangered to ensure that the developmental plans are truly sustainable. Unfortunately, uncaring developers aren’t the only threat koalas are facing. The bushfires that have been blazing across Australia have been catastrophic for these native animals. In NSW, a third of what was left of the koala population has been horrifically wiped out. Since they are slow-moving and unable to flee bushfires, thousands of koalas have died, and hundreds have had to be put to sleep. With climate change expected to bring on hotter climate and more intense bushfires, the future does not look good for our koalas. This is why I’m urging Sussan Ley, our Environment Minister to act now and safeguard their future. Koalas must be declared as an endangered species, now. Please sign and share this petition to stand up for the koalas.

Avril Wilkinson
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